Stack Cold Thermogenesis, Blood Flow Restriction & Grounding With High Intensity Interval Training For Massive Cardiovascular & Hormonal Gains, With VASPER Inventor Peter Wasowski.

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For years, I’ve been talking about how if I could choose one single method of cardiovascular training to do the rest of my life, it would be the use of this strange-looking “VASPER” machine that holds a hallowed place in my home gym.

It’s a bit difficult to describe, but essentially VASPER combines blood flow restriction/compression, cold thermogenesis, and full-body high-intensity interval training in a single 21-minute workout that seems to give the same benefits as a comparable 2- to 3-hour workout of running, cycling, swimming, etc. It’s truly something I consider to be the ultimate biohacking “shortcut” to getting fit.

Don’t get me wrong: it’s a challenging workout when you use VASPER, but when you combine all of the technologies within this impressive unit, the fitness payoff is huge.

Years ago, during this podcast, I interviewed Peter Wasowski, the founder of VASPER, and today he is back to discuss the latest research and everything you need to know about how to use VASPER technology in your own training.

When Peter moved from California to Hawaii with his family in 1998 he was pre-diabetic and was experiencing the pain from traumatic arthritis from two fractured ankles earlier in his life. His blood sugar levels deteriorated, and the pain in his ankles increased with Hawaii's tropical climate. Peter realized that the quality of his life was decreasing rapidly and decided to do everything possible to address the root cause of his health conditions.

The VASPER technology was born out of the necessity Peter felt to improve his health and the quality of his life. After testing out the first prototype, Peter's pain in his ankles decreased and later disappeared without the need for pain medication. A few weeks later, he passed his glucose tolerance test for the first time in 42 years. Peter realized that his invention can change lives. VASPER moved to Mountain View, California, and started selling equipment in 2014. Today, a growing number of VASPER Systems are changing lives around the world.

In today's chat with Peter Wasowski, we unravel the magic behind VASPER, merging compression, cooling, and high-intensity workouts. We'll touch on its unique effects on body temperature and blood flow and even get a sneak peek at the upcoming VASPER Breath device. Whether you're a fitness novice or a seasoned biohacker, this chat with Peter offers insights you won't want to miss.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Peter Wasowski…07:58

-Game Ready…10:30

  • Peter founded Game Ready 
  • Worked with Bill Elkins who designed the cooling part of a spaceship for NASA
  • The company developed a piece of equipment that provided the RICE effect
    • R – Rest
    • I – Ice
    • C – Compression
    • E – Elevation
  • For professional athletes who travel
  • Another 7-year research agreement with NASA
    • Developed a piece of equipment that reduced exercise from 2.5 hours to 20 minutes for somebody who was in microgravity
  • The Game Ready device treated injuries on flights
    • Critical for high-performance and high-earning athletes
  • How the Game Ready device works
    • Designed for joints, combines cooling with compression
    • Impacts recovery
  • NormaTec compression boots
  • The ideal cooling temperature that prevents vasoconstriction and cools the blood is 50-54 °F
    • There are very specific temperature gradients that actually work
  • Ice causes nerve damage if applied to the skin for 20 minutes
  • Peter sold Game Ready to Leigh Steinberg
    • Also developed a similar device for treating race horses as well

-Moving to Hawaii and Peter’s health problems…21:04

  • Retired and moved to Hawaii
  • Dealing with two health challenges
    • Diabetes
    • Traumatic arthritis
  • The problems with arthritis got worse in Hawaii
  • Had a motorcycle accident at 15; already suffering from arthritis at 19
  • Diabetes also got worse because of the heat and humidity
  • Ben’s experience with cold therapy and stabilized blood sugar
  • In tropical climates, a lot of people eat very spicy food
    • Promotes sweating – a natural way to achieve normal body temperature
  • Evaporative cooling mechanisms stabilize blood glucose
  • Blood is 8% of body weight
    • When doing intense exercise, a significant amount of blood goes to the surface of the skin in order to sweat
    • The skin is the largest organ of the body
  • 3 scientific principles behind VASPER (use Ben's link to get $1000 off your purchase)
    • Mild lateral restriction exercise
    • Temperature control – cooling
    • Electrical earthing or grounding 

-Grounding effects and VASPER…31:44

  • Grounding came from Ayurvedic medicine
  • In the early ’60s, Dr. Becker tried to find a cure for arthritis
    • He found that arthritis and lots of other autoimmune diseases are more common in Western societies
    • Using synthetic clothing produces massive amounts of static electricity which goes inside the body
    • Wearing rubber-soled shoes, you have no way to discharge that static charge to the ground
  • The Body Electric by Robert Becker
  • Dr. Becker discovered that one country didn’t report any autoimmune disease – India
  • In India, most people were walking barefoot and wearing cotton clothing
    • The static charge is discharged to the ground
    • Negatively charged electrons are picked-up
    • Negatively charged electrons are needed to balance the body electrically
  • Twice nominated for Nobel Prize in Medicine
  • Peter used his research in designing VASPER
    • The reason why you're barefoot on the machine
    • Feet are resting on brass plates
    • Underneath the brass plates are copper tubes with water that take the static charge to the ground and bring back negative electrons
    • Being electrically balanced helps natural immunity
  • Brass and copper actually have two very unique properties
    • Very conductive
    • The germs cannot grow on them
  • Dirty electricity and improper grounding of electric outlets
  • Greenwave dirty electricity filters
  • Clint Ober designed organic cotton sheets with silver wires for grounded
  • Ultimate Longevity
  • Site requirements for installing VASPER
  • Podcast with Clint Ober:

-Compression or blood flow restriction…39:28

-The cooling element of VASPER…46:56

  • 8% of your body weight is blood
  • In intense exercise, significant amount of blood goes to the skin in order to sweat
    • Core body temperature goes up
    • Blood vessels dilate
    • Heart rate goes up
    • Blood pressure goes up
    • Efficiency of exercise is going down significantly
  • Cooling on VASPER prevents sweating, you are doing intense exercise, but:
    • Core body temperature is normal
    • Blood pressure's normal
    • Heart rate is normal
  • Recruiting the endocrine system to trigger hormones designed to rebuild the muscles back to pre-exercise condition
  • With VASPER, there is no muscle damage 
  • Experience with a 42-year-old female triathlon athlete, qualified for Ironman Kona
    • Had 10 days to recover from previous triathlon
    • Peter recommended she do VASPER once a day for 10 days
    • Reduced her race time by 50 minutes in Kona
    • All her overtraining issues were repaired

-Peter’s research in Hawaii and the beginnings of VASPER…50:47

  • Converted a tractor shed into a lab
  • Took him 8 years to figure everything out
  • Joined outrigger canoe racing and used a crude prototype for 6-7 weeks 
  • Was put by the coach on the first seat
  • First seat has to be the strongest
  • Testosterone levels after using VASPER
  • Realized he was tapping into the endogenous anabolic endocrine system
  • Tested it with a large group of people in Honolulu
    • Results were beyond what was expected
  • Testing with San Jose Sharks hockey team
    • Got into the flow state much faster and had sleep benefits
  • Freebird protocol for sleep improvement
    • Nighttime cortisol levels drop significantly

-Can you get the effects of VASPER in any other way?…58:09

-Studies on endocrine response…01:01:09

  • Did studies with a baseball team
    • Saw a significant increase in the amount of testosterone
  • What causes higher testosterone levels?
    • All 3 VASPER factors produce the result – cooling, grounding, compression
  • Easy to apply mainstream science and get very specific results that you can publish
  • Pararescue trials
    • Overall well-being increased significantly
    • Energy levels and performance increased
    • Nighttime cortisol decreased by about 48%
    • Had no need for coffee in the morning

-VASPER Breath device…01:06:29

  • A new product that is coming – VASPER Breath
  • Interval hypoxia training after VASPER
  • Optimizing the oxygen to the body provides significant health benefits
  • If you know how to breathe, quality of life will improve significantly 
  • VASPER Breath device provides what is known as pranayama
    • The science of breathing developed in India
  • It's altering the blood oxygen
  • 2019 Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology awarded to 3 scientists
  • The best would be to look at interval hypoxia training
  • A pilot trial on the effect of VASPER on stem cells

-Recommendations for VASPER use…1:12:49

  • Ben’s VASPER protocol
  • You can do it every day
    • There is no muscle damage
    • Natural immunity goes through the roof
    • Everything is based on pure science
  • Ben recommends VASPER with ARX
  • Weight lifting after VASPER
  • A Longevity Center in Costa Rica checked Peter’s biological age
    • Chronological age is 75, biological age 42

-And much more…

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4 thoughts on “Stack Cold Thermogenesis, Blood Flow Restriction & Grounding With High Intensity Interval Training For Massive Cardiovascular & Hormonal Gains, With VASPER Inventor Peter Wasowski.

  1. Aamir says:

    Hi Peter, When is the Vasper Breath being released. Thx

  2. Nick says:

    Interesting, I love the idea of stacking so many modalities together for a cumulative effect. I think he conflated KAATSU with other forms of BFRT.

  3. Martin says:

    How much does Vasper cost? Given they don’t list prices on their website, I’m guessing it’s unaffordable to the average listener.

    1. The price of Vasper installed in the US is $51000. Most people who drive cars in this price range can afford Vasper. This price includes the complete set of equipment, shipping, installation, training, plus the Certified Vasper Trainer course.

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