How To Track Your HRV All Night Long, Along With Body Temperature, Respiration Rate, Sleep Tranquility & Much More Using The Oura Self-Quantification Ring Cloud Feature.

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In this video, I'm giving you an insider glimpse of the brand new “cloud” feature of the ŌURA self-quantification ring.

This cloud feature is super slick, incredibly useful, and allows you to get real-time feedback on everything from HRV to body temperature to respiration rate, sleep cycles, activity levels, sleep tranquility, readiness score and much, much more (It also lets you synchronize your ring data with services such as We Are Curious to give you even greater insight into your sleep and health, which is extremely insightful).

Check it out, then leave any questions, comments or feedback that you have below the video! ŌURA will be rolling out these new features to the general public over the next few weeks.

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23 thoughts on “How To Track Your HRV All Night Long, Along With Body Temperature, Respiration Rate, Sleep Tranquility & Much More Using The Oura Self-Quantification Ring Cloud Feature.

  1. Nate says:

    We Are Curious ( is no longer available I see. Does anyone know of another good way to bring data together to track and compare (oura ring, supplements, medications, food, Elite HRV, keto-mojo, SelfDecode DNA)? I’m trying to save my wife’s life by seeing if there is anything that is helping in her battle against gastroparesis.

  2. Heathar Parisi says:

    I have had the Oura Ring for 1 year now (based on a podcast you did a while back) and am loving it! It has really changed my life in a good way. Thanks you for sharing so many helpful tips on additional ways to utilize this awesome tool!

  3. Josh says:


    Thanks for the guided tour of the Oura system. I currently use the Whoop. Have you tried the Whoop as well and is there a reason you prefer the Oura over the Whoop especially with the Oura posing potential finger health hazards during Spartan races?



    1. I've used and gotten good, accurate data from both… I just prefer the ring to having a wrist wearable. Stands up well to training for me to this point, but could best to remove it for spartan.

  4. jord says:

    Hi Ben,

    have recently purchased an OURA ring and started using this dashboard/cloud thing on my PC.

    The version you are using in this video seems different to the one I am using. Seems to be more features, options, and better data comparison etc.

    Is this a different , upgraded version or something?

    How come your one here looks better?

    have been using this one:

  5. Richard Galindez says:

    Hey Ben,

    Oura Version 2???

    Great stuff! I ran across you from a Kevin Ross podcast a week or so ago and have been going crazy listening to yours and doing research from the things I have ran across. Made the Big Ass Smoothie last week – Nice. I am so intrigued with the HRV and really look forward to getting the Oura. I just did not want to buy one for my wife and I if they were planning on releasing an Oura version 2 in the next 3 months. I know they received an additional 5 Million Euro last Nov 16, which explains the great software updates, but perhaps some hardware updates are in the near future too.

    Thanks a bunch for working to share and make lives better,



  6. Brad says:

    Could you wear this while training BJJ?

    1. I wear it while lifting with no problems, I am pretty sure you could no problem during BJJ.

    2. Brian says:

      I train BJJ with it four times a week with no problems.

      1. Imri says:

        Any reccomandation to what finger to order the ring? (for BJJ)

  7. nonegiven says:

    Why haven’t you tested the Emfit QS yet? It works much better than the oura ring and provides a lot more data.

    1. I will have to check it out.

  8. Dianne McGrath says:

    I love my Oura ring, and the chance to geek out further on deeper levels of data to optimise my sleep is fantastic. Thanks for sharing the ‘how to’, Ben. I’m going to start playing with my cloud data as soon as available.

  9. Cam says:

    Thanks for the post!

    Do you think it’s the perfect time to but the Oura ring, or do you think they’ll be releasing a new model?

  10. Beth says:

    You already had me considering the Oura ring, and the new features cemented my desire to get it, but the white is so backordered they won’t even accept an order or take a name for an alert to let you know when they are back in stock. If you hear anything will you let us know? Thanks!

    1. I will let you know when I hear something about the white ring!

  11. Dr Grego says:

    Hello Ben

    My name is Dr Mike Grego and I would like to send you a new energy product to try out?

    1. Best way to do this is to email [email protected]

  12. I think you released this a bit too early – I don’t see Trends in my Oura account yet :) But thanks for sharing, it looks pretty cool and I can’t wait to have all the new features.

    1. Dr Harry says:

      I believe it is “live” now. Lots to explore with various charts. Thanks for the update, Ben!

  13. Blair Walter says:

    Thanks Ben, looks really cool. I’ve been waiting for this so i can dive deeper into my data.

    How do we access it? No link on your post and nothing from Oura. Is it not yet available for the common user?

    1. Rolling out these features very soon!

      1. Bob Linville says:

        Awesome update…Can’t wait to hack into my data… Happy 4th

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