Q&A 451: How To Build Muscle & Lose Fat At The Same Time, The Truth About “Natural Flavors,” Are Antioxidants Really Bad Post-Exercise & Much More!

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how to build muscle lose fat
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Q: How can you reboot your body and brain after holiday eating?…56:35

Ben and Jay Recommend:

Q: What are the best ways to reduce stress and improve sleep?…69:50

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4 thoughts on “Q&A 451: How To Build Muscle & Lose Fat At The Same Time, The Truth About “Natural Flavors,” Are Antioxidants Really Bad Post-Exercise & Much More!

  1. Craig says:

    Hi Ben. Great information as usual. Given the data (particularly the protein intake) on building muscle burning fat simultaneously, how would you recommend integrating EEAs?

  2. Alexandra says:

    Are there other podcasts that address building muscle burning fat simultaneously?

  3. Brian says:

    Hey Ben!!

    How is it that some men can have low testosterone and still build muscle?

    Is there another component besides testosterone that’s being overlooked or could it be that more protein is needed, or ?


  4. Eggs Tyrone says:

    Hi Ben! Enjoyed this one as usual. You have mentioned paraxanthine on the last few podcast, and it sounds like a great tool. However, I am still struggling finding a source.

    I see the source that you have referenced, but this appears to be the only one. I have always been a bit leary of trying something with only a single source. I would also like to try it and isolated form as opposed to mixed with other compounds.

    Do you know of any other sources of this or are we limited to this single vendor for now? Thanks

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