A Step-By-Step Blueprint For Longevity: The Most Advanced Age Reversal Strategies Known To Humankind, With Bryan Johnson.

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The Most Advanced Anti-Aging Strategies
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Bryan Johnson is a successful entrepreneur, investor, and visionary thinker – and now, based on his incredibly popular age reversal Blueprint here – an icon in the age reversal and longevity communities.

His recent foray into incorporating longevity science into his Blueprint includes results such as:
  • 5.1 yrs epigenetic age reversal
  • Slowed pace of aging by the equivalent of 31 years
  • Now aging slower than the average 10 yr old
  • Ideal muscle & fat (MRI)
  • 50+ optimal clinical outcome biomarkers
  • 100+ markers < chronological age
  • Several fitness tests = 18yr old
  • Body runs 3°F cooler
Bryan is perhaps best known for co-founding Braintree, a payments company that was sold to PayPal for $800 million in 2013. After the acquisition, Johnson turned his attention to developing the next generation of transformative technologies. He founded OS Fund, a venture capital firm that invests in companies working on scientific breakthroughs to solve some of the world's most pressing problems.

Johnson's passion for using technology to enhance the human experience led him to launch Kernel, a company that is building advanced neural interfaces to augment human intelligence. Kernel's mission is to create a new era of human intelligence by building hardware and software systems that can augment, repair, and improve cognitive function. Johnson believes that these technologies have the potential to fundamentally transform the way we live and work, and could ultimately help us solve some of humanity's greatest challenges.

In addition to his work with Kernel and OS Fund, Johnson is also a philanthropist and supporter of various social and environmental causes. He has pledged to donate at least half of his wealth to charitable causes and is a signatory of The Giving Pledge, a commitment by some of the world's wealthiest individuals to give away the majority of their wealth to address society's most pressing problems.

In this discussion with Bryan, you'll learn how to use deep science and quantification to push the boundaries of what's possible for you in the realms of lifespan and health span.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Who is Bryan Johnson?…06:33

-How did Bryan get involved with age reversal?…09:23

  • Bryan had his own problem and a philosophical question
    • He couldn’t control his eating habits and gained weight
    • At the same time was thinking about the future of humanity
  • Kernel Company
    • Intelligence will permeate all things
    • If you can measure the mind, you can rearrange the society around that mind
    • A way to build the first mass-market device that can measure the brain and the mind
    • Wearable MRI
  • Currently in clinical studies
    • Exploring early signs of cognitive decline and depression

-Bryan's experience with his age reversal protocol…13:37

-Bryan’s diet, supplements, and measuring results…18:48

  • 2,000 calories a day
  • Vegetables, berries, nuts, and seeds
    • Breakfast – cauliflower, broccoli, black lentils, garlic, ginger, mushrooms
    • Mid-day – macadamia nuts, flaxseed, walnuts, pomegranate seeds
    • Dinner – vegetables, berries, nuts
  • Supplements
  • 400ml of extra virgin olive oil and dark chocolate
  • Every day is the same except for the third meal which varies
  • Measuring hundreds of biomarkers – no deficiencies
  • Every single ingredient is based on evidence
    • Doesn’t eat anything that can’t be measured
  • Hungry all the time, but doesn’t experience end drawbacks
  • Low body temperature – measures waking body temp every morning
  • Diagnosed with hypothyroidism at 21
    • Takes iodine
    • Currently, all thyroid hormone levels are normal
  • Ben takes 3,000-3,500 calories a day
  • Drinkable ketones (use code BENG to save 20%)
    • Bryan tried them and his liver enzymes spiked
    • 200% in 90 days
  • Bryan takes 100 different supplements a day
    • Every supplement has to be justified
    • Everything needs to be measured
    • Nothing is included just because it's trendy

-Bryan's sleep routine…26:00

-Bryan and Ben's biohacks for sleep…33:49

  • Turning off 1 hour before sleep is non-negotiable for a good night's sleep
  • Blacked-out bedroom
  • Every single night is the same
  • Goes to bed around 8 to 8:30 p.m.
  • No napping
  • Ben’s protocol:
    • Bed at around 9:45 to 10 p.m.
    • Up by 3:45 or 4 a.m.
    • Spiritual practice
    • HBOT
    • PEMF mats
    • BrainTap (use code BTPARTNER2023 to save $100 off the BrainTap Power Bundle and the BrainTap Headset)
    • Oura ring

-Bryan and Ben's workout protocols…38:18

-Other technologies that Bryan uses on a regular basis…43:03

  • Major pillars are:
    • Diet
    • Pills
    • Prescriptions like
      • Rapamycin
      • Metformin
      • Carbos
      • α-estradiol-17
      • E2, the non-feminizing estrogen
    • Exercise
    • Sleep
  • Bryan's team did not find evidence to use hyperbaric; their analysis found it interesting for acute injury but not for rejuvenation
  • Ben’s family routine with the hyperbaric chamber after sauna
    • Get an extra 30 to 40 seconds on exhale
    • Get an extra 10 to 20 seconds on inhale
  • Typical activities for Ben's visitors:

-The importance of relationships and community…47:06

  • Bryan was raised in a deeply religious community
  • Moved around different communities later
  • Currently, building his own community around people who are also on the same page
  • How does he align his protocol with his children?
    • 17-year-old does everything he does
    • No “naughty” things in the house
    • Other members of the family have their different places in life, different priorities

-Bryan’s olive oil and chocolate selection…49:42

  • Extremely particular about everything
  • 5 levels of chocolate
    • Level 1 – there is at least some chocolate in that bar
    • Level 2  – dark chocolate
    • level 3 – dark chocolate (un-Dutched)
    • level 4 – dark chocolate (un-Dutched) without heavy metals
    • level 5 – dark chocolate (un-Dutched), no heavy metals, and with high polyphenols
  • Like chocolate, everything they do has 5 layers
  • Very hard to find the best products; going to make these products available 
  • Un-Dutched chocolate is non-alkalized (acidity is not neutralized)

-The last time Bryan ate meat…51:17

  • Meat-eater until 3 years ago
  • Blueprint diet is the best diet ever and based on data
    • Diet created that produces perfect biomarkers
    • No tribalism, no opinion, only data
  • Plant-based was Bryan’s preference
    • Does not mean that meat is bad or meat is not better
  • Bryan would love to see someone do it with meat

-Blueprint Protocol and biochemical individuality…52:57

  • Blueprint is a demonstration of evidence and measurement
    • Discussion on what we do and why we do it
    • Eliminate opinion
    • Move health and wellness away from infighting among humans and be this dispassionate scientific endeavor
  • Huge wins and non-negotiables of the protocol:
    • Sleep
    • The most powerful anti-aging protocol is to stop self-destructive behaviors at their root
    • Take control of self-destructive behavior
  • Bryan’s plan for an experiment with 100 people to eliminate self-aided destruction (SAD)
  • Start by agreeing on the basic bad things
    • Junk food is not good
    • Too much food is not good
    • Skipping sleep is not good
    • Skipping exercise is not good
  • Second layer and gray area
    • Social media engagement
    • Gaming
  • 5 different behavioral therapy coaches present their school of thought
  • If the activity accelerates your speed of aging, it’s self-destructive
  • Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything by BJ Fogg
  • Mark Manson
  • 5 scientists read the same few sets of papers and all five prescribe different protocols
  • Settling all discussions with data

-Risk factors to pay special attention to…1:01:40

  • Ben’s predisposition to certain diseases
    • High predisposition to type 2 diabetes
    • Risk for both colon cancer as well as cardiovascular disease
    • Buildup of plaque
  • Bryan's team is looking at all those factors, every single organ is evaluated according to markers
  • Bryan lived a destructive lifestyle in his 20s and 30s
  • Body bounced back with some care
  • It’s easier to prevent damage than fix it
  • Uneven aging of different parts of organs
  • Biography of Benjamin Franklin books

-How to manage the protocol and healthy lifestyle when traveling…1:05:53

  • Bryan packs his supplements, olive oil, black chocolate, Green Giant, proteins
  • Buys vegetables locally
  • Other protocols are not done while traveling but dietary intake is followed
  • Get high-quality sleep
  • Ben’s protocol when traveling
  • For 99% of people, it's not doable for a variety of reasons
  • People usually feel overwhelmed
  • It's the idea of stopping bad behavior as the most powerful anti-aging intervention

-Blueprint is the best to follow what you do…1:09:01

  • Working on a new pamphlet about the philosophy around Blueprint and some contemplations about the future of being human
  • Kernel

-Ben’s age-reversal strategies…1:10:37

-And much more…

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11 thoughts on “A Step-By-Step Blueprint For Longevity: The Most Advanced Age Reversal Strategies Known To Humankind, With Bryan Johnson.

  1. I’m not sure I think person is a good representation of a healthy longevity protocol. For one, 45 isn’t really old enough to get measurable results. And secondly, a mostly vegan diet that is essentially shutting his natural hormone production down is nothing I would try. I’m actually surprised Ben interviews in. Many of the techniques are applied with older individuals who have a much healthier and realistic approach to longevity.

    1. Budge Collinson says:

      Excuse the typos

  2. Anthony Guastella says:

    What is the peptide bioregulator source?

  3. Ellen says:

    I’m a psych doc, and listening was concerned about people listening, trying this, and developing an eating disorder. Some of the things Bryan experiences, feeling cold, hungry all the time, obsessed about amount , and type of food eaten are descriptive and symptomatic of an eating disorder. Most of us could not afford the type of monitoring that Bryan has, and attempts to replicate this on our own could end up on a destructive spiral.
    Best wishes for Bryan and all on this journey, but is high risk venture.

    1. Jane says:

      It’s only an eating disorder if it’s causing him psychological & physical harm, body image issues, is effecting his relationships and enjoyment of life. He sounds like he’s happy and enjoys his family and biohacking lifestyle.

    2. Inogen Katharine MacKenzie says:

      Feeling cold and hungry is good for us!

  4. Jane says:

    Which dark choc brand is the lowest in heavy metals and most healthy that Bryan recommends?

  5. Alberto says:

    I don´’t know. He’s 45, has hypothyroidism, needs TRT, and takes 100+ supplements daily, mmmmm.
    Maybe plant based is not the way to go.

    1. Alberto says:

      And does young blood.

    2. Robert Stambolija says:

      Or maybe it is,he do what is best for him and his health,in the end he messures everything and look at data,not what some guru or ‘expert’says

    3. Inogen says:

      The only option to this is to eat dead bodies and who could bear to do that?

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