How To Simulate A Full Sleep Cycle In 20 Minutes, The Best Stress Biohack That Exists, Vagus Nerve Stimulation & Much More!

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I'm constantly playing and experimenting with new devices and so-called biohacks to enhance sleep and cognition.

One of my favorites of late is a very handy device called the NuCalm, which I've been using to simulate an entire 120-minute sleep cycle with just a 20-minute daily power nap.

The NuCalm is a next-level cranial electrotherapy stimulation device that uses both a relaxation cream and mild stimulation to help your brain interrupt the adrenaline and cortisol release by mimicking what naturally occurs in your brain right before you sleep. It includes an app with “music” – which is actually neuroacoustic software that delivers frequencies to your brain which take you down to theta brain wavelength. This thing lets me get a 20-minute intense period of relaxation even when I can’t nap, and I’m now ducking away and using it nearly every day, particularly during travel and on airplanes. It’s spendy, but in my opinion, well worth it. You can get a NuCalm here and save 65% off the first month of any new monthly subscription.

My guest on this show is Jim Poole, Chairman, President, and CEO of Solace Lifesciences, Inc., the maker of NuCalm. Jim is an accomplished business executive with extensive experience in the healthcare, biotechnology, dental, market research, and IT industries. Mr. Poole manages the strategic direction and ongoing operations of Solace Lifesciences, Inc., a neuroscience company focused on personalized wellness and performance. In 2015, Solace Lifesciences, the maker of NuCalm, was granted the world’s sole patent for “Systems and Methods for Balancing and Maintaining the Health of the Human Autonomic Nervous System.”

Mr. Poole has successfully launched global products, managed growth strategies, and effectively optimized business operations for large and small organizations alike. Prior to joining Solace Lifesciences, Jim co-founded Focused Evolution, a premier global management strategy-consulting firm. As a Managing Partner, he managed mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, and growth strategies for venture capital and private equity firms. Under Jim’s leadership, Focused Evolution grew into a multi-million dollar consulting firm, serving a global client portfolio of 49 companies, across a broad in a range of industries.

Jim serves on the board of directors of several medical device firms around the world. He is a recognized business leader, public speaker, an accomplished author, and has published numerous articles in industry trade journals and lectures all over the world globally on topics including stress, recovery, performance, and business strategy. Jim has published over 30 articles in industry trade journals. A New York state native, Poole earned a BA in psychology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and an MBA in International Business & Marketing from Babson College.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

– What exactly a NuCalm is…8:30

  • Cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES)
  • Designed to halt the stress response and raise the parasympathetic response
  • Was developed over the course of 20 years by a neuroscientist/quantum physicist/naturopath, Dr. Holloway
    • He's not myopic: you'll find biochemistry, electrical signaling
  • Physiological benefit of living like a monk
  • The hand-held device is the core of the product
    • Brain and body communicate in 2 ways: chemical and electrical messaging
    • Cycles brain wave function into data
    • Key is in controlling the adrenal glands
  • It's FDA cleared to treat insomnia, anxiety, depression
  • Amino acid GABA (gamma-Aminobutyric acid0); the antithesis of adrenal stimulation
  • GABA is transmitted to the brain via the cream
  • Shuts down the HPA axis (adrenals)
  • The cream contains, in addition to GABA, taurine, glycine, casein tryptic hydrolysate (the protein found in mother's milk)
  • If you didn't get all that, get this: The device relaxes the nervous system, which allows the GABA in the cream to reach the brain and work its magic

– How the audio features in the NuCalm app enhance the user experience…22:20

  • Binaural beats:
  • Binaural signal processing (512 hz into the left ear; 500 hz into the right ear)
  • Reticular activating system: Stimulation filter to the brain
    • Two functions: pattern recognition and find a shortcut
  • One track on the NuCalm app is over 700 mb of data (compared to 5-6 mb on an iTunes track)
  • Non-linear oscillating algorithm:
  • Takes the brain from beta (awake) to alpha and theta
    • Theta is when the cells cleanup and create energy source for themselves (healing zone)

– The science behind going through an entire sleep cycle in a 20-minute power nap…28:00

  • NuCalm's claims attracted top scientists to validate them
  • World's preeminent expert in HRV verified that the NuCalm truncates a 2 hours of sleep into 20 minutes
  • Won “best of CES” at Consumer Electronics Show
  • Dr. Holloway was resistant to creating a 20 minute track mimicking an entire sleep cycle (was 40-50 minutes)
  • Supply followed demand; after months of research the 20 minute track was a reality

– How the NuCalm device measures heart-rate variability…37:40

  • Low frequency (LF) pertains sympathetic nervous system
  • High frequency (HF) the parasympathetic
  • Monk-like meditation level within one minute
  • Took 5 years to secure a patent on the technology
    • Worked with the most renowned experts on HRV
    • C.K. Peng
  • Captured data from 2 groups: metastatic stage 4 cancer, professional athletes
  • LF is lowered while raising the HF
  • 100 patients with depression and anxiety were studied with astounding results after using the device
  • We understand intuitively that stress causes disease, but don't understand why
    • We can't understand the intangible
    • Long-term time horizons make us apathetic in our youth
  • High-stress/poor sleep lifestyle = not enough time in theta or the 2nd stage of sleep
  • Cancer is the best way to articulate the breakdown
    • We all have cancer in our bodies, however our immune system kills them when it's functioning properly
    • Stress breaks down this function over time
  • Physiological benefit:
    • It activates the vagus nerve
    • Slows breath down to one breath per 10 seconds
    • Syncs heart with the lungs
    • Fully oxygenated

– How the NuCalm affects recovery…47:55

  • Elite military units use the device for expedited recovery without the use of drugs
  • It takes the foot off the accelerator, in a manner of speaking
  • Return on investment: 30 minutes yields 12-15 hours of highly focused work
  • Autonomic system is key to managing stress, anxiety, fear, etc.
    • The itty bitty shitty subcommittee in the back of your brain goes away
    • Without proper sleep, we literally stress ourselves to death
  • The offer is not to cure or heal anything; it's to alleviate stress and allow the body to heal itself, the immune system to fight disease
  • Even monks love the device

– The NuCalm's effect on the nervous system beyond HRV and the vagus nerve…56:30

  • Case study PDFs

– How the NuCalm affects (or interrupts) your normal sleep schedule…1:01:05

  • Don't take the power nap close to normal bedtime
  • 15-minute rule: use it as an aid to fall back asleep in the middle of the night
  • Sweet spot: between 1-4 pm (normal time body wants to take a nap)
  • Your body cannot compensate for sleep debt
    • NuCalm is not a “hack” for getting less sleep
    • If you live 100 years, you should sleep for 33 years
  • You stay in theta during the NuCalm power nap (which is where the body heals itself); ordinarily you'll be in delta
  • The body relies on GABA during sleep
    • The body keeps the nutrients it needs; secretes what it doesn't
    • The GABA in the cream during a mid-day power nap will still be there when you go to bed at night

– Final rapid-fire questions…1:10:45

  • Whether there is any efficacy in increasing the cranial electrical stimulation using the device
  • About the other settings on the device (relaxation and recovery)
  • About the Ignite app (sympathetic stimulation)
    • Opposite effect of the NuCalm
    • Can be used in tandem, but not independently of NuCalm

– And much more…

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

Resources from this episode:

– PDF: Meet NuCalm: From Now On, Stress Is A Choice.

– PDF: NuCalm: Performance Overview

– PDF: Take The Stress Out Of Healing With NuCalm

– PDF: NuCalm And Jetlag

– PDF: NuCalm For Veterans

– PDF: Improving Athletic Performance With NuCalm – A Case Study

NuCalm: The NuCalm is a next-level cranial electrotherapy stimulation device that uses both a cream and mild stimulation to help your brain interrupt the adrenaline and cortisol release by mimicking what naturally occurs in your brain right before you sleep. It includes an app with “music” – which is actually neuroacoustic software that delivers frequencies to your brain which take you down to theta brain wavelength. This thing lets me get a 20-minute intense period of relaxation even when I can’t nap, and I’m now ducking away and using it nearly every day, particularly during travel and on airplanes. It’s spendy, but in my opinion, well worth it. You can get it here and save 65% off the first month of any new monthly subscription.

– The Fisher Wallace Circadia Ben mentions early in the interview (use GREENFIELD for a $100 discount)

– The other apps Ben mentions:

Ecomeditation .mp3 for simulating sleep

Yoga Nidra for sleep

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65 thoughts on “How To Simulate A Full Sleep Cycle In 20 Minutes, The Best Stress Biohack That Exists, Vagus Nerve Stimulation & Much More!

  1. EECS PhD Student says:

    Hey Folks,

    PhD student in the very best biosignal processing program in the world here. Also huge fan of Ben’s stuff in general. Please don’t buy this stuff. It is indeed snake oil. The product does not give any science at all to back it up. If you want stress reduction, please see other resources by Ben Greenfield, or a small plug for colleague Andrew Huberman, he has great free resources as well.


    Name Redacted

      1. Name Redacted says:

        Firstly, before expounding, I wanna say I love your stuff. Really, I do. I have tremendous respect for the work you’ve done and no hard feeling whatsoever.

        That being said, I have a huge problem with companies who claim to be “science backed” but yet offer no “science” whatsoever. If a company wants to sell woo-woo stuff, great, go ahead, but at least don’t claim it’s science; (by the way, I love woo-woo stuff, just so long as the company does not use science as its primary evaluation methodology. For example, if a Chinese herbal medicine company claims it goes by the chinese medicinal philosophy, I have zero problems with that, but as soon as the same company starts using science as the primary selling point, it becomes a problem).

        In this case, when you go to their “science” page, I see written explanations, with no peer reviewed blue ribbon journal papers cited (important note: needs to be high impact factor journal). Even without this, there aren’t even regular journal or conference papers referenced. Can’t be science without citations folks. When you say you have Biosignal Processing Disc, I better see some kind of explanation as to the actual signal processing involved (Fourier transforms, BW used, sensing mechanism, citations to background rationale, experiments done, etc.). Even if new and emerging technology, you still need background literature and detailed explanations to claim science with any reasonable credibility.

        1. Bleve says:

          Biosignal Processing Disc

          – a sticker with GABA-ergic drugs and other anxiolytics for transdermal absorption.


        2. Steven J Bradley says:

          after someone pirates their mp3s you could get the same effect by drinking a beer (GABAergic) and listening to them in your stereo headphones with your eyes closed.

          anyone remember iDoser?

  2. Rosie says:

    I purchased the NuCalm system for 2000 dollars after listening to your podcast, and participated in testing.
    I’m happy with the product but VERY disappointed that the NuCalm discs I now buy are slightly more expensive than those on the open market (two dollars per disc, as opposed to a little under two dollars for a NuCalm 30 annual subscriber).
    This means that I have effectively thrown 2k away.
    It makes more sense for me to resubscribe as a NuCalm 30 annual than to use my lifetime subscriber offer code.
    This can’t be right!
    It would make sense for NuCalm to make the discs significantly cheaper for lifetime subscribers, to acknowledge that we paid out 2k only a few months ago and so therefore should not be paying more than other customers who have not made this advance payment?
    I hope they can resolve this imbalance! Otherwise it looks less like an ‘offer’ than a con.

  3. Jessica Yoon says:

    They appear to have changed this from a transcranial electrostimulation device to something that just uses some discs and binaural beats for a very high monthly charge. I do not see how this is even the same thing anymore, as there is no more electrostimulation, which I would think would be the real magic. I bought it before I fully realized and will be returning it. Very disappointing. There is no option to buy the previous system – it is as if it doesn’t exist. Information on the website is minimal and doesn’t even mention the massive chage.

    1. I personally now use the discs. And they work even BETTER.

    2. Monica Meghani says:

      Hi Jessica. Thank you for your post, and my apologies for any confusion regarding the company’s latest advancement to the biosignal processing disc, which was launched in July 2019. The cranial electrotherapy stimulation device was not the ‘real magic’ in the NuCalm system. In fact, the CES device. was simply used as a catalyst for the NuCalm topical cream to be more effective. As you probably are aware, the human body is exceptional at extracting nutrients from food, but rather inept at extracting a high yield of nutrients from supplements (tablets, transdermal creams, sublingual drops, etc.). In our research, dating back to 2006, our chief neuroscientist was unimpressed with the lack of efficacy regarding the ingestion of the NuCalm supplements, which contained GABA and L-Theanine and other inhibitory neurotransmitters and dopamine agonists. After several years of research, we launched NuCalm in 2009 with a chewable supplement and the CES device, where the CES device’s primary function was to electrophoreate the cell wall membrane and make the GABA A receptor sites more permeable to accelerate the impact the NuCalm supplementation had on interrupting the HPA axis and mitigating the release of adrenaline. In 2015 NuCalm was awarded the world’s first and only patent for “systems and methods for balancing and maintaining the health of the human autonomic nervous system.” This was an incredible accomplishment considering the autonomic nervous system governs human fear, stress, anxiety, and depression. The NuCalm supplementation and CES device are minority contributors to the physiological outcome of NuCalm, which is to slow down and cycle the brain wave function into alpha and theta (12Hz – 4Hz) zones. The primary method of action for the patented NuCalm technology is the neuroacoustic software that is accessed through the NuCalm app. This platform consists of patented physics, mathematics, and algorithms underneath meticulously composed music that predictably and effectively paces and slows down brain wave function and suspends the body in the healing zone associated with cellular restoration and recovery.
      Jessica, our neuroscience company has been engaged in research and development and scientific discovery for the past 19 years and has invested $25M in the NuCalm neuroscience platform. Our goal in inventing the NuCalm biosignal processing disc was to make NuCalm more effective, efficient, and easier to use. The NuCalm biosignal processing discs are an amazing invention that took over 5 years to create. In July 2018 we began a 1-year evaluation of the discs with our 52-member medical advisory board, the U.S. Military, the FBI, professional sports teams, and our advisors to measure the efficacy of the discs vs. the NuCalm cream and CES device. After observing the simplicity, efficacy, and signal strength of the disc’s bioresonance measuring heart rate variability, the discs proved to be as effective, if not more effective, than the combination of the NuCalm cream and CES device. We launched the NuCalm biosignal processing discs in July 2019 and on October 14, 2020, we launched the new, more portable and more affordable version of NuCalm, yet increased the efficacy of the neuroscience platform. Now, we can accelerate our mission of service and achieve our vision “to enable people to reclaim their lives and realize their full potential.” If you would like to learn more, please email me directly at [email protected].

  4. Sandbox says:

    Bought device. (Thank you for discount code on device). Are you able to get your listeners a “discount code for the pro-disc refills”? (Refills are $400). Maybe a BEN10?

  5. Roy says:

    Well a couple thousand in the hole so far, on supplements and devices some of them: Doc Parsley Sleep Remedy-no effect, CBD cost prohibitive due to amounts required, Fisher Wallace was a bust, got money back, Deltasleeper (Somniresonance or SR1) got money back. Next up on the experiments is the entry level earth pulse which incidentally has a 90 day money back on it. Plus all the tactics and techniques listed in my copy of BOUNDLESS which is outstanding. Also up next is selling most or part of the Ranch so I can fund this experiment and all the blood work, DNA testing, brain scan, mercury amalgam removal and detox protocol by Dr. Pompa. My effing insomnia has been crippling. low estimate hit on income and easy 2 million over my lifetime (I am 60) due to less than stellar energy levels-and I am fit, flexible, move like a cat but just not high performance enough to stay in the space in the $100-$200,000 a year range. Odd, I drink an organic 3.5 beer and take ashwaganda and on a bad night only twice a week stack that with about 3 scoops of phenibut. Well thats it from lake wobegon where the women are handsome, the men are strong, the children above average and I am effing tired.

    1. Daniel says:

      You should work on your emotional health

      1. Jake says:

        That’s very impolite – downright rude – and not helpful.

    2. Hal Weiss says:

      Roy, I hope you’re well and sleeping better. Have you read “Melatonin Miracle” by Jeff T. Boles? It’s a really good rabbit-hole-dive into Melatonin IMHO. Turns out more is better! Also, chk out Ben’s podcast about melatonin. It’s helped me, yet I still get a few bad nights here and there.

      1. Hal says:

        Oops. that title was actually “Extreme Dose Melatonin”.

    3. Christa says:

      Though you made this comment sometime ago, I hope your insomnia has since greatly improved. I personally know how awful that is. I wanted to make a suggestion that may prove to have profound effects as far as sleep issues are concerned, which is to see a trauma practitioner, specifically someone who has been trained in Organic Intelligence. This particular modality works to bring your whole system into biological synchrony, which essentially means a body that is healed and regulated, thus free from chronic conditions like insomnia. OI also does offer a self-led course that you can take to begin practicing some of the technique yourself….Just an idea anyway.

      I felt compelled to share this because I’ve found OI to be absolutely life changing having come from a background that includes PTSD, insomnia, etc, and I just want to spread the word to those who may potentially benefit from this kind of support. Feel free to disregard this as well…Blessings to you!

  6. I am a race car driver, competing in high level GT3 Endurance races in Europe. I have used Nucalm for over 3 years and it is by far THE most effect tool, device, system or supplement I have EVER used to effect consistent recovery, improve sleep and create absolute readiness on all levels. Our entire team uses Nucalm, this shit works! Over the years I have biohacked the crap out of myself and have used almost every device or supplement I could find to find provide a performance edge and maintain myself in the best state possible to compete. Sleep, good rest and recovery is the absolute most important thing to me, I guard it and maintain my lifestyle so I can get the best sleep possible every night. But there are those days that just don’t work or the training too intense or the stakes too high and a nap or just great recovery is needed and I can always rely on NuCalm to back me up. I use it almost daily and to help with jet lag on the 15+ international flights each year (marvelous for that). I paid full price and would gladly pay this price even if it was an annual subscription. NuCalm does exactly what was described on this podcast. Our team owes much of it’s success to NuCalm. Thank you, Jim for your hard work to make this available, and thank you Ben for giving this fine product some well deserved visibility. Enjoy – John Shoffner, j2-Racing.

  7. Josh McMahan says:

    Ben, is there a resource you could recommend for shift workers who need to enhance restorative sleep during the day? Thanks

  8. Marina Kessler says:

    Agreed with V and others. After looking into Viome and reading all of the terrible reviews, I’ve started to question all credibility from someone I once admired.

  9. Dr Andy McKamie says:

    Life Changing Technology! Can’t thank Jim Poole and his Team enough! I’ve been practicing, lecturing, and consulting in the field of Dentistry for 37 years. My journey with NuCalm is a lengthy one that greatly impacted my life personally and professionally. I met Jim Poole 15 years ago as the co-founder and managing partner of Focused Evolution – a premier consulting firm with vast experience in the dental space- and was so impressed with his knowledge of business strategy that I immediately asked to be a client. He and his team developed and implemented strategy that positioned our business in the top 1% in the country at the time. When Jim set his successful consulting firm aside after experiencing the transformative power and potential of a neuro-acoustic software technology developed by Dr Blake Holloway I knew it had to be extraordinary. It was indeed. NuCalm is far more sophisticated today and our understanding of how it affects the complex systems of the brain have increased greatly yet it remains simple in its application and use. I have used it over the years countless times to relieve stress and anxiety of my patients during treatment, shared NuCalm with phycologists that have reported life altering results with patients, and personally benefited from NuCalm in one of the darkest periods of my life when anxiety threatened my career and my ability to provide for my family and loved ones. NuCalm remains an essential component of health and wellness for myself and those around me. Forever grateful and a forever fan.

    J. Andrew McKamie, DDS

  10. KW says:

    Amazing how these companies though ignore the harmful effects of WIFI and Bluetooth based devices. I get, appeal to the masses that could careless.

  11. I am a practicing dentist in Chicago, I advise to numerous dental companies, I publish and lecture in the dental space and a daily user of NuCalm. I have been using NuCalm for 9 years. I arrive at my office at 6:30 am. Nucalm at 6:45 and become laser-focused for the entire day. I travel often and don’t leave town without NuCalm. When I first heard of NuCalm I did not think it was possible to do what it claimed to do. Well, it does everything that you heard in this interview. We live in an age that evolutionary we have not adapted to yet. Are nervous system is out of whack. If you don’t think so look at all the cell phone addicts around us. We need to settle our brains down. NuCalm allows it to happen. The naysayers here, have no experience with this technology or science. They just look at the price tag. Immediately thinking it is a scam. I have helped hundreds of patients learn to relax at the dental office. I have patients who no longer need to be sedated. All because they gave NuCalm a chance, I can go cycling 40 miles 2-3 times a week. Replenish my body with nutrients then NuCalm for an hour and feel like I can conquer anything. I am 57 years old and can run laps around my team. I attribute this to NuCalm. It is easy to sit at a computer and bash a product. I challenge any of the non-believers to find a NuCalm provider and try it. Maybe you are just scared that it will actually work.

    Have a NuCalm Day!

    Dr. Louis Kaufman DDS MBA FAGD

    1. David says:

      So you don’t let your team use NuCalm as well?

  12. Doug Schaaf says:

    Hey Ben would you recommend using the Nucalm during a sauna session? Thanks!

    1. Probably not due to all the sweat.

  13. Eric Shadd says:

    For Jim and or Ben: are the HRV & Vagal tone improvements durable in the sense that they are long lasting? And do they build stronger over time with more sessions? And what kind improvements in Deep Sleep do users see over time? Thanks! Great podcast.

  14. Salim Najjar says:

    Absolutely loved this podcast and after reading some of these comments I felt the urge to respond and share my experience with NuCalm to bring another perspective outside of just Ben’s. Since being introduced to NuCalm almost a year ago it’s become a vital part of my daily routine. As a serial entrepreneur and bio-hacker I’m constantly looking for ways to increase my energy levels and after trying NuCalms for the first time, I instantly fell in love as I quickly realized that this technology was somehow able to get my body in a parasympathetic state with no drugs, allowing me to completely reset, refocus and reenergize.

    To say I’m obsessed with NuCalm would be an understatement! Since purchasing my first machine I’ve NuCalmed a minimum of twice per day and usually squeeze in a third when possible! It’s the first thing I do every morning as it ensures my body is fully rested regardless of how I slept and clears my head for the day. I also use it after my daily morning Bikram class and any other workouts as it’s the ultimate recovery and has allowed me to increase the frequency of all my workouts!

    All that being said, I think my favorite thing about NuCalm is that it essentially elevates our level of conciseness. I’ve become so much more present and aware since being introduced to NuCalm which has drastically improved my relationships with family, friends and in business. To me, nothing is more important in life than the relationships we have with others and I’m eternally grateful for NuCalms positive effect on all of them!

  15. LIAM says:

    there is a reason 46 professional sports teams use Nucalm. We all have various levels of stress and its a good thing Nucalm can help lower our stress and enhance our sleep cycles. Ben thanks for this informative podcast and to Nucalm for helping our bodies recover. Time to lengthen our telomeres!

  16. Mike Squires says:

    I have been in Special Forces and Green Beret for over 12 years. As a Green Beret we deploy to austere environments that induce stress at a level most of you might not be able to comprehend. We are constantly on the go and sleep is far and few between. We are constantly given pharmaceuticals to pump us up for the mission so we can go for 24/36/48 hours at a time. And when we return we are given …. you guessed it pharmaceuticals to put us down. However prolonged usage of these products has caused long term sleeping disorders, nightmares, and other issues for myself and my brothers.(sleep anpnia etc) I was presented an opportunity to try this product and when I heard what it could do I myself was very skeptical. Yet I kept an open mind and decided to try it out. Prior I used to use melatonin, ambien, z quil and other products to go down and yet I would wake up just as tired.

    After 1 session of NuCalm I was down for 55 min and didn’t even know I had gone to sleep. I was somewhat groggy when I woke up as if I had been drugged yet I had taken nothing. 5 min later I felt clear headed, awake , and refreshed. When I was down I was having 2 dreams simultaneously and my body felt heavy yet apart of me felt like it was floating. It was the craziest feeling. I had no clue about the science or how it worked. And I believe most people are the same way as me where they don’t necessarily care how it works as long as you get the desired effects. And NuCalm delivered the desired effects. So much that I use it every single night and when I don’t use it I can tell I’m off.

    So say what you will about the science or the product cant do what they say it can. This product has changed my life and my sleep restoration immensely. And Special Operations is also testing this so we can expedite and truly recover when we go on our missions.

    If you are stressed, If you cant sleep, If you are over worked and need to be at your optimal self without taking a pill and all of the long lasting effects pharmaceuticals bring then keep and open mind and try NuCalm. It will change your life. It changed mine.

  17. Marco Rosa says:


    Your podcast episodes are always interesting, but this one was among the most captivative ones.

    I would love to know more about the research behind this field, and possibly how to incorporate software engineering and development into it.

    I don’t have $5000 to invest into the NuCalm right now, but I will definitely start saving to invest in it at some point.

    During the episode Dr. Poole mentioned that they may be coming out with a different and more affordable version of it. How could I get more information about it?

    Also, is the Ignite app going to be a stand-alone app one can just purchase and use, or will it require the device now sold with NuCalm?

    Thanks again to both of you for taking the time to share all these info.

    1. I would reach out to NuCalm directly, as they'll obviously have a lot more info. Jim invited folks to reach out to him directly for more info and science on NuCalm: [email protected]

      1. Marco Rosa says:

        I will send him an e-mail, thank you so much for the reply, and once again thank you for sharing all the knowlege and technologies you always do

        1. Chris P says:

          Hey Marco,

          Given that you have a 2 week head start on me, I was hoping you could share any information you received in regards to a different, more affordable version. I know in 2018 they were seeking funding for ReNu Calm, a ~700 dollar version. However, I can’t seem to find to much about it recently.


      2. m says:

        Have the EMF effects of NuCalm been quantified?

  18. Josh says:

    I tried this at a place in NYC called recover. Neat place that has a bunch of different biohack things which Ben has talked about (marc pro, pemf, infrared sauna etc). Nucalm was definitely relaxing. Worth a try for sure. Tough to justify buying your own though.

  19. Tim says:

    I am very curious about this thing and although the podcast felt a bit “salesy why wouldn’t it be.. The price tag however is pretty insane for a nap in comparison to what is out there. I would love to know how this device differs from an Alpha Stim unit (as far as the cranial stim part). I have likely taken 5 naps in my adult life until I bought the alpha stim for some pain issues and ended up trying it for a nap and was blown away how well they work for sleep. That said to go from $1000-$5000 for some headphones, an app and some cream there has to be something I am missing.

  20. S says:

    I have tinnitus, can this cause any issues when using the device?

  21. Guy says:

    I was intrigued by the podcast. Any studies done on individuals with sleep apnea?

    1. I recommend reaching out to Jim directly if you would like to see further research on NuCalm: [email protected]

  22. Scottie says:

    Do you still sleep on an Essentia mattress? Or is there a new best natural mattress out there? Thanks!

    1. This is what we use in our bedroom now: Pricey, but amazing.

      1. Scottie says:

        Looks like the Intellibed has inner springs. Was this the bed you had with the EMF testing? How do you think it compares to the Essentia?

        Understand if you can’t answer due to sponsorship. Thanks Ben

        1. Here is a good resource to check out:

      2. David says:

        Ben, did you pay full price for the Intellibed or get a discount or a free bed from them?

  23. yg says:

    Ben can you shed some light on the fact he said their working on a new consumer-oriented device, one that will bring the price down to be more reasonable ranges…

    1. David says:

      The $700 model was supposedly shown at CES 2019 I believe, but after that it has been changed to an indefinite delay on the product.

  24. Mark says:

    Looks like about 70 dollars worth of stuff, and one music app. 5 grand, you say? That app must be truly awesome.

  25. Amanda says:

    It’s very unfortunate that there is no return policy or a place in Oregon to try this out before buying. As a shift worker who is sleep deprived 3 days a week, it sounds like this could be very beneficial to me. But the cost is extremely prohibitive, and how could I shell out that kind of money without knowing for sure that it would make me feel significantly better after and between my shifts??

  26. Jim Poole says:

    Hi all,

    Below please find a link to research recently published in the “Annals of Depression and Anxiety” entitled
    “Measurements of Electroencephalogram (EEG), Galvanic Skin Resistance (GSR) and Heart Rate Variability
    (HRV) during the Application of a System that Gives Simultaneously tVNS and Brain Entrainment on Subjects Affected by Depression and Anxiety.” This research was led by the statistical biophysicist Dr. Elio Conte and measured the impact of NuCalm on the autonomic nervous system of subjects clinically diagnosed with depression. The quantitative analysis focuses on Heart Rate Variability to measure the sympath-vagal balance of subjects before and after using NuCalm.

    I hope this helps to showcase the efficacy of NuCalm. Please reach out to me directly if you would like to see further research on NuCalm: [email protected]

    Thank you!

  27. I have sleep problems and have for years. I shared this podcast with my husband who is a retired physicist. And he finds the article quite amazing. I’d love to buy this product but it’s a bit out of my price range. No mention of a 10-day, 30-day money back guarantee. I just purchased a 1,000 mg. of CBD oil claimed by my fitness coach that a half dropper and she’s out within twenty-minutes. I just lost $65 bucks on a product that does not work. If I decide to get one, I’d like to know there is a money back guarantee and a warranty. Was that left out ??

    1. Patrick Brennan says:

      from the NuCalm website
      At this time, we do not accept returns. Due to NuCalm’s efficacy when used on a regular basis, in the last 8 years, we have had less than 0.5% of buyers even ask if it was possible to return their system.
      Surely if this was the case they would have a 30 day money back guarantee. Sounds like it could be worth a shot but you would have to try 1st

  28. Energy says:

    $5000?!?!! Could you please announce this type of ridiculous detail at the start of the podcast and not waste my time? I could have been taking a real nap.

    1. Bob Carson says:

      $5000? Do you get a 1980s model Yugo with that?

  29. Sam says:

    best in the world blah blah blah…top blah blah blah in the planet. Patent, patent, patent, we’re the only one in the universe that x,y,x and then guess what all your fears go away. This was like a comedy hour, I started laughing out loud every time he said absolutely, or best in the planet, or top in the world.

  30. V says:

    “Using a non linear QUANTUM PHYSICS mathematical model”… What the f*ck did any of that have to do with quantum physics? Does he think we’re total morons? You’re seriously damaging your credibility associating with these kind of people and not grilling them when they’re clearly spouting BS. We get that you’ve whored yourself to pedling products but at least have some taste about it 😑

    1. Will says:

      Apparently with this device you can enter and navigate the “Quantum Realm” and communicate with multiple versions of yourself from different time streams. Nice. So I got that going for me. :)

    2. Frank says:

      Yes. Ben is becoming a shill for companies.
      Fisher Wallace …. bust
      Neufit…., 18k price tag. Mugwort… bust
      X3 bar bust Dry wine ….barf
      Ubiome , and viome .. according to the probiotic episode; waste of money ,Biologic nutrition testing from Toronto,slowest customer service ever. Still waiting on a reply to book consultation appointment from May 29th. Seems that bergamot, l theanine , essential aminos and oura are gtg
      And I swear if I hear that redneck whining voice for birdwell britches going to punch my head deck
      Ben. Stop the shilling for every Tom dick and harry.

      1. Matt says:

        I love the X3. Yes, it’s a bit awkward to use, but the effects are amazing.

    3. Frank says:

      Nice position statement. I feel the same way.
      It’s becoming 🔥 festival on the pod cast.

    4. Don't knock it till you've tried it.

      1. Ben Werlin says:

        I’ll second that motion. Ben, I met you at UPW NJ back in November. I tried out the vaspar after you on Sunday. At that same event I picked up the nucalm. This thing saves my ass every time I’m dragging. 20-30 min and I feel like a new man. Guaranteed power nap. Expensive but worth it.

        1. Big time help for me.

      2. Frank says:

        Can’t try it. Ben. Unlike you getting it for free … I have to pay 5k.

      3. Mike says:

        Gotta agree with ”V” here Ben. It might be a good product that actually works, but you need to call out the guests when they spout out pseudoscience bullshit and give incorrect explanations about how the product works. It lowers your credibility because it makes it look like you’re actually buying into what he’s saying (or perhaps you are and need to go back to high school physics class yourself..?).

        1. Abby Kranitz says:

          Yup, I have to agree with “V” as well. So much of this podcast was fascinating, but the woo-woo pseudoscience remarks made my eyes glaze over. Especially when this infomercial has a hefty price tag. And if Poole is so utterly convinced that this device will work for 95.5% of those who invest, then why aren’t they willing to take it back for the .05% of folks who don’t have success? This one has “SCAM” written all over it, but with a very compelling sales pitch.

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