Q&A 458: The Official Guide To Fructose, Triglycerides, Heart Health, Heart Testing, Keto Risks, Statins, Why You Should “Eat Like A Pig” & More.

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Heart testing
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Q: Michael asks: “I have questions about Dr. Davis’ SIBO Yogurt and the Oregano Oil protocol. I think I could benefit from both. Should they be separated or could I do both in the same 4 weeks?”…78:00

Ben Recommends:

Q: Brandon asks: “RE: The Kreatures of Habit Podcast, isn’t their product against what is considered healthy? All of their oats have sunflower oil in them. You’ve always taught me to avoid these oils. I’m so confused.”…84:08

Ben Recommends:
  • Podcast with Michael Chernow:
  • Kreatures of Habit (KOH) overnight oatmeal (use code BGL20 to save 20%)
      • Glyphosate-free oats
      • The oats do not contain sunflower oil
      • The pumpkin seeds are roasted in sunflower oil
  • In general does not recommend high intake of sunflower oil, though there are three types:
    1. Linoleic Sunflower Oil
      • 70% linoleic acid
      • Extremely high in omega-6 fatty acids
      • Sensitive to oxidation and temperature damage
    2. Mid-oleic and high-oleic sunflower oil
      • Contains more of the beneficial oleic acid
      • Higher in omega-9 fatty acids
    3. High-stearic sunflower oil
      • Solid at room temperature
  • Some benefits of sunflower oil
    • Vitamin E rich
    • Can help reduce LDL cholesterol levels
    • Good for the skin
    • Can help with infections
      • Both linoleic acid and oleic acids have anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting, and infection-fighting properties
  • Ben is okay with low to moderate consumption of a healthy sunflower seed oil

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13 thoughts on “Q&A 458: The Official Guide To Fructose, Triglycerides, Heart Health, Heart Testing, Keto Risks, Statins, Why You Should “Eat Like A Pig” & More.

  1. David says:

    I could have sworn Ben said something about low aluminum aspirin brands in the show notes….. Anyone know where it is?

  2. Jane says:

    No need for Statins, Citrus Bergamot lowers LDL by 20% in 1 month @ 1000mgs per day.
    Research paper on PubMed

  3. Kellie sikorski says:

    Why did you not talk about activated charcoal? It lowers cholesterol in a hurry if taken at night before bed. Statins really? You can go down that already-proven nasty rabbit hole if you want.

  4. Mark says:

    Hi Ben, I can’t seem to find a place online to order a plasma viscosity test for some reason? Where did you have your blood work done was it online or in a doctor’s office? It’s a viscosity test the same as a plasma viscosity test?

  5. Hunt Smith says:

    I’d add C60 as a prophylactic for radiation exposure. It has very strong radio protective properties, in addition to being a kick ass longevity and legal performance enhancing molecule. Wizard Sciences baby!!!

    This Q&A hit home. I’ve got an elevated CAC score as well. Along with what you are taking, I’d throw GG into the mix to counter the side-effects of statins – if/when you take them AND Nattokinase by Arthur Andrew Medical.

    Enjoy Europe mate!!!

  6. Luke Lau says:

    Hi Ben,

    I find myself in a similar position in terms of heart health. Just curious the dosages you are taking for the arterial scrubbing agents below. I understand you are not a doctor and this is for entertainment purposes only.

    Arterial scrubbing agents
    Red Yeast Rice Extract

    thank you,


  7. H2O24life says:

    check out Dr. Campbell book H2O2 Medical Miracle.

    I do some 0,3% H2O2 IV’s with Quinton Hypertonic, DMSO, Hydrogen (to off-set free radicals) and Mg every now an then. It’s ingenious as this will blast free all arteries and veines, even those that are to small for modern surgeries. Thanks to the blood enzyme catalase.

  8. Eggs Tyrone says:

    Ben, you have touched on what I believe is a most important aspect of cardiovascular health and the understanding of CAD (coronary artery disease) pathophysiology.

    There is no question that extreme athletic events can provoke oxidative stress and endothelial inflammation that leads to CAD (calcific or potentially soft plaque). But how can that be mitigated early on? We will likely find that it is incredibly difficult to reverse CAD–you can certainly improve soft plaque burden–but I would be surprised if there is significant regression of calcium burden (Agatston score i.e. calcium score).

    The key will be finding ways to mitigate the damaged endothelium from these activities without blunting hormesis. I am afraid that so many dietary/fueling strategies are simply “fanning the flames” of endothelial insult.

    I wish I knew the solution!

    P.S. It may be helpful to your audience to address the difference between a “Calcium Score” (usually around $100 cash) vs Coronary CTA (an angiogram that uses contrast, more expensive, also includes a Calcium Score). The test you performed appears to be a Coronary CTA, the difference being that they are using an AI algorithm as part of the interpretation as opposed to a physician.

  9. Randall James says:

    Great Pod Ben!
    I was very surprised that you knew about Fructose Malabsorption, very impressive! But did you know that there is an even rarer condition called Hereditary Fructose Intolerance? I know about this because my wife suffered all her life and had no idea what it was until she took a 23 & me test. There are actually enzymes people can take for FM that allows them to eat fructose but nothing for HFI other than just never eating fruit or anything that contains fructose.

  10. Jason says:

    Perfect timing! I’ve been making Dr. Davis’ SIBO Yogurt for about a month. I’m traveling next week and was trying to figure out what to do about my yogurt I was about to try fitting my yogurt maker in my carry-on luggage. Thanks, Ben for the Gut to Glow recommendation!

  11. elle says:

    Dr Tom Cowan wrote a book about the heart that I think you would enjoy and appreciate.

    haha! Just saw your referral for the book on his website! Oh yeah!

  12. Vince says:

    How do I truly calculate how many calories I’m actually burning per day ?

  13. Chad Cooper says:

    You mentioned a coronary calcium scan on this podcast without elaborating or providing a description of the test. Recently, my doctor had me complete a coronary calcium scan, could you elaborate and describe this procedure? What are your thoughts? For example, if your coronary calcium scan had great results would you still do a cleerly test? Thanks for another great podcast!

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