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Darren Doane
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Seen this epic steak video yet?

It was created by my friend Darren Doane, and features quite a bit of cookery and recipes straight outta my Boundless Cookbook. Pretty sweet “food porn”, eh? (and feel free to share it far and wide, as I'd love to get some good eyeballs on it!)

Darren “Steak” Doane is a filmmaker, actor, and music video director.

He has produced and edited projects for a client list that includes Toyota, Hurley/Nike, Saatchi & Saatchi, Atlantic Records, JBL, and Universal Records.

Darren started his early music video work with Ken Daurio and directed several early Blink-182 music videos, as well as two live-action short film adaptations of the Malibu Comics superheroes Hardcase (a six-minute music video style promo starring British kickboxer Gary Daniels) and Firearm (a 35-minute-long movie which served as a prequel to the actual comic, and came as a VHS packaged alongside specially ordered copies of the comic's #0). In fact, in Hardcase #1 there's a single panel in-joke referencing a “D. Doane” as being the director of “Hardcase: The Movie.”

Darren is also a new friend of mine, and we've not only been hanging out and recording a few quite epic videos that I have a hunch you'll enjoy (think cooking and food porn on steroids!), but on a recent foray of mine to my old haunting grounds in Moscow, Idaho, we also sat down at the ungodly hour of 7 am at his home recording studio inside a giant shipping container and recorded a bit of a “random show” episode for you. This wild free-for-all discussion includes talk of stem cells in the d*ck, microdosing plant medicines, Splenda, amino acids, Levitical priests, weight loss, content creation, and adult Slurpees from Starbucks. So buckle in for this one!

You can find Darren Doane's entertaining The Doane Cast podcast here and Instagram channel here.

During our wide-ranging, random, agenda-free discussion, you'll discover:

-What Ben and Darren Doane have to say about childhood and healthy development into adulthood…07:05

  • Ben graduated high school at age 15
  • Excelled at intellectual stuff, not naturally gifted in sports
  • Don't reveal anything in public until it's perfected
  • Pattern recognition of a genius points to losing one's family
  • Boundless by Ben Greenfield

-How to listen to one's body and rethink societal conventions…12:45

  • Orange juice and toast: “Diabetes for breakfast”
  • Get up and move when everyone else is sedentary (like on airplanes)
  • 5 Tibetan longevity exercises
  • “Movement snacks” throughout the day
  • Structure the day to be moving all day long

-How Ben manages success without being an asshole…21:00

-A recount of the feature article on Men's Health from a few years back…28:45

-How to do gimmicky-looking things without excessive hype…36:38

-Why we should be concerned with amino acids…40:45

  • Kion Aminos
  • Ben went from 178 lbs to 215 lbs as a poor college student
  • Kion Creatine
  • Creatine gives body a substrate to produce ATP; allows a bit of extra endurance in strength training
  • BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) give the body a feeling of extra energy to burn during exercise, but are only a few of the aminos
  • Combine BCAAs with whey protein; have to digest, or deal with extra calories
  • CNS (central nervous system) fatigue often occurs during endurance training or competition
  • EAAs (essential amino acids) help the body burn muscle tissue more efficiently, thus limiting tryptophan from crossing the blood-brain barrier and causing fatigue

-The best time of day to consume carbs…52:15

-The difference between a “hack” and cutting corners when it comes to one's health…58:05

  • A “hack” suggests doing something to make the human body function more efficiently
  • Original true biohackers referred to their body as “wet wear” and installed “hardware”
  • Kevin Warrick
  • The umbrella of what defines “biohacking” has greatly enlarged over the years

-How to define “microdosing” as it relates to psychedelics…1:00:35

-Why that caramelized, high-sugar, foo-foo coffee drink is basically an adult Slurpee…1:10:51

-Why Splenda is toxic to the brain and gut…1:14:13

-And much more!

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