Advanced Smart Drugs & Nootropics You’ve Never Heard Of, Rare Japanese Seaweed For Sleep Enhancement, The Most Powerful Form Of Vitamin B1 That Exists & Much More!

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Even though it's pretty rare I scroll through many feeds on Instagram or elsewhere (for reasons I describe in my work-life balance podcast here) I recently began following an interesting Instagram account. Titled “Ergogenic Health,” it intrigued me with some very interesting content I hadn't seen before, including:

  • A commonly known special fruit that enhances the effects of psychedelics…
  • A simple free activity you can do anytime to lower cortisol by over 21%…
  • How the way you brush your teeth may actually reduce intelligence…
  • A very unique form of vitamin B1 called thiamine tetrahydrofurfuryl disulfide (TTFD) that increases exercise performance, motivation, mood, and overall energy…
  • How capsicum from peppers may lead to anxiety in some people…
  • The little known “younger sister” of curcumin…
  • And much more!

So recently, I was able to connect with the guy who runs that Instagram channel, along with a host of other intriguing, well-informed, and outside-the-box websites, along with a podcast. His name is Lucas Aoun, and he graciously agreed to take a nerdy deep dive into advanced nootropics and smart drugs, biohacking, and much more with me on this podcast episode. I even had a chance to take his Cosmetic Neurology (use code BENG10 to save 10%) nootropics masterclass and it was quite excellent, containing info I hadn't seen before anywhere else.

Lucas is a biohacker, nootropics expert, host of Boost Your Biology, and founder of Ergogenic Health, and author of the recent guest article on my site “Boost Your Brain Power With These 4 Underground, Highly Effective Nootropic Compounds Most People Don't Know About.” Ergogenic Health researches and curates the best health products from around the globe. They integrate modern scientific evidence, anecdotal/personal reports, and traditional wisdom to create a lifestyle platform of supreme products, education, and consulting to promote biohacking for those who wish to explore their version of optimal performance.

During this discussion, you'll discover:

-How Lucas became interested in biohacking, plant medicine, and nootropics…7:35

  • Cosmetic Neurology (use code BENG10 to save 10%) nootropics masterclass by Lucas
  • Began with playing soccer professionally
  • Father was a pharmacist, so he helped out with his practice
  • Realized much of what he was learning was not widely discussed “above ground”
  • Experimented with L-Theanine before a game and was impressed with the results

-How Lucas keeps track of all the supplements and compounds he may be experimenting with at any given time…

-A day in the life for Lucas…13:50

-A new peptide that Lucas sees as up and coming…21:30

-The seaweed compound Lucas eats at night…23:30

  • Ecklonia Cava (taken one hour before bed)
    • Increases GABA activity in a very sustainable way
    • Non-habit-forming
    • Mimics L-Theanine as it produces alpha waves in the brain
  • Irish sea moss Ben mentions

-Whether or not Lucas drinks coffee or consumes caffeine…26:15

  • “I use it only when I don't need it”
  • Running on borrowed time: It amps up cortisol levels unnaturally and you pay for it the next day

-How caffeine interacts with the cannabinoid system…30:05

-A compound that mimics high-dose thiamine…35:15

-What Lucas views as the “next resveratrol”…39:30

-Tips on enhancing dopamine release…43:40

  • Dopamine agonist drugs bind to dopamine receptors – not sustainable
  • 9-MBC “ayahuasca-inspired nootropic”
  • Showed neuroprotective effects

-Advanced nootropics for functioning while sleep-deprived…47:30

-“Dealbreakers” when it comes to nootropics Lucas might experiment with…50:25

-Advanced nootropics Lucas believes more people should know about…53:00

  • Homotaurine
    • GABA-B antagonist
    • Phenibut is great for social anxiety but can lead to GABA-B downregulation
    • May help with upregulating GABA-B receptor over time
  • Compound 7-P
    • Neurogenerative compound
    • Regenerate optic nerves

-An overview of and how to access Lucas' advanced nootropics masterclass…55:40

  • Cosmetic neurology to improve cognitive performance
  • Cosmetic Neurology (use code BENG10 to save 10%) nootropics masterclass by Lucas

-The nootropic stack Lucas took prior to his interview with Ben…1:00:25

-And much more!

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– Lucas Aoun:

– Podcasts and articles:

– Gear and supplements:

– Other resources, studies, and articles:

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17 thoughts on “Advanced Smart Drugs & Nootropics You’ve Never Heard Of, Rare Japanese Seaweed For Sleep Enhancement, The Most Powerful Form Of Vitamin B1 That Exists & Much More!

  1. Charles Peel says:

    This was interesting to help the global problem of dementia and brain problems. They are a concern for younger people nowadays. These diseases are scary.

  2. Julian says:

    Ben, you specifically tell us to beware of supplements that say “proprietary blend’ in the list of ingredients. However, Kion Aminos says exactly that on the back and doesn’t list the specific amount of the amino acids. Could you please tell us the amount of each ingredient or at least a rough estimate?

  3. Larry says:

    The preamble of the podcast mentions ~ A simple free activity you can do anytime to lower cortisol by over 21%…. I never heard this during the show & do not see it in the notes. Did I miss something or how can I find more info?

    1. Carey Cannon says:

      Yes, I didn’t hear anything either!!!

    2. Troy Wallace says:

      I was looking for the same thing. I thought it may be a breathing technique or something similar.

  4. Oscar says:

    I know that lucas stated he’s working on finding a viable reseller for 5-Amino 1MQ, have you heard or bought anything from

    They carry it, but I have no past experience with them. I’m tempted to give it a try.

  5. Where can a practitioner purchase 5-Amino-1MQ?

  6. Becki says:

    Can you take taurine at night? Will it keep you up?

    1. Alex says:

      I have been adding regular taurine to my night time shake for a few months and not had any issues.

  7. Peter says:

    Lucas – I recently tried allulose a sugar substitute. I like it because it tastes more authentic than stevia or monk fruit. However I was surprised to discover that allulose lowered my post-prandial blood sugar by 5-10 points. Do you have any data on allulose as a GDA in terms of effectiveness and method of action? Thanks.

  8. Muna Issa says:

    I am looking forward to trying out Organifi hot chocolate .My question is which one should I try reds or green or can I try both to keep my body to getting minerals and vitamins in my body while I’m working they out the day .I am big fan I first I discovered you was in mid valley your amazing person and thank you love for this podcast it’s amazing info

  9. Mark says:

    Is thiamine tetrahydrofurfuryl disulfide any way related to sulbutamine? Sulbutiamine is a fat soluble for of B1 more efficient than thiamine at crossing the blood brain barrier and therefore much stronger in terms of effects. Sometimes called the wake up pill.

    1. Stefanie L Hilton says:

      I’m having trouble ordering the Thiamax. It keeps telling me to enter all my info, but every line is filled out. Can anyone help?

  10. Nathan says:

    The podcast guest briefly addressed this issue during the podcast, but I think he kind of minimized what could potentially be a major health concern regarding 9-me-bc. There is good reason to be concerned that 9-me-bc is converted to the potent neurotoxin 2,9-dimethyl-bc once in the body.

    Here is a reddit post with discussion:…
    Here is a link to the referenced study:

    Great podcast otherwise. I really enjoyed hearing about a number of nootropics that I’ve never heard of before. It’s really interesting that he’s been investigating usage of compounds that cause the opposite of the desired effect to later achieve the desired effect. It seems like everything else that we use does the opposite of that.

    1. Mark says:

      Thanks for mentioning that Nathan, I had tried 9-ME-BC and after 5 – 6 days I got a really bad brain fog that really freaked me out. It cleared after 2 – 3 days but it was a weird few days, I’ve been sketched out to go near. It didn’t make sense to me why that might have happened from the research I did on it, I thought maybe I had a bad batch but that wasn’t the case – now that makes more sense. Thanks for sharing!

    2. Lucas Aoun says:

      Hey Nathan,

      I have seen this paper, and think the risks are overblown personally.

      I think dosage range, frequency and what it’s combined (Ie. avoiding methyl donors) with is really what matters.

      1. Nathan says:

        Thanks for the response, and it’s great to hear your opinion on this. I’m interested in the compound and you comment gives me more confidence.

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