What’s Going To Be Written On *Your* Gravestone?

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I remember the very first tattoo I ever slapped on my body.

As a testosterone-infused 19-year old college student, I wandered into a tiny tattoo parlor in a back alley in Moscow, Idaho and hired a hippie dude named Caleb to ink an enormous tribal sun tattoo across my entire right shoulder.

And in the center of that tattoo – surrounded by a swirl of intense blood red and deep blue patterns designed to represent fire and water – was a symbol: the Japanese Kanji symbol for something called “Ki”.

This bad-ass tattoo was to be my life force, my energy, my body’s source of internal power…my “Ki”…

…a source of power that I’ve since tapped into for everything from the famed 72 hour Agoge Race at 38 degrees below zero in the backwoods of Vermont, a dozen of the hardest Ironman triathlons on the face of the planet, days upon days spent suffering through Navy SEAL training for civilians on the beaches of the Pacific Ocean off the coast of San Diego and attainment of the pinnacle of adventurous ultra-endurance competition: the coveted Spartan Delta.

But frankly, over the past two years I’ve come to the stark realization that life is about far, far more than a pursuit of masochistic competitions, the pursuit of a never-ending drive to get six-pack abs or bigger lungs, or the attainment of the perfect yoga position, the perfect overhead squat or the perfect mile split.

After all…nobody ever said that they wanted written on their tombstone: “I was a good exerciser.”

Instead, I’ve realized as I’ve poured through dozens of books and hundreds of research papers on longevity, happiness, fulfillment, human potential and beyond…

…that if you truly want to achieve peak performance, look amazing, defy aging and live an adventurous, fulfilling, joyful and limitless life…

…you must not just optimize your body, but also your mind and your spirit.

And frankly, in my own personal journey over the past two decades of living in the trenches of the fitness industry, I’ve realized that exercising and “fitness-ing”…or toeing the starting line of a race…or setting a new PR in the gym or on the track…or finally getting my body fat percentage perfectly dialed in…

…is pretty dang meaningless if I’m not happy and fulfilled with true balance among my performance, digestion, recovery, brain, sleep, hormones, family life, spiritual health and beyond.

Would you agree?

After all, what if you and I could leap out of bed each morning and tackle the day with the extreme ferocity of an electrified tiger? What if our performance, fat loss, recovery, digestion, brain, sleep, hormones and spirits were fully optimized and firing on all cylinders? What if we all walked around as superheroes with a body like Batman, a mind like the heroes of the smart drug movies “Limitless” and “Lucy” and a spirit like an enlightened yogi? What if you could speed-read, memorize cards, remember the names of everyone at the cocktail party, wear any jeans you want, step onto a beach with your chest out and abs in, age gracefully with zero Botox and liposuction required and have an intense inner feeling of peace, love, joy, happiness and true spiritual satisfaction?

What if this ability to look, feel and perform to the human body’s full capacity wasn’t the stuff of lore, but was instead status quo? Sure, there are UFC and NFL gladiators fighting for glory on television with optimized Ki of body, random monks and meditators wandering the planet with optimized Ki of spirit, and professional poker players, computer programmers and race car drivers hunched over a card game, a keyboard and a steering wheel with optimized Ki of mind. But in a perfect world – a world that is fully attainable – you would have it all: total Ki of mind, body and spirit.

So why am I telling you all this?

Because I need your help. You and I need to spread the word. You and I need to create a community that encourages a new brand of health enthusiasts – people like you and me who care not just about our bodies, not just about our minds and not just about our spirits, but about all three elements of being a complete and happy human. People who can climb mountains, memorize a deck of cards, create amazing music, help feed people in our local community, and experience the true 100% of our human potential.

Imagine an optimized body. From gut to muscles to joints, everything works the way it is supposed to.

Imagine an optimized mind. You think clearly, with no brain fog, and a sharp, keen ability to learn and communicate.

Imagine an optimized spirit. You have the invisible elements necessary for happiness, longevity, meaning, purpose and direction in life.

This complete human optimization is exactly what I envision and what I am now creating. And I want you to be a big part of this new health revolution.

So if you are curious what I’m up to, how I’m going to teach the world how to achieve total body, mind and spirit optimization, and how you can be a part of it…

…then tell me…

Does this mission resonate with you? What is the first thing that comes to mind as a solution (whether it exists or doesn't exist) that would help YOU achieve complete optimization of body, mind and spirit? Anything else you want to pipe in on?

I'm all ears. Simply leave your comment below and tell me how I can better serve you in experiencing what it means to live a truly limitless life.

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58 thoughts on “What’s Going To Be Written On *Your* Gravestone?

  1. 🙌🙌🙌 This mission absolutely resonates with me, and the part that I love the most is the bit about helping the less fortunate. Each night before bed I ask God to bless the children in my small rural town who are hungry, cold, or lonely. (And the ones who aren’t). I don’t see enough of this generous spirit in the fitness world. We talk about “clean eating” and “real food” without thinking about those who have little choice in what foods they put on their tables, about food deserts, about people without access to the proper education to feed themselves and their families a nourishing diet.

    I read a thought-provoking article recently called “Eating Clean is Useless”. The sub headline, a quote, read, “Clean Eating? That’s some rich white people shit. ” Clean eating, it read, “is a preoccupation of people who, in socioeconomic terms, really don’t have any real, legitimate worries. It’s a first-world problem.” While I don’t necessarily agree with everything the article says, I believe there needs to be more EDUCATION spread on how to grow food, where to access affordable produce (perhaps straight from farms through inner city and rural CSA box programs) and why processed foods cost poor people more dearly in the long run. I hate the idea that you have to be rich to eat well, to live well.

    A couple of years ago my family was in need and we went to a food pantry. The people were wonderful, and so helpful with getting started shopping with our vouchers. But I couldn’t help but notice a lot of the food was expired (such as out of date sandwiches donated from convenience stores), most of the offerings were either packaged, canned, or bakery things. The produce that was on offer wasn’t fresh, and you had to pick through because much of it was rotten. I certainly did not complain, they say “beggars can’t be choosers, ” after all. But I told myself that when I’m on my feet and successful I want to find a way to give back by helping to source some better options for the needy in my area.

    The world I want to live in is one where being able to optimize your nutrition and fitness is your birthright. Where bringing whole foods to the poorest of us is a priority. And where class isn’t a barrier to thriving. Where “biohacking” your health on your own is commonplace practice for rich and poor alike.

    One idea for your awesome company might be “Kion Kurrency”, money toward your excellent products that can be earned through volunteer work at soup kitchens, habitat for humanity, homeless shelters and other worthy causes.

    Thanks for your hard work bringing Kion to fruition! The light you shine, the content you so generously give us all for free, is a gift from God! I look forward to Kion’s future products and endeavors. It’s really an exciting concept!


  2. Jen Gibbs says:

    In person experiences with the teachers. All of us Gathering Together in outdoor experiences that don’t cost a fortune. Actually creating a like-minded community. I would move my family for that.

    1. Teri says:

      Interested in mind, body and spirit optimal wellness, performance and longevity enhancement…also want to be more engaged w a community of others that think similarly… love the idea of hands on or group classes for the mind, body and longevity enhancement to take us to our highest level of functioning

  3. Mark Dhamma says:

    Experiences Ben. Having in-person experiences and then building a community around that. I would love to be a part of that

  4. BeesMakeHoney says:

    no grave for me – but maybe an engraving in the tree trunk which sprouted from my earthly remains:

    “it was my life to live, and I did”

    Looking forward to more details of your further endeavor.

  5. Katie says:

    Yes, this is very exciting Ben. I think that mind, body, and spirit of individuals and societies as a whole are very stressed out. It is becoming cliche to say that with mass-media and modern life’s high tempo is stressful–but it is, and I people and societies are not balanced.

  6. Yes I am curious and this mission resonates with me as I am a nutritionist and personal trainer in love with the woowoo lessons of life. The first thing that comes to mind is that I meditate daily now- I’ve also become more of an observer of my actions and my life. I’m curious how you experienced a turnaround -ayuhasca? Mushrooms?

    I am excited to see the health awareness and I hope to bring this to the millennials.

    1. I've explored many modalities!

  7. Drew Garrod says:


    This really hits home. I feel it might be too much to try and focus on all at once (dad of 3) so I am extremely excited to see what comes. I worry though that without being able to afford all the biohacking tech that it might continue to be only a pipe dream for us normies. Hoping to see you prove me wrong!

  8. Thanks Ben for gifting us your relentless energy and focus to the world. You are a beacon of knowledge and inspiration to countless millions present, past and future who have (and will) improve themselves from your legacy and content you produce.

    Gravestone engraving: “It turns out he was stoppable”

  9. Todd says:

    Your site would be much more user-friendly if we could see the date that your blogs and articles are posted. Also, it’d be great to get an alert if/when some replies to comments that we post.

  10. Rodolfo says:

    This post sent chills down my spine. Can’t wait to see what you will unveil Ben, just count me in.

    I believe that the factor mankind have been missing is that we’re all members of the same species and that the time has come to we put all our differences aside and step up our collective power or else we’ll face extinction.

    I believe the recent events of the world are showing how distant we have become to each pther and I believe the solution to most of mankind’s problems is to see yourself in the shoes of the next human being regardless of religion, race, sex, political affiliation or any other artificial tags we use to try to differentiate between equally imperfect beings we all are.

    I think the future of health is to explore the body, the mind and specially the topic that has less attention, the spirit as three pillars that support all of existence together and that the lack of one means a life not fully lived.

    Anxiously wainting for updates Ben! You rock!

  11. Larissa says:

    For me the meaning of my life big and small is to be of service to others even if that just means being kind. You do this daily, too, though perhaps you don’t see it in that way because your “fitnessing” also benefits yourself and your family so much. But that’s the goal! Both at the same time. Keep it up. Thanks!!!

  12. Michelle says:

    I saw an epitaph on a head stone in the graveyard at St. Paul’s Chapel, or “The Little Chapel That Stood” and was moved by the simplicity and meaning of life. St. Paul’s Chapel served as a place of rest and refuge for recovery workers at the WTC site on 9/11. The church is a symbol of strength, hope and resilience. I look at it as a metaphor for life.

    “Death is Comfortable End to a Life Well Lived”

    I think Ben’s goals are summarized with this simple statement.

  13. Aja Barto says:

    Ben, this is exciting stuff and I will anxiously be waiting to hear what is next for you and from you!

  14. Andrew Wait says:

    wake up, grow up, clean up, and show up… integrate body, mind, and spirit in self, culture, and nature. Embody the intention to liberate all beings from all suffering and establish all beings in true happiness!

  15. RBS Rajan says:

    O nice, write in my grave stone. lying is self made non-qualified Ayurvedic Dr. live without meeting any western Doctors. live happily helped every one need his advice. lived natural way.

  16. Todd says:

    Not many in your position ask for feedback. It is appreciated. I love the information, but I get information overload at times. Maybe I need to spend more time on the website, but I have trouble sifting through the information. I’m glad your moving in a direction that is not only health and fitness! The whole body, mind, and spirit need work. My hope is that we, as a community, can disburse information to as many people possible as cheaply as possible. Maybe even free. We all benefit from this. An old friend started the Khan Academy with the idea of spreading education to everyone for free. Not sure if that model would work for what you’re building, but just an idea. I wish you luck and I wait with anticipation on what you’re up to.

  17. Tyler Whitmore says:

    Hey everyone,

    So what comes to mind for me as a possible solution would be an all encompassing self-quantification device that syncs with an application. Just going around and trying random supplements because of their potential benefits may help, but with a device that can measure your deficiencies or surpluses, any user would know exactly where to start on their journey to complete human optimization. And I know that there are lab tests that you can run, but with a device that is easily accessible in a household or even on the go, the process would be much easier and hopefully not as expensive. Imagine a device, able to be installed in any household, that allows users to input a blood sample or whatever other kind of sample that they would like to submit, which gets analyzed and then submits the information from the sample to the application, allowing users to track even the smallest changes in their body on a daily basis. The app can then build a database of user input, and allow any user to communicate and find help with like-minded people all striving for the same objective. Now I don’t know if this is possible but just a thought.

    As for my gravestone, since I am only 20, I haven’t given much thought to this, and I don’t want anything extravagant, but something along the lines of:

    “He inspired hope and changed lives”

    Also let me know what you guys think about the device or if there’s anything similar I would love to hear it.


  18. Izabela says:


    this post (an also email) made me feel shiv shivering. You hit the point, point of life purpose, legacy, how I wanna be remembered. I strongly believe in legacy, how we live and inspire others so after we are gone they remember, they live as we showed them to. Therefore the aspect of optimizing all three, body, mind and spirit, in my mind is the highest accomplishment us as humans can get and that way be of an example to the generations after we are gone. I am sooo looking forwtrd what you got on the plate and how we can help and participate!!! Keep me in loop!

  19. Genevieve Stroulger says:


    I have been listening to your podcast for a few years and look forward to each interview. I am interested in fitness and longevity and spiritual and emotional wholeness. I am also a Christian. However I often feel like a closet follower of yours as I am not a young, talented, athletic male. I am rather a baby boomer who plans to live a functional, rewarding and giving life for at least another 40 years. I love your mission. It received a resounding stamp of approval from me. What would help me is perhaps a few more podcasts from women like myself. I want to redefine what 50 plus women feel about themselves. I feel this a season in my life in which I can reinvent myself and nail down some deep visions I have carried in my heart and put on a shelf as I devoted myself to my children and family. I did my job well. Now to create new adventures that will make a difference to my world and spread hope and wisdom everywhere. Sadly, have had a hard time finding women mentors or leaders. Perhaps you could bridge that gap for me and those like me.

    All the best,


  20. Jed Taylor says:


    Your mission totally resonates with me and would love to be a part of it! 1st thing that comes to mind as a solution is simply continue being a leader in closing the gap on the vast amount of information and wisdom out there on holistic health to help educate others who want it.

    One other thing to pipe in on… continue your mission and don’t be worried about who follows or who doesn’t follow based on what you believe and find important!

    My legacy is pretty straight forward: Help people, build relationships and become a better person. – Amen

  21. Mark Simcox says:

    Hi Ben

    Having being an avid listener of your podcast and always follow your recommendations of certain supplements and teachings which has been quite an expensive and eye opening journey which ive loved every second of,wouldnt it be great if we could fix our selves and other people without biohacks and supplements because not everyone can afford the top stuff out there,and spread the word of wellness that way as our ancient ancesters didnt have any of this stuff that we have today,then again they didnt have all the fake food and bullshit thats around today,so id like to help people get better in every area so it wouldnt cost a penny,now wouldnt that be a great vision!



  22. Jim McIntosh says:

    Ben, have you ID’d a common thread of those who commented, at least 2 others beside myself Identified themselves as US Marines. That is no accident the mind set to actually sign on that line and stand on the yellow footprints (or go to Quantico in my case) is that of commitment to become the best, and for the most part just about every aspect of successful USMC life reinforces that thought. The USMC makes up less than 20% of US military, and consumes less than 10% of the budget, how many trucks or cars Id themselves with stickers of some sort with service branch. You will see 10-1 USMC over any other- What it identifies are folks who run toward trouble and are prepared to eliminate any problem, whatever it is- adapt and overcome.

    While other services do a fine job- bottom line is that they are not USMC.

    Trouble with your quest is that when you are successful and confident others will feel intimidated, and will assume that you look down at them because they are not as capable. Even if your heart and motivation is to elevate others, many won’t give you the chance. What I have found is the common thought pattern is that people are most comfortable with others of the same mindset. In that followers look at anyone who is not a follower as a threat.

    I have struggled with this issue all my life, I am very accepting but I will encourage others to try, and it definitely frustrates me that some just won’t get off their ass and try. With the onset and normalization of socialism in the US the follower mentality is reinforced to every aspect of life. When the US climbed the success ladder the idea of socialism was widely regarded as so stupid and unless that it was first ignored and even some were ridiculed in congressional hearings (McCarthyism). Now it is mainstream and entrenched with 30% of the electorate and even more of the general population. We even elected a known socialist as President twice!

    Sorry about the length everyone


  23. Will malcolm says:

    Optimizing the whole person…this is what’s up ben. Thank you for the deep dive into this process. My suggestion/encouragement would be to be more transparent (like your Sedona video) about why you started engaging in various practices to find balance between mind, body, and spirit. Sometimes your content seems really random without any context or ability to relate. Also, I get that you need to make a living and this is a business, but for those of us who have been following you and supporting you for a long time, we do see right through your paid product promotions…just call them what they are…we trust your judgement…don’t try to hide them. I think it would be really insightful for you to explain or share why you feel the need to go and have your penis injected with some substance? Are you just promoting the service for a fee or did you run your endocrine system in the ground and need some help…I and most followers can relate to the latter.

    I look forward to continuing to follow you and utilize your content in my own life, but the more you build a bridge between your life and our life (the readers) the bettter you will serve us.

    Ps – keep being true to your spiritual convictions, (I’m a Christian too), it’s refreshing to have someone talk about their beliefs and not be ashamed.

    Thank you

  24. Deborah Gutierrez says:

    Ben, I potentially am not your “typical” follower but have been listening to your podcasts and reading your emails since 2011. I have learned so much with your vast knowledge in health, nutrition, and more. I look forward to learning more on how we can be more in harmony with not only our physical well-being but with one another. I use you as a resource every day because I believe to in greater human potential – Thank you.

    1. Thank you , Deborah.

  25. Ken Barber says:

    I also missed the main question in my original reply. Here is what I have asked for on my stone. “Don’t be sad for me, I am in ecstasy. Want to join me? Just ask Jesus he quietly welcomes everyone.”

  26. Stephen says:

    I am very interested to see where this goes.

    Some of the bits that I feel are important in this mission are:

    1. Optimize health. Poor health drags the mind and body down with it.

    2. Humility. Learn to spot when the ego is influencing you and shut it down.

    3. Gratitude. Without gratitude you have nothing.

    I feel those are the base core necessities. Those are where one needs to get to first if they dare to live a life like you described.

  27. Nick A. says:

    I think it’s a great idea that you have already touched on throughout the years. I’ve been interested in maximizing my potential in all areas of my life for a few years now. You, Tim Ferriss, Brian Johnson from Optimize.me, Hal Elrod from the Miracle Morning, and countless others have been dispensing excellent advice on how to live our lives to the fullest. I want to enjoy the rest of my youth and grow old gracefully with a sound mind, body and spirit. Thank you for your service.

  28. Jeroen de Haas says:

    With Gratitude and Love for every minute, hour, day and year of this life and to all who crossed my path: thank you for who you are. Who you are is wonderful and what you do is important. With love,


  29. Lavina says:

    I’ m not so much into having words on a tombstone as leaving marks on hearts. I just read this quote, ” The most valued heirloom is a heart connection.” Like you said we can do all these exercises, jobs etc… but the only legacy of value is impacting the people around us in a meaningful way. I’ m sure we can all think of people who have passed on and some left money… but the ones that still mean the most to me are the ones I could connect w/ at a heart level and discuss the deeper things of life.

  30. Margo whitley says:

    Ben, I just recently found you and have so enjoyed listening to your podcasts and reading your articles and books. I am a fit 52 year old woman ( very lean but by no means a work out machine). I have appreciated your slant towards overall wellness so I am thrillled you will be focusing more on all aspects of wellness! I truly wish you the best in your new endeavor and can’t wait to continue to grow with you!!! Good luck! Margo

  31. Britaliano says:

    Totally resonates.

    To be completely honest, I would be worried about this slowly turning into a way of spreading the Christian message.

    I am not at all in favour of any religious influence over this.

    Sure, what you may be suggesting has elements of all religions, but it should not be aligned or affialiated with any one of them.

  32. Tonja says:

    Full acceptance of who you are and that your limits are your limits–everyone is a super hero in their own right!

  33. BodhiC says:

    He burned the boats and went all in.

    Live it to the fullest with no regrets.

  34. gareth says:

    I dont want a tombstone

    I want to be immortal

  35. Joshua Bradley says:

    Adoring father and husband. Passionate about making life better and celebrating dreamers.

  36. Colin says:

    Here lies Colin. A honest man he was. He went beyond & above serving others. He lived a full life developing his potentiality for the benefit of all sentient & non sentient beings. Go well as you continue your travels in the multiverses.

  37. CJ Thomas says:

    I’ve got a fever… and the only prescription is more Ben Greenfield. Seriously dude! You are killing it! I listen to a lot of podcasts but yours is the only one I make sure that I never miss an episode. Somehow it keeps getting better. The Paul Chek interview. The Naveen Jain interview. You’re on a whole notha level buddy! And that’s where I want to be. I was looking into your coaching mentorship program recently. But what you’re hinting at here sounds more all-encompassing and something I’d be very interested in learning more about. I’m all in on trying to optimize body, mind, and spirit. And all in on trying to help others overcome their obstacles as well. I think I want to be you when I grow up… even though we’re the same age. Lol. Thanks for all you do brother. Keep me posted on whatever you’re cooking up here.

    On my tombstone:

    A man who loved, lived, and contributed fully

    A fisher of men

    A child of God

  38. Charles says:

    Hello Ben,

    I think the one piece that everyone is missing including myself is the ability to tap into the human consciousness and I’m not talking about the woohoo idea or theory! But an honest grasp on the conscience where you could potentially send something down into yourself to check in and see how things are going! I know yoga is a good way and meditation but that alone will only take you so far! I think if everyone was able to see themselves for who they are and get over there ego, and status this world would be better a place I realize also that it’s not that simple! But what if it could be and we are just way to involved in our own thoughts and ideas that we never truly QUIET the mind to understand and hear what it is saying to us! This is just a idea of my own but I think if there was some kind of pill or way to reach yourself, you could be truly happy and there inturn put that outwards toward everyone and everything around you! Thanks for listening or reading should I say! Love the podcast keep up all the information and good vibes!

    Much love,


  39. James Cox says:

    My hope would be, that I would be remembered as good human being, a caring, kind, considerate, supportive, loving friend and family member, that I somehow enhanced the lives of the people I came in contact with and in some woo woo way had a positive ripple effect on others I had never met. That I was a good son, that I lived my life without greed but to make the world and myself a little better each day and in doing so lifted others lives as well a ” Win Win ” way of living. That I would take ownership of mistakes I made and tried always to learn from them and become a better person from those lessons.

    I’m sure there is more I would wish for but this is what first comes to mind. I look forward to learning more about what you had mentioned as the next step, or evolution of the Ben Greenfield Fitness Lifestyle

  40. James says:

    Here lies James a man who loved and learnt who continually strived to become the best version of himself

  41. Shim says:

    Here lies Shim. A good man in a storm, or he served man kind as a kind man

  42. Paul Edwards says:

    Ben – been following you for awhile and dig your podcast. I know you’re a Christian as am I – but I’m a bit concerned about the Chi stuff. This has its roots in New Age teachings that are contrary to the doctrines of Christ and the Lord even warned us about such teachings. Here’s a website that details what I’m talking about including scriptures to back it up.


    I’ll be praying for you brother that God will lead you and your new business endeavor in ways that honor and glory Him. Feel free to email me if you have other thoughts on this bro.

    Pastor Paul

    1. I have a big podcast with a pastor coming out soon that tackles this very issue, Paul. Stay tuned!

    2. Britaliano says:

      If this is going to be a Christians-only boat, then I am going to have to be the one waving you off to your happy place.

      1. All are welcome, bro.

    3. Courtney says:

      As a fellow Christian who follows the Greenfield adventure, I’ve been wondering if Ben is actually a saved Christian or a seeking person who is exploring who God is. The reason I say this is because there are references to things Christian (i.e. reading his bible daily, his creation of the “Christian Gratitude Journal” and discussions on biblical topics etc.), but all these have usually been done in more of a new-age kind of way; sort of cherry picking the best parts of the bible or utilizing biblical principals in a self help fashion without giving the credit to Christ, hence my confusion as to religious affiliation, if any. I would expect this from a non-Christian, but not a Christian (we’re called to higher standards and yes, Christ can redeem everything). I understand that this isn’t a Christian blog, nor does it have to be (nor am I necessarily wanting it to be one). And I understand trying to appeal to a wide range of people, but it’s disappointing to see the messages of the bible taken out of context. I say this from a lovingly perspective (and as a fan who’s followed you for quite some time): if you’re a Christian, just own it. If you’re not, keep seeking after the Truth. Your style isn’t an abrasive judgmental one that would alienate people if you made that declaration/identity, in fact…it may actually help paint a more accurate picture of what Christians look like. We come in all sizes, shapes, colors, political affiliations and have a wide range of interests. You’re a seeker of truth…my hope is that the truth you expound honors the one who sent you to share it. Wishing you the best of luck in this next adventure! Matthew 10:33

  43. Jeremy Goco says:


    Jeremy Goco 2 of 2. Sorry for a second post, but I totally just realized I didn’t answer the actual question (ADHD moment). On my gravestone it would say:

    Honorable United States Marine who’s heart was full of wealth because of his faith and family. He led with passion and listened with empathy. His daily mantra of 1. Do something everyday to improve yourself

    2. Do something to help someone else

    3. Do something to help your community

    Were infectious and resonated with all!

    “Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way”

    OORAH! And Semper Fi!

  44. Good afternoon Ben,

    First of all, thank you for all that you do. I’m sure I am not alone in this statement, but you have been an inspiration to my abilities as a husband and a father. The simple concept of peace, love, and joy have become core values for my daily practice.

    Now to answer your questions.

    Your mission 💯 percent resonates with me. I often feel that if you, Mr. Paul Chek, and the knuckle heads of Mind Pump had a baby, then that would be Me! (But like any other offspring, that doesn’t listen to their parents, I have had to learn from my many failures in order to see the light.)

    The first thing that comes to mind as a solution is to make as many Ben Greenfield “mini me’s” as possible (and I don’t mean that literally, unless you want too😬). But something similar to the C.H.E.K Institute….the Greenfield University….or Ben’s Ki…. IDK.

    Whatever you touch turns to gold my friend, and I truly believe that it should be contagious. Your leadership has saved my life, and has changed my paradigm and allowed me to understand “purpose.” Simon Sinek’s book “Start with Why” is a prime example of that purpose.

    Wishing you joy in all the chapters of your life and I hope we all can continue to ride the waves with you.

    God Bless,


    P.S. I am a US Marine of 16 years, so if you view my website, ensure to immediately erase your memory because it was an overnight project that I initiated. So judge it in 4 years after I retire🤙🏽

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