My 60 Most Helpful Health, Fitness, Nutrition & Biohacking Tweets Of The Past 2 Months (& How I Read 217 Books A Year).

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Every day I pour through reams of research, articles, books and the latest studies on health, fitness, nutrition, biohacking and beyond.

And then I tweet what I've discovered to (and also cover many of these in much more nitty-gritty detail in my free weekly audio podcast).

In today's post, I'm sharing with you what I consider to be the 60 most helpful such tweets of the past 2 months, and (at the end of the post) I'm giving you my biggest tip on how I get through over 217 books a year, all in less than 20 minutes a day.

Enjoy, and leave your questions, comments, book suggestions, cool new studies and feedback below the post, and I'll reply!

Summary (& How I Read 217 Books A Year In Less Than 20 Minutes A Day)…

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Finally…I have another final big tip for you.

See, one of my keys to success is that I am a voracious reader.

You'll see the same habit among many of the world's top achievers, including Warren Buffet.

In fact, when Warren Buffett was once asked about the key to success, he pointed to a stack of nearby books and said, “Read 500 pages like this every day. That’s how knowledge works. It builds up, like compound interest. All of you can do it, but I guarantee not many of you will do it.”

Buffett takes this habit to the extreme — he read between 600 and 1000 pages per day when he was beginning his investing career, and still devotes about 80% of each day to reading.

And he’s not alone. Here are just a few top business leaders and entrepreneurs who make reading a major part of their daily lifestyle:

-Bill Gates reads about 50 books per year, which breaks down to 1 per week
-Mark Cuban reads more than 3 hours every day
-Elon Musk is an avid reader and when asked how he learned to build rockets, he said “I read books.”
-Mark Zuckerberg resolved to read a book every 2 weeks throughout 2015
-Oprah Winfrey selects one of her favorite books every month for her Book Club members to read and discuss

These aren’t just isolated examples. One study of 1200 wealthy people found that they all have reading as a pastime in common.

But despite going through at least 3-5 books each week, I don't walk around all day with my nose in a book. Frankly, I don't have the time.

So what's my secret to reading so much?

Basically, I accomplish my hyperproductive digestion of information through the use of services, websites, journals, newsletters and digests that disseminate information into readily accessible bite-size pieces that allow me to cut through the clutter and quickly get to the main summaries, takeaways and actionable items from all the content.

For example, I’m a huge fan of the book reviews produced by gentleman such as Derek Sivers and James Clear.

In addition, I stay up to date with health, medical and science news via the Stone Hearth Newsletters, exercise, supplement and nutrition research via the Examine Research Digest, and, for general life knowledge, and for staying up-to-date with the best recently published books and articles from around the web Farnham Street blog.

But when it comes to my top recommended resource for getting through the world's best books FAST, there is nothing that I recommend more highly than a website called “Optimize“.

What is Optimize?

It's simple, really. They read every one of the best books (primarily focusing on health, wealth, self-improvement, neuroscience, fitness, business, nutrition, lifestyle and philosophy) and then summarize these books in easy-to-digest, 20 minute audio .mp3's or very short 5-6 page .pdf's with the biggest ideas, summaries and most important takeaways.

So in less than 6 months, I easily made it through the 400+ books on their site, often while I was hoisting dumbbells, walking in the sunshine, or driving in my car. And you can too.

A few of my favorite books that I'd recommend you start with include:

-Unsubscribe (really good for eliminating email clutter forever)
-Deep Work (a must-listen if you want to create incredible creations fast)
-The Seventh Sense (perfect for allowing your brain to survive in a modern era)
-Smartcuts (how hackers, innovators, and icons accelerate success)
-Make Your Mark (how to build a life that impacts the world forever)

Anyways, there are obviously plenty more books, but it all comes down to this: you get more wisdom in less time. So there. I just spilled one of my biggest success secrets. And now you can use it too. You can click here to get into Optimize now for…brace yourself…the shocking sticker price of 10 bucks a month.

Actually, I talked to the nice folks at Optimize and they're even knocking a buck a month off if you use code “BEN”. So for less than the price of a couple fancy lattes you get full access to being able to get through the best books on the face of the planet in less than 20 minutes, and you have the option of reading the .pdf summary or listening to the audio version.

Enjoy (and remember, you get the white glove treatment from Optimize if you click here and use code BEN),

Ben Greenfield

P.S. I'll throw one other book out there that I think is a must-read: “Iconoclast”, in which a neuroscientist reveals how you can change the way you think forever and completely rewire your brain.

Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback about Twitter, reading books or me? Leave your comments below and one of us will reply!

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6 thoughts on “My 60 Most Helpful Health, Fitness, Nutrition & Biohacking Tweets Of The Past 2 Months (& How I Read 217 Books A Year).

  1. Sven says:

    Hi Ben,

    This was great help. Thanks!

    But what about the books you read for your podcast (such as Living Large, Deep Nutrition, Eat Wheat! etc.)? Do you actually read those books? If yes, how do you go about reading them?

    1. Yep, I read each and every one. Either Kindle or paper.

  2. Daniel Loofboro says:

    A friend and fellow athlete and wellness enthusiast told me about you a month or so ago. You are already my favourite. I love the extra detail you go into. I have been into diet and fitness for 20 years I don’t really need the basic stuff anymore. Anyway I started IF 9 months ago. A friend at the gym said I should as I am training for my first Arnold. I wasn’t really over weight but I wanted to lean up some to perform better. Since IF I have lost 15 pounds. I am now 5’10 170. My pull-ups have gone up to 27 but push-ups down. I am 50 years old. I mainly want health and longevity. The Arnold thing is for fun. I live IF. It’s simple and i feel great. Probably not a whole lot better than before but a little better being thinner. And performing better. I do not at all want lower testosterone though. And my other numbers are fine regardless of my meal timing because I eat clean regardless. I’m sure there is no easy answer. Thanks again for all you do. I have learned a ton from you in a short period.

    1. Thanks Daniel! Great to have you on board ;)

  3. Linda says:

    Most of this is is either in verified nonsense or the ramblings of Capt. Obvious. There is nothing of value here.

  4. Dave says:

    This is crazy helpful. Thanks.

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