A New, Drug-Free Biohack To Finely Tune Your Emotions, Sleep, Relaxation, Energy, Focus, Calm & More: The Hapbee With Scott Donnell.

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We live in a strange era…

…in which electrical frequencies and “infoceuticals” are becoming just as commonplace—and arguably just as effective—as supplements and drugs.

For example, I recently did a podcast recording talking about how I've been experimenting with a so-called “Infopathy” device (use code BENG10 for 10% off any of their devices), which “imprints” water, or your body, with frequencies of everything from St. John's Wort to coffee to Viagra to anything else you want from their literal hundreds of “infoceutical” options. It's so fascinating that I just had to get the inventor on the show. You can listen to that episode here, and you can also check out the guest post on my blog on Infopathy devices here.

I've also talked in the past about the use of inaudible sound waves to elicit certain brain wave and neurotransmitter responses, specifically with a device called the “Apollo,” which I discuss in this podcast.

Finally, I've now been exploring the use of magnetic waves to elicit certain neurotransmitter responses via a device called a “Hapbee,” which can simulate chemicals such as caffeine, nicotine, melatonin, MDMA, etc. to elicit a physiological response without the actual intake of supplements, pharmaceuticals, or any other compounds or medicines.

My guest on today's show, Scott Donnell, is a serial entrepreneur who has dedicated his life to both physical and mental health. He is the founder of Apex Leadership Company, a fitness and fundraising program for schools. Apex has raised $75 million for schools and now has 115 franchises and 3 million customers. He then founded a platform for kid entrepreneurs called MyFirstSale.

Recently, Scott joined the biotech world as the CEO of Hapbee (use my link to save $80 on the Hapbee wearable). Hapbee specializes in ultra-low electrical frequencies, and with its patented technology, it can record small magnetic fields from chemical solutions. With the use of a wearable device, Hapbee can deliver dozens of safe, comfortable feelings to your body at the click of a button.

During this discussion, you'll discover:

-Some of Scott's education and philanthropic efforts…7:45

  • Apex Leadership Company began as a way to help his wife raise money for her first grade class
  • Just hit over 4 million customers
  • My First Sale teaches entrepreneurship to young people, kind of like Etsy for kids
  • Go Greenfields

How Navy anti-sub technology is being used to beat cancer…10:35

  • Tech was invented 18 years ago by EMulate Therapeutics, the parent company
  • Imitate and emulate the effects of compounds on the body through a precise magnetic field
  • Feelings and sensations on command (Netflix of feelings)
  • Covalent bond is a chemical bond to the receptor sites of a cell
  • Transfer of electrical frequencies vs. a physical interaction
  • Magnetology, which is used by submarine tracking tech (Tristan Technologies)
  • Reproduced the effects of a chemo drug (Taxol) without the negative side effects
    • 40% increase in life with a signal
  • Still in FDA approval process, but the results are encouraging thus far
  • Headband device

-How Scott became involved with the technology and it became the Hapbee wearable…21:10

  • EMulate approached Scott about being involved in the tech
  • Hapbee is a consumer model of EMulate's original device
  • Simulate bonding of CBD
  • Takes 2-3 minutes to take effect for seasoned veterans; 15 minutes for newbies

-Practical tips on using the Hapbee wearable…32:00

  • Nucalm
  • Signals now in the Hapbee:
    • Calm
    • Sleepy
    • Focus
    • Happy
    • Relax
    • Alert
  • 18 signals are currently in production
  • No concrete evidence neck is better than the head and vice versa
  • Electrical frequencies pass through bone, muscle, hoodies, etc.
  • Sleep trigger vs. a regulator, which is what's on the app now
  • No lingering effects like you feel with caffeine
  • Apollo wearable

-How new signals update with the app when they are released to customers…36:54

  • Evaluation protocol based on the Hippocratic Oath
  • Lab techs are blinded so as not to be misled by results
  • Sleep signal is being released
  • Cambridge Brain Science is doing a memory focus study
  • It's difficult to ascertain what exact signal is being used in blind studies

-Concerns with EMF and Bluetooth with the Hapbee…40:54

-Unique uses of the Hapbee wearable…44:45

  • Attention deficit, hyperactive children with great results
  • Emulate wants to get into the pet market
  • Bed topper
  • 4 sections of the bed topper:
    • Head
    • Chest
    • Mid-section
    • Legs and feet
  • Massage tables
  • Signals can be used for up to 4 hours
  • Use different electrical frequencies for different parts of the body
  • 14 types of devices are currently in the works

-How to get started and the pricing structure…50:30

  • $19 per month, with unlimited access to updates for the life of membership
  • Hardware is $299 upfront (regular price of $399 less $80 for Ben's listeners when using this link)

-And much more!

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

Resources from this episode:

– Scott Donnell:

– Podcasts:

– Book:

  • EMF*D By Dr. Joseph Mercola

– Gear:

– Other Resources:

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Do you have questions, thoughts, or feedback for Scott or me? Leave your comments below and one of us will reply!

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30 thoughts on “A New, Drug-Free Biohack To Finely Tune Your Emotions, Sleep, Relaxation, Energy, Focus, Calm & More: The Hapbee With Scott Donnell.

  1. I purchased one this last month and I freaking love it. It totally works, and my sleep has been amazing!!!! I actually felt the CBD too much and had to turn it off! I did have issues at 1st as my device and app wouldn’t work, but i contacted them via facebook and they emailed me right back and got it to work…

    I know this is like the original ipod, but i am ordering one for my hubby because the focus signal is amazing.

  2. David says:

    I was excited and ready to order, but seeing the feedback on here, I’ll pass.

  3. Afsheen Shah says:

    Huge fan of yours Ben and have bought many of the products you recommend- partly to support you and give back to you in some way considering all the value you have brought to my life. Thank you for that!! I was incredibly excited for this particular wearable given the research and the potential it appears to have for helping not just mental health but also physical health. Sadly my device stopped working Aamir month after I purchased it (including the lifetime membership) and the company has done nothing to assist me. They don’t respond to messages and have completely ignored the fact that their product stopped working well within the warranty period. I am truly saddened by their lack of integrity and just wanted to mention it in case any of your other leaders and followers have experienced similar issues or are considering purchasing the device. Thank you again for all of your incredible content- it has literally saved me from being bed ridden! You are truly a blessing to this world!

    1. Brian Voien says:

      Sounds a lot like my experience. The initial device they sent never worked, then the replacement device stopped working shortly after the return window. Waste of time and money, their customer service is a scam too. Seriously disappointed.

  4. Nichola McCarthy says:

    Just ordered the hapdee to be delivered to the UK and now i’m nervuous after reading all the comments! Really hope I don’t have all these issues with it.

    1. No worries, they have a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows you to return your undamaged Hapbee device for any reason: https://hapbee.com/pages/returns-refunds

  5. Brian Voien says:

    Sketchy company! They sent me a dead device, told me a new one was on its way and now instead they’ve been lying to me for the last few days and I’m still stuck with an 800 dollar paper weight with no promise of a functioning device on its way. Yikes Ben! Love what you do but these folks are just scamming your fans :-/ Horrible customer service, my first interaction with them was great, now they’re just being complete jerks.

    1. Brian Voien says:

      After leaving numerous messages for multiple days with all of their different contacts, I was finally called and issued a tracking number for a replacement device. I’ll post an updated review after I try the (hopefully functioning) device out for a bit, but to be honest, this company and device has done nothing but add more stress for the last week. We’ll see how things go from here…

      1. Brian Voien says:

        Yeah this company’s customer service is about as honest as your typical cable/telecom/cell provider… big disappointment but hopefully it works.

        1. Brian Voien says:

          Well I got my Hapbee in the mail, and as a 10 year user of various different electro stim devices I have to say this one is pretty darn cool. I’ll forgive the folks over there at the customer service for their mistakes this last week and gladly place an additional order for another device or two here in the next week or so. Hoping the best to this interesting company. Also they helped me out a bit extra for all the troubles they caused so kudos to a company out there giving back some good karma.

          1. Thank you for this great feedback Brian! Will pass it along to the Hapbee Team too!

          2. Brian Voien says:

            Well it was nice for the week that it did work, but the replacement device is now broken too. Might be about time to just give up on this one.

    2. Afsheen Shah says:

      I have the same issue- this company is not trustworthy in the least. Very saddened by my experience with them.

    3. Afsheen Shah says:

      I was scammed by them also!! This is literally the first product I bought based on Ben’s recommendation that I’ve had issues with. They have zero regard for their customer- very bad business’s

  6. Clifford Casey says:

    I used the device for 4 days many of the signals and I noticed nothing! I was very unhapbee.

  7. harry Balodis says:

    More Blessi gs for Humanity Coming Love and Light

  8. lianne lee says:

    Not seeing the $80 off at the checkout at the moment?

    1. Scott says:

      Ben Greenfield – I’m generally impressed by your backing of products that work well and was interested in this device, but the YouTube video from Thunderf00t pretty well makes a mockery of this product. I feel you or the manufacturer need to at least address the comments in that video, as it reflects poorly on your generally excellent credibility.


    I am thinking of purchasing the Hapbee mainly for sleep. I have two questions for Ben, Scott, or anyone with experience.

    1) Is it suitable for side sleepers? I have purchased other sleep technology that either is not comfortable when the head is turned sideways or doesn’t stay on, so I am a bit concerned about this.

    2) Does the body/mind develop tolerance to the signals, the same way it would develop tolerance to the chemical substance the signal mimics? It seems to me (as a biologist but definitely not a neuroscientist!) that if the frequency of the signal is identical to a particular substance, that the same neurotransmitters and synapses would be stimulated/inhibited, and the repetition of this stimulation/inhibition would lead to tolerance of the signal, whereby the user would need increasingly longer sessions or more powerful signals.

    I wrote to Hapbee Customer Service but they claimed they had no data on side versus back sleepers and had no reports of tolerance. Seemed a little bit like a rote response to me.

    Thanks for any insight into these questions!

    1. Daniel says:

      Opposite of a tolerance it strengthens the channels and allows you to feel it better the more you use it and you can stick it under your pillow or wear it prior to bed is not something you would want to wear while you sleep. Side or back sleeping makes no difference.

      1. HEATHER A JEZOREK says:

        Thanks Daniel. Scott saya in the podcast that his goal is to allow users to make a playlist of signals so they could wear it all night. And he mentions wearing it while falling asleep with the sleep trigger signal. So you can definitely wear it while you sleep. Have you had success with it under your pillow?

  10. Erik says:

    It should be noted that the Hapbee turns it’s Bluetooth back on after a Signal is done playing (unless something has changed). If you are using the Sleep Signal, for example, the Bluetooth will turn ON and continually look for devices to connect to throughout the night (possibly being on your head or under your pillow). Also, anytime you’re using throughout the day you’ll have to set a timer to notify when the Signal is finished playing so you can turn the Bluetooth back off.

    I was one of the early purchasers of Hapbee, and it wasn’t even possible to turn the Bluetooth OFF when I first received it. When they made the update allowing users to turn it off, but also made it so that it automatically came back on after use, I gave up and returned mine.

    1. Brian Dennis says:

      This is the reason I will not be purchasing one.

  11. Lone says:

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-covalent_interaction at minute 13, I believe the guest made a bit of a mistake explaining the difference between a covalent bond vrs a non-covalent bond. The covalent bond requires an electron exchange where a non-covalent bond exchanges electromagnetic information, which would be much easier to emulate. This wikipedia entry may be more relevant than the one in the show notes.

  12. jay says:

    i would love to hear Ben’s feedback if possible on the APOLLO VS. HAPBEE. of course i know he is probably in good standing with both companies and may not be able to be impartial and completely honest without hurting some relationship he has. but its worth a try!

    1. Adam says:

      I can’t speak to the efficacy of the Apollo vs. the Hapbee but the Apollo is a one-time purchase vs. the Hapbee one-time purchase and follow-on subscription.

  13. Peter says:

    Scott, What is the difference between Hapbee and Apollo? Seems to me like they are the same. Wonder why would anyone prefer one over the other. Apollo has no monthly fees.

    1. Daniel says:

      Peter as someone who has both there are a ton of differences.
      Apollo inconspicuous, feel a vibration, limited modes, and no monthly fees modality sound vibrations
      Hapbee statement piece, you are paying for all the future options not just what you get, only sound or vibration you can feel is when you turn it on and when you select a signal. Modality is through electromagnets. Has a glowing bumble bee on it.

      Personally I have been using the Apollo longer and is much more subtle but had my autistic son climb up my body to get my Hapbee out from under my shirt and has done wonders with him as well as I had an issue with my Hapbee when I first got it and they overnighted me a new one. I use them both together like Ben does and combining them with an earthing mat tripled my score on my muse2 while meditating. I also believe having used the Apollo for a while made it easier to understand what I was getting with the Hapbee.

  14. Test says:


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