Alchemical Detox, Colon & Liver Cleansing, Water Purification, The “Terrain” Of Your Body & Much More With Dr. Andrew Kaufman.

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Andrew Kaufman M.D. is a public speaker, researcher, natural healing practitioner, business and homeschooling consultant, inventor, and Covid-19 whistleblower.

He also recently developed a fantastic film (Terrain) and unique detox course I've been digging into lately, I wanted to introduce him and his impressive, somewhat controversial, and outside-the-box work to you in this show.

From the mind of Dr. Andy, Terrain is a thought-provoking film that dives into an alternative approach to health and healing: Terrain Theory. This eco-friendly model works in harmony with nature to focus on wellness without getting tangled up in our current medical system's flaws and corruption.

Dr. Andy's Alchemical Detox Course from True Medicine University allows you to select from a range of natural cleansing and healing methods to craft an optimized plan specific to your personal nourishment needs. The course delves into the psychological and spiritual effects associated with detoxing heavy metals, water’s powerful healing properties, and many more insights toward whole-body transformation.

Dr. Andy has a B.S. from M.I.T. in Molecular Biology and completed his psychiatric training at Duke University Medical Center after graduating from the Medical University of South Carolina. He spent many years in the medical field and practiced as a forensic psychiatrist and expert witness. When Dr. Andy learned that many of the modern medical practices were harming people rather than helping them, he gave up his lucrative medical career and began researching and understanding the relationship between body, mind, and spirit, and how to use nature to heal your own body. 

Dr. Andy’s new practice is spreading the truth about the world we live in today and fighting for freedom. He teaches people the vital knowledge that they need to implement true care for themselves and their families at the highest level of consciousness—becoming their own health authority.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-How Dr. Andrew Kaufman became a forensic psychiatrist and expert witness in medicine… 7:35

  • Intrigued by the intersection of psychiatry and law
  • Allowed Dr. Andy to hone his skills in investigative research
    • This past work helps him understand what's going on in the world today

-What caused Dr. Andy to step back and pivot into what he does today…10:32

-The mechanisms in place that keep doctors from looking for true information…16:23

  • Doctors are overworked to keep up with their overhead and make a living
    • Required to see one patient every 6 minutes to make quotas
    • Certain number of hours for ongoing education (CME – Continuing Medical Education)
    • Have to use board-approved sources and materials
      • The pharmaceutical industry controls the information
  • Doctors are required to use the systems in place to keep credentials active
    • Severe risks and consequences to professionals who don't follow suit

-Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States…20:00

-Dr. Andy's film Terrain and the importance of terrain and the environment…21:15

-Water plays a central role in healing biological mechanisms…27:55

-Dr. Andy's thoughts and practices with regard to structured water and water fasting…41:11

  • Analemma Water Wand (use code BEN to save 10%)
    • Dolf Zantinge's research and scientific testing
  • Greenfield Water Systems
  • Structured water improves mineral content of soil and plants
  • The importance of using a reverse osmosis filter before structuring water
  • Water fasting is the purest and most powerful way to heal
    • Animals innately fast in order to heal
    • Major healing occurs at 10-14 days of water fasting
    • Life-changing experiences occur at 21 days or longer
    • Health issues can be detected without checking the blood
      • Believes blood tests and other quantification tests are misleading

-What is involved in Dr. Andy's Alchemical Detox course?…57:02

  • Alchemy is a way to understand transformational processes in nature
    • Foods are in a certain form when we eat
    • Foods are transformed into parts of our bodies
  • Alchemy applies to healing transformations
    • Detoxification and hydration
  • Cleansing diet and/or fasting
  • Elimination process
  • Liver detox
  • The benefits of Shilajit (use code BEN20 to save 20%) as a source of trace minerals
    • When deficient in these minerals our bodies substitute them with toxic metals

The True Medicine University…75:54

  • True Medicine University
    • Video lessons
    • Reference documents
    • Written protocols
    • How-to guides and tips
      • Customizable templates
    • Designed so that you can learn and apply all of the information
    • Access to a Telegram group

-And much more…

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6 thoughts on “Alchemical Detox, Colon & Liver Cleansing, Water Purification, The “Terrain” Of Your Body & Much More With Dr. Andrew Kaufman.

  1. Brian L says:

    Ben or Dr Andy, can either of you provide a specific brand of shilajit that you would recommend? A lot of options out there but would love some input on which ones to trust. Thanks!

  2. Scott says:

    Ben-Dr Kaufman has been at the forefront of exposing the greatest lie/medical misunderstanding of modern times-the false idea that there exist such things as pathogenic viruses….I would challenge you as a Christian and man of science to do what is right and stop hiding from this truth even though it is difficult. We need to realize what is true as a society so that we can move beyond the current false paradigm of contagion, fear, vaccination and government control of our bodies and health.

    Thank you for all that you do and have done, but there is much more work ahead my friend, please have Dr Kaufman and Cowan back on to address this most important of issues.

  3. Jane Robert says:

    “Twenty years ago while living in LA at sea level a lung specialist told me ” you have the worst scarred lungs I have seen in my 17 years of practice. I since retired and moved up here to Jackson WY elevation 6,200 feet I experienced shortness of breath and dry cough till i started on multivitamincare. org Pulmonary fibrosis herbal formula, It has really helped me become more relaxed, breathe better, easier and more from my diaphragm, just as you they it would. Many thanks for this great product.

  4. Drew Campbell says:

    I haven’t heard anyone talk about red meat taking more energy to digest for a while. Dr Kaufman is sharp for sure but Im wondering what type of information he is basing the statement on? If it is indeed true then why is it ALWAYS the veggies you see undigested in the bowl?

  5. Ra says:

    Shilajit is amazing at only 32% purity. There is a company that purifies it properly in Russia, at a cost of 2000 RUB / 10 grams

  6. Chase says:

    Interesting his thoughts on a fast that long, I have been following pompas 5 day fasts and have had tremendous benefit from my autoimmune but I am so lean I don’t think I could make the 10 day mark. Also doing Shades Detox’s (pretox and advanced push catch). Personally I think detox and fasting are a sure way to rid of any illness.

    So Ben since u are also lean what would you do if you needed to incorporate prolonged fasting in order to curb a illness? Do u like Dr johns fast track fasts?

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