The Difference Between Getting Stem Cells Internationally Vs. The USA, Peptides, Testosterone & Hormones, Tissue Engineering, DNA Editing, Truths & Myths Of Regenerative Medicine & More With Dr. Adeel Khan.

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Everything you need to know about stem cells.
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Are you intrigued by the power of stem cells and regenerative medicine but left with a head full of questions every time you try to learn more?

Questions like: 

  • What's better: your own stem cells or a different source?
  • Is it true stem cells “don't work” without some kind of scaffolding to “grow on”?
  • Do you need to combine stem cells with exosomes?
  • Are tissue engineering and gene editing as dangerous as they sound?
  • Can stem cells be combined with things like peptides and hormones and if so, how?

In this enlightening conversation with Dr. Adeel Khan, you'll have the opportunity to hear the answers to all those questions and many more (that you may not even know you had!).

Dr. Adeel Khan is an internationally recognized expert in regenerative medicine, having treated numerous high-profile celebrities and athletes. After earning his MD from the University of Ottawa in Canada, he specialized in sports medicine and led one of the first Health Canada-approved clinical trials with mesenchymal stromal cells. Adeel is now the Chief Scientific Officer of Science & Humans and the co-founder of xALT.

Science & Humans is a platform committed to managing hormone imbalances using evidence-based treatments, fostering individualized therapies to enhance energy, longevity, and overall well-being. Meanwhile, xALT brings the human touch to online health and fitness. It offers personalized, affordable training via a comprehensive intake process and a unique mobility assessment, aiming to significantly improve health outcomes and promote physical fitness for longevity. Together, Science & Humans and xALT embody Adeel's dedication to enhancing health through scientific innovation and personal connection.

In this discussion with Adeel, you'll discover the science of enhancing stem cell function, the difference between stem cells and progenitor cells, the future of gene editing and its interaction with cell therapy and tissue engineering, and even get a sneak peek into Dr. Khan's unique daily routine for optimal health.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Dr. Adeel Khan…06:35

  • How Adeel became the go-to guy in the stem cell  industry
    • Trained by experts in the field like Dr. Galea, the pioneer of PRP
    • Went on to work with Dr. Ian White at the University of Toronto 
      • How to enhance stem cell function 
      • How to better select the best candidates for stem cell therapy
  • The key difference between what Adeel and Dr. Ian White and what everybody else is doing is actually having third-party testing to validate cytokine profiles
    • A proprietary process on how to harvest umbilical cord stem cells and amniotic fluid
  • Working with a scientist from Italy, Dr. Giuseppe Mucci, founder of the Bioscience Institute

-Profiling stem cells…13:27

  • It's called Flow Cytometry
  • Profiling stem cells – two important aspects:
    • Quality control – 50% of the money we spend on just stem cell processing is for quality control to test for infections, diseases, and to make sure they're good quality cells
    • Flow cytometry – test to look at the actual markers, called CD markers
  • Most clinics offering stem cells are actually offering what are called committed progenitor cells or medicinal signaling cells
  • Unless you isolate the actual mesenchymal stem cells or stromal cells and expand them in a facility, they are not true stem cells
    • Paracrine – signaling system that sends signals to reduce inflammation
  • Any sort of true stem cells where you're isolating, expanding, or taking perinatal tissue like amniotic or umbilical cord stem cells are classified as a drug
    • Not allowed to be used in the U.S.
  • Podcast with Dr. Harry Adelson:
  • Judge Rules in Favor of Stem Cell Clinic
  • Expanded stem cells are approved pretty much everywhere except Canada and the U.S.

-Stem cells vs. progenitor cells…18:39

  • Progenitor cells don’t engraft and renew tissue; they help reduce inflammation, which is especially important for osteoarthritis
  • The regenerative medicine triad:
    • Stem cells – expanded cells
    • Growth factors – expanded cells have growth factor
    • Scaffold – a biodegradable hydrogel made up of hyaluronic acid
  • FDA-approved clinical trial for 3D bio-printing scaffold
    • A method to avoid knee and hip replacements
  • Using your own stem cells (autologous) vs. someone else’s (allogeneic)
    • Allogeneic is better
  • Expanded stem cells have much better results
  • Interosseous injections of stem cells
  • Ben’s experience with interosseous injections
  • It takes 3-4 weeks to expand bone marrow or fat
  • Preferable to use the umbilical cord when it comes to IV stem cells
  • When it comes to injections, fat is preferable

-Recovery time from the procedure…26:37

  • It varies but recovery time is fast
    • Some people are pain-free and feel great in a week
    • Other people have pretty bad pain for 2-3 days and with pain for 2-3 weeks
  • It took Ben about five days, and he used
  • Stacking pathways
  • Chronic pain is usually addressed only with pain medication
    • Many things can cause pain
    • Disease starts in the cell
    • Regenerative medicine offers many different therapies and paths
  • The Pharmacist docuseries
  • Type of IV stem cells used
    • Generally, from umbilical cord tissue, not blood
  • Stem cell exhaustion is one of the hallmarks of aging
    • As you get old, stem cells decrease
  • Tissue engineering
    • 3D bioprinting
    • Creating scaffolds, synthetic or using biomaterials like hydrogels
  • 3D bioprinting
    • We’re not far away from printing organs
    • Instead of getting a kidney donor, you can just print a new kidney and implant it
    • If you had the right type of bio-ink for cartilage, you can print a knee, an elbow, or a joint
  • A lot more research is done in China, Japan, and Korea on this than in the U.S.
  • China is probably the leader in biomaterials and 3D bioprinting

-What is gene editing?…33:51

  • The doctor in China who was arrested because of his work in gene editing
    • Modified the embryo to give it certain traits
  • Creates many ethical problems
    • Available only to rich people
    • Creating an elitist society
  • Could be used for regenerative medicine
    • The intersection of gene editing, cell therapy, tissue engineering
    • Customizing a cell
  • CAR T (Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cell) technology approved by the FDA
    • Uses gene editing and cell therapy
    • Edits T-cells to go and kill cancer cells
  • First regenerative hospital in the world is being built in Mexico
    • Adeel is going to be the Assistant Managing Director
  • Follistatin gene therapy and its downsides
  • The peptides used in stacking pathways
    • Thymosin α-1 and Thymosin β-4
    • The thymus gland is one of the master regulators of the immune system, where T cells are created
    • Helps to immunomodulate or to regulate the immune system
  • Combination of therapies to be offered in Mexico for treating autoimmune conditions
    • IV stem cells
    • Peptides
    • FMT (Fecal Microbial Transplant) 
  • Combining stem cells with exosomes
    • Exosomes – poor man's stem cells; can be good and have their own role
  • Effects of stem cells can be more long-lasting than the effects offered by exosomes
  • Optimization of hormones
    • Testosterone replacement therapy – frequent injections are most effective
    • Testosterone gels have very variable absorption – some people do not notice any effects at all

-Adeel's daily routine…46:57

-And much more…

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13 thoughts on “The Difference Between Getting Stem Cells Internationally Vs. The USA, Peptides, Testosterone & Hormones, Tissue Engineering, DNA Editing, Truths & Myths Of Regenerative Medicine & More With Dr. Adeel Khan.

  1. michael says:

    with regards to Dr. Adeel’s comment on pumpkin seed oil for hair loss, does he ingest it or put it on his skin?

  2. Renae says:

    I have been following you Ben for some time. I recently was introduced to a product from Lifewave (x39) that supposedly stimulates your own stem cells. I actually have seen remarkable results with several friends and family. Since Adeel is an expert in stem cells, wondered if there anything to this? or is this product (patch) working in some different pathway? It is definitely doing something for pain, etc. I have not seen anyone in functional medicine field talk about it?? Any info or opinion? thanks!

    1. I use x39 too and have also experienced good results. I would love to have your opinion as well.

  3. Warren says:

    Hi Ben,
    Really great listen. I can’t seem to find the clinical trial Adeel refers to that uses hyaluronic acid-based scaffolds and stem cells to resurface joints – Could you post a link? My wife is on the cusp of a hip replacement at age 41 due to a cam deformity and overuse from running. We’d love to avoid it if possible.

  4. Peter says:

    I have Done hip resurfacing on my hips. Could this possibly make it possible to reverse it in the future?

  5. Mel Heide says:

    Great podcast. Do you have website or contact info if we wanted to go to Mexico and get stem cell treatment on the knees? Heading down a path for a knee replacement and would like to avoid if possible.

    1. Ben Greenfield says:

      You can contact Dr. Khan via email ([email protected]) or go to

  6. Jack Arduini says:

    Link to the guided meditation youtube video mentioned in this podcast?

    1. Ben Greenfield says:

      Hey Jack, here’s the link —

  7. Could you please share the contact information for Dr. Adeel Khan in Mexico. Thanks! Be well! Dr. Stuart Hoffman

    1. Ben Greenfield says:

      You can find all of Dr. Khan’s contact information here:

  8. Hi Ben,

    I live in México and I’m an MD who practices functional, integrative, & regenerative medicine. I would love to get in touch with Adeel and his work in Mexico. Can I get his email or other contact info?

    1. Ben Greenfield says:

      hey Alberto, Dr. Adeel’s email is [email protected].

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