How To Find Your Purpose In Life In 40 Days Or Less: Dissolve the Hidden Blocks That Keep You Stuck & Finally Thrive Based On Your Life’s Unique Purpose

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If you've been paying attention to my anti-aging and longevity advice of late (such as this week's article on simple and natural habits for enhancing longevity), you no doubt are aware that one of the best things you can do for yourself is to find your purpose in life.

If things haven’t been going the way you’ve planned, and especially if you've felt completely stuck in life, know this: everything changes the moment you discover your life’s unique purpose. Success, love, abundance, health and well-being, and vibrant energy are all by-products of leading a purpose-filled life.

But maybe you don’t know what your life’s purpose is, or you don’t believe you have one, or you thought you knew what it was and you lost it. If that’s the case, then this podcast is for you. In the latest book from today's podcast guest Mastin Kipp, you're guided on a 40-day journey, inspired by Joseph Campbell’s model of the hero’s journey, to identify and dissolve whatever’s holding you back, break free from trauma and victimhood, and transform your life.

Mastin is an American entrepreneur, best-selling author, and renowned public speaker and the creator of Functional Life Coaching™. He is the author of the best- selling books Daily Love and Claim Your Power, and has been featured in outlets like Well + Good, Huffington Post, and has appeared on Fox News, ABC, CBS News, and more.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Mastin's treadmill desk setup that he used to write the entire book…8:00

-How Mastin felt on cocaine, and what happened to his brain scan afterwards…15:00

-Why Ben loves books by Richard Branson…21:30

-How Mastin burns fat and builds muscle simultaneously in the morning workout session…30:00

-The neural exercises you can do to hack your nervous system to find purpose in life…34:30

-Why you often keep exercising even if you're injured, and our inherent fear of being immobilized…37:00

-Why Mastin always leads with service, rather than viewing relationships as transactional…1:04:00

-How Mastin got onto Oprah (and the #1 thing he learned from Oprah)…1:14:00 

-What Mastin has learned from Tony Robbins…1:16:30

-And much more…

Resources from this episode:

Claim Your Power: A 40-Day Journey to Dissolve the Hidden Blocks That Keep You Stuck and Finally Thrive in Your Life’s Unique Purpose

Amazon treadmill desk that Ben and Mastin discuss

Amen Clinics

-Kion Aminos Lime Cool Powder

-Lewis Howes' book The Mask of Masculinity

-My podcast with Naveen Jain from Viome

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8 thoughts on “How To Find Your Purpose In Life In 40 Days Or Less: Dissolve the Hidden Blocks That Keep You Stuck & Finally Thrive Based On Your Life’s Unique Purpose

  1. Tina Kyprios says:

    Hi Ben –

    You have mentioned a book, a workbook I think, that you have used (maybe even with your kids) that helps ind your purpose. If you know what I’m referring to can you please share the name.

  2. Bill Montgomery says:


    You have not walked on fire at a Tony Robbin’s seminar? So you need to go to all of them. Take the wife! You don’t have the time, but you have the money. I had the time, but not the money and did them anyway. I think your route is better judgement. As Tony says you can take 10 years of striving for something and reduce it to a couple years so then you would recapture the time.

    Unlimited Power Weekend
    Date With Destiny (Masten’s favorite and mine)
    Life Mastery (not sure if he still does this one)

    A guy like you needs to know about the Dickens Pattern, the New Orleans Flexibility Drill, Primary Questions (It is the primary pattern that shapes your life), why the source of all emotion is the constellation of three forces, The New Traid, Means Values, Rules, The Driving Force of Your Life, and on and on and on…

    So 42 foot Firewalk is a must. I understand he pays special attention to celebrities like you!

    Have fun!


    PS Did I ever tell you that I mentioned you in my book, Attacking Adversity? It was in my discussion of Ketosis.

  3. Kira Miftari says:

    Ben, you mentioned a SiFi book you are reading – what was it? thnx!

    1. Wizard of Earthsea.

  4. Leslie Raper says:

    Loved this podcast with Mastin! So powerful on many levels. There is a couple named Jim and Pat Banks and they have developed The Trauma Prayer and it can be found on their website It has helped over 100k people find healing. I think that Mastin’s resource and theirs, we can all begin to live better, more fulfilling lives.

  5. James says:

    Ben – you mentioned during this podcast the amount of inquiries you get regarding individuals who self identify with their fitness and competitive accomplishments. I am one of those people and fear that what was once a healthy outlet has become an unhealthy obsession that has consumed 20 yrs of my life. During this episode you talk about turning pain into purpose – is there anywhere you can point me to be able to communicate and help others sharing this struggle to potentially uncover an opportunity to define our purpose by helping others with this pain?

    1. This is a great conversation to start in the Kion Community.

  6. Lesley says:


    Regarding Mastin Kipp’s work, does he have any insight as to where Multiple Sclerosis fits into this? Nervous system hiccups, certain muscles not working or getting weaker, etc.. I’m sure it has some relation. Thank you!

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