Pro Baseball Pitcher Noah Syndergaard’s “Thor” Biohacking Routine, Must-Read Books, Jet Lag & Travel Hacks, and More.

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Standing at an imposing 6 feet 6 inches, Noah Seth Syndergaard’s powerful arm and commanding presence on the baseball mound have made him a force to be reckoned with in the world of professional sports.


The indomitable, larger-than-life free agent, widely known by his formidable moniker “Thor,” has graced the rosters of Major League Baseball teams such as the New York Mets, Los Angeles Angels, Philadelphia Phillies, Los Angeles Dodgers, and the Cleveland Guardians.

Noah's story is filled with standout moments, notably steering the Mets to the 2015 World Series and earning a reputation for his blazing fastball, consistently hitting triple digits. But it's not just about the stats — Syndergaard embodies resilience, bouncing back from injuries with grit and determination, showcasing not just skill but an unyielding spirit.

Off the diamond, Noah Syndergaard transforms into a maverick biohacker, charting unexplored territories of human optimization. In his riveting GQ interview titled “Noah Syndergaard Thinks Baseball Has Gotten Soft—and Humans Have, Too,” he delves into the depths of his unconventional health and wellness protocols. From subzero cold plunges to cutting-edge red light therapy, earthing and grounding rituals, BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) training, and a nose-to-tail eating regimen, Syndergaard's holistic approach mirrors the ethos of pushing boundaries.

Brace yourself for a conversation that transcends baseball, offering a glimpse into the mindset of an athlete who is not just pushing the limits of professional sports but rewriting the playbook on human potential with his extraordinary approach to self-optimization.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Who is Noah Syndergaard?…08:12

-Noah’s path to health and wellness…12:13

-The Liver King and Noah’s use of social media…16:59

-Noah’s struggles after his surgery and his path to recovery…23:02

-Noah's experience with the hyperbaric chamber…26:16

-Noah’s wellness routine…36:28

-Noah’s book club…46:40

-Noah’s other biohacking practices…52:27

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-And much more…

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