The Real Truth About Genetic Testing, Why 23AndMe Is Not Enough (& The Most Advanced Genetic Test You Should Get Instead For Customizing Your Exercise, Your Diet, Your Supplements & More!).

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IMPORTANT: Please scroll to the bottom of this episode for an important addendum to this podcast.

Three months ago, my twin ten-year-old boys and I sent our saliva off to a lab in Canada for one of the most advanced genetic tests available.

And I was blown away by what I learned.

On today's podcast, I reveal the test that we took, exactly what we learned and how you can take the same test as we did.

My guest is Dr. Karim Dhanani, who is the founder and Chief Medical Director at Toronto’s Centre for Biological Medicine, a clinic that is redefining North American naturopathic medicine for the 21st century. Dr. Dhanani’s clinic – a specially designed, ecologically sound facility set in pristine Canadian woodland – has become a global mecca for those seeking to live their lives at 100%.

For Dr. Dhanani, the appeal of medicine was always the investigative aspect. He loves breaking down a tough problem, and systematically uncovering the root causes with diligence, discipline, and precision. After completing his education in biology, chemistry, and naturopathic medicine, he found his calling in German biological medicine, a branch of naturopathy that integrates cutting-edge science and precision with the millennia-old wisdom of natural healing techniques.

But just learning in a laboratory setting wasn’t enough. Dr. Dhanani set off on a journey that took him from Canada to Europe to Africa and beyond, to understand what lies at the most advanced frontiers of Biological Medicine. Since establishing the Centre for Biological Medicine in 2002, he has transformed the lives of thousands of individuals, including athletes, scientists, and other doctors at the highest levels of their professions. His internationally renowned reputation – particularly in the naturopathic treatment of chronic degenerative disease – has led to research collaborations with Nobel Prize winners, and turned Dr. Dhanani into one of naturopathic medicine’s most sought-after speakers.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-The fascinating history and world of biological medicine, and a German pioneer of medicine that Dr. Dhanani learned from…9:15

  • The goal is to identify the “root cause” of a symptom or problem.
  • It's a combination of diagnostic tools and innovative thought processes. “We look to see what ‘outside the box' is influencing what is ‘inside the box.'”
  • What is the relationship between biological medicine and bioregulatory medicine?
    • The only substantive difference is that of vernacular.
    • Both are looking at the body's capacity to heal; responses to symptoms, or “punches” to your body.
  • Cell communication: we believe cells speak via biochemistry.
  • Dr. Fritz Albert Popp: pioneer of biophotonic signaling of cells.
  • The Baden Baden Biological Medicine conference in Germany.
  • Energy medicine has a larger role to play than physical medicine.

-The most interesting biohacks coming out of Europe, including the Mora machine for detoxification and new types of laser treatments for red blood cells…21:55

  • Just like we use words to communicate, certain bodies require light and sound to communicate.
  • The Mora machine uses electronics and sound to drive specific frequencies into the system.
  • We can increase the amount of glutathione in your body by simply giving the frequency of glutathione without injecting it.
  • You're providing a mechanism to carry the molecule into the body energetically.
  • Weber Intravenous Laser Therapy
    • Different color lights (not LED) affects communication between cells.
    • Depth of penetration of LED lights isn't as efficacious as lasers.

-Where 23andme genetic testing falls short, and what Dr. Dhanani has discovered when it comes to the truth about genetic testing and genomics…29:18

  • You're only as good as the technology available.
  •  Tests must be 1) Accurate, 2) Reproducible and 3) Functionally relevant.
  • 23andme uses “SNPS” which are not functionally relevant; they're good for data collection and perhaps ancestry.
  • For illustration: You don't assume the forest is unwell because one tree in it is unwell.
  • Look at associations of SNPS.
  • MTHFR is one of many we can examine.
  • Anywhere between 15-40% error rate with consumer tests like 23andme.
  • CNV (copy number variance)
    • D2C tests don't tell you whether you have one or two copies of a particular gene.
    • You get a distorted view of your level of detox.
  • The type of genetic testing is applicable for testing for illegal substances.
  • 23andme also doesn't test for insertion/deletion genes.

-Why Ben can't absorb Vitamin D from sunlight, and why he must supplement with Vitamin D instead…52:00

  • Vitamin D is actually a pro-hormone, more than an actual vitamin.
  • 1-25 hydroxy vitamin D is the actual component.
  • Some people are not genetically predisposed to absorb the 1-25 hydroxy from sunlight; it's necessary to transport it via supplements.
  • Thorne Vitamin D and Vitamin K.

-Why Ben and his twin boys now take glutathione every day (and why you must be very careful if you use any form of injectable glutathione)…57:30

  • Modern technology causes pollutants and stressors on the body that didn't exist 100 years ago.
  • We're referring to utilization and recycling of glutathione, rather than the production.
  • Many diseases can be traced to low levels of glutathione and the inability to detoxify the body.

-How to increase your body's own glutathione with nutrients such as N-Acetyl Cysteine, Alpha, Lipoic Acid, Selenium and Milk Thistle…1:03:35

  • The best scenario is your body generating glutathione on its own; when the gene is deleted, then you seek injections.
  • Dr. Dhanani's lab will create a customized formula, rather than trying to ingest them individually.
  • What is preferable: a liquid or powdered injection.
    • Parkinson's patients have been known to have their symptoms stabilized within seconds of a glutathione IV.
    • You get optimal results beginning with a powder, then mixing it with saline before injecting.
  • The objective of the injection is to train your body to generate glutathione on its own.

-Why Ben has high natural amounts of vascular inflammation and what that has to do with high-intensity exercise and HIIT training…1:05:40

  • 9P21 gene is a pre-ordained inflammatory level that is higher than normal.
    • Occurs independent of diet, activity, etc.
  • High-intensity exercise creates massive amounts of blood flow, then it stops; this exacerbates the issue.
  • Folks who are uber healthy, then die suddenly have the 9P21 gene; they've actually been tested for it.
  • People who die from chemotherapy, have the 9P21.
  • My podcast episode with Thomas Ingoglia in which we discuss GDF11 mRNA

-How to know if your pancreas is producing the proper amount of insulin in response to the diet you are eating…1:17:30

  • tcf7l2 gene
  • If I was not tracking my levels and activity, I'd be at serious risk of a heart attack given my genetics.

-The DMPS/EDTA Chelation Challenge for heavy metals and how it works…1:22:15

  • You want to look for a spike in your aluminum; it tends to be stored in the brain.
  • If you see that spike, you're at the deepest storage level.
  • DMSA doesn't pull lead or cadmium out of your system.

-The best way to measure your endothelial health and vascular function (using a protocol called “Endo-PAT”)…1:25:30

  • PAT = Peripheral Arterial Tone.
  • They measure endothelial lining, the level of inflammation.
  • They can change over time, or with changes in your diet.
  • Always be comparing apples to apples.

-The extreme importance for Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) of sauna, intermittent fasting, Lion's Mane mushroom extract, and low intensity (not HIIT) cardio…1:28:45

  • We associate this with TBI.
  • Reprogram neural inputs to offset the damaged pattern.
  • Those with 9P21 gene are more susceptible to endothelial inflammation.
  • Limit extreme activity.
  • The 9P21 gene limits the amount of dopamine you're naturally able to produce.

-Why having a “low serotonin reabsorption” issue can cause you to ruminate and dwell upon items…1:33:15

  • Serotonin is the “seat” of executive function: how does your body eliminate peripheral nagging in your system?
  • Peripheral/secondary things become your focus.
  • Mental echo: “did I actually close the garage door???”

-How Ben takes notes at night without keeping himself awake for too long…1:36:45

  • Evernote or similar tools that sync among devices.
  • People with low BDNF and serotonin can actually connect things like conversations and tasks better – because you're ruminating on them.
  • I keep a pilot pen light and piece of paper so I can take notes as they come into my mind.
  • Low BDNF also affects circadian rhythm; difficulty falling and maintaining sleep.
  • Lion's Mane mushroom extract helps supplement BDNF.

-The single most important reason Ben needs to limit his intake of saturated fats…1:44:00

  • 7-10% of fat should be saturated.
  • You can have avocados, but not coconut or MCT oils.
  • 9P21 gene increases inflammation; which goes to your vasculature and affects your focus and concentration.
  • Going beyond supplements: lifestyle activities such as meditation, intermittent fasting are efficacious in increasing serotonin.

-Why Dr. Dhanani says: “Epigenetics can disqualify genetics – and I’ve done just that”…1:49:40

-And much more…!

Resources from this episode:

-“The DNA Company” in Canada (alternative to Dr. Dhanani). Click here for all the info you need.

My DNA testing results from Dr. Dhanani

My son River's DNA testing results

My son Terran's DNA testing results

The Carillon resort in Miami

-Book: Bioregulatory Medicine: An Innovative Holistic Approach to Self Healing 

Dr. Fritz Albert Popp

-Book: Integrative Biophysics: Biophotonics

The Baden Baden medical week conference in Germany

The Biological Medicine/Swiss Healing Retreat Ben is leading in Europe in July

The Mora machine Dr. Dhanani describes

Weber intravenous laser treatments

My podcast episode with Thomas Ingoglia in which we discuss GDF11 mRNA

The Thorne Vitamin D/Vitamin K blend

The Almsbio glutathione Ben and his boys use

The True Cellular Detox heavy metal detox Ben does every year

The Direct Labs test for heavy metals

-Book: Less Doing, More Living: Make Everything in Life Easier

Four Sigmatic Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract

The Pilot Pen Night Writing pen that Ben uses

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Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for Dr. Karim or me? Leave your comments below and one of us will reply!

Important Addendum

Since recording this podcast, I have added the company “YouNutrients” as an alternative to Dr. Dhanani for the type of test discussed in the show. They offer their complete functional genomics test package for $399 USD (that’s a savings of $50 from retail price), and your test package includes both Hormone and Genome Pulse panel tests as well as a clinical report for each panel, along with full access to their webinar series, which introduces the science and interpretation of your genomic results with regards to key biological systems and processes. Click here for that special offer from YouTrients for Ben Greenfield listeners.

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176 thoughts on “The Real Truth About Genetic Testing, Why 23AndMe Is Not Enough (& The Most Advanced Genetic Test You Should Get Instead For Customizing Your Exercise, Your Diet, Your Supplements & More!).

  1. I use the NutriGenetic Research Institute’s DNA test as basis for my functional health coaching practice. It’s a robust tool with analytical software, including results of organic acids test and signs/symptoms questionnaire. We start with the foundation of inflammation moving through the phases of detoxification. Graphics of pathways demonstrate the connectivity of the relevant genes. It’s intense, complicated but very rewarding detective work.

  2. Mic says:

    Hey Ben,

    I am late to the party on this one. I listened to the Podcast and have done multiple DNA tests to confirm my results are consistent b/w the different vendors. One big question I keep going back in forth with is my test confirming that I have a moderate carbohydrate tolerance (Rs4244372 A/T), which predominantly in the past I have stuck to a high Fat and High Protein and minimized carbs approach. What is your insight on how I should handle this guidance from these tests? Obviously there are a lot of variables involved in regards to the current condition of ones microbiome, digestive system, ancestry, and other co factor genes in play. Another note to add is I am of Northern European ancestry and my goal is to of course keep inflammation at bay and reduce aging, but also increase performance. Not sure if all three goals are possible simultaneously of course? Any guidance would be appreciated. I want to commit to a path and not concern myself with it.

  3. Hilmar says:

    My experience with Dr. Dhanani was extremely positive despite some initial delay. I would almost call my learning the test results a life changing experience. I found the consultation with Dr. Dhanani extremely informative, and he comes across as highly knowledgeable and professional.

    Was it naive to go on Ben’s podcast without the administrative machine to deal promptly with hundreds of new clients? Perhaps. In particular, if there was a falling out with the lab at the same time. While I would have liked to adjust my nutrition and lifestyle to my DNA already decades ago if this type of analysis had been available, the initial delay now seems a nuisance. I want to continue to work with Dr. Dhanani on maintaining my health by adjusting nutrition to my genetics.

  4. Rita Maguire says:

    I have to say I’ve had a good experience with Dr Dhanani and the centre for Biological Medicine . I requested the testing kit late last year and got my results back from Youtrients fairly promptly. I have since scheduled a couple if call with Dr Dhanani and they have been informative. I am now into my 6 month of taking the bespoke supplements and whilst I can’t say I feel any better like Ben said in one of his replies I know it’s easier than trying to manage my own supplementation. I’m quite a healthy individual anyway so don’t feel massive improvements. May I was lucky getting through the process but I certainly don’t feel there is any fraud whatsoever as some people are suggesting

  5. Andrew Miller says:

    Has anyone yet to have good experience with Dr Dhanani? He seemed like such a brilliant and compassionate doctor, this is very confusing! I had this on my to do list from ages ago and just came back to check where to go and see all these…

  6. Andrew Miller says:

    Has anyone yet to have good experience with Dr Dhanani? He seemed like such a brilliant and compassionate doctor, this is very confusing! I had this on my to do list from ages ago and just came back to check where to go and see all these…

  7. Sarah D Cattin says:

    I’m curious on the genetic tests you recommended from the Center for Biological medicine and the DNA Company, what the differences really are between the two and if you had to pick one which one you would recommend?


    Ben, you credit light therapy to higher testosterone. Looking at joov I don’t see modulation mentioned, as mentioned in the Mercola article on photobiomodilation… here…
    40Hz being their best results

    I was just going to use an incandescent globe with a seemingly ok light frequency output curve albeit no modulation. Wondering about this..?

    1. There is limited clinical data with respect to pulsing PBM for the purposes of testosterone production. But be careful with an incandescent bulb. They deliver mostly mid and far infrared wavelengths, which produce excess heat. Not great for your testes, my friend. You want to stick to red light in the mid-600 nm range or NIR in the low- to mid-800 nm range.

  9. Mindy says:

    I spoke with Laura Fearon and ordered a test kit which arrived as promised. I followed the instructions and send my kid off around 16 April. I have not yet gotten any results, and I am not completely surprised by this as I was informed that it could be about eight weeks. However, I have tried calling the office, and no one will return my calls, Voicemail says that people will return to the office on May 31, but this is June 14. They had all day yesterday to call me and all day today. Is this legitimate, or is this a scammer? I am perfectly open to working with them if there is a reasonable explanation for this, but I have called my credit card company to investigate getting my money back since I have heard nothing at all. I don’t even know if they received my test kit or how long it will be until I get results if I actually got them. I have always trusted Ben Greenfield, but now I am starting to wonder what went wrong. Thank you. G Mindy gag

  10. Adam Mannering says:

    So I signed up for this test from the Canadian company a matter of weeks after this original podcast…..6 MONTHS have now passed with no results!

    The company is obviously a sham.
    They do not respond to emails anymore.

  11. Dr. Dhanani says:

    It is a shame you feel this way Jordan. If you are thinking that this was a waste of time, my apologies. If you think that this is a waste of money, please note that I did connect with you after you mentioned you were not improving and had a follow up discussion (no charge). Even gave you my personal mobile number. Gave you follow up advice and even sent you a supplement (again, no charge) to see if that would help. I have no intention of ever trying to charge a broke college student on anyone else out of hard earned money but this is a process and I am doing my best to help anyway I can. If you would like to take this offline I would be happy to, but do understand that in a forum like this, I have to defend myself as what I know to be the true essence of reality. Truth is eternal.
    Dr. D

    1. Mark says:

      Dr Dhanani, what is your response to the below comments? you responded to this comment but nothing to the others???

    2. Jordan C says:

      Dr D – Truth is eternal? Then please tell the truth:
      1. You did not send me a supplement free of charge. I was sent a website link for me to buy it at with my own money
      2. Our follow up discussion was you saying that you didn’t know what the issue was and then suggesting i eat more calories and buy a supplement which you stated wouldn’t fix the issue because you didn’t know what the issue was. So thank goodness I didn’t have to pay a hefty consult fee for that.
      Like I said in my first comment, you were super nice. But I feel obliged to share my personal experience. And for me, the genetic supplements were a waste of money. And now I’ve been stuck with $800 dollars worth of a supplement formulation that makes me feel worse.

  12. Jeff says:

    I must say that my experience with Dr. Dhanani and the genomic testing has been nothing short of life changing. I tested in early December and got my results in late February/early March as I remember and just completed my consultation this week. As fascinating and insightful as my test results were, the consultation proved to be indispensable, even more informative and potentially life altering. The insights that Dr. Dhanani provides are imperative. As much as you think you may have gleaned from viewing your results, insight is taken to a whole other actionable level during the consultation.

    Which leads me to my follow up questions for Ben and this message board as I prepare for the next phase of taking the necessary healthy adjustments based on my results and consultation. Foremost, Ben, did you take Dr. Dhanani’s formulations? Do you still? And would you recommend his form of “treatment”? Why or why not? What do you question? And what would you add or subtract to Dr. Dhanani’s post test supplementation protocol? It seems like this is the crux of the podcast – do you still back/hold in high regard Dr. Dhanani’s method including his genomic test and also/therefore recommend his supplementation protocol?

    I am unaware, from what stems the conflict between the Centre and the DNA company? Two other comments of concern are the characterizing of the Centre as an “ethically questionable organization” and the suggestion that it is a “business going South”. What is the evidence in regards to these charges? Of course these comments are alarming and I would like to know more before I go forward with placing more of my confidence in the Centre and my results. I must reemphasize that my experience was everything I could have asked for = fascinating, insightful, actionable, and life altering as I make the lifestyle changes that will benefit my health based on the results. (Including for example getting some supplemental Vitamin D in my system as my genes are hopelessly useless in that regard.)

    So much of what we spend our hard earned dollars on is hope. Hope for a longer, healthier life. Hope in a bottle, hope in a pill, hope in a test. And with so many people taking advantage and ultimately selling us nothing but hope we come to rely on just and intelligent people other than ourselves to answer our hopes truthfully. There are few who do so and mistrust and skepticism runs deep in me. I have looked to Ben as just such a source and he has proven to be an accurate and dependable wellspring of information that has improved my livelihood by leaps and bounds. And like so many others, this podcast seemed to me like a hopeful and trusted route on the quest for optimal health I would humbly ask for further clarification where needed on what I feel is a promising step toward better health as suggested by the Centre.

  13. Michael Tobin says:

    After listening to the excellent podcast with Dr. Dhanani, in January 2019, I decided to order the DNA testing and consultation for my wife and myself. I paid $1360. As instructed, I sent the results to the DNA company in mid-February, and last week after not receiving any information from the Centre for Biological Medicine, I wrote two emails, one, at the beginning of the week, and one, at the end of the week. I have yet to receive a response.

    Just today I received a response from the DNA company. I quote:

    “As you may be aware, there has been some conflict between the Centre for Biological Medicine and the DNA Company. We understand that you are one of the individuals that have not received your reports and/or consults as of yet. We further understand that a source of concern is that there may be patients who have paid for their DNA test results and who have not been serviced or are otherwise continuing to have to wait for their results.

    We are writing to advise and confirm that, despite the conflict between the Centre for Biological Medicine and the DNA Company, that the DNA Company, at its own cost and through its own resources, will make available all reports along with a 30 minute consultation per individual for those who are awaiting their results through the Centre for Biological Medicine.

    In order to ensure that we can get your results and services to you, we ask that you please reply to this email with proof of purchase regarding your test order. A member of our administration team will then reach out with your reports as well as a calendar link through which you will be able to book a time slot for a genetic review.”

    In as much as you’ve endorsed Dr. Dhanani, I think you need to understand that despite his medical expertise he runs a very dysfunctional and ethically questionable organization. I stand to lose a significant amount of money based on your recommendation so I hope that you can intervene here and resolve this problem.

    BTW, I’m a medical professional, and, as such, I’m quite appalled by the total lack of professionalism from the Centre for Biological Medicine.

    Dr. Michael Tobin

    1. Michael Tobin says:

      I want to add the following to my last post: This is to Ben: Granted I didn’t carefully read all your responses embedded within the numerous comments and complaints about Dr. Dhanani, but from what I did read, I didn’t see any apologies or acceptance of responsibility toward your audience who have been hurt by the Centre for Biological Medicine’s incompetence, or even worse, fraud.

      I gather you didn’t properly vet him. As a respected health professional, who has a significant influence on his audience, I’m upset that you were not more proactive in addressing this. The only comment I saw was that you now recommend a different DNA company. There’s no explanation why you are recommending another company, and for those of us who spent a great deal of money without receiving any benefit, this is hardly a consolation.

      It makes me question your recommendations, especially if you have an affiliate relationship with the individuals or companies you recommend.

      Sorry, but this should never have happened, and, rather than your “important addendum” being a recommendation for another DNA company, the ethical thing to do would have been to have acknowledged what the problem was and take some responsibility for it.

      1. To clarify, Dr Dhanani was a business associate of the DNA Company (the maker of the Youtrients test)… Due to unforeseen differences, Dr Dhanani and the DNA Company have severed their ties, and now Dr Dhanani is offering different testing. It's certainly a unique situation, and one that I could not have anticipated. I apologize for the inconvenience and lack of clarity this situation presented. I still stand behind the science of the actual testing that each entity is doing.

        1. Jeff says:

          Ben, did you take Dr. Dhanani’s formulations? Do you still? And would you recommend his form of “treatment”? Why or why not? What do you question? And what would you add or subtract to Dr. Dhanani’s post test supplementation protocol? It seems like this is the crux of the podcast – do you still back/hold in high regard Dr. Dhanani’s method including his genomic test and also/therefore recommend his supplementation protocol?

          1. My boys and I did our testing with Dr Dhanani. We have integrated many of his recommendations; for instance we now take glutathione after discovering we don't produce it efficiently. We did not do his full supplement recommendations, as I was able to use the results and develop protocols around things we already have/use, but for many, it may be easiest to follow his recommended protocol.

    2. Andy says:

      Adding my experience as I understand the emotion on all of the replies here. I also sent in my test in January and emailed Youtrients multiple times. I also received the same letter as Dr Michael Tobin. I immediately sent DNA Company my proof of purchase and 2 days later I received two PDFs with a Genome report and a Hormone report. The report looks 99% the same as what Ben has posted. I since have transposed my results into a spreadsheet so I can summarize my info on one page. I will be scheduling a consult soon. I can’t speak for the unfortunate business conflict that must have happened, but I did get the genetic testing I paid for from the DNA Company with the advantages that I paid for (protected data in Canada, CNVs, indels, etc).

      I don’t want to be to hard on anyone (Centre, DNA Co, Ben, etc) because sh*t happens in entrepreneurial situations – as long as things turn out ok. Hope this helps others.

      1. Michael Tobin says:

        Thanks, Andy, I’ll most likely do the same as you since it seems that the DNA company is willing to take responsibility. I appreciate your kinder and more magnanimous way of looking at this situation. However, even when a business goes South, as I assume the Centre may have, it didn’t stop the Centre (Dr. Dhanani) from processing and accepting my credit card payment even though they never delivered on their legal and ethical obligations.

        At any rate, I’m glad you took a negative situation and found a reasonable solution for you.

        Best, Michael

  14. MP says:

    Has anyone been successful in getting a refund back from your bank for this testing? Did you just dispute the charges explaining that services were never rendered?

    I ordered the genetic test kit and sent it to the Center for Biological Medicine on December 28th. I have contacted them several times for my test results. They responded once saying that they were very backed up. Then I receive a very sketchy email from Dr. Dhanani offering a better test or a total refund. So I responded that I would prefer a total refund and asked how the refund process worked and no response. That was over four days ago. This is very frustrating as I was waiting patiently for these results. Also, it is a very expensive test so I hope that I am able to at least get my money back.

    1. Brent says:

      MP, I called my credit card company and disputed it. They asked a few questions, but it was relatively easy and my money was restored within a day.

    2. MP says:

      Thank you so much for responding Brent! That’s great news!

    3. Will says:

      My refund was just processed yesterday!!! Thanks goodness, what a hassle. I’m still on the fence whether to go through with the testing directly throughout the company or not. I feel so burned by the whole thing.

  15. Nathan says:

    Hello Ben,

    1. Would you still recommend DNAFit at this point?

    2. Is the Youtrients test really the most advanced genetic test available for the average consumer at this time?

    3. What are the pros and cons of Youtrients vs all the other options?

    Thanks a lot for the information you provide us!

    In health,


  16. Cam says:

    Hi Ben

    Can you comment on the email update I’ve recieved from Dr Dhanani?

    He’s offering either a full refund or to run a substitute test from a different company at no additional cost which he claims will include an additional 50 functional SNPs (this will require another kit to be sent). His website compares the new test against Youtrients here:…

    His email also speaks about the DNA company making false claims regarding his unethical practices.

    Are you able to provide an update? Do you still stand by your addendum?



    1. Brent says:

      I would very much like to hear an answer to this, as I just received a phone call from Dr. Dhanani’s office. It’s a huge red flag that there has been no contact from them for 4 months, and I’ve already contested the charge to my credit card. But we’d like to get this test done and some clarity from Ben would be very helpful.

  17. Tavo says:

    So does this statement
    “23andme uses “SNPS” which are not functionally relevant; they’re good for data collection and perhaps ancestry.”
    Mean that this here isn’t realiable.

  18. Brent says:

    I’m a little confused. Last December we paid the Center for Biological Medicine for my wife to be tested. I’ve emailed several times; some response early on, but now none. However, I believe Youtrients performed the actual test for The Center. I emailed them also. Last week they replied and told me to contact The Center, but gave no warning about concerns with the Center.

    So If I have this right, Ben originally recommended The Center. They used Youtrients for the testing. The Center is now NOT recommended, but Ben recommends using Youtrients for the same testing? I’m not upset with Ben. He provides an overwhelming amount of information and contacts to professionals. But it will make me leery of working with another person or company he interviews without more due diligence on my part.

    Going forward I will try to get my money back through my credit card, but I won’t hold my breath.

    1. Brent says:

      Thank you, Ben. I’ll contact Youtrients.

  19. Mike stevenson says:

    When we the addendum posted?

    Was a notification of the addendum sent out via the newsletter?

    How will the company know how to contact those affected?\


    1. Hana Mayeda says:

      HI Mike, I was affected by this too. I paid them over six weeks ago and have heard nothing… and now I can’t reach any person but the money was taken from my bank account last month. I’ve reached out to my bank as well as the company Ben mentions. I’m not sure how they would know who was affected unless Dr. Dhanani released our names and info. Maybe you can file a claim with your bank or credit card as well. Good luck.

      1. Mike stevenson says:

        I have not heard back from the DNA company but I only emailed them Sunday. If Ben and his team have posted the information above I believe that the DNA company will follow through on their side, which to be honest is going above and beyond. I think it is just going to take some time to figure things out. All things considered with them stepping up, a little patience is needed but it’s completely understandable when you are talking this amount of money.
        It would be nice for Ben and his team to post updates or create an email list to keep us up to date when they have information. While they are not directly responsible for what happened they are currently our only source of information.

  20. Thomas Shepard says:

    Also Weber ( treatment available only Germany and Thailand.

  21. Thomas Shepard says:

    Weber link above no good. Use Use Chrome browser which you can translate the
    German to English or your native language.

  22. Thomas Shepard says:

    Heavy Metals Test. Which one? There are many listed.

    1. I recommend the Direct Labs heavy metals test that is linked in the shownotes… The Weber treatment is currently only available in Europe, but here is the correct link:

  23. James Anderson says:

    You mentioned in a recent 2019 pod that you used a canadian company to do your testing. You said it so fast I couldn’t figure out what it was. Please share

    1. Gerald says:

      The name is Center for Biological Medicine.

      If you decide you want the testing be prepared to wait a long time. I started the process in early January and was told by them to not expect the results till the first week of April of 2019.

  24. Matt says:

    Just received my results last week – three months after ordering. Definitely NOT impressed and do not recommend. The insights gained are marginal compared to Promethease and similar services, which at about $10 are a small fraction of the cost.

    1. Julio says:

      I used Promethease and I was very pleased with the reports as compared to other services I have used. Comprehensive and detailed. Based on Matt’s comment and other comments below ( lack of instructions, no response, leght of time to get a response) I will not be ordering this. I almost did. I am glad I did not. I need to find a good practitioner that can go over the results with me. However Promethease reports are really useful ( I also have DNAfit and others)

      1. Here's a great resource for finding a good doctor:

    2. gerald says:

      Matt, I agree with you. The conversation between them and I has been less than impressive. Especially since the cost I paid upfront for the service. Even with other DNA testing groups that I purchased before I was kept aware of the timeline of the entire process. I finally contacted them today to see if they had even recieved my sample. I was told it will be over 3 months after contacting the company that I will have the results (I hope). I sent my sample in on Feb 4th and was told not to expect the results till first week of April. If Ben had not recommended the service and i had seen your comment I would have not moved forward. I can only hope the Dr. D consultation will be better than the service I have recieved so far.

    3. Mike stevenson says:

      Do you remember if the kit sent to you was a youtrients one or was it just a dna kit that had to be sent to texas?

  25. Gerald says:

    I too just got an email wanting all my information from my credit card, nothing else.

    has anyone recieved the testing kit since the podcast?

  26. Gerald Holbrook says:


    I just listened to the podcast and was very impressed. I am going to order the tests that you took along with the consultation. Do you still believe that they provide the best comprehensive analysis of your DNA? along with thier recommendations?

  27. Clover says:

    I filled up the form for the youtrients gene test and received a mail from [email protected]. They asked me for my credit card info, just wonder if it’s real?

  28. Adam says:

    “We know from our own experience that once genetic testing begins to scale, or if a company cannot keep up with demand, then the results are not always accurate.”

    Is Youtrients able to keep up with the demand following this podcast?

  29. Overall great podcast, thanks guys. I am a little skeptical on the suggestion that individuals prone to inflammation need to avoid high intensity exercise. To me, this is looking at “individual genes and ignoring factors from the rest of the body” which as stated early in the podcast is not scientifically valid method. We are not test tubes and operate in an open environment. I can understand this argument if we are talking about, for e.g. ironman, marathon, or triathalon. These lead to serious post event inflammation, even release of bacterial endotoxin and gut permeation. But this is NOT HIIT, this comparison was pretty quickly made. We know the body adapts to exercise induced inflammation by strengthening its own pathways that deal with pro inflammatory cytokines and immune activation, we know that this is actually necessary in order to experience beneficial adaptation to weight training and possibly HIIT aswell. There simply is no research to show that shorter high intense sessions (e.g. 15 mins of HIIT) is detrimental when we are predisposed to inflammation. I would argue these individuals NEED this time of stimulus to build their inflammatory resistance. But I’m certainly open to any points or arguments on this. Thanks guys.

  30. Hi Ben, really enjoyed this podcast.

    I too have sent a request for service and nothing back yet. So plan to re submit.

    The book recommended, BIOREGULATORY MEDICINE is great! One of my teacher, Dr Dickson Thom is part of the team of health experts who authored the book. What I love about this book is how it pulls together our natural rhythms with practical tools (diet, detox, and natural medicine) to re balance our bodies for life long health.

  31. Phillip Sullivan says:

    I got a email with a DHL prepaid label for shipping a Saliva sample but no instructions on how to package the saliva sample. Like do you spit in a bottle or what? No idea.

  32. Angelo says:

    Another incredible podcast guys! Thanks to Ben and Dr Dhanani for these amazing insights.

    If you’re using biofrequency therapies, do you still need the supplements?

    Many thanks,

  33. Justin Hannah says:

    I’m curious about the fact that I thought Ben was ApoE 3/4. In this genetic testing states that he is ApoE 3/3. Am I wrong? Thanks great info though 👍

  34. Denys Chen says:

    Dear Dr. Dhanani,

    Thank you for the great information shared on the podcast.

    I submitted my order form for all three services on your web page about 10 or 12 days ago. As of this moment I have not heard anything from your team yet, not even a confirmation of receiving my order. Maybe my order form did not go through? Please kindly advise when I can hear from you, or if you have received my order.

    Thank you for the great work and information.

    Denys Chen

    [email protected]

    1. Matt SImmons says:

      I am sure they overwhelmed with requests but has anyone received anything other than an email stating they would contact you for your address and payment? I received that email on 10/19.

      1. Denys says:

        I did not even receive an e-mail stating they would contact me later. I received nothing, period. It makes me wonder maybe my form did not get through to them. Maybe I should re-submit… Not a good customer experience…

      2. Matt says:

        I received a call on 11/5, they are swamped with orders.

    2. I have also reach out several times and no help.

  35. Anne says:

    Dear Ben, dear Dr. Dhanani,
    great talk, thanks for the opportunity to listen in.
    To my knowledge you are not talking about the same Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland.
    Swiss Mountain Clinic with Petra Wiechel (formerly Paracelsus Clinica al Ronc), Dr. Rau used to run another Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland:
    I am german orthopedic surgeon and ayurvedic therapist, curious and therefore in contact with dr. rupp who is running now the paracelsus clinic

  36. Rokas K says:

    Dear Dr. Dhanini,

    I loved this podcast and hands down it’s one of the most eye opening for me from what I’ve listened from Ben and others in health industry.
    Thank you!

    The Mora device got me very interested and you mentioned about it’s actual effectivness in your clinical practice. I have done some research on bioresonance therapy and unfortunately there aren’t many peer reviewed articles, especially recent ones. The most common attitude towards this kind of therapy is “quack science” or “woo woo”.

    I was wondering if you have got any resources that would speak otherwise. Maybe you have gathered some real cases from your experience? I am still quite sceptical about it since there are many frauds out there, which for instance “invert the frequencies of candida and kills it” sort of thing. Which to my current knowledge isn’t really possible.

    Your answer will be much appreciated on this!

    Thank you

  37. Rich says:

    As another user posted but was not replied to:

    Is your genetic testing a full scoping of the genome identical to Human Longevity? Can the data be uploaded to StrateGene or Promethease? Does the genetic report site specific studies as justification for the interpretations? Also how long does this Coupon Code last?

  38. Phillip Sullivan says:


    I signed up through this website to do the test and get monthly vitamins but haven’t heard back. It was about a week ago. Just wanted to make sure the submissions are going through on this website.



    1. Looking into this for you. I do know that they got inundated with requests following the podcast, so there is a bit of a delay with getting back to everybody.

    2. Dr. Dhanani says:

      Hello Phillip
      Apologies for the delayed response. I had been travelling to Europe and finally have my feet under me. I took a look at our system and although we received your sample on December 10th, we haven’t gotten the results from McGill as yet. As soon as we do, we will connect with you to go over the results AND then put together the supplements. The reason as to why I dont just manufacture the supplements without connecting and explaining the results is because knowledge is power. If you have for example a SNP called TCF7L2 which is a predisposing factor for diabetes, diet precludes supplements. You can make that lifestyle change immediately…

      In health

      Dr. D

  39. Christian says:

    Hurm, I filled out the form last week, put in the code and haven’t heard back. Is there a backlog?

    1. They got inundated with requests following the podcast. I've reached out to Dr. D and you'll be hearing from someone shortly. Sorry for the delay!

  40. Something to consider:

    DNA databases can send the police or hackers to your door, study finds

    “Genetic genealogy databases act like a GPS system for anonymous DNA,” one researcher said.…

    1. Terry says:

      This is true with the mainstream dna services. This service keeps your data private.

  41. Betsy says:

    Great podcast Ben, as usual… I found another provider that also runs Youtrience as Dr. Dhanani is obviously flooded with requests all at once after this podcast and unable to take on new orders which was bound to happen so I don’t hold it against Dr. Dhanani at all. But I have been trying to place my order with them for a week with not much reply back to my request so instead of waiting I found another provider.

    Her name is Holy Warner and her price for Youtrience is $350 and the consult to go over the report is $125. It is the same Youtrience genetic test that was invented by Dr Mansoor the same test the Dr. Dhanani uses. It won’t be Dr. Dhanani doing your consult but the test can be ordered right online through her shopping cart no need to wait for someone to call back to take your credit card number. If ordering in the US the cost is even less because of the exchange rate… so it was nice to see the proper exchange rate was used.

    Here is the link to order Youtrience from Holy Warner in Canada:…

    1. Betsy Maldonado says:

      NOTE: For those that want to order the Youtrience DNA test from Holly…. the only way to get the special pricing of $350 that she offers for the DNA test is to also commit to ordering the supplements at $199 per month. I totally want to try the supplements so this works very well for me… BUT if you only want the test without any supplements then the price for the DNA test is $550 CAD… so the final value will depend on your country of origin and the exchange rate.

      1. Dr. Dhanani says:

        Hello Betsy

        Thank you for the email. The Centre for Biological Medicine is diligently working on all orders. One concern which is a policy that I have always had implemented in the office is to answer any questions and receive credit card payments over the phone. Those that feel comfortable providing credit card details over the internet can feel free to do so but that is a personal preference so we are trying to personally connect with each individual person to get those details and answer each question. This takes a bit of time and although we are now only a bit behind, many listeners are from various countries that require shipping costs etc. So you patience is appreciated. The DNA Company has a policy that 12 months minimum must be adhered to for paying $350CAD. Otherwise the price is the same as we had stated $550CND or $400USD. The formula can be tweaked every 3 or even 6 months should the need be to the satisfaction of the doctor and/or end user. I hope that this helps in everyone decision…

        In health
        Dr. D

        1. Betsy Maldonado says:

          That is a great personal touch that is not offered by hardly any doctors which makes such a huge difference in a patients long term final outcome… I can’t begin to imagine how many people globally you have had to contact so it makes sense… Yes, Holly said tweaks can be done every 3-6 months as well.

        2. Betsy Maldonado says:

          Do you offer the $350 CAD with 12 months minimum plan as well Dr. Dhanani?

  42. Kelly says:

    Sorry, but I’m still not clear about what to do. I was planning to take the 23 and Me test. Does Dr Dhanani’s test fully replace this? I understand that it adds to the information but what does it not provide.

    Love your show!

    1. Dr. Dhanani says:

      Hello Kelly
      The Genomic test that is is provided is NOT a 23 and Me test. The 23 and Me test is a SNP test and is missing critical data and provides limited information that is relevant to your health. The genomic test that is provided by Dr. Dhanani and the DNA company is a replacement test for 23 and Me.
      I hope this helps…

      In health
      Dr. D

  43. Chris Farnden says:

    Dr. Dhanani, I have 4 year old twins, one boy and one girl. The boy was diagnosed to be on the ASD spectrum and is high functioning. He is really happy and curious. His major challenge is speech and communication. Do you have any experience in completing testing on people on the spectrum? If so, in your opinion would this genetic testing and supplementation be beneficial in helping my son overcome challenges in speech, short attention span etc. Any insight is much appreciated.



    1. Dr. Dhanani says:

      Hello Chris
      Yes, we do have experience dealign with ASD and not only utilizing functional genetic patterns (methylation, GSTP1) but also with lifestyle patterns. Consider doing the OAT testing (from Great Plains Labs) as the combination will tell us some of the expressions of the genes as well as any other relevant information (fatty acids, mitochondria, mould, bacteria, clostridia) that might compound the situation. Diet and lifestyle play a factor as well, as symptoms may be exacerbated with allergic foods.
      I apologize if my answers seem vague, but everyone is different and root causes thereby are also sought out individually.

      In health
      Dr. D

      1. Betsy Maldonado says:

        I love this answer because what was said is exactly spot on.

  44. drew fairman says:

    Did Dr. Dhanani mention that someone with Parkinson’s could get a shot of Glutathione and it would stop their tremors??

    1. Phillip Sullivan says:

      Yes but it has to be fresh unoxidized glutathione.

  45. Dr. Karim Dhanani,

    I applied on your clinic website for all of your three programs. I did this the day after your podcast. Then since I didn’t hear from you within the 48 Hours listed on your website I again contacted your website 2 days ago. I have yet to hear back from you and since there’s no email thread for me to know that you received my request it leaves me discombobulated.

    1. Justin G says:

      I did the same thing. No response.

  46. Larry says:

    I’ve been considering doing the PerkinElmer Genetics testing for myself family – very expensive. Members of my family struggle with apparent Lyme, mast cell issues & a host of other challenges. After listening to this exceptional podcast, I’m wondering if that test would be ‘incomplete’ and/or not as ‘deep & layered’ as I hope for. Would the testing talked about in this podcast similar or completely different? After spending multiplied thousands of dollars chasing root causes & solutions, I want to be careful about how I spend my money.

  47. Linda says:

    Excellent Podcast. I am so excited about the future of healthcare and genetic testing. I have done DNAfit and Habit but both have left me wanting just a bit more detail and direction. Does Dr. Dahani’s consultations take in account lifestyle and age? Thank you!

    1. Dr. Dhanani says:

      Hello Linda
      Thank you for the question. The genetic test does not take into account lifestyle nor age. However when we have our consultation I do take these items along with relevant history in order to provide you with direction as to what will work best for you and your genes. The previous tests that you have preformed is strictly about diet and exercise. This is much more comprehensive in your hormones, mental health, cardiovascular, detox and metabolism…

      In health
      Dr. D

  48. Susan Grant says:

    Hi Ben,

    I live in Switzerland. In this podcast you asked Dr. Dhanani if he knew the Paracelsus clinic in Switzerland. He said yes, and referred to Dr. Rau’s Paracelsus clinic which is in the German speaking Appenzel region of Switzerland. Dr. Rau is a very respected practitioner of biological medicine here and author of the book “Biological Medicine, The Future of Natural Healing”. His clinic also has a biological dentistry department which I have been to. However there are at least 2 Paracelsus clinics in Switzerland. Dr. Rau’s clinic and the Paracelsus Al Ronc which is the one I think you are going next summer. It is in the Italian speaking part of the country. I am not sure there is any association between these two clinics. Just so you know…..

    Love your podcasts and your work….

  49. Jodi says:

    I have a 40 year old relative with primary progressive MS. No treatments have been able to ward off the symptoms or the continued degeneration of nerves. What is your experience with conditions like primary progressive MS? Have you had any success in providing treatment for MS patients?

    1. Dr. Dhanani says:

      Hello Jody

      Its very kind of you to inquire about a family member. We need more kindness in the world…
      My first inclination (without providing a diagnosis) is to test for Lyme disease. I have a very large and active Lyme and confection patient base and many many of them with MS diagnosis are actually Lyme and confection cases.
      ARMIN Labs in Germany is my favourite testing lab. Choose the ‘tickplex’ panel.
      I hope this helps.

      In health

      Dr. D

  50. Mark says:

    Dr. D,

    Is your genetic testing a full scoping of the genome identical to Human Longevity? Can the data be uploaded to StrateGene or Promethease? Does the genetic report site specific studies as justification for the interpretations? Can I lock in this pricing for completion after January 1st when my FSA funds become available to disburse?

    Very informative and thought provoking conversation. Have you thought of doing your own podcast siting patient examples? I predict it would be wildly popular.


  51. Inalienablewrights says:

    Do your due diligence on genetic testing. It is highly likely that intelligence agencies get copies of most genetic testing. This is not a theory. Government has already been busted in several states, surreptitiously amassing huge databases on infants from the new born heel pricks, that they lie to you about the purpose of.

    1. Dr. Dhanani says:

      I totally agree. I wouldnt consider myself a conspiracist because what I believe is factual and real. Just not many people know about it. Fukushima is still leaking radiation (and we are still eating fish from that region), the word ‘devil’ in the dictionary should be replaced by ‘Monsanto’ and genetic testing using DTC testing especially with the platform of Google Genetics (which was originally created to gather information on genes) is on the public registrar. But it is not just for data collection… its for control. I have never completed my own DTC test because I prefer to keep my genes for myself, thank you very much. This test is in a University setting and your name never reaches the lab. It is just a number that gets to the lab. We connect the three pieces together (name and number and genes) at the company level. And although ALL firewalls can be broken by government (which is why the programming of code of firewalls need to be written a certain way) we try every way to keep your anonymity.

      1. Derek Z says:

        You truly are an amazing man, thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  52. Peter Pace says:

    Dr. D & Ben,

    Great podcast! This question is for both of your perspective expertises. While I agree that having a supplement formulation that is specific to an individual is how it should be, couldn’t this be counter intuitive like many multivitamin formulations (depending on isolated nutrients needed) being that many vitamins and minerals compete for the same transporters into the enterocyte for absorption? Also, is this competition for absorption considered in the suggested dosing (i.e. amount and # of times a day)?

    Thanks in advance!

    In Health,


    1. Dr. Dhanani says:

      Thanks for the question Peter

      I agree, most multivitamins, contain far too many ingredients that are not only poorly absorbed, but often contain stimulants not to mention are in the wrong form. The formula is usually dosed two times per day so as to not overwhelm the transporters (especially for vitamin D). The formula is then perfected by looking at the individuals age and weight as a 5 year old boy (at a weight of 40 lbs) needs less selenium than his 35 year old father weighing 165 lbs.
      Hope this helps

      In health
      Dr. D

  53. Alina says:

    Great episode, guys.. I think the MCT + ghee (bulletproof) coffee doesn’t work for me either – maybe because of this APOA2 you mention. It feels like i am gaining weight on a high fat diet, low carb diet. So avocados and other unsaturated fats (nuts, fish, olives, olive oil) would be ok and in what max % ?

    1. Dr. Dhanani says:

      Hey Alina

      Typically no more than 7-10% of total calories should come from saturated fat if you are suboptimal APOA2 genotype.

      In health
      Dr. D

  54. Todd says:

    You mentioned that you get recommendations regarding what type of food you should be eating like Ben should do a Mediterranean/Paleo…how does this differ from Eating for your blood type? Is their any correlation to blood type and what your dna is saying you should eat? Very interesting podcast

    1. Dr. Dhanani says:

      Hey Todd

      The genomic test is very different than eating for your blood type. Interestingly, Peter D’Adamo has delved into genetics with his fantastic program called Opus 23.

      In health
      Dr. D

  55. Robert Webb says:

    We filled out the form for services and haven’t received any feedback?

    1. Dr. Dhanani says:

      Hello Robert
      My apologies… we are a bit behind in the processing of the requests… we will be sending off the majority of the kits by Friday of this week and hopefully it will be received on your end by mid next week. Once your sample has been received, it will take approximately 7 weeks to get the results and the results will be forwarded to you immediately. If you have a consultation to interpret your results then one would have been booked with you once we received the sample. Thank you for your patience Robert.

      In health
      Dr. D

      1. Robert Webb says:

        It’s November 24 and have not received anything. I replied the email asking for credit card info and ship address. What’s up?

        Robert Webb

  56. Dave Fellows says:

    Ben, you might find it interesting to cross-reference your genetic report with the data found in You can upload your 23andme data to the site and it lists all the Genes and SNPs along with descriptive information, substances that increase or decrease that gene, potential fixes, associated diseases etc along with links to referenced studies. As Dr Karim pointed out, the 23andMe data isn’t necessarily the most accurate but that doesn’t effect the reference data in the SelfDecode database. I haven’t had the Youtrients test done yet but I’m going through your report and looking at my data in SelfDecode and it’s pretty interesting… I have a lot of yellow and red – like you! :( Will be interesting to see if the Youtrients results correlate once I get that test done.

    Thanks for the great episode and sharing your data!


    1. Lara says:

      Following! Also requesting Ben to respond. I’d like his take on SelfDecode as I too subscribe to it. I have not had a response from Dr. Dr. D’s office either – since Oct 7.

      1. Lara says:

        Ben — you’re the best! Just got an email from Dr. D so I’m all set — thanks for reaching out!!

  57. Amy Frye says:

    Dr. Dhanani,

    I submitted a request for the whole package 2 days ago. It stated that someone would call me within 24 hrs. I have yet to hear from anyone. Is there something wrong with Ben’s site?

    Thank you,

    1. Dr. Dhanani says:

      Hello Amy
      Your completely right.. The podcast was launched on our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend and when we go into the office on Tuesday we were inundated with hundreds of requests. We are soo thrilled and blessed but a bit behind in our responses. Please accept my apologies and someone from the front desk will respond to you and mail out the saliva kit by Friday and you should have it by mid next week. Once we receive the sample back it will take approximately 7 weeks to get the results. If you have a consultation request then a consultation will ensue hopefully within 2 weeks of receiving the results (as the consultation will be pre-booked once the samples have been received on our end).

      In health
      Dr. D

  58. William Knox says:

    Am i being trolled or is there no code for this discount? i keep going to the link to order the DNA test and its asking me for a code. There being a code is mentioned in the podcast and on this page multiple times but i cant find the actual code?

    1. William Knox says:

      Nvm I’m not smart. Maybe reading comprehension is genetic and ill find out about that in my test results

    2. It's listed on the Biological Medicine website, CBMBGF.

  59. Chris Patterson says:

    Friends; just a thought, if a human lacks a certain gene or has a particular gene, how much impact will that make – look at epigenetics, true. I heard recently that for all the genes a human carries about one percent of them are human so could it be if a bacteria (or a worm) has the missing gene then perhaps symbiotically we are all well? BTW this is the first comment I have ever left and a huge thank you to Ben, his family and the bigger team. Bit like the bigger picture I guess we work with the planet all will be well.

  60. Kelly says:

    I’m intrigued by your APOE status (3/3) since I’ve heard you mention in other podcasts that you carry the APOE4. Is there an explanation as to why this result is different? Makes me question my own results; I’ve done 23andme as well as having my genome sequenced through a different company ( I’m slightly confused about their methods and/or interpretations.

    1. Justin Hannah says:

      I am interested in this also. I thought Ben had said he was 3/4 but his results here say 3/3?? Why is that?

  61. Mishan says:

    I LOVED this episode and the depth and science of it. Curious, Ben: you mention you use the Freestyle Libre glucose monitor – is there an over-the-counter alternative to that (even if it means pricking fingers) that you’ve used and trust? Thank you!

    1. Lara says:

      Mishan, since Ben hasn’t responded yet (Oct 23) I’ll offer my experience. “The Gold Standard” for BG blood testing has historically been Abbott Labs Precision Xtra available in drug stores and online without a prescription. I’ve had mine for about 2 years. I’m not diabetic but my concern has been that I am above the “sweet spot” for BG test results which makes me a long term risk for Alzheimer’s according to Dr. David Perlmutter, the Empowering Neurologist and others. Strips are expensive so it’s not practical to test more than 2x daily. My complaint is that Abbott Customer Service says that a 15 point variation is “normal” for their device. That may be fine for a full-fledged diabetic whose numbers routinely exceed 200 but for me (former triathlete) looking for a number under 90 it’s a show stopper. Thus, I got my doctor to write me a prescription so I could buy the Abbott Freestyle Libre CFM which gives me the ability to test anytime without finger pricks. I had to pay cash because I’ve never been diagnosed with diabetes but at least I can easily see how food, sleep and stress affect my numbers. I read yesterday that there is a new model out that lasts 14 days and only takes an hour for startup. Hope this helps.

    2. Hi Mishan, sorry your comment was overlooked! I've used this in the past:

  62. Scott C says:

    Hi Dr. Dhanani, Thank you for all of this valuable information. I think I speak for several of Ben’s listeners when I say that it would be nice if these discounts were available in Canadian currency to avoid the 2.5 – 3.5 % fee for Canadians. Perhaps it would be benefiical to your company as well? Anyhow, I hope this is considered, great work and thanks again!

    1. Dr. Dhanani says:

      Thank you for the kind words Scott
      I agree, us Canadians are getting killed in the exchange rate. He are the Canadian prices:
      $550 for the Genetic test
      $300 for the consultation
      $249 for the supplements
      It actually works out to be a bit more expensive in Canadian currency because most of the ingredients are sourced from International or USA locations and the preferred currency of the world is USD…
      If you’d like to pay in Canadian dollars, just let us know when we connect with you and we can make that happen.

      In health
      Dr. D

      1. Scott C says:

        Thanks, if the ingredients is the reason for the higher price in CDN dollars than I can understand why the supplement cost would be more in Canadian dollars but I don’t understand the higher price for the Genetic test and Consultation. Nonetheless, I’ll likely just go ahead and purchase in USD.

  63. Emily says:

    My doctor offers the Weber IV laser in conjunction with high pass ozone therapy. The laser is put into the bottle and all the blood is exposed to it, as well as the ozone, and then infused back into the body under pressure. My experience is that it is a very strong treatment. In fact, it often causes an ocular migraine (so we have backed off on using it for ozone alone) which makes me scratch my head about vascular instability.

    Vascular instability also seems to explain most of why mold avoidance protocols work in the short term, but it seems far more beneficial to try to heal the vasculature directly rather than living in the desert in a metal box indefinitely.

    Finally, I wonder if this testing is able to characterize the RCCX module properly with all its CNVs and pseudogenes?

    1. Dr. Dhanani says:

      In my experience Ive found the SOD gene and GSTT1 gene to be associated with sensitivity to mould. If you have vascular inflammation, the byproducts of mould can be deposited on the inner lining of blood vessels causing you to have symptoms. There is a discussion happening now with the leading environmental expert in EMF to look at genomics to see why people are more sensitive than others, but the results are a long ways away from being publicly available.
      Curious, the WEBER laser IV is a direct infusion, but in your post you mention that the laser is put into a bottle? Maybe you are thinking of UV laser perhaps? ULVX system?

      In health
      Dr. D

  64. Nas says:


    Once we purchase the genetic test do we have the option to receive the RAW data along with the Youtrients report? I’ve been holding off using 23 and me for the reasons initially mentioned in the podcast.Thank you for your time.

    1. Dr. Dhanani says:

      Hello Nas
      One of the concerns is the vast number of SNP’s can mimic each other, so there is no actual RAW data. We are only testing relevant functional genes that are related to health.

      In health
      Dr. D

  65. Keith says:

    Dr. Dhanani or Ben,

    Is it possible to use my FSA(flex spending account) from my insurance to pay for the Test/Consultation/ and or Supplements.



    1. You'd probably have to talk to your health insurance company about that.

  66. Dev says:

    In the podcast you mention the error rates of D2C testing like 23andMe, I’m curious what the error rate is for Dr. Dhanani’s version of genetic testing? I’m also curious if there are other companies or clinics that are offering more thorough DNA testing, or if the Centre for Biological Medicine is the first and only?

  67. Matthew Hannan says:

    Ben, i know you have spoke of giving your children Glutathione. I currently take the Alms Bio along with many other products that you have suggested that make sense for me. I have a nine year old daughter and obviously want her to be as healthy(hopefully more) as i am. But i am always timid of giving her supplements due to not wanting to hurt or adversely affect her health in this critical stage of her life. Can you link or create if not present some info on what more we can do for our kids. I think taking part in the same practices wether that be workouts or supplements is best to be done as a family. Thanks Ben and keep up the great work.

    1. David Putterman says:

      I am curious about this too.

  68. Rita Maguire says:

    Incredibly fascinating podcast with Dr Dhanani and I will definitely be ordering the test providing I can engage in the process from the UK . In the meantime I’ve been having glutathione IV monthly but I’m now wondering is this a waste of money and can Ben or Dr Dhanani recommend a gluctathione that can be taken orally they believe works

    1. Dr. Dhanani says:

      Hello Rita
      Not to try to oversell the genetic test, but why not test to see if you can recycle glutathione? If you are missing the GSTT1, GSTM1 genes, then you need occasional glutathione IV. Just a thought.

      In health
      Dr. D

      1. Rita Maguire says:

        Hi Dr Dhanani
        Thank you for your reply, sensible!! i have emailed your site twice now as i’m really keen to get going with the test but as yet not had a reply. kind regards

  69. Andrea Murray says:

    Dr. Dhanani or Ben,

    Can either of you recommend a credible source in the US for purchasing glutathione powder for injection?

    Thank you!

    1. Jess says:

      I am also curious about this…I listened to Ben’s podcast on glutathione IVs, but now after hearing Dr. Dhanani talk about this powder form, I’m wondering if you know of anyone in the San Diego area who gives these kinds of glutathione IVs.

  70. Dale Myers says:

    I have been interested in health and fitness for a while although when I ruptured my ACL in the military 8 years ago and 3 years of therapy I became very depressed and still have complications. I’ve had 5 ingroinial surgeries and now have wire mesh. I am 47, did the Dr. Pompa detox earlier this year, lost 18 lbs now weigh 147 lbs. I felt this podcast really hit home. Furthermore, I did a 23andMe test twice with inconclusive results. I have no idea about my geneology since I was adopted. It sounds like this testing, consultation and protocol might get me on a better path. I am super excited what might lie ahead. Thanks Ben for sharing your results. I look forward to learning more and gaining the confidence to share health tips to others.

  71. glenn ricci says:

    It was great podcast, very informative, its great to know to have someone in my own back yard, being 60 mins outside toronto, I am excited to see someone. With much of the podcasts focused on many Drs in the US, this excites me know i can take my family to Dr Dhanani. WIth our health care system up here and our insurance coverages, i wonder if we canadians can get any coverage?

    Thank you


    1. Dr. Dhanani says:

      Thanks Glenn
      If you’re in Canada, you might have extended health coverage…

      In health
      Dr. D

  72. LAURIE Coreno says:

    Is this available to someone who lives in New York?

    1. Dr. Dhanani says:

      Hello Laurie
      NewYork is an interesting place for genetic testing. Technically a doctor cannot order a genetic test for their patient, but an individual can order it for themselves… So it should absolutely be no problem at all to order the tests.

      In health
      Dr. D

  73. Danella Kaafar says:

    Is this available to people outside the USA and Canada? I’m in New Zealand. I couldn’t find that answer in the webpage. Thanks :)

    1. Dr. Dhanani says:

      Hello Danella
      We have patients all over the world so Kiwi’s are no problem!!!

      In health
      Dr. D

      1. Dave Fellows says:

        Great, me too! :)

      2. Danella Kaafar says:

        Wonderful. Thank you. Second question. I’ve had two babies born with tongue tie, the second significantly worse than the first. I assume that’s a genetic problem with my husband and I. Once I know the problem is that something that I could prevent happening with subsequent babies with the right advice?

        1. Dr. Dhanani says:

          Hey Danella
          Although I tend to stay away from saying ‘this symptom is caused by a dysfunction in this gene’ there is a strong correlation between a SNP called MTHFR. But there are also epigenetic variations. Please see the link from Ben Lynch (who has also been on our Ben’s podcast in the past) wrote:

          Hope this helps. There are also many many lifestyle and supplants that can be utilized to prevent and augment this in the future.
          In health
          Dr. D

      3. Mihai says:

        Perfect. Then I assume Romania can also be put on the testing map :)

  74. Dre says:

    How can we develop a stronger intuition of what lifestyle is most healthful or help others do so for themselves?

    On your podcast with Dr. Dhanani, he informed you that the 9P21 gene that indicates you shouldn’t engage is some specific types of exercise that increase vascular inflammation. You’ve mentioned several times in previous podcasts that you have reduced your over exercising, and instead you are incorporating movement consistently throughout the day, so maybe this was a truth you already had realized but maybe didn’t believe was ideal?

    Wouldn’t using the feedback you receive from being yourself everyday be the most useful and accurate as long as you could learn to listen to the part of you aiming to be the healthiest version of you?

    How much do you rely on your gut feeling to make choices rather than external data?

    Thanks for providing such a rad podcast!

    1. Dr. Dhanani says:

      Hello Dre
      Beautiful question. Thank you. All the questions on these posts are educated and informed. Ben has an amazing audience!!
      Although I am a firm believer in energy medicine and lecture on that topic I would ask one simple question. Can you feel mild/moderate high blood pressure? Or the future risk of having high blood pressure? How about the increase in the 4OH estrogen (that is linked to hormone dominant cancers and brain inflammation?). One usually feels that when symptoms have already appeared. What about the vitamin D transportation? Crap… that was more than one question, but you get my point. I understand the executive function, and exercise intensity and its relationship to internal contentedness … but this test goes beyond that in my opinion.

  75. Kyle says:

    Is it possible to plug the $400 report into existing tools like promethease to help me interpret the raw data? Or will I need a consultation to make sense of the data?

    Thanks for the very interesting podcast.

    1. Lara Butler says:

      I also use a (different) service that provides reports from raw data, so interested in the answer to this question.

  76. Dr. Dhanani says:

    Thank you for your comment Anthony. Functional genomics play an important role in optimizing ones health and I feel that looking at our health from this perspective is necessary. Regarding the cost, please consider the following: 1. The formulation is customized specifically for you and can contain up to 26 different ingredients. 2. The formulation can take several days to manufacture as it is very labour intensive and is NOT mass produced. 3. It is manufactured in a GMP certified lab and the ingredients are of the highest quality and purity. 4. It includes a very high quality fish oil as well.

    Personally, I used to take 11 different bottles of supplements regularly but now it is all encompassed (and more) into one formula so it actually saved me $$. But as always, you could also pick and choose which off the shelf supplements you’d like based on your genetic results.

    Also please remember that the supplements are NOT the only way to improve your genetic expression…. lifestyle factors (diet, exercise, mental awareness) are just as important.

    1. Matt says:

      Dr. Dhanani, thanks for the information. Can you tell us what the 26 ingredients are (not so that one would go out and purchase them, which would be inappropriate and not targeted, of course), but just so I can assess the value proposition? I take all kinds of different supplements, and am trying to weigh the suitability of your program in that context.

  77. Justin says:

    Fyi, on the Youtrients website the $920 price includes the $300 consultation so you’re not getting a 50% discount when you buy the test through this site. They’re not comparable packages. I think that may be a mistake in your description here. Thanks for the great episode.

    1. Dr. Dhanani says:

      You’re totally right Justin. If I recall correctly, at the time of the podcast, the consultation cost was a separate charge. However now, it is included, so with Ben’s code you’d be getting a 30% discount rather than the 50% discount. Apologies for the oversight.

      In health
      Dr. D

  78. Brian Potter says:

    I see that you’re using Almsbio glutathione. Short of having the option of doing IV, it looks like a solid product (added CoQ10 is a nice bonus). I’ve been using KofFactor liposomal glutathione for quite a few months now. You were a big supporter of that product, do you now endorse Almsbio as a better option?

    1. They're both solid products.

  79. Dave Pascoe says:

    Is a consultation necessary to understanding one’s Youtrients results?

    1. Dr. Dhanani says:

      Hey Dave
      The report that comes with the genetic test does explain each gene and its effect on the body, so general understanding would be provided. However if you find that not enough and you want to go through a deep dive then a consultation would be better as I can link various genes together and provide a summation of what you’d need to look out for… but you can decide this when you get the report sent to you. There is no obligation to get a consultation…

      In health
      Dr. D

  80. Shehina says:

    Great podcast! Very informative. I’ve had the genetic test done and am currently taking the supplements. The test provided me with valuable information about my functional genetics

  81. Brandi says:

    If you have already paid for the 23 and me testing for genetics and health, what is the best tool to use to capture some of the other elements not provided by the 23 and me? In previous podcasts you have mentioned other companies but as an average consumer who is not familiar enough with the medical understanding needed to process some of the data, what are the ones that specifically accept 23 and me data and will give a comprehensive but understandable report as to what to eat based on genetics, how to exercise, caffeine consumption, etc. I appreciate the time and dedication you give to providing a variety of information on your podcasts

    1. Markus says:

      I would add to that, Brandi, and would look for services that can re-process your 23andme raw data, to give you deeper insight into for example which supplements work for you.

      1. Dr. Dhanani says:

        Just note that these SNP’s are mostly taken in isolation (not functional) and most direct to consumer (if not all) technology DO NOT test for CNV’s or INSERTION/DELETION genes (do you have one copy or two — which is the difference between 50% function or 100% function). So you are getting an incomplete picture for the most part.

        In health
        Dr. D

  82. Ron says:

    Great podcast and thanks for sharing your results Ben. Do you know if the discounts being offered will expire, and if so, when?

    1. Should be around for a bit, but I wouldn't wait too long.

  83. Anthony Seddon says:

    surely Ben the 9P21 gene will be able to be edited out of ones DNA using gene therapy??

    1. Anthony Seddon says:

      if not now within a short time with the advancement of technology in the field such as CRSP

    2. Dr. Dhanani says:

      Hey Anthony.
      We are probably decades away from that technology. Additionally the 9P21 gene is not just one gene, but a locus of several genes that are measured together to determine vascular inflammation. Consequently, a negative domino effect would ensue…

      In health

      Dr. D

      1. Jennifer says:

        Dr. Dhanani,
        If I submitted an inquiry to work with you through Ben’s link above on Tuesday the 16th of October, when do you think I might hear back?

  84. Walter says:

    Awesome stuff. Keep your chin up Ben! Sounds like you’re not quite not superhuman, but clearly you’ve doing everything

    to maintain yourself!

    1. Walter says:

      Just to be clear, my deep respect for you Ben. Your dedication to helping first yourself and us. Very generous for you to share your
      own health state for us. You are a true leader and a living example of what hopefully will be the norm for all people in the future. People take better care of their cars than they do their own well-being albeit a cool car makes one feel better.

      1. Dr. Dhanani says:

        Hey Walter
        You are absolutely right!! Ive had several conversations with Ben and had the unique experience of working out with the man. Fit as can be and after studying his genetics I was even more impressed.

  85. Anthony Llabres says:

    Interesting podcast for sure. $199 a month for supplements..??? Is that correct? WOW… a tad on the RICH side wouldn’t you say..? I really enjoyed the perspective he offers, which prompts me to THINK at an entirely different level about health and wellness.

    1. Lara Butler says:

      Anthony, I’ll counter your observation on cost/value with my experience. I’m a former iron-distance triathlete who has suffered now predictable (in hindsight using the information in this Podcast and from Mark Sisson) health setbacks that put me in the hospital and forced me to stop working and travel. During the past 2 years I paid thousands of dollars to an athlete-focused coaching service with medical expertise on staff. They ran many tests ($3,000) and encouraged genetic testing so I ordered 23andMe testing with 2 different interpretation services. I’ve tried a refrigerator full of supplements. After less than 18 months they fired me saying they had reached the end of their ability to help me. I still can’t travel or go back to work. If CBM / Dr. Dhanani’s approach proves to be as effective and efficient as Ben describes in his experience, it will be less expensive for me!

    2. glenn ricci says:

      If you saw my cupboard you would say i was supplement junkie always trying to see what works? then my wife continually reminds i am not as fit as Ben lol. I would say in my perspective $199US is a good deal and would eliminate a lot of what i think i need?
      to your health my friend!

    3. Dr. Dhanani says:

      Thank you for your comment Anthony. Functional genomics play an important role in optimizing ones health and I feel that looking at our health from this perspective is necessary. Regarding the cost, please consider the following: 1. The formulation is customized specifically for you and can contain up to 26 different ingredients. 2. The formulation can take several days to manufacture as it is very labour intensive and is NOT mass produced. 3. It is manufactured in a GMP certified lab and the ingredients are of the highest quality and purity. 4. It includes a very high quality fish oil as well.
      Personally, I used to take 11 different bottles of supplements regularly but now it is all encompassed (and more) into one formula so it actually saved me $$. But as always, you could also pick and choose which off the shelf supplements you’d like based on your genetic results.
      Also please remember that the supplements are NOT the only way to improve your genetic expression…. lifestyle factors (diet, exercise, mental awareness) are just as important.

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