Q&A 439: Benefits Of Walking Backwards, The New Fountain Of Youth Pill, Biohacking Skin Health, Chemicals In Your Food & Much More!

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Listener Q&A :

Q: Should You Increase Your Protein Intake As You Age?…42:30

In my response, I recommend:

Q: How To Fast Without Feeling Nauseous…46:51

In my response, I recommend:

Q: How To Target Lactobacillus Growth…51:40

In my response, I recommend:

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3 thoughts on “Q&A 439: Benefits Of Walking Backwards, The New Fountain Of Youth Pill, Biohacking Skin Health, Chemicals In Your Food & Much More!

  1. Hey Ben, was listening to a podcast a while back where you we talking about NAD+ and the different ways you can supplement it. Also heard you say on this podcast that too much NAD supplementation could possibly adversely effect you at a young age. Is this something I can just stop taking or do I have to take it forever now? Ala testosterone. Just so you know, I’m 29 but used to be extremely overweight around 370. Have made it down to 245 but was taking NAD in an effort to reverse some of the negative effects being that overweight probably had on my body. I’ve been using it for a little under three months. Was taking the life extension 100mg daily for the first month, then the TruNiagen 300 mg daily for the last 1.5 months.

  2. Mike says:

    Great information but I have a suggestion:

    In the segment where you answer questions from “The Clubhouse” the audio from the questioners is just about incomprehensible when I listened today on the podcast. I would suggest either you drill down and fix the audio so listeners can understand it or a quick fix is just simply for you to readout the question Ben says- “Joe Sixpack asks how many minutes a day to exercise is optimal?” This might be a good interim solution.

    1. Noted, thanks for the suggestion Mike!

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