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My friend Kyle Kingsbury is the host of the Kyle Kingsbury Podcast and a Master Coach for the Fit For Service app.

Through his podcast and Fit For Service, Kyle teaches people how to enhance their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual practices.

Kyle is a former football player (Arizona State) and mixed martial artist who fought professionally for eight years (UFC six years). While fighting at the highest level he became fascinated with all things diet, performance, and recovery related. Since retiring, Kyle's focus has shifted to learning more about longevity, plant medicines, and inner peace.

The Fit For Service app is a place to learn, be inspired, transform, and connect with other people. The guiding principle is simple: practice vulnerability and serve yourself by serving others. The app is a platform for discussion groups, houses a library of content unavailable to the public, and provides members with access to guided meditations and breathwork, binaural beats, ecstatic dance playlists, and other exclusive media. As a Master Coach, Kyle offers unique digital knowledge and support to members.

Kyle Kingsbury has previously appeared on the podcast in the following episodes:

Recently, Kyle and I had a great chat in Austin, Texas about social media, cultivating a positive relationship with the earth, structured water, parenting, and much more.

In this conversation with Kyle Kingsbury, you'll discover:

-Ben and Kyle's favorite travel spots…04:19

-Addictions and the dark side of social media…08:57

-Why Kyle felt compelled to form an in-person educational farm…15:01

-Exotic game and personal sovereignty…26:16

-Why Ben is a fan of structured water…40:41

-Ben's recent content production tear…51:18

-Important takeaways from Ben's parenting book…55:29

  • Life Arc
  • Honor thy father and mother (elder wisdom)
  • Sense of legacy
  • Common traits like
    • Family dinners
    • Consequential parenting
    • No judgment environment
  • Routines and rituals to come of age (rite of passage)
  • Family crest, logo, mission statement
  • Family playbook (for generations, not just the immediate children)

-What we really need to make America great again…1:07:24

  • Societal stability begins in the household
  • The Madness of Crowds by Douglas Murray
  • The War on the West by Douglas Murray
  • Fighting racism with racism (you're racist because you're born a certain skin color)
  • Celebrate differences between races, genders, etc.
  • Embrace modern tech that enables one to reach an audience on the cheap

-How much of the Book of Revelation has actually taken place?…1:16:36

  • Ben is a “post-millennialist”
  • Fall of Jerusalem, rise of the Roman Empire was mostly concluded by 70 A.D.
  • We get progressively better until new heaven and new earth arrives
  • Garden City
  • What Would Love Do Now?

-How to leave a lasting legacy beyond your life…1:23:04

  • Take care of the basics, then focus on legacy
  • Care for wife and children first, then lead others with what you've learned
  • Don't think it's too late to build a legacy
  • Life begins at 40 when it comes to making an impact
  • Kion Aminos
  • Keto bricks
  • Trophy Kids documentary
  • Drive children where you want them to go, vs. identifying gifts and guiding accordingly
  • Gabor Maté
  • True bond is in the home
  • Root of all addiction is trauma
  • Top Five Regrets of the Dying by Bronnie Ware
    1. I wish I'd spent more time with old friends
    2. I wish I'd worked less
    3. I wish I'd showed my true emotions more
    4. I wish I'd chosen to be happy
    5. I wish I'd shown my true authentic self

-Regrets held by Ben from his life adventures…1:36:12

  • God draws with crooked lines
  • No regrets

-Kyle Kingsbury…1:40:07

-And much more…

-Upcoming Events:

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4 thoughts on “Personal Freedom, Social Media Addiction, Farming, Structured Water, Personal Productivity & More With Ben Greenfield & Kyle Kingsbury.

  1. Dan says:

    Any recommended resources on building and understanding healthy homes? – curious realtor

    1. Ben Greenfield says:

      Check out “How To Biohack The Ultimate Healthy Home”

  2. David says:

    Very impactful. We are all in the same planet … I am from Belgium, moved to Canada during the pandemic but, I can relate in (most) of your conversations. Yes, the family must be at the center of the priorities. Thanks again for your work !

  3. Trent Holden says:

    Great podcast until Kyle tried to talk about critical race theory

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