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“This is the medicine of the future.”

That's what Beth McDougall, MD, has to say about her unique medical practice that includes biohacking stacks and protocols like peptide therapy, bioresonance, pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy and other modalities I have never or quite rarely discussed on the podcast.

An early pioneer in orthomolecular nutritional medicine and European biological medicine, Beth McDougall was among the first group of doctors to be trained in Functional Medicine back in 1998. Her training in BAH and ACMOS, biophysical diagnostic and therapeutic techniques based on quantum principles, and her foundation in internal medicine earned Beth the reputation of a medical detective and allows her to create highly specific, personalized, and effective treatment protocols for her patients.

Beth is the founder and Medical Director of the Integrative Medical Clinic, CLEAR Center of Health, which has served the San Francisco Bay area since 2002. She is also the Chief Medical Officer of Resonant Technologies Group (RTG), a fund with four health companies in its portfolio: Immunacor, Sonaphi, Sourcewave, and Cell Code, with energetic diagnostic and healing technologies based in resonance physics. She sits on the advisory board for Energy Medicine University and the scientific advisory board for the Resonance Science Foundation.

An internationally-recognized speaker, Beth is a pioneer of a new medical paradigm based on the energetic nature of reality, bio-optimization, and cutting-edge energetic therapeutics. She has been featured in many publications and documentaries. Beth's new book, Your Pristine Blueprint, explores her life journey and professional experience that led to her current understanding of the energetic basis of health and disease rooted in our degree of resonance with the unified field.

In April, Beth opened a cutting-edge bio-optimization facility called JYZEN. As the co-founder and Medical Director, Beth drives the development of research and data-driven personalized health programs for her clients at JYZEN.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Beth’s path in medicine…05:45

  • Beth was inspired by a childhood mentor who was a doctor
  • She got into medicine for esoteric reasons
  • Learned about sacred geometry and how everything was derived from a fundamental quantum level 
  • Beth delved into different sciences like biology, cell biology, and histology 
  • Her mentor developed Parkinson’s disease and rapidly deteriorated in mind and body
  • At about the same time, her grandfather developed a neurodegenerative disease which is now called multiple system atrophy
  • Watching these two people in her life inspired Beth to find ways to prevent or reverse these kinds of diseases
  • Studied integrative medicine, nutritional biochemistry, and European biological medicine
  • Got into functional medicine; was in one of the first graduating classes
  • First worked at San Francisco Preventive Medical Group
  • Beth realized that prevention was not enough, so she studied how to help people resolve traumas
  • She got Lyme disease in 2004
  • Then spent her life studying energy medicine, energetic diagnostics, energetic therapeutics
  • Met and studied with Dr. Thomas Sculz
  • Nassim Haramein of Resonance Science
  • Became the Chief Medical Officer of Resonant Technologies Group
  • NovoTHOR beds for photobiomodulation treatments
  • PEMF devices like the Hocatt, an infrared ozone sauna with foot plates that deliver frequencies into the body
  • Every single thing has an energetic signature associated with it
  • That energetic information signature can be measured
  • You can treat somebody with the molecule or the energetic signature; both will interact at the receptor sites in the same way
  • Vibratory interaction between a molecule and a receptor
  • The HOCATT stacks different modalities:
    • Infrared sauna
    • Carbonic acid dilates blood vessels and pores of the skin
    • Ozone
    • PEMF
    • Earthing on steroids and flooding the body with electrons

-Resonance, the blueprint of the body, dissonance, and the other things discussed in the book, and the devices and protocols in the lab…17:10 

  • Your Pristine Blueprint by Beth McDougall
  • One to two times a week is ideal for the HOCATT
  • Dial in the frequencies to support whatever health goals you want to achieve; for detox, dial in frequencies that support the elimination of toxins through the liver, kidneys, and lymphatics
  • There's support for prostate cancer, Epstein-Barr, etc.
  • The machine is 8-10x more powerful than a regular infrared sauna, so people can’t use it every day; 1-2/week is the protocol
  • Eliminating all these toxins that are creating dissonance in the system

-JYZEN Labs is now open…19:50

  • It’s in a waterfront area right on the San Francisco Bay, right between Sausalito and Mill Valley
  • New location, 18,000 square-foot facility
  • CLEAR Center of Health also moved there
  • Practicing doctors:
    • Dr. Beth McDougall
    • Dr. Brooke Bennis, a regenerative medicine specialist for the joints and structure
    • Dr. Alexa Henderson, an internist who specializes in integrative cancer care 
    • Dr. Drew Sinatra, a naturopath who practices general integrative naturopathic medicine
  • The bio-optimization facility has 12 Chair IV departments overlooking the bay
  • Nap pods for a private meditative experience
  • Services offered:
    • NAD IV
    • Methylene blue IV
    • Ozone IV 
    • Ultraviolet blood irradiation
    • Metal detox
    • Nutrient IV
    • Sports recovery IV
    • Injectable peptides
    • Full blood laboratory
    • 2 HOCATTs
    • 3 NovoTHOR beds
  • Ben uses the JOOVV and the Vielight

-What is a NovoTHOR, and what does it do?…22:09

  • It looks like a tanning bed, but it is not
  • No UV light, just red and near-infrared light
  • Red and near-infrared light had been shown to activate the mitochondria
  • Certain enzymes get blocked in various disease states and general aging
  • Important for healing and repair and even speeding up recovery after a big workout
  • Has been shown to enhance muscle gain if done before a workout

-Is there a law of diminishing returns with photobiomodulation?…24:28 

  • If you don't do it long enough, you don't get the benefit, but if you do it too long, you stress the body and get diminishing returns
  • Sweet spot is 12-20 minutes a day
  • Beth shares a personal experience with NovoTHOR and the extraordinary healing of her wound

-How does the methylene blue IV work with infrared light to cause mitochondrial optimization…25:51

  • Methylene blue IV is used, but it is sometimes more easy to do orally (use code BEN to save 5%)
  • Methylene blue upregulates enzymes' function and pairs with the red light to repair damaged mitochondria to improve cellular respiration and optimize physical performance

-Is it safe to put methylene blue in the veins?…27:07

  • It is safe; in every emergency department in the world
  • Methylene blue is a commonly used medication for methemoglobinemia, poisonings
  • Dosage is very specific to body weight

-What about the ARX, the LiveO2 for EWOT, and the Vasper?…28:58

-What about the CellGym?…34:44

  • CellGym
  • You're lying in a zero-gravity chair and breathing through a mask doing a 40-minute session, cycling from normal levels of oxygen to hypoxia, and back; 4 cycles in a 40-minute session
  • In 2018, 3 scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize for discovering why it works
  • HIF-1 alpha (hypoxia-inducible factor 1 subunit alpha) is like a master gene regulator
  • Basic science research on HIF-1 alpha
    • Trigger the transcription of a 100 genes
    • Raise the levels of erythropoietin
    • Raise VEGF that causes you to sprout new capillaries
    • Enhance the sensitivity of insulin-independent proteins called GLUTs
    • Enhance the coupling of oxygen with the first enzyme in the electron transfer chain
    • Enhance autophagy
    • Enhance mitophagy
  • Clinical research on HIF-1 alpha
    • Shown to reverse metabolic syndrome
    • Shown to reverse diabetes
    • Help, and sometimes reverse bronchial asthma and COPD diseases
    • Shown to help with cognitive decline neurodegenerative diseases
    • Help with autoimmune diseases because it is immunomodulatory
  • A cool stack to do:
    • Do NovoTHOR for 12 to 20 minutes
    • Hop unto the Mecotec cryo-chamber for 3 minutes
    • Do Vasper
    • Do CellGym for 40 minutes
    • Do not eat until after 40 minutes

-Can you use the LiveO2 instead of the CellGym?…44:03

  • LiveO2 can definitely be used
  • With the CellGym, O2 levels are carefully monitored
  • Mild hypoxia still triggers HIF-1 alpha

-Are you incorporating soundwave therapy, electromagnetic therapy, and energy medicine in the lab?…44:52

  • Your Pristine Blueprint by Beth McDougall
  • Everything has an energetic signature associated with it
  • A blueprint forms at our moment of conception
  • This becomes the template for the physiology
  • We have phenomenal health when the communication between the blueprint and the physical form is working seamlessly
  • When it is contaminated, that is when we have disease
  • How bioresonance works
    • You get hooked up to electrodes connected to a computer reading the signatures
    • Corrective signatures are then projected back through plasma, ultrasound, and electrodes
  • The protocol needs to be done regularly to clear the energetic signals
  • Ben uses different energy devices like the
  • Bioresonance is the medicine of the future

-What is Resonant Technologies Group?…54:24

  • One of the companies, SourceWave, developed a technology that can both measure the energetic signature of a molecule and then imprint that signature into a substrate
  • SourceWave uses patches for particular symptoms, like
    • Relieving inflammatory pain
    • For nerve pain
    • Enhancing sleep
    • Patches with energetic signatures of naturally occurring products that help with sleep
    • Patch for focus
  • Vibrants patches for sleep and pain. Use code BENGREENFIELD33 for 33% OFF your wellness frequency patches on your first purchase.
  • Another company is immunotherapy company Immunacor
  • Another is Sonaphi, developed a technology that can measure energetic information signatures in the human voice (30-second voiceprint) Amatone app 
  • Manna supplement, a mixture of shilajit and Dead Sea Ormus use code Drbeth20 for 20% off. Can be applied to as many units of MANNA shilijit as you wish.

-What about peptides? Are there new peptides that you are using?…1:10:15

-And much more…

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  1. M.Perini says:

    Ben, this was amazing with Dr. McDougall! You do an amazing job and you bring great information to us. I like that you make things practical and applicable to the average layman and ask the questions I wish I could have asked. I admire you and love your philosophy and align with you 100%! Keep up the good work and may the Lord continue to bless you!

    I was hoping you would give a discount code for some of the supplements she offers.

  2. Derek Foden says:

    My Parkinson disease symptoms started at the age of 47. The fingers on my left hand were stiff and were difficult to move. People noticed that my walk was not normal. I was often asked if I was hurt. I noticed nothing different about my walk. It was difficult getting up from a chair and getting out of a car. I was diagnosed a year later ,it was the onset of tremors starting in my right hand that caused my other symptoms to be recognized as Parkinson’s.. I am now 59. With the new herbal medicine for Parkinson I purchased from  Multivitamincare . org  was my only way to get rid of my PD,the herbal formula effectively reversed my condition and alleviated all my symptoms, people are suffering from this Parkinson disease due to lack of information.

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    1. Ben Greenfield says:

      It looks like they’re still beta testing it. You can ask to beta test it here:

  5. Seth Deitchman says:

    You do a really awesome job with your podcast and all the people that you interview. Seriously, really impressive!

    A lot of the great biohacking supplements, tests, equipment and other things don’t seem to be an appropriate financial solution for the average American. I know one of your goals is to help people become healthier, how does one go about doing that with the average American financial household?

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        1. Brad says:

          Thanks, Ben! Turn out the app is in beta testing. If you reach out into the email/phone number above, you can get added to the beta tester program and give the app a try! They’ve updated their website with a “Coming Soon” banner as well.

          1. Ben Greenfield says:

            thanks for the update, I reached out to them as well

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    In regards to Red Light Therapy just wonderIng why Vielight says twice a day at 25 min per session? Thanks Ben

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    One Follow up question to the comment on Red Light therapy when your guest said the duration each day should not exceed 12-20 minutes. If I do 12-20 minutes on my front side, can I also do 12-20 minutes on the back? Or can I have lights both on my front and back at the same time for the 12-20 minutes. Just wanting to make sure I interpret what Beth McDougall said. Thanks so much for your work and the valuable information!!

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