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[00:00:00] Introduction

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[00:03:24] Guest Intro

[00:05:44] Beth's path in medicine

[00:17:10] Resonance, the blueprint of the body, dissonance, and the other things discussed in the book, and the devices and protocols in the lab

[00:19:50] JYZEN Labs is now open

[00:22:08] What is a NovoTHOR, and what does it do?

[00:24:25] Is there a law of diminishing returns with photobiomodulation?

[00:25:50] How does the methylene blue IV work with infrared light to cause mitochondrial optimization

[00:27:06] Is it safe to put methylene blue in the veins?

[00:28:24] What about the ARX, the LiveO2 for EWOT, and the Vasper?

[00:34:40] What about the CellGym?

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[00:44:03] Can you use the LiveO2 instead of the CellGym

[00:44:52] Are you incorporating soundwave therapy, electromagnetic therapy, and energy medicine in the lab?

[00:54:24] What is Resonant Technologies Group?

[01:10:13] What about peptides? Are there new peptides that you are using?

[01:13:21] Closing the Podcast

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Ben:  My name is Ben Greenfield. And, on this episode of the Ben Greenfield Life podcast.

Beth:  I feel like I'm coming down with something. One of the very first things I'm going to do is do the pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. Because you think about flooding your body with electrons, it charges the cell membranes which creates a force field that literally protects the cell from invasion of microorganisms. And, at the end of 12 minutes, I'd be like, “Yeah, I no longer feel like I'm getting sick.” It's amazing what these therapies do, and I'm so right on the same page with you. This is the medicine of the future.

Ben:  Faith, family, fitness, health, performance, nutrition, longevity, ancestral living, biohacking and a whole lot more. Welcome to the show.

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Alright, folks. So, my guest on today's podcast is named Beth McDougall. And, she's a doctor, an MD. She's the director of the Integrative Medical Clinic in the CLEAR Center of Health, which serves the San Francisco Bay area. More interestingly to me at least, she is launching this new cutting-edge, bio-optimization, biohacking lab that's going to open pretty soon called JYZEN, and she's got all sorts of cool technologies in there that I really wants to pick her brain about and hopefully teach you a few things about if you're really into the pointy edge of wellness and longevity and performance. 

She also has a book. I just got it last week. I haven't read it as thoroughly as I would have wanted to yet, but it's called “Your Pristine Blueprint.” And, the subtitle is the missing key to longevity, reversing disease, and radically transforming your life. And, one of the things that I noted in my initial read-through of the book was best interested in things like energy medicine, resonance technologies, and a lot of the things that sometimes you don't see presented in the context of the logical, rational, scientific, biohacking type of sector. But, she does a pretty good job aligning the two. And so, I'm excited to talk about that as well.

So, a little bit more about Beth. She is describing her bio as being an early pioneer in ortho molecular nutritional medicine in European biological medicine, which is pretty cool because I've done some stories if you guys have heard in the past about European biological medicine and even taking a small group of my podcast listeners over to Switzerland to go to the Swiss mountain retreat and experience a lot of biological medicine over there. So, that's something that's pretty cool. And then, she's also the chief medical officer of Resonant Technologies Group, which is a fund that has companies in it with energetic diagnostic and healing technologies based on resonance physics, which if that just went totally over your head, don't worry, I'm sure Beth is going to be clarifying with us what that means, what the intersection of medicine and contemporary physics actually looks like.

So anyways, I think that's enough of an introduction to at least get you a little bit interested in Beth and what she does. So, Beth, welcome to the show.

Beth:  Thank you so much, Ben. Appreciate being here.

Ben:  Yeah. And, gosh, your medical training with ortho molecular nutritional medicine and European biological medicine, combined with your MD seems pretty darn unique. And, I would imagine there's a little bit of a story leading up to how you got involved with all of that. So, can you tell me about your path in medicine?

Beth:  Well, even before I went to medical school, I had a really interesting childhood mentor who was a doctor, but he was an interesting thinker. He was a philosopher and a mystic and really knew a lot about science. And so, he opened up my mind early on and I went into medicine for esoteric reasons. So, I learned a lot about from him, about sacred geometry, and the design of the fundamental backdrop of space at the quantum level. 

And so, my sense at a very early age was that everything derived from this kind of fundamental quantum level, and all physical reality was really nothing more than a series of intersecting vibratory patterns. And yet, things emerged that had real uniqueness but there were similar geometrical patterns in relationships in all of physical reality. And, that was never more eloquently described as with the human body. And so, I really dove into studying science and just the basic sciences like biology and cell biology and histology with that in mind and was very passionate about discovering the secrets of the universe inherent in the way we were designed.

And then, I had some early influences where this mentor of mine, who was so special, developed Parkinson's disease and rapidly deteriorated both in his mind and in his body. And, right at the exact same time, my grandfather, who I was really close to, developed a different neurodegenerative disease, at that time it was called olivopontocerebellar atrophy. Now, it's called multisystem atrophy, but it's where you lose the ability to walk and your mind is fine, but you no longer can control your body movements at all. And, he couldn't even control his eyes. And, his eyes darted back and forth and he was confined to a hospital bed for years before he died. I just watched him entrapped in his body that he had no longer had command over.

And so, I watched these two special people in my life deteriorate and I just thought this has to be preventable. There has to be a way to prevent this or to reverse these diseases when they occur. Even before I was out of residency, I dove into studying integrative medicine and nutritional biochemistry, and started getting into European biological medicine at that time, got into functional medicine. I was one of the first graduating classes of functional medicine after residency. So, I was very much an integratively oriented person. And, my very first job out of internal medicine residency was to work at the San Francisco Preventive Medical Group. So, I started right out of the gate working in an integrative setting, but I was still working mostly on a physical level and looking for ways to unwind complex illnesses like neurodegenerative diseases. And, that was bioidentical hormone balancing, natural neurotransmitter balancing, a lot of gut work, a lot of detoxification of heavy metals and other types of toxins, nutritional supplementation, and whatnot.

And then, I realized that was helping people quite a bit, but it wasn't fully unwinding things and it wasn't enough. And so, then I got into studying how to help people resolve traumas and childhood traumas and work more on a psychospiritual level so to speak in addition to the physical level. And, that took the healing work up a whole another notch and I still wasn't fully satisfied. And then, I ended up getting Lyme disease myself. That was back in 2004. And, I actually was placed in the hospital, had a multi-thousand dollar work up because I've seen a patient one day and I all of a sudden couldn't move my hand. And then, I realized that I couldn't move my foot properly. And, my tongue wasn't moving properly. I thought I was having a stroke. I went into the hospital and they did this huge work up and basically, I left without answers. But, I knew that I had been camping a couple weeks earlier, so I drew my blood before I left for the hospital. And then, two weeks later, it came back positive for Lyme disease.

So, that began this interesting journey for me that actually took a good eight years of unwinding that. And, in so doing, I really dove into studying energetic energy medicine. That was working, of course, on a physical level with oxidative therapies and herbs and homeopathy and tried a little antibiotics, then that didn't work at all.

Ben:  And technically, by the way, you're probably still doing energy medicine, you just didn't really realize it because obviously a lot of those modalities you were already using are based upon theories of energy medicine.

Beth:  Yeah, totally. Yeah. But then, I really got into it deeply studying energetic diagnostics, energetic therapeutics, and more energetic medicine, just that you can do yourself in meditation. And then, that brought me to studying with a teacher who was a physician originally from Poland, heavily steeped in European biological medicine, Thomas Szulc. He lives in practices in New York and I went back and forth to New York from San Francisco every month for years studying with him. 

And, I met the physicist Nassim Haramein and got really deeply immersed in unified field physics. And then, I became the Chief Medical Officer of Resonant Technologies Group, which is this holding company and fund that funds companies that had technologies based in resonance physics. And then, that began a journey. It literally took me around the world where I got to meet with the brightest minds around the world. It's working engineers and physicists and doctors and inventors and people that just came in with an otherworldly understanding about how the universe works and that were inventing technologies for health and also technologies for the environment and things. They span outside of the health sectors, but I was mostly involved in the health technologies and then I became an early adopter because of what's becoming popular in the biohacking space with these energetic technologies. I early on really realized we're all part of this field of energy and information, we should let the components of the field be our medicine.

And so, I started working with photobiomodulation treatments long time ago and have had the NovoTHOR bed in my office for a long time, and now we have three of them at JYZEN labs, which I'll tell you about. And then, I got into working with pulsed electromagnetic field devices and I had the HOCATT in my clinic, which was an infrared ozone sauna that has a powerful pimp device associated with it. While you're in there, you put your feet on these plates that deliver frequencies into the body. 

So, I became very, very interested in treating the body with energetic signatures. And, you might be like, “Well, what's that?” But, every single thing in life whether it's a magnesium atom or whether it's mercury or strep bacteria or L-tryptophan. No matter what it is, every single thing is what it is because it has a particular energetic information signature associated with it that allows it to precipitate from this field of energy and information that we live within. But, that energetic information signature can actually be measured by particular devices. And so, you can treat somebody with the thing, the physical molecule or you can treat someone with the energetic signature of the molecule and both will interact at the receptor sites in the same way. So, really in the end, what's going on between a molecule and a receptor is a vibratory interaction. And so, I got into using information signatures for treating various things.

And so, for example, in that HOCATT I was telling you about, when you're in there, you have your feet on plates and you can dial in —

Ben:  By the way, I've been in one of those before. It's pretty epic. I mean, I think the first time I used one, I slept for a couple hours afterwards because I think the one I used was in New York City and you had the PEMF going through the feet, but then, of course, the ozone and the sauna and as I'm prone to do, they asked me how high to turn it up, and I just said turn it up all the way, blast me off to space. And so, man, it just sucked me dry. And then, you feel amazing once you recover from the protocol. But, yeah, some of the things that occur when you stack certain modalities like that, like what's that one stacking, grounding, earthing, PEMF, ozone, what else is in there.

Beth:  So yeah, you're in the chamber and it's an infrared sauna, and then first it puts carbonic acid into the chamber for three minutes. And carbonic acid just dilates your peripheral blood vessels and pop the pores of your skin so that then it switches to ozone delivery and you absorb a lot more ozone transdermally than you would otherwise. And then, while you're in there, you've got the PEMF device and that's like you said, earthing on steroids because you're just flooding the body with electrons, and that's really working to charge the cell membranes. And, your cell membranes are like a battery. And, if you look at the collective charge on your 37 trillion cells, that's 3.5 trillion volts of electricity when you have a fully charged system. And so, that's critical. And, we used to absorb a lot more electrons through our feet as we were walking barefoot on the ground and sleeping on the ground and it's just spending a lot more time outside. And now, we have rubber-soled shoes and we're not doing that. And so, we're getting so energetically depleted.

Ben:  And, I think that the HOCATT is a perfect example of how you're recharging the body's energy battery. Your introduction to your intriguing path like all the different things you studied, resonance and the mathematics behind nature and health and the human body and the blueprint of the body and dissonance, and a lot of the things you talk about in the book. Normally, if I were talking to somebody who was just writing about this stuff, I would say, “Oh, what's resonance? What's dissonance? What do you mean when you say energy medicine?” But, because you're so boots on the ground and messing around with all these devices, I think I'd love to reverse engineer this and, kind of like we were just talking about the HOCATT, talk about some of the other devices and protocols that you want to put into this new bio-optimization labs that you're creating. And then, I was thinking perhaps we could explain the mechanism via which they're working, and that way, you use illustrative examples to show people what the future fitness, what the future of medicine or recovery or anti-aging might look like using some of these devices. So, the HOCATT is obviously one. 

And, just to close the loop on the HOCATT, fill me in because I've been in it a few times just randomly at different biohacking facilities or whatever. There's even one over in London that I went to called [Abella Labs 00:18:22] where you actually were riding a stationary bicycle inside a HOCATT-like device, which is interesting because they even added in the exercise component. And, I think that might have been a like a custom-built device. But anyways, this HOCATT, how often and for what reasons are people actually using something like that?

Beth:  I'd say one to two times a week is ideal. Like I was saying before, you can then dial in the frequencies to support whatever health goals you have. And, most people would like to do detox and so you're dialing in frequencies that support elimination of toxins through the liver, kidneys, lymphatics. You can do whatever. If you have prostate cancer, you can support that process, or Epstein-Barr, you can support that. But, most people are really interested in detox and that's why it can kind of kick your butt because it's eight to ten times more powerful than a regular infrared sauna. You really detoxify, and that's why people don't like to do it every day. 

So, it's like one or two times a week, I'll wrap that into a protocol because you're emanating all these toxins that are creating dissonance in the system because like I said, everything has a signature and some signatures are static. They're like noise in the system that's really not in harmony with what your kind of orchestra and how it should be. So, it's really disrupting things. So, yeah. So then JYZEN Labs opened on Monday, so two days ago. Three days ago.

Ben:  Congratulations.

And, by the way, where's it at? Where's it located in case people want to visit?

Beth:  Well, it's waterfronts, right on the San Francisco Bay, but it's on the Marin side, so across the Golden Gate Bridge, right between Sausalito and Mill Valley. Like as I'm talking to you, I'm looking out on the Bay and there's just tons of birds out there. It's just beautiful. So, we moved it over here because I had my clinic for 20 years in Downtown Mill Valley. I jammed so much tech in there because I kind of learned about a new device be like, “Oh, I want to incorporate that and I want that.” And, we just kind of running out of space in our 3,500-square-foot facility. So, we moved over to an 18,000-square-foot facility on the Bay here. We moved my clinic, CLEAR Center over here and it's got the medical practice of myself and Dr. Brooke Bennis who's a regenerative medicine specialist for the joints and structure, and then Dr. Alexa Henderson who is an internist that does integrative cancer care and a lot of general integrative medicine, and Dr. Drew Sinatra who is a naturopath that does general integrative naturopathic medicine. 

And so, we've got all of our medical practices. But then, we started this huge bio-optimization facility. And so, we've got 12 Chair IV department overlooking the Bay that's got these nap pods that are super cool that you can just really close up and have this private meditative experience than we do like NAD IVs, methylene blue IVs, we do ozone, IV ozone, ultraviolet blood irradiation, metal detox, nutrient IV, sports recovery IVs, you name it. I've been doing intravenous medicine for 25 years. 

And then, we have a lot of injectable peptides and full blood laboratory. And then, we have this suite of technology. So, we've got two HOCATTs and three NovoTHOR beds, the red light beds, that's my favorite. I love, love, love the NovoTHOR, and I'm sure you probably talked with people about that before. But, the photobiomodulation is extraordinary. It's where you're using red and near-infrared light for a short period of time.

Ben:  Yeah. And, by the way, I use these Joovv lights, and then I have another head one, one called the Vielight.

But, the NovoTHOR is basically a very powerful bed that one lies on, similar to a tanning bed, right?

Beth:  It looks like a tanning bed. Yeah, but it's not. And, it doesn't have any UV light that it's delivering, it's just delivering red and near-infrared. And, those particular wavelengths of light have very specific effects in the body. So, the red and near-infrared light have been shown to activate the mitochondria by virtue of liberating cytochrome C oxidase, which is the terminal enzyme in the electron transport chain that can get blocked by nitric oxide. And, that gets blocked in various disease states. And, even in general aging, but very commonly blocked in cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia. 

So, the red light, near-infrared light will literally kick nitric oxide off that final enzyme in the electron transport chain which liberates that to fully produce energy again. So, your electron transport chain will run oxygen and glucose through a series of enzymatic steps to produce ATP, which is the energy currency of the body. You need full energy production to have a healthy cell and therefore a healthy body. And, when the energy production goes down, all metabolism goes awry. And, that's when you start developing not only disease but biological aging.

And so, what the red light near-infrared light can actually do is reverse that. And, it's also been shown to reduce inflammatory intermediates. So, kind of reduce pain and inflammation, produce more tissue-specific growth factors. So, it's really important for healing and repair and even speeding up recovery after a big workout. It's actually even been shown to enhance muscle gains if you do it before you work out.

Ben:  Yeah, I was actually looking at a recent study I think I just mentioned on yesterday's podcast about Photobiomodulation before Wingate Power cycling protocol. And, this was as little as 5 minutes in terms of the effects on increased time to exhaustion, increased or not increased time to exhaustion, increase power on the Wingate protocol.

So, there's a lot of stuff that the photobiomodulation does for you, and I actually use it frequently.

One question I like to ask people who use it in their practice is, do you agree that there's a law of diminishing returns like you could use it so excessively that you create excessive reactive oxygen species or free radicals? Because I've heard the sweet spots around 20 minutes a day, but I don't know if that's based on any prevailing literature.

Beth:  It is. Yeah. No, it's completely well-studied and it's like a bell-shaped curve. If you don't do it long enough, you don't get the benefit. And, if you do it too long, you definitely start to stress the body and get diminishing returns. It's like a bell-shaped curve and it's between 12 and 20 minutes per day.

If you do it in that right sweet zone, the effects you can see are extraordinary. They're not short of extraordinary. I gashed my forehead open, like I got this vertical slash in my forehead and it was almost a full skin-thickness tear. And, I was like, “Well, that sucks because I have to give a talk in one week in front of a live audience.” Was one of the first live audience talks post-COVID, and then it was also going to be livestreamed to thousands and I'm like, “Well, that really sucks.” And then, I just was like, “Oh, yeah, I have the NovoTHORs.” I went in the NovoTHOR every day and I would photograph the cut in the morning and then after at the end of the day after going in the NovoTHOR and literally, you could watch it healing in real-time. It was extraordinary. By the time I gave the talk, you couldn't even see it.

Ben:  Now, it's my impression that the methylene blue that you mentioned actually pairs pretty well with infrared light because the photons of light that activate the methylene blue and cause the mitochondrial optimization that occurs after that. And, you mentioned you actually doing methylene blue IVs. How do those work? And, are you combining those with the red light?

Beth:  Yes. Absolutely, yeah. Doing it IV, but also orally. I mean, it's sometimes easier to do it orally. In the electron transport chain, in the mitochondria, you've got, like I said, a series of enzymatic steps, and the methylene blue is working on some of the earlier enzymes and upregulating their function as well as the final enzyme cytochrome C oxidase, and then the red light is working on the cytochrome C oxidase. So, they pair, they synergize beautifully. So, it's really good for stimulating mitophagy, which is the editing and repair of damaged mitochondria and birthing of new mitochondria, just improving cellular respiration, which is really one of the things that you're all about it, I gather, is really optimizing physical performance. And, I think we got to start at a cellular level in order to do that.

Ben:  Yeah. And, for the methylene blue IV, are you actually putting methylene blue into the veins?

Beth:  Yeah.

Ben:  Interesting. And, is that safe?

Beth:  Yes, yes. It's in every single emergency department across the world because it's a really commonly used medication for methemoglobinemia. So, for poisonings that deform the hemoglobin molecule and make it unable to carry oxygen properly, certain toxins and poisons will cause that. And, if you were brought to an emergency room with that, they would just immediately hook up the methylene blue IV. 

And so, at much lower doses, we don't use the same dosing there. Again, it's one of those bell-shaped curve things. It can be toxic if you use too much, so it's very specific to body weight. But, when you use the appropriate dose, you can just optimize mitochondrial function. And, it's really important for people to have, let's say, early cognitive decline or mild Alzheimer's or some other neurodegenerative disease. And then, of course, it's important for optimizing the mitochondria everywhere, like in the muscles and elsewhere.

Ben:  Yeah. Okay. So, we got methylene blue, we've got the NovoTHOR device. Another one I wanted to ask you about, and I'm sure there's some others in addition to those two and the HOCATT, the folks who introduced me to you were the people who make one device that I actually use quite a bit. Actually, I have two devices that if I were to need to just throw out all my exercise equipment and only keep a couple that I would consider to be the most efficient biohacking modalities, if you were to send me to a desert island, I'd just take a kettlebell. But, let's just say we're focusing on the sexy cool stuff right now, it would be this machine called an ARX, which is a single set-to-failure super-duper slow strength training routine that just kicks your butt in 15 minutes. I've only had one for six weeks but I am just piling on muscle and my strength levels are massive. And, I'm working out 45 minutes a week with weights. I do other stuff; walk, I play tennis. 

And then, I also use this machine that's right next to my ARX three times a week for 21 minutes. And, I have hooked up next to it one of these oxygen devices. It's called the LiveO2. So, it allows you to do what's called exercise with oxygen training, switching back and forth from hypoxia to hyperoxia. This one is called a Vasper. And, that just makes me feel like I've gone on three-hour run. Again, a very, very short period of time.

Beth:  It's incredible. It's mind-blowing, isn't it?

Ben:  Yeah. Can you describe it to folks?

Beth:  Okay. So, we have six Vasper devices and some have LiveO2 hooked up. And, Vasper is where you're in this recumbent device that's like an elliptical; you're pushing with your hands and feet separately. And then, while you're doing that, you're hooked up to these inflation cuffs, compression cuffs around your upper thighs and your upper arms.

Ben:  Very similar to what people might be familiar with is BFR training, blood flow restriction training.

Beth:  Right. And then, cold liquid is going into the compression cup, so it's like cryogenic liquid. What's really nice about their compression is it's a large surface area and it's more compressing like the peripheral circulation. It's not tight enough and targeted enough to compress the deeper veins. But, when you compress the surface circulation, you start to build up lactic acid in the muscle cells faster. Then, the lactic acid buildup triggers the benefits of an anabolic workout. 

So, in 21 minutes, you're doing this interval training and you're getting the benefits of a two-hour workout in 21 minutes and it's aerobic and anaerobic. And, that buildup of lactic acid is triggering anabolic hormone production. So, they've actually got really good data on boosting testosterone levels in various different populations just from doing Vasper, boosting growth hormone. And so, I'm not surprised you're putting on tons of muscle with the ARX and then the Vasper combination because the Vasper is probably optimizing your hormone balance that really is helping you with the muscle gains with the ARX. Our ARX isn't here yet but that we're going to have full ARX setup here as well.

Ben:  Okay, cool. Yeah. In terms of one-two combo for the cardiovascular plus the strength, I think the Vasper plus the ARX is it's gold standard. And, one of the things with the Vasper, I didn't really realize this until after I started using it is because your barefoot on the device and your feet are up against these. I think they're copper plates on the foot pads. They could be mistaken about the alloy used in those. You're grounded or earthed when you're using it as well, and so you feel this big anti-inflammatory grounding effect. And so, it's a fantastic device. 

And, this LiveO2 that you mentioned, the way that I like to use it is a warm-up in the hypoxia, meaning there's a little switch on the LiveO2 that allows you to decrease the amount of available oxygen delivered through a mask that you're wearing on your face. And then, when I get to the intense intervals on the Vasper, like an example to work out on the Vasper would be five-minute warm-up, eight 30-second sprints with a minute recovery in between each, what I'll do is for all the recovery periods in the warm-up, I'll be in hypoxia. And then, for the high-intensity exercise intervals, I'll flip to full oxygen-like hyperoxia, flood the muscles with oxygen and then flip back to having to recover in hypoxia.

And, the cool thing is and went back when I interviewed LiveO2, they explained this to me, there's this big surge of oxygen to neural tissue as well, kind of like the BDNF and the vascular endothelial growth factor that gets into the brain post-exercise. What this does is it causes oxygen to increase that uptake and also to just saturate the muscles particularly the brain with oxygen. So, you feel this level of alertness in addition to libido from the testosterone and, of course, the fact that you've worked the muscles really hard but because you have the blood flow restriction on, there's not a lot of inflammation or damage that occurs. And, man, Vasper with the LiveO2, it's a game changer as far as amping up fitness levels super quickly.

Beth:  It's truly the most incredible stacking of technologies in one device. And, the health benefits that I see are incredible as well. So, it's great for peak performance and just anti-aging, but it's also really good for people with brain injury. 

We have a full neuroscience department here and the Vasper is, with LiveO2, critical component for brain healing and people with post-traumatic brain injury, post-concussion syndrome. We have the ethos of a laboratory here, and so we actually have become a headquarters for Vasper. And, we're really going to be doing a lot of studies to data drive this whole bio-optimization facility here.

Ben:  I was going to ask you, by the way. And, feel free to finish that what you were going to say. I realize I just interrupted you, but I do want to make sure I give you a chance to hit on this cell air thing that you're using because that one's a new one. I noticed it on your website.

Beth:  I'm most passionate about that right now. It's CellGym. All I was going to say on the end of Vasper is when you're putting it with LiveO2, what I'm learning is one of the most powerful — Well, when you look at biohacking and this whole area, a lot of them are really geared toward improving cellular energy production. So, you're working with technologies that upregulate mitochondrial function and enhance mitophagy and editing of damaged mitochondria and birthing of new so that you can have better ATP production. And, the red light does that, but also working with flexing oxygen and adapting body to different oxygen environments is an incredible biohacking tool. And, you can do that with LiveO2 with exercise, but you can also do it with this technology called CellGym.

And, CellGym is where you're lying in a zero-gravity chair and you're breathing through a mask and you do a 40-minute session. And, during that session, the coach cycles you through normal levels of oxygen and then hypoxia, and then normal levels of oxygen and hypoxia, and you do four cycles in a 40-minute session. And, it's really comfortable. You don't feel any stress in your body when you're doing it. You just lie there and you go into a deep meditative state. I think the hypoxia facilitates an altered state slightly. So, it's a very cool experience, but the data on this is literally mind-blowing. I am so blown away on how much clinical data there is, how much basic science data there is. In fact, in 2018, three scientists won the Nobel Prize for discovering why it works.

So, they discovered HIF-1 alpha, H-I-F-1-alpha, and it stands for hypoxia-inducing factor-alpha. And, that rises up in CellGym, and I think it also probably does in the LiveO2 with exercise. But, the HIF-1 alpha is a master gene regulator. And so, it will trigger the transcription of a hundred different genes and will raise the levels of erythropoietin, which will go to the bone marrow and cause you to make more red blood cells. It will raise VEGF, which will cause you to sprout new capillaries so you can have better blood delivery to the tissues. It will enhance the sensitivity of insulin-independent proteins called glutes that transfer glucose from your bloodstream into your cells so the glucose can be converted into energy, and it will enhance the coupling of oxygen with the first enzyme in the electron transport chain. So, it's been shown to enhance energy production. Also, it's been shown to enhance autophagy, mitophagy. 

So, that's the basic science research, but the clinical research is literally extraordinary. It's been shown to reverse metabolic syndrome, to reverse diabetes. It was been shown to help and sometimes reverse bronchial asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. It's been shown to be helpful for cognitive decline, for neurodegenerative diseases. Autoimmune diseases even because it's been shown to be immunomodulatory. It's a really powerful tool to have in a medical facility. And, athletes have known about it for decades.

I guess that there was a point in the mid-1900s where they had an Olympic Games in Mexico City, and athletes around the world that didn't train and live at altitude realized they had to go to altitude and train in order to compete in those Olympic Games. And so, it's been a secret with Olympic athletes and professional athletes for forever to train at altitude because then when you come down to sea level, you're like, “Man.” And then, also Special Forces, Special Forces. And then, in the early-mid-1900s, they did it with fighter pilots where they would take them up to altitude to acclimate so that they could perform better when flying. And, I know we're going to dial these in even better because we're data driving this whole process here, but what a cool stack is to have someone come in and do NovoTHOR for 12 to 20 minutes, then hop in our Mecotec cryo-chamber for up to three minutes and then go over to the Vasper room and do a Vasper, and then go to the CellGym and do a 40-minute CellGym session. And then, don't eat until 120 minutes later. So, you try to do all of that stuff while you're intermittent fasting and then eat. And, it's an incredible stack.

Ben:  A lot of people don't know that pomegranate, especially if you get the seeds and some of the rind and the oil, the little parts of the pomegranate, fantastic for longevity. It helps your gut bacteria to produce something called urolithin A. It's like food for your gut bacteria. Urolithin A has been shown to not only be very important for maintaining muscle health but just for overall longevity. The results from it are astounding. It's one of the new darlings of the antiaging industry.

So, this product called Mitopure from Timeline Nutrition has figured out a way to get your daily dose. It's 500 milligrams of urolithin A. But, they've got three different ways to do it. They made this delicious vanilla protein powder that has the muscle-building protein combined with the cell energy of Mitopure. They got a berry powder you can mix in smoothies or just about any drink, and they have soft shells, which are super convenient for travel. Their starter pack is really nice. That's one they sent me, lets you try all three forms of Mitopure. And, it's a precise dose of urolithin. It literally works on your mitochondria, your cellular energy, your strength, your endurance, and then again, the longevity that took ten years of research to bring this product to market, and it's pretty impressive.

So, you get 10% off at TimelineNutrition.com/Ben. That's TimelineNutrition.com/Ben. Use code BEN to get 10% off your order, TimelineNutrition.com/Ben. And, I would recommend you try their other starter pack.

Let's talk about clothing. I'm actually wearing the exact clothing I'm about to give you a fat discount on right now. They are my Vuori Banks Shorts. So, I can wear these things. I've been wearing them all weekend actually. I wear them to church. I can wear them in a workout, actually worked out, and went to church and had the same pair of shorts on the whole time. It's that good; running, training, swimming, yoga, lounging, weekend errands, apparently, religious activities now. Their products are incredibly versatile. They 100% offset their carbon footprint, meaning any plastic footprint from the manufacturing of clothes, they take care of that. It's an investment in your happiness because honestly, it's hard not to feel good and look good when you're wearing these things are so freaking comfortable. You want to wear them all the time, like 90% of my wardrobe is Vuori, V-U-O-R-I. It's perfect if you're sick and tired of traditional old workout gear. Who wants that crap?

Alright, so vuori.com/BEN. And, here's what you get, 20% off your first purchase. That's pretty huge. Free shipping on any U.S. order over 75 bucks and free returns. V-U-O-R-I.com/Ben.

You've probably heard about these so-called gas station dick pills. I know I said it, you didn’t, that's okay, I said it. They give you this four-hour erection with nasty side effects and heart problems and sweaty palms and a possible trip to hospital. Lord knows what other colors and ages they have in those things. And then, Viagra is just, dude, that's like the nuclear bomb. It's like pulling out all the stops. What if you just want to go natural?

Well, there is this stuff called Joy Mode. Joy Mode, it's a great name. It's all-natural. It's all-natural. So, everything in it helps to promote nitric oxide production, penile tissue relaxation, increased drive and it works for ladies, too. My wife has been taking it before sex. She loves it. It has arginine and yohimbine and L-citrulline and vitamin C in it. It was created by this scientific team to actually support erection quality and firmness, blood flow, sex drive. It’s all-natural and it works, it gives you good energy too, honestly. There's that. So, there’s no need for espresso before date night or whatever. You just mix it with 6 to 8 ounces of water. Or, if you’re like me, just dump it straight into your mouth. It's like an electrolyte packet kind of.

So, you get 20% off to this amazing new supplement. You go to usejoymode.com/GREENFIELD or enter code GREENFIELD at check out for 20% off your order. That's usejoymode.com/GREENFIELD and use code GREENFIELD for 20% off of this stuff.

This CellGym, it appears that you're just laying in this gravity chair and you're shifting between normoxia and hypoxia, couldn't you use the LiveO2? I'm thinking about if I could go out to my gym, I don't have a CellGym, but could I just put the LiveO2 unit on and just using my switch on that, flip it from hyperoxia to hypoxia and cycle through some of that while I'm reading a book or something like that.

Beth:  You definitely could. But, here with the CellGym, we're following O2 sats and just really precisely looking at someone and we're monitoring them as they're going through it. Obviously, we're not going to let their O2 sat go too low, but we're going to watch and keep them within this sweet zone. And, it doesn't take much hypoxia, mild hypoxia still triggers HIF-1 alpha. So, it's pretty cool.

Ben:  Wow.

Well, I mean, just between the Vasper and the CellGym and the HOCATTs and the NovoTHOR, those four alone are pretty powerful modalities to having a facility, and then of course, like you mentioned, you have the peptides and the IVs and the injections. But, one thing I wanted to ask you about, back to this bioresonance, is based on what you've learned in medicine about soundwave therapy and electromagnetic therapy and energy medicine, are you incorporating that into the labs in any specific way?

Beth:  And, I started actually understanding this back in the late 1990s that everything has an energetic signature and you can produce the same effect from the signature as you can from the thing itself, from the molecule. And so, that's really informed my thinking over my whole career really. And then, when I dove into physics and I wrote this book, “Your Pristine Blueprint,” it was the sense of we're all part of this one thing, this unified field of energy and information, and everything emerges as a unique manifestation out of this field. And, not only that, but matter is forming and annihilating every trillionth of a second, like it's flickering in and out of existence and reforming. And, when you think about a 37 trillion-cell organism each with billions of chemical reactions happening every second in a coordinated manner, and then it's flickering in and out of existence, how on earth is that happening? 

So, I really started theorizing and it's not all my own thinking because it's dovetailing a little bit on morphogenic field theory and all of that, but that there is a blueprint that forms at the moment of our conception that becomes the template and the orchestrating influence of this complex physiology of ours. We're emerging from the field based on this blueprint. And then, our physiology is being orchestrated by this. And, when the communication between the blueprint and the physical form is happening seamlessly, we have phenomenal health. And, when it gets contaminated with misinformation, and there's a lot of static on the radio in the system that's disrupting the perfect translation of this blueprint, that's when you start developing entropy, aging, breakdown disease.

And so, one of the huge components of what we're doing here is we are doing this bioresonance biofeedback work. And so, we're able to hook people up to electrodes and measure aberrant frequencies in the body, so like energetic signatures that are associated with toxins.

Ben:  And, by the way, how are you measuring those? I asked that because I've used devices like the AO scan, which is an electrical signature measuring device that also produces a frequency emanated by a computer or a phone that measures via a headset that's worn right behind the ears. I've done other devices where you're holding on to a couple of handles and it's putting a frequency through the body, through both handles, and delivering the results to a computer screen based on that. So, there's bioresonance signature ring that you're doing at JYZEN Labs. What exactly is the measurement like?

Beth:  Yeah. So, you're getting hooked up to electrodes and then those are connected to a computer that's reading the signatures. And then, we are projecting back corrective signatures. And, you can project corrective signatures back through various means. You can project through plasma devices. You can project through scalar technology. You can project through ultrasound. You can project through electrodes. And, we do all of that, but we have really cutting-edge scalar technology that we're doing it primarily through. And, that is a biofeedback. So, you'll measure the aberrant signatures, send back corrective signatures, measure again and you keep doing this deeper and deeper dive of biofeedback to bring balance to the situation. 

And, if you do that in combination with all the other things we just talked about and a deep dive medical work where someone comes in with a health issue and I'm doing regular testing and diagnosing infections and treating them on a physical level, will you still often need to clear the energetic signatures out of the system in order to restore perfect resonance with the blueprint? Because this is really all at the end of the day boiling down to information. And, is the information correct or not that is dictating the physical form and the orchestration of the physiology? Is it the proper information or is it contaminated with misinformation? And, does your computer have a virus? 

So, it's like trying to remove the misinformation to restore the perfect orchestration in the system. So, I think when you do that and then you optimize mitochondrial function, you adapt perfectly the organism to oxygen environment so they can most perfectly utilize oxygen and you replenish the nutrients that are missing and you balance hormones, you're going to have a highly functional organism.

Ben:  Yeah. Well, the way that people feel when they do this, like if you were to do a scan and you were to find out that someone has certain levels of dissonance and then you're exposing them to these corrective signatures transmitted back into their body, is that one and done? Like you just do it, find out what's wrong, get the treatment and you're good to go? Or, how often do you need to do something like this?

Beth:  Yeah. It kind of depends on what they come in with. But again, I'm a medical doctor, for example, I had a young guy that had mono, and sometimes cases of mono are so bad it really goes into the liver and it causes jaundice, and the skin turns yellow, the eyes turn yellow and the lymph nodes are so huge. And, it was like, do we put him in the hospital? Do we not? Until we put him in that and he was better by the end of the day. I have to be careful what I say, but you can support the resolution of these viruses in that setting and really quickly help bring someone back into balance. 

And then, I'm not going to tell you that I treat cancer with a device like this, but it's a supportive part of the whole picture. So, if someone has cancer, they may do this repeatedly, repeatedly, repeatedly to get to the root cause of why they developed the cancer in the first place as well as support the resolution of the cancer, as well as remove obstacles to the immune system. And so, just I've had a lot of cancer patients find it to be very, very helpful.

Ben:  Yeah. Yeah. Well, I mean, as a guy who's also in the supplements industry and will certainly allow for certain pharmaceuticals in my medicine cabinet, I really tend to like Nikola Tesla's saying that, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, then think in terms of energy and frequency and vibration.” And, increasingly when people in my family get sick, or my friends get hurt or injured, or I'm feeling down, I'm getting to the point where 90% of what I do is energy medicine. What I mean by that is I'm using the Biocharger, I'm using a photon packets of light via infrared light therapy, the Vielight, other forms of red and natural light therapy. I'm using Ozone quite a bit. I'm using PEMF extensively along with sound healing tables and sound technologies, light sound stimulating machines like the BrainTap, or magnetic wearables like the Hapbee or haptic signaling wearables like the Apollo. When you step back and look at it, it's pretty shocking how effective energy medicine can be. And, I don't want to play conspiracy theorists here, but I suspect that the pharmaceutical lobby and pharmaceutical interests have overshadowed what I would consider to be a more powerful and possibly safer form of medicine. And, that would be energy medicine based on some of these resonance principles that you've been talking about. So, I'm right on board with you. I mean, it's a staple in my own routine.

Beth:  Same here. If I feel I'm coming down with something, one of the very first things I'm going to do is do the pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. Yeah, because you think about flooding your body with electrons, it charges the cell membranes, which creates a force field that literally protects the cell from invasion of microorganisms. And, I literally will feel like I'm getting sick, I hop in just the [00:54:01] _____ part of the HOCATT if I don't have time to take my clothes off and do a whole session. And, at the end of 12 minutes, I'd be like, “Yeah, I no longer feel like I'm getting sick.” So, it's amazing what these therapies do. And, I'm so right on the same page with you. This is the medicine of the future. And, we're derived from this field of energy and information. Let's let the field be our medicine.

Ben:  I totally agree.

Now, tell me about this Resonant Technologies Group, because it looks like you've got some interesting companies in your portfolio, possibly someone we haven't actually talked about on this podcast. But, what are you doing with Resonant Technologies Group?

Beth:  Oh, my gosh. Well, it's a really cool thing. So, one of the companies is called SourceWave. It developed a technology that can both measure the energetic signature of a molecule and then imprint that energetic signature into a substrate. And, this company uses patches. So, it will imprint the signatures of sometimes like 30, 40, 50 different molecules for a particular situation. So, they have a patch for relieving inflammatory pain and they have a patch for relieving kind of nerve pain. They have a patch for enhancing sleep. And, these would be energetic signatures of naturally occurring natural products that are helpful for sleep. But, when you're taking certain natural things for sleep, sometimes you wake up and you feel a little hungover or something. This is the type of thing where you just pull the patch off and it's gone within a minute. So, you put it on, it works immediately. And then, when you take it off, it's done. And, there's a patch for focus, I'm wearing one right now. I love it. It's so great.

Ben:  Are they like little round sticky patches? Because I think I've worn one of those before. You put them like at the base of the spine?

Beth:  You can put them anywhere. The pain patch, you want to put it on the area that you're actually experiencing the pain. And then, the sleep patch, I usually just put on my solar plexus or something. And, yeah, so there's a whole line of different patches and then other companies will white-label these. So, one of our white products that are in the market is through a company called Vibrants. And, Vibrants has one for pain, one for sleep, and one for peace or anti-anxiety. And, they're going to be putting out the focus patch any day now. And, I'm telling you that is a game changer. I just love that patch so much.

Ben:  Do they actually work though? I mean, do they have research behind these? Because sometimes some of these things are like, “Oh, this is what some freak at a health fair is going to walk up and slap on me and then do a balance test or some kind of muscle test on me versus actual research.” Have they actually looked into it at all?

Beth:  Pain patches have been studied with infrared thermal imaging and show diminished inflammation and heat signatures in the body. There's a lot of studies in the pipeline that are planning to be done, but they just have already taken off through word of mouth because they're really big with professional golfers, for example, professional basketball players. They absolutely work so well. There is a one year couple years ago where I'm really bad with sports figure names, but when someone was at the golf tournament and jumped up and then when he landed, he twisted his ankle but he hadn't finished the tournament yet and he went into the tent and they just slapped it up with these pain patches and he was able to finish the tournament and do really well. 

So yeah, so then it just viral took off and all the golfers. And, that's kind of how it goes. So, they sell incredibly well and they have this remarkable like never been seen before in the supplement industry reorder rate. When someone buys the patch, they tend to buy it again and again and again because it works. I've worn like one of my Achilles heels because I do a lot and my mind is always so active is my sleep. My sleep is one when I'm imbalance is the first thing that go off. So, I wear a sleep patch almost every night and it's almost completely corrected my sleep.

Ben:  To check these things out, so can you go to like SourceWave and find them?

Beth:  No, you go to Vibrants on Amazon, for example. Vibrants. Yeah. And, I track my sleep with an Oura Ring and it's really enhances deep sleep, which by the way, all of these technologies do, which is so cool like NovoTHOR enhances Vasper like whoa, totally enhances, CellGym enhances deep sleep. Just anecdotally in my personal experience.

Ben:  Vibrants is spelled V-I-B-R-A-N-T-S?

Beth:  V-Y-B-R-A-N-T-S.

Ben:  V-Y-B-R-A-N-T-S. Okay, I'll find it on Amazon. And, by the way, if people want the shownotes for everything we're talking about, just go to BenGreenfieldLife.com/FutureOfFitness. It's BenGreenfieldLife.com/FutureOfFitness. You could check out some of the things we're talking about.

What else do you have in the portfolio for Resonant Technologies Group?

Beth:  Well, Resonant also funded an immunotherapy company, and this is probably the one I'm the most involved in and I'm super excited about. And, this is where we acquired this product. We did not invent it, but this was invented by Dr. Anton Mayr, who was the inventor of the modern-day smallpox vaccine that eradicated smallpox off the face of the Earth. And, in the day when people were getting smallpox vaccines, it was noticed that oftentimes they would get better from other things that ailed them. Like if they had a chronic infection, that would go away. If they had an autoimmune disease, sometimes that would get better. And so, he devoted the latter part of his career to discovering why that was and found that all of the inactivated pox family viruses. So, when killed like using an inactivated state had this full-scale immunomodulatory effect in animals and humans. And so, it would bring balance to this huge orchestra of different intermediates like pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory and immune stimulatory and immune dampening intermediates, like you have this whole orchestra going and a lot of immune deficits and autoimmunity result from having imbalances in all these little intermediates anyway.

So, we've acquired this product. He was never able to bring it out in humans before he died and he did in animals. And, this is known in the veterinary community and there's a product that's being used today, but we acquired the rights to it and have continued the research clinically on this product and in the laboratory. And now, we're at the point where we're about to partner with a biotech partner and let them to take it through phase 1, 2, 3 clinical trials. So, it's really, really exciting.

Ben:  Interesting. And so, it's called Immunacor?

Beth:  Yeah. And, the concept of why it fits under the Resonant science portfolio is that it's in resonance with just the way that nature functions. It's like instead of it coming in and suppressing one inflammatory intermediate or blocking a receptor, or killing something, it's more like working with the innate intelligence of the body and the overall orchestration of the entire immune system.

Ben:  Which something like a vaccine wouldn't do because you're really targeting just the innate or the adaptive immune system response. What you're saying is that this might be something that more naturally stimulates the immune system.

Beth:  Yeah. This is working with the innate immune system and you don't make antibodies to it, so it's not affecting adaptive immunity at all. And so, when the COVID era hit, we're like, “Wow.” This is really the ticket because the innate immune system is what is going to help you in the early stages, would keep the virus at bay, and even resolve that completely before adaptive immunity even kicks in. And then, it's the innate immune system that would help no matter what variant you're exposed to or how much antigenic drift there is with the virus. So, my whole spiel from the beginning was like, “We need to be focusing on upregulating innate immunity.”

One of the other companies in the portfolio is Sonaphi. And, Sonaphi is, again, on this notion of energetic signatures. Sonaphi developed a technology, can measure energetic information signatures in the human voice. And so, literally, from a 32nd voice print that you just record on your cell phone, it can tell you extraordinary things about your health. And, there is a lot of research that's been done with the Sonaphi technology. But, because everything has an energetic signature and then because every cell in your body is hooked up to the autonomic nervous system and the vocal cords are very much hooked into the vagus nerve and the autonomic nervous system. Literally when you're speaking, there's balloon-like packets of data coming out in your voice that you can measure. And, we can detect disease states. And then, one of the first applications of this that's out right now is Amatone.

Amatone is an app that's we're not “diagnosing” anything but you can get data about your hydration status, your stress level, your sleep quality, and then really cool for athletes, your muscles. It's very specific about your —

Ben:  And, this is all based on your voice signature?

Beth:  30-second voice print. You can say, “Oh, my TFL on the left is very tight.” Or, you can talk in the phone, then you can hit the ground and do 30 push-ups. Talk in the phone again and it will show the stress that your pectoralis muscles just experienced from that.

Ben:  Oh, my gosh. And, it's called the Sonaphi?

Beth:  Sonaphi is the parent company. Amatone is an app that's now available that you can start using. And for example, this JYZEN Labs here were above and we partnered with Club EVEXIA. So, Club EVEXIA is this just gorgeous fitness facility right on the Bay. And, they have top-of-the-line equipment and gorgeous yoga rooms and then more active cycling rooms and HIIT classes and kettlebell classes on these decks that wrap around the building. And anyway, we brought the Club EVEXIA founders into our table here at JYZEN so that we're all doing this together. 

And so, a lot of the Club EVEXIA members are coming upstairs and using the bio-optimization facility as well as my patients and other doctors' patients and people off the street because on the Bay, you get a lot of the cycling community and the triathletes and all the Ironman's and all the athletes over here. So, they're all coming by the place. And, this Amatone app is made available to all of the gym members downstairs, and then all of the people up here and people are loving it because they can be like, “Oh god, I better not work this muscle group out today because it's really still showing signs of stress.”

Ben:  Yeah. And, how are you spelling that if I wanted to grab it in the App Store?

Beth:  A-M-A-T-O-N-E. And then, I'll make sure that you get it if you have any trouble.

Ben:  Okay, cool. I'll check it out. I'll link to this one too.

Beth:  And then, one of the other companies that is really near and dear to my heart is Manna. So, Manna is a product. And, nutritional supplements are the tools of my trade, basically. But, this is the one supplement that I take every single day and have for years, and will never not do this.

Ben:  Did you send me some of this because I have this supplement, it must have arrived when I was gone last week in my pantry right now called Manna, M-A-N-N-A? And, I put some in my water yesterday, it's like these black gooey, I think it's like Shilajit or something. But, is this the same thing? Is this what you're talking about?

Beth:  Yes. Yes.

Ben:  Okay. So, tell me about this because I got 25 packets now up in my pantry. I need to know if it's something I should be using.

Beth:  You should be using it. It's my favorite supplement on Earth. So, basically, Shilajit has this long history of use. It's the top in the whole pharmacopeia of ayurvedic medicine and it's known in Chinese medicine also and it's been touted. I mean, the name is actually destroyer of weakness. It's been touted as this anti-aging supplement that keeps you strong, fit, vital, virile your whole life. And, all the sherpas in the mountains of the Himalayas take it every day and it's what allows them to be so strong and to carry heavy packs that huge altitude and all of that and weather the low oxygen environment and everything. 

And so, it's always had this historical reputation and now in the present day, there's tons of research that's validating these historical observations. And so, it's been shown to do so many cool things. Like it's been shown to be a really powerful nootropic, it's been shown to upregulate mitochondrial function, and then the nootropic work has got research in animals and in humans. And then, it's been shown to upregulate collagen production.

So, there's been a lot of research in dermatological fields and kind of beauty and aesthetic researchers because people have actually subjected themselves to skin biopsies. And, it's been shown to enhance gene expression coding for collagen production. So, it's like upregulates collagen production in the skin, in the muscles, in the bones, in the tendons, and the ligaments. There's a ton of research on osteoporosis been shown to be extremely helpful there. And then, there's really good research on muscle strength and time to exhaustion like when you're against a load. And then, really good research on anabolic hormone levels. It's been shown to enhance growth hormone and shown to enhance sperm counts in men.

Ben:  Wow. And, it's just called Manna, M-A-N-N-A.

Beth:  Right. So, our Manna contains Shilajit and then it also contains water from the Dead Sea that's been vortexed in a certain way to produce monoatomic element precipitants. So, that's Ormus. So, it's a mixture of Shilajit and Ormus. And, what it feels like when you drink it is it just turns the electrical system on in the body, like your brain just all send snaps to your body, energy transfers through the body better and you feel more energized. It's really good for cognitive decline. I've seen it just work miracles with family members and people that have have that.

Ben:  And, do you do add it to water? Can you just put the packet straight into your mouth?

Beth:  Yeah, you can. I mean, it's an acquired taste, but I add it to water.

Ben:  Okay.

Beth:  Yeah, I add it to water. And, some people like to put it in their coffee or they put it in juice or whatever. But yeah, it's my favorite product I've ever taken.

Ben:  Last question for you because I'd be remiss not to mention it because I know it's a hot topic and you mentioned you guys are doing peptides. Let me put this way, a lot of people know now about things like BPC-157 or TB500 or thymosin alpha. Are there any particular new or irrelevant peptides you're using that you think more people should know about or that you're excited about?

Beth:  I mean, I just love using the Koniver protocols. That's the best way I can get them into California right now. And, he's got great stacks.

Ben:  Yeah, he does. He pre-packages them sometimes, too. And, just get the syringe, you don't have to draw it up or anything, you just boom, you're good to go.

Beth:  And, it's been really, really helpful. And then, like I said, we're doing a lot of joint regeneration work and Dr. Brooke Bennis, she's worked with PRP, of course, and we do some special treatment in the PRP as well. And then, we work with Shockwave and then she'll inject the PRP into the joint and then we'll follow that with peptides. So, it's like stacking of various things just for the joints.

Ben:  Okay. So again, you do PRP, you do peptides. And, what was the actual technology component that you're using?

Beth:  Shockwave.

Ben:  Shockwave. Okay, cool, cool.

Beth:  Have you used Shockwave?

Ben:  Yeah, yeah. I did some work with the GainsWave, the one that does the shockwave for men and women to the genitalia. And, my wife and I both did a series of treatments done in Fort Lauderdale for that, and then somebody sent me a home shockwave therapy device that's supposed to work similarly. I think that one's called Rocket or Phoenix or something like that. And, the one I think you might be referring to, is it called like TRT or something like that?

Beth:  I don't know the name of it actually right offhand, but it's breaks up fascial adhesions.

Ben:  Yeah.

Beth:  So, it's great for muscle fascial adhesions, but then there's a very targeted probe that you can put on one the higher-end professional devices that can break down scar tissue in the joints themselves. It's also been shown to stimulate stem cell production in the joint, that kind of percussive energy. So then, if you then put the PRP and then we do some activation of the PRP with special lasers into the joint itself and then you follow it with BPC-157 or KPV, that just rock star combo and we're going to be having the Sechrist Hyperbaric Chambers pretty soon. That part of their facility still being built out. But then, we're going to throw someone in the hyperbaric and actually pretreat with NovoTHOR, and it's just going to be rockstar.

Ben:  That'll be an amazing stack. And, by the way, I'm pretty sure you're talking about this thing. It's called like a SourceWave. One of my docs here in Spokane has one and it kind of goes click, click, click, click as you're holding it over a joint. It kind of seems a little bit similar to pulse electromagnetic field therapy, but it's a different wave. So yeah, it's a cool unit. I have a lot of people I've talked to who swear by it.

You are doing a lot of cool things. I mean, next time in the Bay Area I'm going to swing by because I love everything that you're stacking down there. And, I think this is going to be really cool information for people to know about. I would also recommend that if you're listening, you consider getting Beth's book. Again, it's called “Your Pristine Blueprint,” because she gets into a lot more detail. Again, I haven't finished it yet, but from what I've read so far, she gets into a lot more detail about resonance and energy frequencies and some of the physics behind some of the modalities that you've just gotten done hearing about. So, pick up the book too and I'll link to that and everything else we talk about at BenGreenfieldLife.com/FutureOfFitness.

Beth, anything else that you want to mention before I let you go?

Beth:  No, I just wanted to say like I think that when you curate these protocols for people that involve, it's not just coming in and be like, “I think I'll do this, I'll do that,” it's really about intelligently putting them together and then proving that that stack is really working to help people resolve their goals. So, that's what we're all about here at JYZEN.

Ben:  Cool. Well, I'm excited. Again, it's called JYZEN Labs, so if you want to check it out if you're in the Bay Area. It's a pretty, pretty cool concept. And, I will certainly, next time when I'm down in that area, swing by and check it out myself.

Beth:  We'd love to have you come. So fun.

Ben:  We'll make it happen. And, until next time. For everybody listening in, I'm Ben Greenfield, along with Beth McDougall, author of the “Pristine Blueprint” and the lead mad scientist down there at JYZEN, signing out from BenGreenfieldLife.com. Have an amazing week.

More than ever these days, people like you and me need a fresh entertaining, well-informed, and often outside-the-box approach to discovering the health, and happiness, and hope that we all crave. So, I hope I've been able to do that for you on this episode today. And, if you liked it or if you love what I'm up to, then please leave me a review on your preferred podcast listening channel wherever that might be and just find the Ben Greenfield Life episode. Say something nice. Thanks so much. It means a lot.



“This is the medicine of the future.”

That's what Beth McDougall, MD, has to say about her unique medical practice that includes biohacking stacks and protocols like peptide therapy, bioresonance, pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy and other modalities I have never or quite rarely discussed on the podcast.

An early pioneer in orthomolecular nutritional medicine and European biological medicine, Beth McDougall was among the first group of doctors to be trained in Functional Medicine back in 1998. Her training in BAH and ACMOS, biophysical diagnostic and therapeutic techniques based on quantum principles, and her foundation in internal medicine earned Beth the reputation of a medical detective and allows her to create highly specific, personalized, and effective treatment protocols for her patients.

Beth is the founder and Medical Director of the Integrative Medical Clinic, CLEAR Center of Health, which has served the San Francisco Bay area since 2002. She is also the Chief Medical Officer of Resonant Technologies Group (RTG), a fund with four health companies in its portfolio: ImmunacorSonaphiSourcewave, and Cell Code, with energetic diagnostic and healing technologies based in resonance physics. She sits on the advisory board for Energy Medicine University and the scientific advisory board for the Resonance Science Foundation.

An internationally-recognized speaker, Beth is a pioneer of a new medical paradigm based on the energetic nature of reality, bio-optimization, and cutting-edge energetic therapeutics. She has been featured in many publications and documentaries. Beth's new book, Your Pristine Blueprint, explores her life journey and professional experience that led to her current understanding of the energetic basis of health and disease rooted in our degree of resonance with the unified field.

In April, Beth opened a cutting-edge bio-optimization facility called JYZEN. As the co-founder and Medical Director, Beth drives the development of research and data-driven personalized health programs for her clients at JYZEN.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Beth’s path in medicine…05:45

  • Beth was inspired by a childhood mentor who was a doctor
  • She got into medicine for esoteric reasons
  • Learned about sacred geometry and how everything was derived from a fundamental quantum level
  • Beth delved into different sciences like biology, cell biology, and histology
  • Her mentor developed Parkinson’s disease and rapidly deteriorated in mind and body
  • At about the same time, her grandfather developed a neurodegenerative disease which is now called multiple system atrophy
  • Watching these two people in her life inspired Beth to find ways to prevent or reverse these kinds of diseases
  • Studied integrative medicine, nutritional biochemistry, and European biological medicine
  • Got into functional medicine; was in one of the first graduating classes
  • First worked at San Francisco Preventive Medical Group
  • Beth realized that prevention was not enough, so she studied how to help people resolve traumas
  • She got Lyme disease in 2004
  • Then spent her life studying energy medicine, energetic diagnostics, energetic therapeutics
  • Met and studied with Dr. Thomas Sculz
  • Nassim Haramein of Resonance Science
  • Became the Chief Medical Officer of Resonant Technologies Group
  • NovoTHOR beds for photobiomodulation treatments
  • PEMF devices like the Hocatt, an infrared ozone sauna with foot plates that deliver frequencies into the body
  • Every single thing has an energetic signature associated with it
  • That energetic information signature can be measured
  • You can treat somebody with the molecule or the energetic signature; both will interact at the receptor sites in the same way
  • Vibratory interaction between a molecule and a receptor
  • The HOCATT stacks different modalities:
    • Infrared sauna
    • Carbonic acid dilates blood vessels and pores of the skin
    • Ozone
    • PEMF
    • Earthing on steroids and flooding the body with electrons

-Resonance, the blueprint of the body, dissonance, and the other things discussed in the book, and the devices and protocols in the lab…17:10 

  • Your Pristine Blueprint by Beth McDougall
  • One to two times a week is ideal for the HOCATT
  • Dial in the frequencies to support whatever health goals you want to achieve; for detox, dial in frequencies that support the elimination of toxins through the liver, kidneys, and lymphatics
  • There's support for prostate cancer, Epstein-Barr, etc.
  • The machine is 8-10x more powerful than a regular infrared sauna, so people can’t use it every day; 1-2/week is the protocol
  • Eliminating all these toxins that are creating dissonance in the system

-JYZEN Labs is now open…19:50

  • It’s in a waterfront area right on the San Francisco Bay, right between Sausalito and Mill Valley
  • New location, 18,000 square-foot facility
  • CLEAR Center of Health also moved there
  • Practicing doctors:
    • Dr. Beth McDougall
    • Dr. Brooke Bennis, a regenerative medicine specialist for the joints and structure
    • Dr. Alexa Henderson, an internist who specializes in integrative cancer care
    • Dr. Drew Sinatra, a naturopath who practices general integrative naturopathic medicine
  • The bio-optimization facility has 12 Chair IV departments overlooking the bay
  • Nap pods for a private meditative experience
  • Services offered:
    • NAD IV
    • Methylene blue IV
    • Ozone IV
    • Ultraviolet blood irradiation
    • Metal detox
    • Nutrient IV
    • Sports recovery IV
    • Injectable peptides
    • Full blood laboratory
    • 2 HOCATTs
    • 3 NovoTHOR beds
  • Ben uses the JOOVV and the Vielight

-What is a NovoTHOR, and what does it do?…22:09

  • It looks like a tanning bed, but it is not
  • No UV light, just red and near-infrared light
  • Red and near-infrared light had been shown to activate the mitochondria
  • Certain enzymes get blocked in various disease states and general aging
  • Important for healing and repair and even speeding up recovery after a big workout
  • Has been shown to enhance muscle gain if done before a workout

-Is there a law of diminishing returns with photobiomodulation?…24:28 

  • If you don't do it long enough, you don't get the benefit, but if you do it too long, you stress the body and get diminishing returns
  • Sweet spot is 12-20 minutes a day
  • Beth shares a personal experience with NovoTHOR and the extraordinary healing of her wound

-How does the methylene blue IV work with infrared light to cause mitochondrial optimization…25:51

  • Methylene blue IV is used, but it is sometimes more easy to do orally (use code BEN to save 5%)
  • Methylene blue upregulates enzymes' function and pairs with the red light to repair damaged mitochondria to improve cellular respiration and optimize physical performance

-Is it safe to put methylene blue in the veins?…27:07

  • It is safe; in every emergency department in the world
  • Methylene blue is a commonly used medication for methemoglobinemia, poisonings
  • Dosage is very specific to body weight

-What about the ARX, the LiveO2 for EWOT, and the Vasper?…28:58

  • The clinic has 6 Vaspers, some with LiveO2 hooked-up
  • Ben also uses the Vasper with the LiveO2
  • With the Vasper, kind of a recumbent device wherein you push with your hands and feet, separately, and at the same time, your upper arms and upper thighs are hooked up to compression cups
  • Cold liquid is going into the compression cups
  • Similar to BFR training
  • A 21-minute interval training, but getting the benefits of a 2-hour workout, like doing aerobic and anaerobic
  • A study mentions use of Vasper boosts testosterone levels in various different populations
  • Podcast with Sebastian Wasowski of Vasper:

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