Q&A 422: Colostrum & Melatonin For COVID, 14 Ways To Find Balance In Your Life, Is Nut Oil & Fish Oil Oxidized, Rancid Or Bad For You? Is Sunlight Beneficial In The Winter? & Much More.

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  • This study found that a combination of colostrum and probiotics is more effective in preventing flu than vaccination!…06:25
    • And this study found colostrum alone at least 3 times more effective than vaccination to prevent flu (and it is very cost-effective)…08:54
  • Interesting approach to a COVID vaccine…seems relatively natural – Passive immunity by immunoglobulin transfer…10:45
    • Another model/mechanism of action for colostrum/COVID here…12:30
  • Interesting…The most effective anti-COVID medicine in one recent analysis was…melatonin…15:20

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Listener Q&A:

Is Nut Oil & Fish Oil Oxidized, Rancid Or Bad For You?…25:22

Grace from Australia asks: I've been hearing a lot about the dangers of polyunsaturated fats lately, particularly in regards to how they oxidize easily, which could create cellular damage. Does this mean I should avoid regular consumption of nuts and fatty fish? I know that in nuts, the antioxidant properties of vitamin E could offset this oxidative damage, but vitamin E is also susceptible to light and heat.

In my response, I recommend:

Can You Get Benefits From Sunlight In The Winter?…41:00

Taylor asks: I wanted to start by saying your podcast is absolutely incredible and it has changed the way that I view health and longevity. My question for you today is regarding sunlight. I live in the Midwest and typically in late October is when the UVB starts to decline. However, I was wondering if there is still benefit to getting out in the light, even without a shirt on. I know that sounds crazy in the winter months, but please let me know what your thoughts are on this, and thank you so much.

In my response, I recommend: 

14 Ways To Find Balance In Your Life…50:35

Jake asks: Hey, Ben, my name is Jake and I was just wondering how you find balance. I personally struggle trying to find balance in my financial, physical, mental, and spiritual health. How do you find the time? Thanks.

In my response, I recommend:

  1. Eat the frog first, whatever that is for you
  2. Create, don't consume while using screens
  3. All push notifications OFF
    • Kegel Camp app
  4. Only one major meal per day
  5. Batch cooking
  6. Split the day in two with a nap
    • NuCalm (with the 30-minute reboot function)
  7. Walk a LOT (and listen to audiobooks, podcasts, etc. while walking)
  8. Always be reading/learning (Kindle WhisperSync)
  9. Evernote synced across all devices (as outlined here) – Use a simple text file to capture, organize, and ultimately clarify all relevant information during administrative blocks—leaving your brain free to execute.
  10. Ruthlessly outsource
  11. Calendar every Sunday evening (Google Cal or BusyCal)
  12. Be in touch with God at all times
  13. Accept seasons in life of harder work (e.g. 16-18 hour work days)
  14. Work hard, rest hard (e.g. Sabbath)

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10 thoughts on “Q&A 422: Colostrum & Melatonin For COVID, 14 Ways To Find Balance In Your Life, Is Nut Oil & Fish Oil Oxidized, Rancid Or Bad For You? Is Sunlight Beneficial In The Winter? & Much More.

  1. clint moran says:

    Currently taking seed synbiotic, is bifivir available in the USA? Or is it similar enough to stick with seed? Thanks!

  2. Matt says:

    Can spirulina be taken to reverse peroxidation after the fact? In other words, if I’ve eaten a lot of nuts and seeds in the past and have suffered the effects of peroxidation, can spirulina help reverse that now, or only proximate to when the offending food is being consumed? Thank you!

  3. Adam says:

    What source(s) do you use to keep up on the latest news, if any?

  4. Len says:

    Hi Ben, I’ve started with NuCalm, and it’s been a very interesting journey so far. I found I get REM registered on my Oura ring when I do Recharge (20min) or Rescue (30min and more), even if I am wide awake! While I am on Nucalm, most of the time I do my breathwork, wear Apollo, and sometime chant my TM mantra. I get all the benefits of NuCal, just wondering if you see REM as well. Any additional insight on NuCalm, how to stack it, etc., are appreciated. I’ve heard both podcasts on it, by the way, but you and James were reviewing special NuCalm options, unavailable to most. Thanks!

  5. Niles Sowa says:

    You mentioned using a sous vide to cook salmon. I’ve wanted to get a sous vide for a long time but I’m nervous about cooking the food in hot water while it’s in a plastic bag. Which bags have been shown to not leach bpa or anything toxic into our food?

    Thank you,
    Niles Sowa

  6. Vanna says:

    Pfizer/Biotech’s liability-free experimental mRNA COVID vaccine relies on a new nanoparticle-based ‘carrier system’ that utilizes PEG. For those who have PEG antibodies (most of us do), injecting PEG is a recipe for anaphylaxis. We’ve already had an adverse health event rate of 2.8%, according to the CDC. The FDA defines “adverse health events” as interfering with daily life and requiring medical intervention. 2.8%= 1 in 35 COVID vaccine recipients.

  7. brian says:

    you mention melatonin a lot and i know i have heard podcasts guest selling the stuff but if your only fact using this, where are you getting it and how much are you taking?

  8. Brian says:

    the 14 tips for balancing life is crazy valuable a total blessing —Spot on advice–entirely relevant to me and I will share with family friends and colleagues–

  9. rac3 says:

    D MInder always says Vit D is not available in winter months or when the sun does not get above 30 degrees on the horizon (rough test: your shadow is taller than you). How does that UK study work then? I’ve read Dr. Kruse obfuscate/rant about cold thermogenesis improving our semiconductors or mitochondria (??), which may help boost the system to improve Vit D production? Sounds like mid-day winter shiver walks might produce Vit D for Caucasians despite D Minder saying no?

    1. Morten says:

      Any cold exposure, being it “mid-day winter shiver walks”, ice baths, or all-year shorts and t-shirt (I’m in Denmark, so if I can do it, anyone can do it), is going to change your life.
      You don’t need a doctor’s degree to try this out for yourself … Give it two months – either it works for you or it doesn’t … no harm done ..

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