Could This Molecule Be The Next Darling Of The Anti-Aging Industry? A Fascinating Geranylgeraniol (GG) Discussion With Dr. Barrie Tan.

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About two years ago, I had a fascinating podcast discussion with Dr. Barrie Tan, titled “Why Your Vitamin E Supplement Could Be Harming You (& The “One Plant Wonder” Alternative That Could Be The Single Most Powerful Molecule If You’re Stranded On A Desert Island).”

During that discussion, Barrie briefly alluded to a special molecule he was deep in the throes of researching, a molecule that he was convinced could be one of the greatest new compounds that humankind has ever discovered for full-body health. Your body makes this thing on its own, but your levels drop significantly with age, and thus there are remarkable longevity benefits as well as benefits for muscle protein synthesis, testosterone and hormone regulation, CoQ10 synthesis, and overall structural support for the body, along with a reduction in the risk of age-related physical decline.

The name of this molecule is geranylgeraniol, also known as “GG,” and it could very well be the next supplement Barrie would take to a desert island. After interviewing him, I'm certainly convinced it has great promise and I now plan to start taking it to assess results for myself.

Dr. Barrie Tan is a research scientist with a Ph.D. in Chemistry and Biochemistry. For the last 35 years, Barrie has immersed himself in the world of vitamin E (particularly from Annatto) and is considered one of the world’s foremost experts credited with discovering a molecule called “tocotrienol” from three major natural sources. That was the topic of our last podcast, which is very much worth a listen, as the molecules we discuss in that show pair with GG like, well, turkey and cranberries.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-The one supplement you should have if stuck on a desert island (Intro with Jonathan Lizotte)…04:06

-Why Dr. Tan has used tocotrienol for over 30 years…09:15

-How Dr. Tan discovered a new nutrient alongside vitamin E…12:25

-Why we need to care about this if our bodies make their own GG…17:50

-Specific functions of GG…22:05

  • GG acts as scaffolding to support amino acids as they build proteins
  • Protein molecules are very large compared to other molecules
  • All GG studies are currently performed on animals
  • GG prevents statin from damaging muscles
  • Statin directly inhibits GG synthesis
  • For someone on statin, take a supplement that has GG and CoQ10 together (use code BEN15 to save 15%)

-How the endocrine system relates to GG…26:39

  • Recent discovery of Japanese scientists that GG increases testosterone and progesterone
  • Designs For Health Annatto-GG can be used for the general utility to increase testosterone for performance
  • Progesterone is now used in men for anxiety treatment and in children for ADHD
  • Adrenaline Dominance by Michael Platt
  • DUTCH test
  • GG to testosterone connection was discovered just 2 years ago
  • Dr. Tan takes Designs For Health Annatto-GG to mitigate muscle problems caused by statin for high cholesterol

-Bone health, vitamin K, and GG…33:18

-Forthcoming clinical studies of GG on humans…43:31

  • 115 mg to 300 mg per day dosing, based on animal studies transposed to humans
  • Designs For Health Annatto-GG is oil and fat-soluble; recommended to be taken with a meal
  • Here are the three upcoming clinical studies:
    • People taking statins, with confirmed myopathy; to see how GG will reduce muscle damage
    • Improvement of testosterone and libido
    • Exercise science to measure muscle force and output
  • No reason to take if you're 20 years and younger; pregnant women should abstain
  • 30 years and older and absolutely needed for people 60 years and older

-Supplements you can stack with GG…46:13

  • Designs For Health MyoStim (also with GG)
  • Muscle building: combine with things that are muscle building
  • Muscle damage, such as from statins: combine with CoQ10 – Designs For Health CoQnol combines GG with CoQ10 (use code BEN15 to save 15%)
  • For libido stimulation: LibidoStim
  • Bone health – combine with vitamin K: ADK Evail
  • GGG: Geranylgeraniol Glutathione; our cells quietly make this to preserve the mitochondrial function
  • GGG protects the liver and helps treat diseased livers

-Edible and non-edible plants which contain GG…50:39

  • Lipstick plant is the same as the annatto plant; Bixa Orellana is the scientific name for the plant
  • Annatto products from Designs for Health; Annatto-E GG
  • The plant is used in Filipino cuisine
  • There is a small amount of GG in tomatoes (lycopene)
  • Plants use tocotrienol as self-protection; not meant for human benefit

-Additional supplements to consider in regards to longevity and anti-aging…56:17

-Dr. Tan's personal diet and exercise habits…1:01:15

-And much more!

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9 thoughts on “Could This Molecule Be The Next Darling Of The Anti-Aging Industry? A Fascinating Geranylgeraniol (GG) Discussion With Dr. Barrie Tan.

  1. Kristen says:

    So interesting! If someone is deficient in Vitamin E will the tocotrienol be a better source to take?

  2. Why are there so many contradictions about Resveratrol? Peter Attia had a guest who said it is not effective.

  3. Hunt Smith says:

    Wonderful podcast as usual. Really interested to experiment with GG and more importantly, want to get this in the hands of my father who is on a statin. Most of the links don’t work and the Designs by Health website seems to be for “practitioners” only. How do we get our hands on GG? Would also be interested in a follow-up show with Ian Mitchell. David Sinclair’s recent commentary on antioxidants being determiental from a longevity perspective – referring to the Huberman Pod – seems to run counter to what Ian has experienced with his research on C60. I hear Ian and David are in touch, so I’m sure they’ve discussed this very topic. Would be interesting to learn more. Thanks.

  4. Christopher Shaffer says:

    Found the discussion of Annattoo fantastic. I cooked with it for the first time just before Christmas because my girlfriend wanted to make hallacas (basically a venezuelan tamale).

    Part of the process involves creating a paste from Annattoo to be placed on top of the masa before anything else is added.

    The process was a bit odd to me, since it didn’t impart much flavor, but after hearing this it makes a ton of sense.

  5. greg says:

    Hi, Ben when you are working out its very hard to listen to. Distracting and I decided to turn it off.

  6. Nancy lucero says:

    Hello! What is the tocotrienol plus gg combination product to buy?

    Is it the same as the annato-gg?

    1. Larry says:

      What is the difference between

      Annato-gg and Annato E gg?

      I want to order one. Don’t they both have the E?

  7. Jane says:

    Happy New Year Ben, thank you for your wonderful contribution to physical, emotional and spiritual health.
    Deeply grateful for your website.

  8. Terri Dermo says:

    Hi Ben, I just listened to the podcast with Dr. Barry Tam. I clicked on the link to purchase Annatto E-GG, go to checkout but I can’t choose any other country but US (I’m in Canada). Is there a different link I need? Thanks!

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