Q&A 447: Is “Feel Free” Energy Drink Bad For You, 25 Life-Changing Health Tips, “Clarogenic” Plant Medicines & Much More!

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is feel free energy drink bad for you
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I. Questions about Feel Free Tonic

The safety and proper usage of Feel Free Tonic…07:21

-What is Feel Free Tonic made of?…09:44

  • Primary active ingredients:
    • Kratom
      • Kratom is from Indonesia
      • Controversial due to legality issues as a supplement additive in the U.S.
      • Used for working long days and having fun doing it; similar to cocoa leaves; good for pain
      • Kratom products in the West are not in their pure form, they are used more for getting high than for any real health benefits
      • Once you heavily concentrate the extract from kratom, it tends to be way too strong for your liver and results in high test results for heavy metals
      • People in Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia have used kratom their whole lives and are perfectly fine
      • Coffee-like extract that comes in different strains
    • Kava
      • Kava is from Vanuatu
      • Ben likes to think of it as a “Hawaiian weed”
      • Many people consider it to be euphoric
      • Has heart-opening effects like a psychedelic
  • Feel Free has a ratio of 5 parts kava, 1 part kratom
  • Other ingredients in Feel Free:
    • Pineapple juice – for Vitamin C
    • Coconut cream – for better delivery of fat-soluble compounds across the blood-brain barrier
    • M Stevia leaf (Reb M/Rebaudioside M) – does not have the aftertaste of ordinary stevia

-Ben Greenfield’s review of Feel Free…13:02

  • You usually will start feeling its effects after about 15-20 minutes, and the euphoric feeling lasts for 3-4 hours
  • Ben stopped taking it cold turkey for a few weeks after the interview with JW Ross because he probably took more than what's recommended and experienced withdrawal symptoms, just like from any stimulant
  • Ben now consumes around 5 bottles a week, or 1 bottle every day and a half
  • CYP enzymes in the liver help metabolize kratom
  • Consumption recommendations on the website:
  • Causes of ill effects after drinking Feel Free:
    1. You're drinking way more than the recommended amount
    2. You're a poor metabolizer of kratom
    3. When you already have a compromised liver, gall bladder, and/or gut, have yourself tested
  • Think about this:
    • A glass of wine is good, but you're kind of a dummy if you drink a bottle of wine
    • Weed is relaxing, but if you decide to get blasted and go into full couch lock mode, that's your problem
    • Running is good for you, but if you decide to go pound 20 miles, don't complain afterward that you aren't feeling good 
  • The dose is the poison
  • The ultimate takeaway – if you drink it, stop every once in a while

II. Questions about Plant Medicines…18:23

-Recurring questions on why Ben Greenfield does not recommend plant medicines anymore

III. Clarogenics…19:27

  • Synthetic compounds that :
    • Do not seem to involve as much dark spiritual energy, yet allow for the same type of mind expansion and altered thinking patterns that one might want for a business or a personal breakthrough
    • Merging of left and right brain hemispheric activity that puts the ego on the backburner
    • Allow you to experience what you may be looking for with plant medicines, but without the side effects, like the presence of other spirits
  • Ben had a session with a facilitator
  • Motor function was impaired as expected, similar to taking psilocybin, LSD, Ayahuasca, or ketamine
  • The experience was controllable, especially breathing
  • No dark energy at all
  • The experience was similar to taking a nootropic or a smart drug and losing motor functions a little bit but turning the brain into a 20x supercomputer
  • Ben was fully aware and was able to journal ideas afterward

IV. Experimenting With High-Dose Proteolytic Enzymes and Ben's Thoughts on Kion Flex…24:03

V. Looking, Feeling, and Performing Amazing: 25 Health Tips from Dr. Mercola…32:27

-Ben knows he's controversial, but these 25 health tips from Dr. Mercola are pure gold: https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2022/08/10/25-health-tips.aspx?v=1660138531

    1. Timed restricted eating for metabolic flexibility
      • For men -12 to 16 hours without eating, every day
      • For pre-menopausal women – 10 to 12 hours without eating, every day
    2. Ruthlessly eliminate all seed oils from your diet, period. If exposed:
    3. Incorporate blood flow restriction training regularly – 
    4. Regular sunlight exposure is way more important than vitamin D intake – anywhere from 20 minutes to two hours
    5. Donate blood regularly; test your blood regularly
    6. Endurance exercise to get rid of iron
    7. Eat adequate protein
    8. Drink hydrogen-rich water every day
    9. Sleep enough
    10. Minimize EMF exposure – EMF*D 
    11. Get rid of all your nonstick cookware
    12. Address high blood pressure 
    13. Stop tech from surveilling you by protecting your privacy – use DuckDuckGo as your search engine and use Brave as your browser
    14. Use melatonin regularly 
    15. Use methylene blue regularly
    16. High collagen intake/high amino acids intake
    17. Be prepared for emergencies – food, water supply, weapons, self-defense, and survival (get a bug out bag)
    18. High-dose digestive enzyme intake
    19. Regular vitamin C protocol
    20. Hydration
    21. B vitamins for brain health
    22. Don't be afraid of cholesterol 
    23. Use Quercetin
    24. Care for your brain
    25. Astaxanthin (a red pigment that belongs to a group of chemicals called carotenoids)

VI. Vibration training…45:17

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9 thoughts on “Q&A 447: Is “Feel Free” Energy Drink Bad For You, 25 Life-Changing Health Tips, “Clarogenic” Plant Medicines & Much More!

  1. Isambard says:

    With regards to getting rid of all non-stick cookware, what is your recommendation on cookware? I looked into this a long time ago and purchased some ceramic coated cookware because it is supposed to be naturally non-stick and not contain any kind of toxic coatings. Is this correct? Is ceramic coated cookware safe to use? And if not, what kind of cookware is recommended? Cast iron? What about the oils necessary to season cast iron? Aren’t those oxidizing when you use it? What kind of cookware would you recommend Ben?

  2. John says:


    In the Mercola list, you discuss stopping tech from surveilling you by protecting your privacy.

    Yet your companies, @Kion and @bgfitness both sell/share data for advertising.

    Disappointing. I understand making a buck, but don’t advocate privacy if your companies are not following your lead.

  3. anonymous says:

    I also had a hemorrhoid come up randomly after never having had one before…similar situation as to what Ben described. It went away after some stool softeners because I was slightly constipated possibly from the tonic…not sure. When used responsibly, I absolutely love the drink. I use 5 bottles per week and take 2 days break. Maybe I’ll reduce use even more after this episode. My blood-work and liver look fine. For a long hard day at work I take 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 in early afternoon. No noticeable bad side-effects but the random hemorrhoid was not cool. No pain just bloody stool. TMI I know haha 4-5 bottles a week and things seem great. I appreciate the podcast on it though!

  4. sian olsen says:

    Aloha BGL Team,

    Seconding Daniel Mehan’s request for names of clarogenics.
    Nothing on Brave or Safari.

  5. Dan says:

    For me the feel free shot was not healthy. I did feel good when I took it. I took a quarter bottle at a time every few hours. However, I started having pains in my liver area, and my whole body and felt very tired and my skin looked dull and my joints felt inflamed. When I stopped it, my skin started looking better and my body felt better and less inflamed. I did not overdid the dose. I never drank more than one bottle a day. I still have the pain in the liver area, I will go to the doctor to get it checked. I am sharing this so people know that this may be harmful to them and to be very aware when they try it.!it is also addictive and the withdrawals are not pleasant at all. Ben, I am not sure why you have to take it? I hope that you are not getting addicted to it.

  6. Daniel Meehan says:

    Ben, would you be willing to share the names of the clarogenics? I have a feeling I may be aware of some based on your description, but I’d rather not trawl research chemical forums to double check.

  7. dr says:

    Dr. Daniels Website is


    the pdf is available free of charge

  8. ukn says:

    There is a more elegant way to get rid of candida & more. It was the panacea of the slaves, an old knowledge of how to use sugar. They saturated the tablespoon of white sugar with Natural Pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine Pine. Credit’s to Dr. Jennifer Daniels who was ostracized from the US by the medial pharma mafia, because she was publicly sharing this knowledge

  9. Tessa says:

    Re-word, rename ‘plant medicine’. Sorry, but you should really re-word ‘plant medicine’. Plant medicine is more than psychedelic substances. You have to be more specific, because plant based medicine is also homeopathy and all herbal therapeutic substances. Your war against plant based medicine fuels antipathy for plant medicine in general.

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