How To Eat 1 Meal A Day, Drink A Bottle Of Hangover-Free Wine Every Night & Manifest Everything You Desire In Life.

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Hangover-free wine?

Yep, you read that correctly. You'll hear about that and much more on today's podcast.

My bio on Todd White is extremely short.

Fanatical biohacker. Wears the same uniform every day. Starts every morning with 40 minutes of meditation. Eats one meal a day. Drinks a bottle of wine each night.

And that's about it.

But this guy runs incredibly deep.

In today's podcast, recorded after I did a meditation session with the entire team at Todd's Dry Farm Wines office in Napa Valley, we have a rich and meaningful conversation about meditation, manifestation, gratitude, fasting, and, of course, everything you need to know about organic wine.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

 -The morning ritual that Todd and his team do together every morning…6:13

  • They start work at 10 am to allow team members to “protect their mornings.”
  • “Circle of love.” Usually lasts 60-90 minutes.
    • Meditation
    • Breathwork
    • Gratefulness therapy
  • It's not a day of work; it's a day of creating.
  • Todd sees himself in the “health” business, in addition to the taste business.
  • The warehouse workers are the most poignant example of the efficacy of this practice.
    • Warehouse workers are typically treated as objects by leadership.
    • Todd sees them as the center of love, energy and light.
    • It causes them to want to contribute and create.

-The stringent hiring practices Todd uses to ensure the right people are hired…12:54

  • BTW, Dry Farm Wines is hiring!
  • The job descriptions include everything about the company, including the “Peace and Profit Manifesto”.
  • First rule: “We lead with love.”
  • Life, not business, questions; essay format.
  • Designed to be self-selecting; they want people to “opt out” if they don't see themselves as a good fit.

-Some of the unconventional work practices that Dry Farm Wines uses to balance life and work…17:08

  • Happiness is an internal mechanism of joy.
  • Todd sees one of his role as a mentor and guide to his employees.
  • The actual time of production or creation is around 6 hours.
  • Very rare “emails to all”; no “reply all” at all.
  • Unlimited paid time off.
  • They don't sell any domestic wines; all grapes are from small organic farms in Europe.
  • Sharing the culture of the company is as important as promoting the actual product at events, trade shows, etc.
  • Communal meals; great parties.

-The process by which Todd came to create a company with such a unique culture…26:00

  • Became an entrepreneur at the age of 17.
  • Experienced a “grand failure” before founding DFW.
    • Senior health care; 40+ employees.
    • Good concept, but was in it for the wrong reasons.
    • The things we say “no” to are more important the things we say “yes” to.
  • Led to discovering meditation.
  • Developed a set of 18 business rules; from that became DFW.
  • In constant ketosis due to a daily 22 hour fast.
  • You see a difference between grapes grown on a small family farm and organic grapes at a market.

-Todd's tips for eating once per day…36:12

  • It's more psychological than based on physical needs.
  • Helps to be in ketosis.
  • Adds a lot of time to the day for work.
  • Reduces decision fatigue.
  • It's important to be around likeminded people; creates accountability.

-Todd's definition of “biohacking” and how he applies it to his own life…45:24

  • “The art and science of how our behavior influences our biological and neurological outcome.”
  • Proverb: “To feel is to understand”
  • You can feel when someone is beneficial for your body.
  • Meditation is a practice and has an aggregate benefit over time.
    • Began meditating twice daily.
    • Minimum of 20 minutes.
    • Todd attributes the success of his business to meditation.
    • Meditation allows us to quiet the mind.
      • We live in traumatic thought.
      • 95% of thoughts we have are thoughts we had yesterday.
    • Teaches us to live in the present moment; stop the trauma of thought.
    • Attachment leads to suffering.
    • Meditation teaches us to look past the attachment to thoughts which block the abundance we were granted at our birth.
    • It's impossible to be grateful and fearful at the same time.
    • Before we can do, we must be.

-Thoughts on The Master Key by Charles Haanel…54:42

  • We're all manifesting. The question is: what are you manifesting, and are you using the tools to manifest in the correct way?
  • Also recommended: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.
    • Doesn't offer a “prescription”: It offers an understanding.
  • Was initially offered as a weekly correspondence course delivered via mail in 1912.
  • Words become forms, which become vibrations. (self-fulfilling prophecies.)

-Why Todd started Dry Farm Wines and what he has learned about wine since then…1:01:15

  • Needed a better, healthier way to drink. (DFW is low alcohol.)
  • Couldn't drink alcohol after becoming ketotic.
  • Discovered “natural wines” by accident.
    • Around .1% of all winemakers are natural winemakers.
    • Wines are grown, not made.
    • DFW wines are sugar-free.
    • Fermented with wild, native yeast. Most wines are fermented with GMO yeast.
    • “Organic” wine does not mean “natural” or “clean.” It simply means that the grapes are grown organically.
    • In the U.S. the FDA approves 76 additives for wine. (Here's a list of the 76 additives.)
    • Natural wines are additive free; no modification in the cellar.
  • The dangers of alcohol.
    • Addictive.
    • Dangerous neurotoxin; must be dealt with care.
    • Healthy in small doses (2 glasses per day); toxic in large doses.
  • Natural wine is “alive”. It's like drinking from someone's heart and soul.
    • “They haven't been killed with sulfur dioxide.” –David Perlmutter
  • Irrigation practices.
    • An irrigated grapevine has a root ball 2-3′ deep and 2-3′ wide.
    • Unirrigated grape vine can go 50-60′ deep.
    • Resistance is key to the advancement of life.
    • The vine is struggling for its life; brings character to the fruit.
    • Irrigated vines produce “lazy” fruit.
      • You irrigate for greed.
      • Has a higher yield.
      • Weighs more with more water; sold by the ton.

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

Resources from this episode:

Click here to get a bottle of Dry Farm Wines for a penny

The Dry Farm Wines job posting

The Master Key System by Charles Haanel

The Power Of Now

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25 thoughts on “How To Eat 1 Meal A Day, Drink A Bottle Of Hangover-Free Wine Every Night & Manifest Everything You Desire In Life.

  1. Mitra Surik says:

    For many now the school is a struggle. The only thing which makes the program more complicated is not changing – nobody pays =). I’m actually at college, and I understand that very well . Fortunately, strategies to prevent problems are now available if the project is not begun for a few weeks. You don’t have to think about it, but it would be better to speak directly with experts, for example I have spoken to them over and over again.

  2. Super interesting podcast guys!

    If people are in the Napa Valley, is there somewhere where they can come and taste the wines?



    1. Per Dry Farms, "Yes we are happy to host a tasting for you! Just let us know."


    Whats the best way to store it. I can’t drink a whole bottle.


    whats the best way to store it? I can’t drink a whole bottle.

    1. Per Dry Farms, "White-Cork and put in fridge…2-3 days ok; Red- Cork and cool place (not fridge) 2-3 days. Better! Drink it now!"

  5. Cherie says:

    Loved the bit about the Master Key System by Charles Haanel. Will you please ask your sons, River and Terran, to blog about their 24 week journey? I would LOVE to be at their restaurant’s Grand Opening!!! This podcast has inspired me to start the Master Key course. Thanks for another amazing podcast Ben! I appreciate all the effort you put into your research and writing.

  6. Emily Adams says:


    For us who live in States where we can’t have wine shipped to us ( such as Utah;))what is recommended to buy for Wine?



    1. Use the "store locator" and try FitVine Wine, another really good one:

  7. M. says:

    After hearing all the talk about love and peace, I was disappointed that the so called secret gift — penny bottle — turned out to be a scam. I’m pretty sure almost 100% the listeners had the same impression that the secret gift was to help listeners try out this great product made with love. Save your time. Don’t bother. The message was cryptic. It’s “given to you” only if you sign up for a subscription of the wines at the minimum of $159 level (for 6 bottles). How is a $159 try out of 7 bottles of wines?

  8. Dan says:

    Seems to me when I try to get the penny bottle it’s more of a buy 6-12 bottles, get one for a penny.

  9. Jason Butler says:

    It appears the link for the penny bottle is still broken…. I would love to try it though!

  10. Dave says:

    I’d love for you to go into detail about the OMAD protocol in a future episode or solosode, it’s benefits/drawbacks. I, myself, intermittent fast throughout the week and toss in a couple days where I eat OMAD, but that meal is similar in fashion to Todd’s in that it’s a full day’s worth of calories in one sitting. It literally takes me about an hour to finish my meal. Keep up the great work, Ben!

  11. Jane Warren says:

    Can you fix the penny bottle link? I’m ready to try!

  12. Jackie says:

    Hey Ben, the link above for Dry Farm Wines works, but when I get there, the link for “Claim Your Penny Bottle” doesn’t work.

    1. It seemed to work for me…can you 'splain?

      1. Jane says:

        Didn’t work for me either – I click and nothing happens. Zero. Zip, Nada. Using Chrome.

        1. Check again, they've updated the page. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      2. Jackie says:

        Yep, same – nothing happens when I click on it. It seems to be on their end, because I tried other affiliate links and the same thing happened. Could you tell Todd? Thanks.

        1. I'll reach out, but do you have a pop-up blocker? It opens as a pop-up.

    2. Michael says:

      Doesn’t work for me either. I tried 4 browsers and two different computers and networks. The button to claim the offer, when you mouse over it, reacts as if it is clickable but when I click on it there is no response. Not even just a failure after opening another page, just nothing happens at all.

    3. Should be updated, check again and let me know!

  13. Dan says:

    What version of master key? Workbook?

  14. Rich says:

    Hi Ben,

    Are you no longer recommending FitVine wines?

    Thank you,


    1. I certainly love FitVine. Just because I have a meal at one sushi restaurant doesn't mean I can't try a different restaurant though. ;)

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