How Two Middle-Aged Entrepreneurial Parents Completely Transformed & Biohacked Their Health, Fitness, Sex Life & More: The Jim & Jamie Sheils Podcast.

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For a while now, I've been working with an entrepreneurial couple named Jim and Jamie Sheils to improve their fitness, health, nutrition, and longevity…

…and we've become dear friends in the process.

Jim and Jamie Sheils are the fit, sexy parents of four children ranging in age from toddler to teen. They are also the founders of a fantastic company called 18 Summers, which refers to the number of summers you have with your children. The goal of 18 Summers is to help support families with a formula for lifelong parent-child connection, trust, bonding, respect, and experience. Jim and Jamie have also authored the popular ebook The Family Board Meeting, which outlines three simple steps parents can take to create lasting connections with their children.

Jim Sheils is an entrepreneur who consults with world-class organizations such as Harvard University and Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) to help their members succeed at home. In keynote presentations, workshops, team events, and private consulting, Jim has helped hundreds of the top entrepreneurs and thought leaders around the world focus and implement where it really counts, at home. He is affectionately known as “Crazy Glue For Families.” Jamie Sheils founded Florida’s only Waldorf-inspired public charter school and directed a Public Montessori Charter School. She has also developed and implemented programs in several other public and private schools.

When Jim and Jamie first met, they found themselves facing interesting challenges as a blended family. Suddenly, they had to contend with the everyday trials of disconnection and time scarcity. It was Family Board Meetings that bridged the gap, helping a new family connect, and helping the kids find sure footing on uncertain ground.

Now, through 18 Summers, Jim and Jamie reach families and organizations around the world, helping them discover the benefits of quality time and enduring relationships. In this episode, we talk about homeschooling, creative freedom, sex drive, and even (how to avoid!) “Dad bod.”

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-What put Ben on the Boundless path?…07:25

-How Ben started to break into the industry…17:50

  • Voted America’s Top Personal Trainer through the National Strength Conditioning Association
  • Started Ben’s speaking career
  • Ben’s career as an author
  • Started a podcast 15 years ago
  • Ben’s transition as a father
  • Started working from home

-Homeschooling and creative freedom…20:06

  • Experiential-based education
  • Freedom of curriculum and being creative with lessons  
  • Raising a family through homeschool
  • GoGreenfields 
  • Exposing children to new topics and career options

-Don’t give in to the “Dad bod,” staying young as parents…26:04

-Sex drive and older couples…37:40

-Stem cells, medical testing, and preventative measures…41:30

  • Jim's knees have benefited greatly after 2 stem cell treatments
  • Jamie's Lyme's disease was cured with stem cells 
  • Minimally invasive regenerative medicine  
  • Life Force by Tony Robbins and Peter Diamandis
  • FDA is overcautious
  • Jim got prostatitis, probably when one of his kidneys was taken
  • Dr. Geo Espinosa

-Ben’s supplements…47:20 

-Ben’s parenting book (Boundless Parenting)…49:30

  • The 32 questions that constructed the book
  • How the book came into fruition
  • Some 30 couples and parents and how they have common threads
  • What things have successful families implemented in their family

-What would be the 75-year-old Ben's advice to people today?…54:04

-And much more…

  • “Feeling well is the greatest part, looking well is a nice side effect” – Jamie Sheils

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One thought on “How Two Middle-Aged Entrepreneurial Parents Completely Transformed & Biohacked Their Health, Fitness, Sex Life & More: The Jim & Jamie Sheils Podcast.

  1. Patricia says:

    Thank you for sharing. I can’t wait for more parenting/ family podcasts. If I may request if you know any parents who have children with special needs and could impart advice that would be wonderful! I love all the family advice and find it challenging integrating in our family with our daughter who has a rare genetic condition called cri du chat. I know our kids have so much to offer and am determined to find ways to integrate as much positive advice with our kids as I can. Thanks again ❤️🙏

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