Q&A 467: Cheap Hacks To Reverse Aging, Life Extension For Dogs, Could Peptides Cause Cancer & Much More!

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cheap hacks to reverse aging
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Q: @BayArea1976 & @MBogie8000 ask: Can BPC-157 feed polyp growth in the colon due to the creation of new blood vessels?…49:44

Q: @BigSexyKG asks: Does boiling hot coffee over collagen peptides denature the peptides at all?

– The cortisol response to early morning coffee…1:01:33

  • Morning cortisol awakening responses to coffee
    • If you want the ideal morning cortisol awakening response, you should wait to have coffee
  • The study showed that 5 days of caffeine intake of 300 milligrams a day completely abolishes the cortisol response to drinking caffeine in the morning
  • A habitual coffee consumer has already developed some amount of pharmacologic tolerance to coffee
  • No need to worry about having a cup of coffee in that first hour when you get up
  • Be careful with late-afternoon coffee
  • Some alternatives to coffee:

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