354: Grow Muscles Faster, Pro Athlete Biohacks, Living Long With High Cholesterol & More.

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June 29, 2016 Podcast: 354: Grow Muscles Faster, Pro Athlete Biohacks, Living Long With High Cholesterol & More.

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Listener Q&A:

As compiled, deciphered, edited and sometimes read by Rachel Browne, the NEW Podcast Sidekick.

How Much Sun Is Too Much?

David says: Firstly, thank you for all the great information you provide. Secondly, he has a question in relation to dermatology. Being summer, he's started to spend more time in the sun to make sure his vitamin D levels are on point. He rarely uses sunscreen, instead deciding to titrate up his sun exposure as the season goes on. Lately he's been noticing he's not getting burnt but developing nice coloring when he spends 1-2 hours in the sun. However, he is noticing a growth in freckles and moles. Can you speak to how this happens and the mechanisms that drive the growth of moles and freckles on the skin.

In my response, I recommend:

Does A Sauna Shrink Your Sperm?

Claire says: Claire is from Northern Ireland and her and her husband like to use the sauna and steam for hypothermic conditioning after a gym workout. Could this be detrimental to trying to convince a child? Also, any biohacks for two 40+ years old's trying to conceive?

How To Live Long If Your Cholesterol Level Are High

Rick says: He loves listening to the podcast, and thanks for causing him to re-evaluate how he uses fatty coffee in his diet as he knows he has high cholesterol. He's been testing and trying to see where it's at as far as particle size goes, and was told today he has high count of small particles size, the ones that cause problems. His 9 year old son was in for his yearly checkup and they tested his cholesterol and it was also high. The doctor said if they don't get a handle on it in the next 6 months they want to put him on statan drugs, which Rick went on 10 years ago and experienced bad side effects. They refuse to put their child on it, so they're just trying to figure out how to stack the deck in their favor as they navigate the healthcare system. Any advice on how to live a long and healthy live with the elevated cholesterol levels?

How To Stop Grinding Your Teeth

Gina says: She's a long time listener. She was recently diagnosed with grinding her teeth at night, and western medicine's only solution to that is to design a plastic mouth guard, so she's still grinding her teeth, just not on the enamel. If you google the average recommendations are reduce caffeine, alcohol and levels of stress, and she's already working on all three. She's quit coffee, alcohol consumption is limited and she's doing everything she can about stress. Is there anything else you've heard of that can help her solve this?


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28 thoughts on “354: Grow Muscles Faster, Pro Athlete Biohacks, Living Long With High Cholesterol & More.

  1. Ivan Pereida says:

    Hey Ben, I’m a Personal Certified Fitness Trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and I may have missed it somewhere down the line of my training, but you mentioned that protein intake immediately post workout can actually reduce the production of GH in your body. I’m trying to build mass so I’m keeping a constant supply of protein for max stimulation of protein synthesis. How long after my resistance training should I wait to take my protein to most efficiently produce GH? – Ivan P.

    1. A 1.5-2 hour non-eating break post workout can cause that GH surge.

  2. Jeffrey says:

    Ben, can you provide more info on the brain retraining program you are going through? I had a severe TBI 4 years ago from a motorcycle wreck then immediately upon walking again after a 5 moth recovery in a wheelchair went into the wilderness for 30 days to be on a show with Bear Grylls. Since I have had severe PTSD and other psychological problems. I work with a brain health clinic through my genetics company and my GF works with another with her meditation studio. Long story short, I am still desperately looking for help with this and would love to do some more research on what you are doing.

    1. I will definitely be providing details very soon. Stay tuned.

  3. James Balcom says:

    Hi Ben

    I’m going to order the dna fitness and diet test. Is there a “ben” code to get a discount. The test is $399 on their website. Thanks.

  4. Bill Rodway says:

    Great show.

    One issue about sun exposure and Vitamin D that I have read about is that
    the sun MUST be above 50 degrees azimuth for the healthiest sun exposure.
    This is best described here:

    Here’s a table to calculate that 50 degree azimuth where you live:
    The URL for the US Naval Observatory Azimuth table is

    Do you agree, and if so, this major factor should be addressed to your

  5. AL says:

    This was posted before: “People with high levels of small, dense LDL have triple the risk of heart disease as people with high levels of large, fluffy LDL.11 And here’s another fact that might blow your mind: eating saturated fat may change the small, dense LDL in your body into the healthier large, fluffy LDL!”

    Hi Ben, I know very well you do not give medical advice and the whole nine yards but you are far away from many docs out there for sure.

    This past May I had a blood panel done through wellnessfx and my LDL came on 122 which is moderately high, and before it was also high on 120 (October last year).

    But the scary thing is that my LDL particles Apo B and Lp(a) came super high in 100 and 105 respectively. I also remember on late May being laying on my left side with my arms to the front of the body and it felt like my heart was kind of compressed and I believe my heart stopped for a moment, may be due to the position I was lying on, I woke up grasping for air, and that never happen to me ever in my 48 years of age.

    I am a pretty fit and active guy and almost never had health issues.

    But about one year before this episode I got into the paleo movement and got very much into the bulletproof diet and I took to the letter what Dave says in his book about consuming 100 g to 120 g of grass fed butter a day.

    That’s a lot of butter!!! But I was doing it anyway.

    The good thing is that I was feeling pretty awesome in general but now I cut it off almost completely.

    Do you know if all this is bad? I mean those LDL particles showing so high and may be they affected my heart?

    I remember you mentioned in your podcast about your own blood test some of those LDL particles but they were other ones. I believe Apo a.

    I truly appreciate your perspective on this.


    1. I would suggest booking a consult at <a href="https://greenfieldfitnesssystems.com/ben” target=”_blank”>www.greenfieldfitnesssystems.com/ben and you can choose 20 or 60 minutes and we can go over it in detail. A little to dense to cover here!

  6. James Tickner says:

    Hi Ben

    I know you’re a fan of the wonders of oregano oil – recently I’d read that topical application can be used to remove moles. Do you know if this is safe / effective?


    1. Yes it is indeed!

  7. Joe Gieringer says:

    Ben, love the show! Your content has tremendously changed the way I live, eat and exercise for the better.

    Sunglasses increase skins sensitivity to sun? I found an 2007 study out of Britain that pointed to this and pages of opinions debunking it. Any additional science?

    1. You need to read this book Survival of the Sickest…it delves into this: https://amzn.to/29h4xdN

  8. For teeth grinding and general tension/anxiety, that can be quite deep and unconscious, try Yoga Nidra for a while. You can find free downloads on the net or buy a preferred one. :)

  9. Mark says:

    Hi Ben, in this episode you suggest Astaxanthin to prevent ultraviolet-induced destructive effects. I’m curious as to weather you think this would help with PMLE, or if you know of any solid studies regarding the matter?

    1. Good question to call into the podcast and we'll cover it there. Go to <a href="http://www.speakpipe.com/bengreenfield” target=”_blank”>www.speakpipe.com/bengreenfield

  10. John says:

    Ben, do you recommend the Core fitness package or the more comprehensive offering from dnafit? I’m looking to improve athletic performance or at least slow degradation (I’m 37) and to train smarter.


    1. I personally did the very comprehensive program and it works extremely well. You can listen to the podcast here: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/2014/08/how-to-u…

  11. David says:

    Another excellent podcast. Great stuff Ben and Rachel!

    A thought for the woman experiencing teeth grinding issues: Is it possible that her acetylcholine levels are really high? If she’s getting too much lecithin/choline from eggs, sunflower seeds, tahini or supplements, that may be a source of cranial muscle tension and teeth grinding.

  12. ben says:

    Interesting quote from Dr Mercoloa for Rick – “People with high levels of small, dense LDL have triple the risk of heart disease as people with high levels of large, fluffy LDL.11 And here’s another fact that might blow your mind: eating saturated fat may change the small, dense LDL in your body into the healthier large, fluffy LDL!”

    full article link: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archiv…

  13. ben says:

    that podcast was chock full of info. great episode Ben!

  14. Andrew says:

    Hi Ben

    Thanks for your informative response to my wife’s question on hyperthermic conditioning and trying for a baby.

    Your response was very much from the mans perspective though. What about the effect of heat on the woman?

    What about Steam Rooms which typically run at half the heat of a Sauna?

    Thanks again.

    1. Got it. I have seen zero similar evidence that he affects a woman's eggs or a woman's fertility in the same way that it affects a man's sperm. As long as it is not stressful amounts of heat it should be fine. Just make sure if you use a steam room that the water is clean and filtered.

  15. Jolene says:

    Awesome podcast as always! I’m a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist and I always learn something new :) listening to you is the highlight of my week!

    I would like to add that the lycopene in tomatoes is actually much higher if you cook them as opposed to eating them raw ( great to increase that sperm count among many other benefits!)

    Also you mention garlic- if you chop or press it then let it sit for at least 5 min before eating it or cooking it, it reacts with the air to boost up the nutrient potential… Little food hacks like this can make a huge difference in how well natural treatments work!

    1. Love it! Thanks for commenting Jolene!

  16. n= CK says:

    Great episode, as always! Though, I’m going to disagree with you about grounding being the reason that working memory is better after a barefoot run. If that was the case, wouldn’t it be true for any grounding/earthing activity, whether you’re running or not? Maybe it does have some effect due to improved cell communication, but…

    I would think it has more to do with the demand for processing sensory feedback quickly. Like the article states, “it’s possible that the barefoot condition required a more intensive use of working memory because of the extra tactile and proprioceptive demands associated with barefoot running.”

    For example, the quicker you’re able to react and adjust your body to absorb the impact of stepping on a sharp rock, the less pain you’ll experience. I believe the cultivation of this feedback loop is what improves working memory.

    What do you think?

    1. It was only a hypothesis… And I think it's probably multi-factorial.

  17. Rick says:


    Thanks for taking the time to answer my question on cholesterol. I always enjoy the podcast and how you challenge me to think about how I can improve my life. Thanks for the suggestions and other resources to listen to. I have not had the genetic testing for my cholesterol done, but am going to look into having it done. Thanks again and keep up the great work.



    1. Rick – let us know if I'm right on the genes!

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