Unbeatable Peptide Stacks, Advanced Age Reversal Strategies, How To Banish Anxiety & Panic, Your Brain On THC, Ketones & Ketosis & More: The Most Listened To Episodes Of 2023.

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Venture back with me to 2013: “Wrecking Ball” is blaring on your radio for the ninetieth time today, skinny jeans have America in a chokehold, and podcasts aren’t considered top-tier entertainment — at least, not like they are now. New research compiled by the Pew Research Center shows that a decade ago, a mere 12 percent of Americans ages 12 and up hadn’t listened to a podcast in the last month…

Today, in 2023, that number has jumped to an astonishing 42 percent. This growth is not merely a numerical surge; it's a seismic shift in the sonic landscape — a revolution in how people consume a symphony of stories, insights, and education.

As I wrap up this year with 13,630,038 downloads (but who’s counting?), 2023 emerges as a standout year for monumental growth with the global podcast listener count clocking in at a whopping 464.7 million and projections for 2024 suggesting an even more jaw-dropping figure of 504.9 million listeners.

Twice a week, for nearly two decades now, I’ve hosted podcasts, including my old podcasts I used to own and run such as Endurance Planet, the Get-Fit Guy, Rock Star Triathlete Academy, Train For Top Dollar, Ben Greenfield Fitness, and many others. Since then, I’ve recorded several THOUSAND episodes of content that are a virtual library (or two) (or three) of in-depth information to empower you to upgrade your lifespan and healthspan; find purpose, happiness, fulfillment, and connection; explore new adventures and challenges; discover how to use cutting-edge strategies to hack your life; and achieve full optimization of mind, body, and spirit, all with boundless energy that equips you to go and conquer every mountain you’ve been called to climb.

Heck, I remember when I first started recording podcasts. I had to manually submit a clunky RSS feed to Apple Podcasts and then sit back and wait for two weeks to see if they got accepted. After that, it would constantly break and get taken down, and I’d go back to the drawing board, trying to figure out how to make this whole podcasting thing actually work. Things sure have changed.

Approaching 2024, I'm reflecting on a fantastic year of podcasting with the incredible minds of scientists, CEOs, doctors, and others who brought tremendous value to the show in 2023 with their wealth of knowledge. Crafting this final episode for the year, my team and I wanted to showcase the top podcasts that listeners tuned into the most. Condensed to around an hour and a half, these discussions offer quick highlights, and if you're eager for more, I've linked to the original podcasts for a deeper dive.

As we step into a new year, I want to sincerely thank you for your support, and I can't wait for you to hear what's in store for 2024, with even more high-quality discussion, educational content, and personal stories.

Happy New Year — and in case you're wondering, here is how to subscribe to my free podcast and where it can be found…

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The Top Podcasts Of 2023

Jay Campbell on peptides…7:28


How To Use Testosterone, Peptide Stacks That Will Blow Your Mind, The Truth About Getting Peptides On The Internet, & Much More With Jay Campbell.



Bryan Johnson on biohacking…26:02


A Step-By-Step Blueprint For Longevity: The Most Advanced Age Reversal Strategies Known To Humankind, With Bryan Johnson.



Andy Triana on anxiety management…35:56


Simple Tricks To Banish Anxiety & Panic, Rib Adjustments For Better Sleep, Nootropic & Smart Drug Stacks, The Science Of Getting Better In Bed, LSD For Performance & Much More With Go SuperBrain’s Andy Triana.



  • Nail bed for foot vagal nerve stimulation
    • Modern-day grounding indoors
  • Increase in afferent and efferent signaling through our hands and feet
  • Anxiety is like spilling over electrical input into brain areas that don't need to be active
  • Wearable devices that vibrate or produce mild electrical sensation over the vagal nerve
    • Vagal nerve stimulators similar to a TENS (Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation) unit
    • PowerDot
  • Anxiety and future processing
    • We don’t have a center in our brain for the future
    • Anxiety is a result of putting too much blood flow into future processing
  • Podcast with Dr. Peter Martone:
  • Managing anxiety
    • Anxiety is a normal thing; everybody experiences it
    • Coping with “buoys of objectivity”
  • In anxious moments, you should
    • Re-engage with the world around you from your 5 senses
    • Be aware and mindful
    • Give yourself a light sensation to bring you back to the present
  • Research proves that visualization is useful
  • Visualization skills
    • Seeing in the present what you believe is going to happen
  • How to use visualization?
    • Spatial skill training regime
    • Manipulating 3D scenes in your head
  • Visualization to deal with negative performance-related things
    • Speeding up and slowing down time
  • Visualization for the average person
    • Chalk outline drill
  • Flow state
    • Dopamine and norepinephrine-driven flow states for individuals
  • Ben is norepinephrine-driven
    • Got to be in a lot of pain and under a lot of pressure to get into an alpha state
  • Norepinephrine people tend to have less control over their flow state because they're typically responding to something that needs to happen
  • Dopamine people oftentimes have work capacity and behavior efficiency issues

Gary Brecka on the Superhuman Protocol…46:13


The Superhuman Protocol That Declumps Cells, Hyperoxygenates The Body, Restores Cellular Wellness & Much More, With Gary Brecka.



  • “The presence of oxygen is the absence of disease.”
    • Disease is found when there is no blood oxygen
    • Cancer and type 2 diabetes both begin in hypoxia
    • “Sitting is the new smoking” because a sedentary lifestyle is the foundation for hypoxia
  • The difference between breathwork exercises that induce hypoxic states versus systemic hypoxia
    • Short-term exposure to hypoxic conditions can improve oxygen transport
    • Poor methylation leads to hypoxia
  • CVAC (Cyclic Variations in Adaptive Conditioning)
  • Genes and their sub-alleles can help predict deficiencies
  • Methylation deficiency pathways are what lead to deficiencies
  • Gary believes we should supplement for deficiencies, which promotes healing
  • The foamy yellow substance (sludge) from processing human sewage that is used to create B12
  • Link between light exposure and hypoxia?
    • Most people use stimulants to wake up
    • The importance of being in the sun first thing in the morning
    • Skin pigment and vitamin D deficiency
  • Dr. Gabrielle Lyon
  • Morley Robbins
  • Breaking Alzheimer's by Dr. Dayan Goodenowe

Q&A 452…1:05:05


Q&A 452: Does NR or NAD Really Cause Cancer, The Latest On THC & Your Brain, “Super-Ager” Brains, Artery Unclogging & Much More.



  • High-THC cannabis appears to be a risk factor for ischemic stroke in young adults
  • When the inner mitochondrial membrane produces energy, it releases free radicals — this is normal
  • Study looks at whether or not THC increases the reactive oxygen species production in the mitochondria in the brain
  • Can CBD (with or without THC) improve sleep? Here's the answer: Use of Cannabidiol in the Management of Insomnia: A Systematic Review”
    • CBD alone, or CBD in a 1:1 ratio with THC, can be beneficial for alleviating the symptoms of insomnia
    • The study fails to mention that THC consumption can cause a decrease in deep sleep, as well as dreaming and memory consolidation during sleep
    • Ben's Yoga Nidra practice for insomnia, which he first learned about from Dr. Andrew Huberman
    • Element Health CBD is Ben's preferred CBD supplement (use code BEN15 to save 15%)

Latt Mansor of H.V.M.N on ketones and ketosis…1:18:50


Everything You Need To Know About Ketones & Ketosis With Dr. Latt Mansor of H.V.M.N.



  • Ben experimented with ketosis during his Ironman days
    • Used MCT oil — only thing available to Ben at the time
  • Mixing MCT oil with small amounts of carbohydrates
  • Had several conversations with Dr. Peter Attia who recommended the use of BCAAs as an alternative fuel source
  • Podcast with Peter Attia:
  • Replaced the MCT oil later on with ketones — the most fantastic fuel for Ironman
  • In the end, would switch to glucose (Coca-Cola)
  • To Ben's knowledge, no company has yet come out with the most amazing endurance powdered mix fuel of
  • Later, Ben got into sports which is more anaerobic plus aerobic, such as obstacle racing — Tough Mudder
    • Increased both substrates to elevate glucose and ketone levels — amazing results
    • Won the race
  • Ketones are more related to fats
  • Glucose is always the king when it comes to anaerobic
  • No one has done studies on ketones and anaerobic performance
  • HVMN partnered with University of North Georgia, a military college
  • Did an extreme test (5k run and anaerobic Wingate test) and measured the ketones
    • Had ketones before and after the 5k run
  • Anaerobic Wingate test:
    • 5 bouts of 10-sec sprints on the bike with 7.5% body weight as load
    • 10-sec sprints/30-sec rest 5 times
    • Ketones measured after
  • Saw an increase in average power, peak power, and velocity
    • Paddling harder and faster
  • Also measured fatigue level
    • People on Ketone IQ and carbs experienced less fatigue than the placebo group
  • RER (Respiratory Exchange Ratio) results:
    • Ketone IQ and carbs group had significantly lower RER — burning more fat than glucose
    • Placebo group – 0.94
    • Ketone IQ and carbs group – 0.89
    • Ketone IQ and carbs group had a decrease in ketone levels
  • Another reason for better performance can also be increased pain tolerance
    • Potential analgesic effect on the brain

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