Recapture the Rapture: Biohacking Sex, Tantric Breathwork, Plant Medicines For Orgasmic Enhancement & Much More!

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biohacking sex
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Jamie Wheal is a peak-performance expert who, in his new book, Recapture the Rapture: Rethinking God, Sex, and Death in a World That's Lost Its Mind, maps out a revolutionary new practice that combines the best of neuroscience and optimal psychology. He calls it hedonic engineering, and it is an intensive program of breathing, movement, and sexuality that mends trauma, heightens inspiration, and tightens connections—helping us wake up, grow up, and show up for a world that needs us all.

For example, here's a Hedonic Sex matrix, very similar to what Jamie and I unpack on today's podcast:

biohacking sex

Groundbreaking new research is demonstrating that we can shift our neurology and biology into peak states and radically upgrade not just our well-being but also our sexual experiences. The secret to biohacking sex is to combine breathing, moving, and sexuality into an intense program that can be used to break free from the stress, anxiety, and addiction that are destroying us and find a way back to mental health.

Jamie is an expert on peak performance and leadership who specializes in the neuroscience and application of flow states. He has advised everyone from the U.S. Naval War College and Special Operations Command, the athletes of RedBull, and the owners of NFL, NBA, MLB, and Premier League teams to the executives of Google, Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, Cisco, and Young Presidents' Organization. He studied historical anthropology under MacArthur Fellow Patricia Nelson Limerick, specializing in utopian social movements, and his work has appeared in anthologies and peer-reviewed academic journals.

During this discussion, you'll discover:

-Why Jamie wrote his latest book, Recapture the Rapture…07:55

  • “Required sequel” to Stealing Fire
  • Psychedelic renaissance, celebrities, etc. have “normalized” euphoric states
  • How we “steal fire” without burning down the house
  • No learning, no commitment in those who engage in euphoric practices
  • The words “party” and “medicine” are not meant to go together

-What the “flow state” has to do with sex and partner connectivity…11:35

  • Peak states take us out of our conscious identity
  • They help us heal and connect/collaborate with others
  • Not just a journey to the mountaintop; it's like a pyramid with ecstasies at the top, communitas (profound connection with other people), and catharsis (deep healing) as the bases of that pyramid
  • That pyramid is the geometry of our lives; putting those 3 things into motion, they become a spinning flywheel
  • We're forever seeing the highest heights, remembering what we forgot, using that information to come back down into our mortal, fallible lives and bodies, fix where we're broken, doing it in relation to each other
  • Flywheel of becoming; we're always cycling through one of those 3 places; pursuing it sincerely with a dedication to acting on the things we're shown, at some point we become twice-born humans, home-grown humans (Anthropos)
  • Leonardo's Vitruvian Man
  • We learn to “make love” in the course of having sex
  • Poem “Second Coming” by Yeats (most googled poem in 2016)
    • The best lack all conviction, while the worst are filled with passionate intensity
  • How do the best of us recapture the “wheel” from the worst of humanity
  • Open source, scalable, anti-fragile (when things get worse, it gets better) technology to be used to heal and connect with others (community)

-The evolutionary drivers that enable us to heal, inspire, and connect with other people…20:50

  • Respiration – breathwork
  • Sexuality – if we don't procreate, we cease to exist
  • Embodiment – how we tune and shape our bodies (bodies and brains shape hearts and minds)
  • Amplifiers – substances and music

-The hedonic yoga matrices of becoming…24:40

  • The psychedelic renaissance will eventually be co-opted by Big Pharma, venture capitalists, etc.
  • Alchemist's cookbook: things anyone can build with basic household materials
    • Toolkit that anybody anywhere can use with minimally exotic materials or practices to do inspiration healing and connection
    • Rick Doblin, the founder of MAPS
    • Jason Silva
  • Love Is The Drug by Brian Earp and Julian Savulescu
  • Nicole Prause recommends prescribing orgasm as a medical prescription
  • Sexual responses can play a major role in healing
  • Choose the endogenous vs. the exogenous

-How to hack the air we breathe…36:15

  • Oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen make up atmospheric air
  • Change blend ratios of O₂/CO₂/N₂ intake via breathing to shift consciousness
  • Gas-assisted breathwork:
    • Depleting CO₂ via hyperventilation; holotropic, or intensive hyperventilatory breathwork
    • Stan Grof and LSD researchers at Johns Hopkins achieved similar results via breathwork as seen with LSD doses
    • Increased intake of nitric oxide
    • Breathe through the nose and humming helps with sinusitis
    • Aboriginal didgeridoo playing and circular breathing
  • Breath by James Nestor
  • BGF podcast with James Nestor
  • Academic and ethical responsibility to contextualize theory and practice
  • Carbogen is a gas with different ratios of O₂ (30%) and CO₂ (70%) than air often used by scuba divers
  • Higher Wisdom by Dr. Roger Walsh
  • Carbon Dioxide Therapy by Ladislas Meduna
  • Patients reported a more intense experience on carbogen than LSD
  • Nitrogen:
    • Nitric oxide (neurotransmitter, bliss molecule, induces pleasure)
    • Nitrous oxide (laughing gas)
  • The evolutionary drivers (respiration, sexuality, embodiment, substances, music) can be “stacked” for an enhanced, expedited experience
  • Delta waves, usually only found while in dreamless sleep, are an oft-overlooked means of achieving this “high”

-Biohacking sex with breathwork…54:13

  • Set up a comfortable space
  • Aesthetic focal points, dim lighting, etc.
  • Freedive protocol brought to dry land (gas-assisted breathwork)
    • Vagal breathing (slow exhale, slow inhale)
    • 50 hyperventilations (blowing out candles)
    • Inhale two lungfuls of pure oxygen (maxed red blood cells)
    • Nitrous oxide
  • Increasing O₂, CO₂, NO simultaneously
  • 45-second mark is where the magic happens
  • Music selection is essential (carrier wave to the epiphany)
  • Pain and pleasure can intersect close to the point of arousal
  • Orgasms “backed up in the queue” of the nervous system
  • Can be a sort of electromagnet with your partner

-Gels, creams, lotions, plant medicines, etc. for biohacking sex that Jamie recommends…1:12:05

  • Don't do anything morally, legally, ethically, culturally objectionable or against your religious guidelines
  • Dan Savage‘s 3 Gs: good, giving, and game
  • Functional physician who is 3 Cs: courageous, curious, and connected
  • Nitric oxide supplementation from beets to pumpkin seeds
  • Cannabinoids: Sativa
  • Difference between inhaled and ingested substances
  • Gas-assisted breathwork
  • Visionary or non-ordinary states:
    • Trust, consent, clear boundaries are non-negotiable
    • Partner isn't a sexual partner; more like a mountain-climbing partner
    • Oxytocin
    • Ketamine
    • MDMA
    • 2CB
    • Psilocybin
    • LSD
  • PiHKAL: A Chemical Love Story by Alexander and Ann Shulgin
  • WHOMP playlist Spotify

-And much more…

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12 thoughts on “Recapture the Rapture: Biohacking Sex, Tantric Breathwork, Plant Medicines For Orgasmic Enhancement & Much More!

  1. SD says:

    Hi Ben,
    I’ve heard you mentioned nitroglycerine cream a number of times. Can I ask what the product is? Thanks!

  2. JC says:

    So, to clarify on the protocol, you begin with a couple rounds of vagal breathing, then move into 50 hyperventilations (Wim Hof style?), then inhale two lungfuls of pure oxygen (sourced from?) and finish it off by essentially huffing nitrous oxide from whipped cream canisters.

    Do you then engage in the sexual practice? Or are you engaging in the sexual practice during the breathing? Jamie mentions trying to time it with the music and such but the order of activities and when sexual activity is practiced is unclear. Any help clarifying?

  3. Eli Goodman says:

    This could be the best episode ever. Jamie is a fabulous mix of researcher and explorer. I’m going to start listening to his podcast too Ben. I’m polypodcastamerois.

    What an amazing insight into multi orgasmic bliss. Been sharing this one with all my friends. Just ordered some boost and whipped cream off the internet, we’ll see what happens 😇

  4. John doe says:

    This is what my friends did 10 yrs ago. It’s not really esoteric. Very dangerous ( had a friend die) supprised this info is public.

  5. Meg says:

    Quick suggestion for Jamie: consider omitting the foul language from your upcoming book. All the F-bombs made the most beautiful and meaningful act in the world sound dirty and raunchy. Your locker room talk also diminished your credibility. Half the people in your audience are women, and before they can even consider sex, they need to feel safe and respected. Just my .02

    1. Eli Goodman says:

      I loved how Jamie would just slip an f-bomb into otherwise flowery speech. I respectfully disagree but understand some people don’t like the f-bombs.

      I’d just like to advise against throwing the baby out with the bath water, some bad words should not discredit an otherwise credit worthy point of view. They are just f*ing words :p

    2. mam says:

      What a puritan comment…
      Dont let the females hear those profanities… they are too fragile, like little bunnies. They cant deal with direct language in taboo topics.

  6. Nimi Goaten says:

    Cristian perspective?? Have you seen the movie Agora? Just because one has a connection with God doesn’t have to be Cristian. Do you think God is Cristian?

    All through millennia, humans have done things thinking it’s a safe religious perspective.

    What Jaime says is all well and good in theory. Three hours of lovemaking and what about the next 21 hours? He says it changes you for the better as a person too. Do you think these ecstatically explosive experiences are not being experienced without gases and other things? And do you think that these humans have made this world a better place?

    We as humans do not study or even try to understand the rest 21 hours. Just as those three hours has to be organized well, so do the rest 21 hours. And that my brother takes, not religion….but pure understand of the energy ‘love’, from a neutral perspective.

    1. Stephen says:


  7. TheDude says:

    Hi Ben,

    Fantastic episode though my guess is some parts will take a lot of time to master. I found the discussion of deep breathing followed by nasal sounds very interesting. In the past I tried this (male multiple orgasms) which combined breathwork and then sounds… I did not work too long on it but I found myself having full blown body waves/spasms… I would not say they were orgasmatic but I did not fully put in the work to get to the next stage nor did I try with a partner.. Is very tempting to relearn, add some of Jamie`s strategies and work with a partner. Please do let us know when Jamie`s book is published.

  8. Ananda Rajah says:

    I am Ananda Rajah and I am the founder of Atos Wellness and Atos Group in 1983. I am working on a new book with Book Launchers of USA. Can we work with Ben and Kion supplements for Singapore and part of asia. I can be contacted on email or +65 97261263.

    I was talking about Ben with Aaron Gonzales who is a business associate. Thank you

    1. Hi Ananda, feel free to shoot a message to [email protected] Thanks!

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