Anti-Aging Hacks, Conquering Knee Pain, Vegetables Vs. Viruses, Grittiness Tips, New Sound Apps For Relaxation, Free-Range Kids & More: The Most Listened To Podcast Episodes Of 2022.

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2022 was a huge year of growth for podcasting.

As of November 2022, there were 383.7 million podcast listeners globally. 160 million Americans have listened to podcasts at least once. And 22% of people listen to podcasts while driving.

Those statistics speak *volumes* about the future of podcasting.

While I hadn't taken a close look at those figures until recently, I'm not at all surprised. My own podcast got 25,088,868 downloads in 2022 alone! What seems to make podcasts so appealing is the freedom to choose what type of content you’d like to consume, with no limits on how much, or how little, you can listen to, from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Technology has also made it easier than ever before to distribute a show on a wide platform without much effort.

Anyways, I've been podcasting twice a week now for nearly two decades. When I began, I think there were only three or four health-related podcasts, so it's been interesting to witness the explosion of podcasts, kind of like blogs exploded in the 90s and early 2000s. The result of my own foray into podcasting – including old podcasts I used to own and run such as Endurance Planet, the Get-Fit Guy, Rock Star Triathlete Academy, Train For Top Dollar, Ben Greenfield Fitness, and many others – is several THOUSAND episodes of content that, taken together, are a virtual library or two or three of in-depth information on topics ranging from those as specific as the best mattresses to as vast as spirituality.

As we are now only hours away from 2023, I'm looking back on the past year of podcasting with fondness. The scientists, CEOs, doctors, and many others who appeared on the show this year have taught me way more than I ever could have anticipated. When my team and I decided to do this final episode of 2022, featuring what we've decided to call the top podcasts of the year, I could not pick favorites. The episodes here, instead, are those that you listened to most. We've taken them down in length so that you can hear each episode's highlights over a single episode that is around an hour and a half long. Then, of course, if you want more, we've linked to the original podcast so you can listen to the entire episode.

Thank you, sincerely, for your support of my podcast this past year. I can't wait for you to hear what's in store for 2023, with even more high-quality discussion, educational content, personal stories, and even music and entertainment.

Happy New Year – and in case you're wondering, here is how to subscribe to my free podcast and where it can be found…

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The Top Podcasts Of 2022

Tony Robbins and Peter Diamandis…06:42

anti-aging hacks


Tony Robbins, Peter Diamandis & Ben Greenfield Reveal New Anti-Aging Biohacks & Breakthroughs in Precision Medicine You’ve Never Heard Of Before.



  • Life Force – how many good tips are in it for longevity and anti-aging
  • Tony's rotator cuff injury from snowboarding and how using PEMF helped, but not completely
  • Doctor told Tony he had to stop being active to avoid injury and maybe not being able to walk again
  • Called Peter for help and to learn about stem cell therapy, referred him to Bob Hariri
  • Told by Bob that he needed 4-day-old stem cells – cord/placenta stem cells; Proteostatic stem cell therapy
  • After two days, his rotator cuff pain was gone, and first time in 14 years no back pain
  • Tony attends the largest Stem Cell and Regenerative conference in the world, put on by the Pope, every two years at the Vatican
  • Tony underwent a phase 3 trial of a single injection that triggers your wind pathway and causes you to make new tendons
  • If you have osteoarthritis, within 11 months you’ll have all new tendons
  • Ben brings up two fascinating individuals in the book that he had his sons read about: Osman Kibar and Martine Rothblatt
  • Peter talks about how extraordinary Martine is: founder of SiriusXM Radio
  • Martine started United Therapeutics and developed a drug to cure her daughter's pulmonary fibrosis
  • Martine set out on a mission to learn about organogenesis – how to build human organs from pig organs

Ben Patrick, The Knees Over Toes Guy…20:54


How To Get Rid Of Knee Pain Forever, The Best Knee Rehab Exercises, The Ancient Chinese Technique To Keep Your Knees Young & More With Ben Patrick, The “Knees Over Toes Guy.”



  • Two things that Ben Patrick claims to have done more than anyone in the world regarding knee health:
    • Create healing
    • Create bulletproofing
  • Activities that cause degradation of the knees over time, such as running
  • Knees always take the impact from sports, jumping, running, squatting, etc.
  • Backward walking prevents cartilage degeneration
  • Backward walking involves completely different muscles and causes your knees to be over your toes
  • Backward walking with resistance is even better than backward walking
    • Improving pelvic motion and alleviating back pain
  • Training sled he’s developing for both backward and forward training
  • The sled allows pressure and resistance without any jarring
  • Ben Patrick's mom’s full rehabilitation and at age 67, she looks like she’s 20 when she’s out running
  • Retro walking and this four-week study
  • ROKP (Reverse out of Knee Pain) – superiority of ROKP for muscle recruitment force reduction and pain reduction 
  • Knees Over Toes Guy

Dr. Thomas Cowan…37:23

anti-aging hacks


Ben’s New Dietary Protocol, Vegetables Vs. Viruses, Whether Viruses Really Exist & Much More With Dr. Thomas Cowan.



  • The alleged gene sequence of SARS-CoV-2 hasn’t actually been sequenced or isolated
  • Fabricated viral genetic strands to prove the existence of viruses; not found in real-world conditions
  • Christian Drosten – German virologist's race for swine flu test
  • When you're sick, you make these little pieces and they call those viruses (but they are not viruses)
  • Disease is a “cleansing process” that has been misinterpreted
  • Dr. Cowan uses the examples of scurvy, pellagra, and beriberi to show that disease isn’t communicable
  • The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg
    • A shift in technology may have caused us to become less healthy in general
  • Dr. Cowan talks about millimeter waves that interfere with the availability of oxygen in the air.
    • Also poisons the mitochondria
  • Don't starve yourself and don't starve yourself of love, or spirituality, or have stupid thoughts, or put your cell phone under your pillow when you sleep
  • Techniques that date back to the '30s
  • Uniformity – finding something that's millions of copies of identical particles, not like one is this size and one is that size
  • Impure “scientific” processes that are used now to isolate a virus

Jeff Banman of Brute Force…58:46

anti-aging hacks


How To Make Yourself Physically & Mentally More Gritty, More Resilient, & Harder To Kill With Jeff Banman Of Brute Force.



  • Big wins in high-stress scenarios found through the quantification process
    • When stressed, our system starts working in conflict
    • Difference between perception and discernment
  • Breathwork is key
    • Shallow breathers need to re-engage their diaphragm
  • Breathing out through the mouth engages the diaphragmatic muscles more
  • Return to the original breath
    • Small kids are belly breathers
  • Safety is a matter of perception
  • Triggering the vagal nerve and sending signals of safety to the brain
  • Aligning the breath with cognitive tools and anchoring in the present moment
    • Developing internal power of confidence
  • Three basic things you need – safety, love, control
  • Brute Force

Dan Clark and Dr. Kevin Woods of…1:07:31

anti-aging hacks


How To Instantly Shift Your State Of Consciousness From Anxiety To Relaxation, Wakefulness To Sleep, Or Brain Fogginess to Focus With



  • Majority of music is made to distract or grab attention
  • How to make the best background music in the world
    • The goal is to make your thoughts and activities more foreground
  • Changing the music depending on preferences and neurodiversity
  • Aftershokz
  • FINIS underwater music player
  • Personalization system:
    • Questionnaire to estimate a baseline
    • Adjust by looking at different body markers
    • Connecting to other apps
  • Using the same technology in hospitals
    • Helping people relax before anesthesia and wake up from anesthesia
  • Shifting yourself quickly from sleep state into focused and productive state
    • Use of various biohacking products

Lenore Skenazy of Free Range Kids…1:17:29


“America’s Worst Mom” Explains Why We Need More Free-Range Parenting & Less Helicopter Parenting: Let Them Grow With Lenore Skenazy.



  • Her subway story – Lenore’s 9-old-son coming home by subway completely alone
  • Kids today are not allowed to experience the independence and freedom that were normal for their parents
  • Rite of Passage
  • A path that led to the idea of Free Range Kids blog and Let Grow non-profit
    • Caring about safety but also trusting your kids
  • Free-Range Kids by Lenore Skenazy
  • Crime has decreased, but our fears have increased
  • What are the roots of the fear for our kids' safety that led to overprotection?
    • Media covering of missing children
    • Pictures of missing children on the milk cartons
    • Misinformation about the number of missing children
    • TV series Law and Order – 20 years of every night, some horrible murder 
  • National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
  • Parents are led to believe that kids are in constant danger

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