How Musicians Stay Fit, Why Meditation Is Crucial, Should You Try To Live Forever, Shroomies & More With Mike D Of The Beastie Boys.

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Michael Louis Diamond, better known as Mike D, is an American rapper and founding member of the hip hop group Beastie Boys.

The Beastie Boys have sold more than 20 million records in the United States, have had seven platinum-selling albums, and were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

As part of the Beastie Boys, Diamond rapped, sung, and played drums.

In 1979, Mike D co-founded the band The Young Aborigines. In 1981, Adam Yauch, aka MCA, a friend and follower of the band, became their bass player, and on the suggestion of their then-guitar player, John Berry, the band changed their name to the Beastie Boys. By 1983, Adam Horovitz (Ad-Rock) joined, and the Beastie Boys sound began to shift away from punk to hip hop.

A friend of theirs, and former podcast guest of mine, New York University student Rick Rubin (aka “DJ Double R”)—who first introduced me to Mike D—was an early turntablist for the Beastie Boys before becoming a world-renowned record producer and label mogul.

Mike D is a well-known contributor to the genre of rap music, but even the biggest Beastie Boys fans may not know that he has a strong spiritual practice, incorporating transcendental meditation, Tibetan Rites (a new addition we discuss!), yoga, and more into his daily routine.

During this discussion, you'll discover:

-Ben and Mike D talk about how music relates to health…06:30

-Mike's first experience with the 5 Tibetan Rites…14:20

  • The Eye Of Revelation: Ancient Anti-Aging Secrets Of The Five Tibetan Rites by Peter Kelder
    • Ben's Morning Energy Flow
  • Setting an intention with each movement
  • 6th rite was designed for monks who are practicing celibacy
  • 1st: Spinning counterclockwise
  • 2nd: Raising and lowering the head and legs
  • 3rd: From knees, leaning backwards and pulling forwards
  • 4th: Tabletop
  • 5th: Upward and downward dog

-How Mike dealt with the physically demanding nature of performance and touring…19:10

-How the discovery of yoga led Mike D to a new consciousness of health…33:00

-Ben and Mike's discussion on healthy habits during family time …40:15

-How Mike's meditation practice has evolved and what it looks like now…42:35

-Mike D's morning routine…46:45

-What Ben said when Mike quizzed him on the best adaptogenic mushrooms…52:20

  • Four Sigmatic Mushrooms
    • Turkeytail and Chaga for the immune system
    • Melanin in Chaga acts similar to Methylene Blue
    • Reishi for relaxation
    • Lion's Mane is for mental energy and Cordyceps for physical energy
  • Homegrown mushroom growing kits

-Mike's pet peeve about anti-aging…53:30

  • We're all going to age and the negative connotation of the word “anti”
  • The trans-humanistic, let's live forever idea is unhealthy and unrealistic
  • Responsibly implementing a well-balanced anti-aging routine allows us to ‘do more and do better'

-Why having children may result in less of an “anti-aging obsession”…58:20

  • The desire to maintain mobility and health increases when we have kids
  • Watching his kids surf helps Mike stay in the present moment
  • Some of Mike's favorite anti-aging techniques

-The “non-negotiables” for Mike's spiritual and physical health…1:03:55

-And much more…

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19 thoughts on “How Musicians Stay Fit, Why Meditation Is Crucial, Should You Try To Live Forever, Shroomies & More With Mike D Of The Beastie Boys.

  1. Brad Boone says:

    Beastie Boys!! After all these years still listening to them. Nice to hear Mikes not drinking to much Brass Monkey these days 😊😊. Stay blessed!!

  2. Esteban says:

    I disagree with comments about Ben interrupting. I am a huge Beastie Boys fan but Mike D just kept rambling on. It took him so long to comeback to the original question. If Ben didn’t re-direct the interview would have just turned into a monologue. Much love for Mike D but he needs to learn about social calibration.

    1. Glad to hear your point of view, thanks Esteban!

  3. Dale P Daubenmeyer says:

    Hi Ben – Discount code for powerdot isn’t working.

    1. Hey Dale! Powerdot was recently acquired by another company so we're working with them to get this fixed. Thank you for pointing this out and for your patience!

  4. Chris says:


    Your discount code for earthrunners (BENG10) is no longer valid, I want to support the podcast so would be good if you could get a new one.


    1. Hey Chris, thanks for bringing this to my attention! The new code is BENG5 for 5% off

  5. no one asked me says:

    It’s Tamra Davis, not Tamara

  6. B. says:

    This was really fun to listen to — but Ben, with all respect, you have to let your guests answer the questions without always interrupting or worse, trying to one up them. Especially when you have a guest like this, who has led such an interesting life.

    1. Laura Degnan says:

      So agree! The interrupting was painful.

    2. Marty says:

      I came here to say that exact thing. I get that he’s trying to move the conversation along, but when both are talking I hear neither.

    3. Jim says:

      Ya’ll new to the show?

      1. Laura Degnan says:

        Hahaha true! This one was particularly bad. I had to turn it off.

    4. Sushi says:

      I came to say the same thing. We’re all devoted listeners to you, Ben, so there’s no reason to interrupt with comments like “…a lot of people don’t know this…” when yes, yes we do, you’ve mentioned it before. I fully understand that you’re trying to just have a genuine conversation with your guest, but not everyone goes on your show to learn/hear things you’ve discussed before. I listen to your guests to learn what THEY have to say, not to hear you reiterate what you’ve already said 5 times in the last 4 episodes. And especially not to hear you interrupt a world-renowned human being every other sentence. You should get one of your kids to sit in on your podcasts and mute your mic when it’s not your turn to speak, since you’ve mentioned they’re so good at the “Chameleon” game.

      God bless, brother.

      1. It’s not an “interview”. It’s two people shooting the sh*t and having a conversation! That’s the way folks talk to one another. For NPR style formal interviews, I recommend formal shows such as Terry Gross or Alec Baldwin. ;) In my podcast, I talk with my friends while there’s a mic on. It’s a dynamic conversation, not a soapbox.

        1. B. says:

          Appreciate that Ben – but try to take this is constructive criticism. We’re all familiar with more conversational formats in this world of podcasts. I think the problem was you kept cutting him off and “one-upping” him. Also, it’s less than honest to pretend you’re not asking him questions. Be a little humble, dude. We’re not attacking you. We all like your info.

          1. noted, thanks man!

  7. susan anderson says:

    I just want to say thank you for this favorite podcaster and member of my favorite band together? I’m so happy 😃 great episode once again

    1. Glad to hear you enjoyed it Susan!

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