A Field Trip To A Cutting-Edge Biohacking Facility That Treats Your Body As An Electrical Machine, With Dr. Beth McDougall & Mark Hinds of Jyzen.

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In a previous podcast episode with Dr. Beth McDougall entitled “The Future Of Biohacking Fitness, Longevity, Recovery & More With Beth McDougall.”, Beth and I discussed a fascinating Bay area biohacking facility that she co-founded called “JYZEN“.

JYZEN is a complete wellness destination service where integrative medicine, resonance science, and technology come together.

At JYZEN, there is an unrivaled array of fitness and longevity technologies under one roof to provide access to the best, proactive health and anti-aging science the world has to offer, helping patients and clients chart their personal paths through carefully curated and coached lifestyle design, powered by a medically supervised and data-driven approach. Their services include a biometrics lab, soundwave and electromagnetic medical technologies, hot and cold plunge pools, biomechanical movement assessments and corrections, a suite of hyperbaric oxygen chambers, red light beds, bodywork and massage, IVs, peptides, neurological and brain optimization, meditation chambers, Vasper (Stack Cold Thermogenesis, Blood Flow Restriction & Grounding With High Intensity Interval Training For Massive Cardiovascular & Hormonal Gains, With VASPER Inventor Peter Wasowski.) and ARX (The Most Efficient Exercise & Muscle Triggering Machine I’ve Ever Used – Massive Strength Building Results In Just 15-20 Minutes Per Week – With Mike Pullano of ARX.) machines, and a suite of medical services for health, longevity, recovery and more.

After interviewing Beth and visiting JYZEN a couple of months later, I was so impressed with the facility and the deep knowledge of “resonance technologies” that Beth's partner Mark Hinds had that I recently returned to record an interactive and very intriguing podcast at the JYZEN facilities, which you'll get to experience in this episode.

So, who are Beth McDougall and Mark Hinds?

Beth McDougall, MD has been in medical practice since 1998 and is Founder and Medical Director of CLEAR Center of Health. Founded in 2002, CLEAR offers the best of Western Medicine in conjunction with Naturopathic, Functional, European Biological, and Ayurvedic Medicine, as well as the latest advances in Unified Field Physics.

Beth is known as a pioneer influential in integrating Complementary Alternative Medicine into Western Medical Academia. As a medical student at the University of Minnesota, she organized a recurring series called Bridging the Gap – the first of its kind, where she invited well-known thought leaders on Integrative Medicine to speak at her medical school. After an Internal Medicine residency at the U of M, Beth entered private practice in 1998 at the San Francisco Preventive Medical Group, the oldest Integrative Medicine Practice in the Country. In 1998, she was among the very first group of physicians to go through Functional Medicine training in the US. She opened her own clinic, CLEAR Center of Health in 2002 in Mill Valley, CA. Beth excels at unraveling complex, multifactorial conditions and specializes in helping patients with chronic illness and neurodegenerative diseases. She has a master's certificate from the Academy of Intuition Medicine®, was one of the first U.S. doctors to practice Bioresonance Analysis of Health (BAH), an advanced evaluation system using quantum principles, and one of a few U.S. practitioners of ACMOS, a quantum medicine energy balancing treatment.

Beth is Chief Medical Officer of Resonance Technologies Group health portfolio: Divina, Sonaphi, Sourcewave, and Aeon – companies with energetic diagnostic and healing technologies based in resonance physics. She sits on the advisory board for The Academy of Intuition Medicine, Energy Medicine University, and the scientific advisory board for the Resonance Science Foundation.

In her groundbreaking book, Your Pristine Blueprint, Beth shares her passion for holistic health and what she calls “your pristine blueprint.” This blueprint shapes how your physical form develops in relation to the unified field – a continuous field of infinite energy and information from which all matter and life emerge. Through real-world examples accompanied by lessons in physics, chemistry, biology, and spirituality, Beth shares a deep understanding of how uncovering the essence of “you” can lead to profound health and well-being.

Mark Hinds is CEO and co-founder of Kenobi, a Resonant Technologies Group portfolio. Resonant Technologies Group (RTG) is a San Francisco-based science and technology investment accelerator committed to solving humanity’s biggest problems in health, energy, agriculture, and the environment. The company utilizes a strategic methodology that identifies extraordinary inventors, scientists, and engineers to help them productize, commercialize, and license their technology and bring their genius to the world.

In today's episode, Beth, Mark, and I reveal the innovative capabilities of JYZEN, offering you a firsthand look at where integrative medicine melds with resonance science and technology. We'll also scratch the surface on the untapped potential of electrical conductivity within your body and spill the beans on which coffee gives you the most brain-boosting benefits. From understanding resonance technology's deep roots to highlighting the standout features of JYZEN's array of health-enhancing amenities, this episode promises an enlightening look at the future of holistic health and wellness.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-What is the ARK Water Bottle?…11:38

  • ARK – Advanced Resonant Kinetics
    • Data behind how crystals affect space and water
    • Crystal at the bottom of the bottle
    • Creates a vortex and structures the water
    • Designed by Nassim Haramein, the physicist behind Resonance Science Foundation
    • Created in the exact dimensional characteristics that resonate with the quantum vacuum
  • Quantum vacuum
  • Adding energy and vitality to the water
    • The greater electrical potential of the cells, the greater vitality, health, and longevity of the body
  • Water can serve as an electrical conductive agent
  • Structured water brings energy to your system
    • It takes energy to structure water 
    • Drinking unstructured water robs your body of energy; the body uses it's own energy to structure the water
  • Human Heart, Cosmic Heart by Dr. Thomas Cowan
    • The idea that the heart is not a pump but is structuring blood
  • Imaging reveals the inside of the artery to be rifled
    • The rifling is creating a vortex
    • The blood is actually rifling, and the middle of it is empty
  • The body is structuring water all the time
  • Water is organizing itself in like a honeycomb matrix
  • Cells, Gels and the Engines of Life: A New, Unifying Approach to Cell Function by Dr. Gerald H. Pollack
    • Gel-like nature of the cell allows for electrons to move throughout the cell efficiently
  • We need both the sodium pump and the gel-like nature of the water
  • When the water is structured like that, it creates a battery
    • That battery is fueling a lot of the chemical reactions in the body

-Measuring the potential electrical conductivity of the body…20:32

  • Dr. Beth has never done it, but plans to
  • Dr. Mercola travels around with the phase angle measurement
  • Podcast with Dr. Joseph Mercola on measuring phase angles:
  • It correlates with the cell membrane potential
  • The more negative the cell membrane potential is, the healthier the cell is
  • Wi-Fi and dirty electricity
    • Causes a calcium influx – the influx of a positively charged ion into the cell
    • Influx of calcium in a hunted and wounded animal – rigor mortis
    • The body is an analog system
    • Wi-Fi is a square wave, a digital wave
    • A square wave going through an analog system interrupts all intracellular communication

-Coffee with the best nootropic effects…24:00

  • Phytochemical profile of coffee slides down significantly after 10 to 14 days of roasting
  • All the things that make coffee a superfood are mostly present 10 to 14 days after roasting
  • Coffee is the best after roasting
  • Mark roasts his coffee using the SR 800 coffee roaster
  • The best coffee practice:
    • Roast fresh green coffee, wait 2-3 days, and consume it to the 10th or 14th day
    • In that period, it has the best nootropic effects
  • Manna (code BEN20 auto-applied at checkout to save 20%)
    • Vortexed Shilajit with water from the Dead Sea
  • Coffee with Manna (code BEN20 auto-applied at checkout to save 20%)
  • Shilajit – a resin that seeps out of the ground in the Himalayas at certain times of the year
    • The ultimate superfood
    • It has the highest concentration of fulvic and humic acid
    • Full of easily absorbable minerals and amino acids, essential fatty acids, and probiotics
    • Mixed with water from the Dead Sea
  • ORMUS or ORMEs – orbitally rearranged monoatomic elements
  • Why is Shilajit in the coffee?
    • Shilajit is a grounding supplement
    • Good for hormone balance
    • Too much coffee depletes adrenals. Shilajit helps
    • Too much coffee over-stimulates
  • Reishi and theanine are good with coffee for the same reason

-The possibility of propagating a Wi-Fi signal in the sinusoidal waveform…29:47

  • The technology is developed
  • Hopefully will be coming to the market in about 6-8 months
  • 10 times faster than 5G and goes 10 times further than 5G
  • Significant physics is going to be introduced in 2024
  • It will change our perspective that we have to be attached to the surface of the planet
  • Electromagnetism overcomes gravity
  • The science of Electrogravitics – using electromagnetism to overcome gravity

-What is resonance technology?…36:19

  • Mark's company Kenobi
  • Resonance means being in resonance with how nature functions
  • Most of the things humanity does today are dissonant to how nature functions
  • Dissonance would be forcing or manipulating nature to try to do what we want it to do
  • The standard model of physics cannot explain how magnets produce energy
    • The magnet is working in resonance with nature
    • The magnet is producing more work than the energy it is consuming
    • There's a lot of energy in the field
  • The crystal radio
    • It would produce enough energy to extract an RF signal out of the field and send it
    • No battery, no charger, all run by crystal
    • Producing enough electricity to power the radio
  • A perpetual energy cell
    • Energy cell that never has to be recharged
  • A third revolution is coming in, it's starting this year and 2024
    • A revolution from dissonance to resonance
  • Once we move to resonance, it's going to foster a level of innovation that has never been seen before
  • Tesla is the father of resonance physics
  • Nassim Haramein took these understandings, provided data, and explained in layman's manner
  • Resonance Science Foundation

-Applications of resonance in medicine…45:43

  • Our body is a field of energy and information
    • When we conceived a field of energy and information that's created
    • That becomes like a template along which our body develops
  • Trillions of times per second the material reality is flickering in and out of existence
  • The lighthouse frequency
  • As we go through life, our field becomes contaminated and disrupted
    • Experience trauma
    • Exposure to toxins
    • Get infections
  • Aging and disease are just a result of the degree of resonance or dissonance that the pristine blueprint has with the body itself
  • Your Pristine Blueprint by Beth McDougall
  • The ultimate technologies that are coming forward will create coherent fields
  • The space is actually highly fluid, highly dynamic
  • The double-slit experiment
    • The nature of something will change once it's been observed physically
  • A different perspective on it
  • We live in a field of plasma
    • Shooting it at the pool creates a wave
    • Shooting a photon to a slit, and if space is fluid, it creates a wave
  • Constructing space in the same manner as water

-Structuring space and healing plasma technology…54:00

  • A room in the facility that has a technology that structures the space
    • Measuring different information signatures in your body
    • Sending back corrective information signatures through plasma
    • Process that removes dissonant signatures out of your body
  • Our whole existence is based on living in plasma
    • Plasma is what conducts energy and information
    • Fire is plasma
  • Using plasma devices to transmute biological systems from one state into another
  • Healing plasma technology
  • Technologies that help us resonate better with the field are geared toward up regulating mitochondrial function
  • Wavelengths of light are shown to improve energy production in the mitochondria
  • Plugging in to the field of energy that we live within
  • Almost all of JYZEN’s technologies are geared toward improving mitochondrial function
    • Mitochondria are vulnerable to damage
  • Using the benefits of the morning sun

-What are VSELs, and how are they used?…1:02:39

-Portfolio of Mark’s companies…1:05:42

  • kenobi.io
  • Mark started 15 companies around resonance technology
  • Resonant Technologies Group
  • The technology he is most excited about right now
    • Four vectors – technology to replace 5G
    • 3 new types of energy technologies
    • A suite of technologies important for the extraction of metals and minerals
  • At this moment, we can deal with health, energy, natural resources, and communication

-And much more…

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