Ben Got COVID (& What He Did About It), How To Fix Issues With Your Brain, The “God Cap” For Neurofeedback, Do Home Neurofeedback Devices Work & More With Dr. Andrew Hill.

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Special Announcement: At the beginning of this episode, I describe how I got COVID and what I did about it. Enjoy!

Back in 2017, I visited the Peak Brain Institute in Los Angeles, CA for a special type of advanced brain scan and brain mapping system called quantitative electroencephalography, or “QEEG,” and I was shocked at what they discovered in my brain.

Dr. Andrew Hill, a UCLA-trained cognitive neuroscientist and lecturer, oversaw the entire mapping protocol and discovered what he described as some pretty severe patterns of excess stressful beta waves, excess theta waves, and excess delta waves in my brain.

What's that mean, exactly? Basically, it suggests that I had some history of concussions and traumatic brain injury (which I indeed have had, in everything from football to mountain biking to kickboxing), as well as built-up deficits of attention, increased distractibility, limited sleep potential, and less-than-optimal cognitive performance from life, travel, toxins, head injuries, and beyond.

Two months after the scan, I hopped on a plane back to LA and ventured back into the Peak Brain Institute for three days of intensive training to fix my brain and returned home to Spokane with a briefcase packed with a laptop, electrodes, conducting gel, and everything I needed to use neurofeedback to fix my brain. For the next three months, I trained for 30 minutes every other day using a style of neurofeedback I can best describe as “meditation on steroids.” Mostly, my protocol involved flying a spaceship with my mind. Each time my brain subconsciously shifted into brainwave patterns considered to be unfavorable, the spaceship would stop flying, and the music generated by the neurofeedback software would fade away, very much like a cognitive “slap on the wrist.”

So how exactly does neurofeedback work? Technically, it’s a non-invasive form of what is known in the medical industry as “central nervous system biofeedback.” It trains the brain to develop new resources by encouraging certain areas to raise or lower the amplitude and ratios of particular brainwaves. To a very large extent, and unlike peripheral biofeedback such as practicing a physical exercise like a handstand, neurofeedback is an entirely non-voluntary process in which you are shaping your brain by giving it feedback only when it’s doing certain things. Professional clinicians report that about 90% of users notice a significant positive impact from this style of training, and it can be used for everything from decreasing anxiety and stress to inducing faster sleep onset to even resetting tolerance to marijuana and alcohol.

Neurofeedback training simply involves the placement of electrodes on the scalp, which produce a signal then picked up by an EEG amplifier. These signals are fed into software that then sends back to the user some form of visual and/or auditory “feedback,” or reward. This reward stimulus is given when the brain produces desired brainwave changes in amplitude or frequency.

Unlike what many books and magazines would have you to believe, this type of protocol is slightly risky and not just something you download a free neurofeedback app to do. Neurofeedback is a powerful tool and every brain is different, so the single most crucial aspect of neurofeedback training is selecting the proper protocol. Although the QEEG provides crucial information about one person’s brain, the training plan itself needs to be adaptive and iterative, based upon how someone responds to the training, which is why it's important to have the entire testing and training process overseen by a neurofeedback practitioner. Heck, when I did my three months of training with the Peak Brain Institute, Dr. Hill and I were text and email buddies nearly every day.

Neurofeedback can produce side effects, although they are generally minor and short-lasting—and also informative to a neurofeedback practitioner. If you get adverse effects, protocols can be adjusted to steer your brain in a different direction. But, if you are training yourself with no supervision and no sense of what’s actually happening in your brain, you can easily produce negative side effects, and if you keep doing it you can cause these negative effects to become permanent. So, proceed with caution, but with the understanding that neurofeedback is one of the more powerful pieces of headgear that can be used to enhance or change your brain.

Since recording “How To Rewire Your Brain For Better Sleep, Reset Your Brain’s Tolerance To Marijuana & Alcohol, Fly Spaceships With Your Mind & Much More” with Dr. Hill and featuring articles by him such as “How To Increase Your IQ, Decrease Your Distractibility, Create Better Sleep, Enhance Cognitive Performance & Maximize Your Ability To Enter The Zone” and “The Little Known Truth About Smart Drugs And Nootropics (Audio & Article),” much has happened in the world of neurofeedback, so in today's podcast, Dr. Hill is back!

During this discussion, you'll discover:

-A brief overview of the Peak Brain Institute…18:18

  • A personal trainer for the brain
  • Moved to a more virtual model in the last year (2020-21)
  • QEEG: Quantitative electroencephalography

-Why a home device isn't enough for optimal brain performance…26:54

  • Myndlift
  • Muse headset device
  • You need real-time feedback from a trained professional
  • Peripheral biofeedback
  • Neurofeedback is often involuntarily
  • Muscle shifts can be misidentified as brainwave shifts
  • Filtering frequencies can cause a shift in time-related brain signals
  • Muse provides an index of sorts for brain activity
  • There's no one-size-fits-all solution for an individual
  • Sometimes sleep will register as meditation on a device

-How close we are to a “God cap” that can track brainwaves without gel, electrodes, etc…34:42

  • The cap technology is already there
  • Individual needs require precision
  • Brainwaves are simply harder to measure than other parts of the body
  • We shouldn't be worried about non-native EMF (5G and such)
  • Live support via the internet to enable home measurements
  • Other tech such as Oura rings will sync with the Muse device
  • EEG training session is typically ½ hour
  • Most neurofeedback works best on the strip that runs ear to ear, not the forehead
  • Default mode network
  • 40-50 sessions before a “brain map” can be created

-How the Peak Brain Institute tracks individuals' brainwaves virtually…47:25

  • Device used for brain mapping is very small; training with a coach at the institute
  • Quantified dashboard tracks all data to create a “feedback loop”
  • Different people will progress at different paces
  • Typical clients are already peak performers who want that extra edge
  • Side effects that go unreported to a practitioner will eventually become permanent
  • One size fits all systems are prone to regress, rather than progress
  • An actual QEEG is necessary
  • You don't figure out what is true, you figure out what is plausible to make a realistic plan

-How diet affects a person's neurofeedback…54:45

-Nootropics or smart drugs that promote neurofeedback…1:13:46

-And much more!

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

Resources from this episode:

– Dr. Andrew Hill:

– Previous podcasts and articles with Dr. Hill:

– Podcast:

– Gear and supplements:

– Other resources:

– What Ben did after he and his wife Jessa tested positive for COVID-19:

  • Aromatherapy for Jessa's loss of sense of smell and taste:
    • Rosemary and Peppermint essential oil
    • Glutastat Nasal spray (3 or 4 sprays per nostril a few times a day for 3 days)
    • Vielight Intranasal Photobiomodulation device
  • Quelling the inflammation (most symptoms of COVID are related to inflammation and the cytokine storm):
    • Vitamin C + Zinc (about 2000~3000 mg 3x a day)
    • Plant polyphenol Quercetin
    • Vitamin D
    • B·Propolis
  • Nebulized low concentrate, food grade Hydrogen Peroxide with colloidal Silver (20 minutes/a day for 4 days)
  • Ozone generator and ozone water
  • Peptides:
    • Thymosin-α1
    • TB-500
    • BPC-157
  • Ivermectin (8 tablets/day for 3 days)
  • Biocharger 21-min. protocol
  • Oura ring data showed a temperature increase (0.3~0.6 °F) in the 4 days before experiencing any of the symptoms

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62 thoughts on “Ben Got COVID (& What He Did About It), How To Fix Issues With Your Brain, The “God Cap” For Neurofeedback, Do Home Neurofeedback Devices Work & More With Dr. Andrew Hill.

  1. Sara says:

    I didn’t realize this came out the same time i had covid also. I’m stumbling across it months later. I just had a fever at first and work had me get tested. I was mad to quarantine when i felt fine (not because i wanted to spread it but because i was going to get behind at work). But luckily i was already doing high vitamin D because I’m was doing a palette expander growth device for my jaw to heal tmj issues. So i was doing a lot of things to help heal my bones during that time. I had listened to the Dr. Mercola episode so i started the hydrogen peroxide nebulizer. I was already doing vitamin D so i added in the vitamin c and zinc. And that did me well. I think the constantly improving fitness and health just keeps things like this from overhauling your life. I had minor symptoms compared to everyone at work that i knew who had it.

  2. drake says:

    I was one of the doubters……until i got it.2 months later i still cant do BJJ and every workout makes my pulse go haywire.ITS REAL!!!!!!!

    1. Matthew says:

      How are you doing now ? Are you a fitness person or no? What did you do to get over it and did you have to go to the hospital?

  3. David says:

    Does SARS Cov2 cause neurodegenerative disorder even in asymptomatic hosts? i.e. Prion disease (misfolded proteins that fuse telomeres).

  4. David says:

    Will any doctors prescribe ivermectin without a parasite related diagnosis?

    1. David says:

      Doctors here that can prescribe with online consultation.

  5. Dena says:

    One thing I’ve noticed with my body before I get sick is my RHR will go up before and then during the illness and then will go back to normal when I’m better. So I keep an eye on my temperature and my RHR which gives me a decent idea of what’s going on with me before I actually show symptoms.

  6. Jonah says:


    If you spend your time staring in a mirror,

    you won’t see what is happening outside your window

    This was my last BGF podcast.

    1. Ruth says:

      Wow. Just wow…
      I used to respect you and your attempts to learn the science behind things and teach them to the world. Even when I thought the science you presented behind products was sketchy. I told myself that your background wasn’t sufficient, that you were a self hacker who was just passing along your own results.

      But I still can’t get past your episode on Covid. After rattling off an arm’s length list of supplements and drugs that you and your wife took, that most people don’t know of or have access to, you had the temerity and lack of self awareness to make that comment that you couldn’t believe that the country was shut down for that. How uninformed and dismissive of not only the dead, those who suffered but also the long haulers and those ‘just’ suffering from things like persistent lack of smell or taste.
      I read what others commented to you and had decided that that was enough. But now every time I talk to my father who almost died from Covid even though my mother only had a mild case, I think of that very unChristian thing you said. I can’t get beyond it, even to listen to or read your next materials.
      You as well as the rest of us don’t understand enough about Covid. By your statement you put yourself on a pedestal above us and showed me you tend towards the conspiracy theories up there in the woods that most of us can’t afford.
      You were right— I have to simplify my life to maximize my time. I am unsubscribing.

  7. Fred says:

    In this episode, you say something along the lines like “why did they shut down the economy.” Statistics bear out that COVID-19 is not likely to cause young or healthy people much, if any, damage. However, and I’m not a public health expert, the general idea is that those healthy people will expose elderly individuals and those who have health issues. It’s those people we are responsible for protecting.

  8. Michelle says:

    I was happy for you and your family that your COVID-19 experience was mild. However I was offended by your comment about people dying “with” COVID, rather than “from” COVID. As we all die eventually, apparently your belief is that those dying of COVID would have died anyway, in the very near future, from pre-existing conditions. This is inaccurate, as shown by multiple organizations and countries analyses of “excess deaths” since Covid. I’m surprised you’re not aware of these “excess deaths” statistics.

    This New York Times article from Jan 21, 2021 highlights that there have been 424,000 more deaths in the U.S. than normal since the start of Covid-19 and that nationwide deaths were 18% higher from mid March to the beginning of January 2021. They state this may be an undercount.…

    The CDCs report that as of early October, at least 2 out of 3 “excess deaths” in the U.S. are due to COVID.…

    Our World in Data has analyzed excess deaths in countries around the world. Their webpage includes an interactive graph allowing you to see these and add additional countries, as well as a Table view:

    These “excess deaths” are “not” people dying “with” COVID, they are people dying “of” COVID who would otherwise be alive this year and for an indeterminate amount of time in future.

    Your statement referring to people dying “with” COVID is not only inaccurate for a huge number of cases, it is also insensitive, assuming that COVID deaths could be avoided if people were taking the correct health measures – which “excess deaths” proves is not the case.

    I know of only 5 friends-family-close acquaintances who have contracted COVID, a few others I’ve heard second hand reports of. Of these, 4 cases were mild, including 1 in a 70 year old who is physically fit but does have a co-morbidity. The 5th, 72, healthy and physically active whose only comorbidity was being slightly overweight (not obese) was hospitalized for 4 weeks, on supplemental oxygen

    We in Canada have been much less impacted by COVID on a population basis than the U.S. Masking in indoor public spaces has been mandated in most regions since early summer. Populous regions, in some cases whole provinces, have had lockdowns – at the start and again currently as cases surged in the fall and early winter. As a result, you can see how Canada has fared compared to the U.S. and U.K. by scrolling down the graph “COVID-19 Cases (7-day avg, per 100K)” :…

    There are many more websites doing these statistical analysis. The evidence clearly shows that:

    1 – a combination of masking, social distancing and lockdowns when necessary reduce illness and reduce deaths (and there is evidence that masking may reduce Viral Load leading to less severe illness if you do contract COVID).

    2 – COVID-19 is causing many thousands of “excess deaths” – deaths that would not have occurred otherwise.

    I agree that maintaining good health and taking certain supplements are smart approaches that may help mitigate the possibility of severe illness. However I urge you to examine the statistical data for yourself – and change your insensitive statement which infers that those people who are becoming severely ill with or dying of COVID is through their own fault. Pre-existing conditions certainly are an important factor in many serious COVID cases, however not everyone who gets severe illness has these factors, and not everyone with such co-morbidities would have died anyway. The “excess deaths” statistics prove this.

    1. Ian Douglas says:

      I’ve been listening to Ben for two or three years now and am slowly working my way through Boundless. I thought I was part of a community of intelligent people who are interested in the the latest science on wellness and longevity. I also assumed that most head some level of basic understanding of biology and science. I am therefore surprised to see I share this forum with so many whackos who think that Covid19 is a myth or the result of some biowarfare gone wrong; that vaccinations are a conspiracy/ a hoax or do more harm than good, etc. Its so sad to see that access to almost unlimited amounts of information has made the human race collectively more stupid as people give as much credence to a keyboard warrior in their back bedroom writing crap about vaccines as they do to people who have devoted a lifetime to public health. Unfortunately evolution no longer weeds out the dumb gene.

      1. Joseph Brazfield says:

        Watch Plandemic.

      2. Cat says:

        Ian – Keep reading – you’ll come to the same conclusions as those you degrade now, eventually. You’ll look back and see how your own evolution of reading and discovery eventually woke you up also.

  9. Lisa Rickey says:

    So, you and your wife got covid…and it was a joke to you. You also said “they shut down the economy for this.”

    There are over 400,000 dead people in this country that would not agree with your cavalier attitude.

    People have lost their husbands, wives, children, mothers, fathers, grandparents to this horrific virus! No joke there.

    Doctors and health care workers have died. The number of deaths are still in the thousands every day.

    Aren’t you lucky to live in a healthy bubble; although you “gathered” with people and now are spreaders of the virus.

    Your self-centered arrogance is appalling.

    I have listened to your podcast for a long time. That came to an end last night.

    Lisa Rickey

    Juneau, Alaska

    1. D says:

      Wholeheartedly agree with this post.

    2. Jonah says:

      Agree …. sadly.

      I am a healthcare provider. I am not easily offended. You can’t work in a hospital and listen to … what we heard. I yelled a bit.

      I am a better, healthier person because of Ben. Thank you.

      For me, biohacking was always about self-improvement for the sake of service. Public health is my passion. It saddens me to see that this community is not on my side — this isn’t my team.

      Perhaps I knew and didn’t care. Now I care.

      This is now a community that cares more about personal health that the suffering of others. No intricate story, plot or justification is going to explain away full ICUs. Those people are sick and masks stop droplets. Why is this so hard?
      Plandemic and now this podcast.
      I trusted Ben Greenfield.
      But we are not on the same team.

      1. Cat says:

        Allow people to have different opinions without getting offended – it’s the only way you’ll be able to get through this. If you disagree – then debate – leave a comment why you disagree – be respectful – Ben has taught you a lot as you acknowledge. But the outburst of anger and “I’ll never listen again” hurts you more than anyone else. Makes no difference to a man that has a massive following for good reason.

  10. Adam says:

    Thanks for all this great info Ben! It’s admirable and inspiring how much passion you have for health and fitness and inspiring that you’re willing to dedicate so much time and effort to share with others.

    A quick question: Ivermectin comes in different strengths. Could you please clarify how many milligrams you took and where you got that information?

    Thanks in advance!

  11. Sandbox says:

    Please clarify, is the vielight “neuro alpha” the device you utilized for the intranasal photobiomodulation you refer to above? If not, “would my vielight neuro alpha do the same thing” (as whatever vielight device you utilized) during your illness? I already have the neuro alpha on-hand. & The intranasal clip-on attachment appears to work alone (without the head piece).

    1. yes, Neuro Alpha (or Gamma works too).

  12. Sandbox says:

    Please clarify the type of zinc in your combination of zinc, vitamin C & quercitin. Are you referring to zinc acetate or to another type of zinc?

    1. I used Kion Immune, which is zinc bisglycinate. Less stomach issues with that form.

  13. Rose says:

    I haven’t even listen to the podcast yet but I’m going to tonight. I just have to share that I got Covid on November 18 and I’m still struggling with myocarditis which is inflammation of the heart due to the virus. I’m a fitness instructor and I haven’t been able to exercise at all other than walking. I always take vitamin D & immune support. I had to do a z pack & 2 rounds of prednisone. Unfortunately I’m a long hauler and there are a lot of people like me. It’s way more intense than anything I’ve ever experienced. People who know me are surprised because I’m “so healthy”. I think my good health saved my life. Blood type can play a role in the intensity of the virus, too. Hope you recover completely and quickly!

  14. Jeremiah Thompson says:

    All the comments on Covid hahahah!! I just wanted to add I have been using Myndlift for the past four months. I’ve had monthly coaching sessions. When I started I had a lot of reservations as I had previously done in office neurofeedback sessions. I was skeptical of how well the Myndlift program was going to work. But after having been at it now for four months, I want to say I have definitely made improvements which can be seen not only in my data testing with Myndlift but also with my overall well being. Even my HRV scores have gone up. The program is not cheap. But it is very easy and just takes a bit of dedication to self motivate yourself to do it. I’m curious how much better your guests program might be. But for any Myndlift skeptics I just want to pass my own thumbs up about it. Last I want to add that a separate sensor is sent by Myndlift and it attaches to the Muse device. This sensor can be placed at various points around your head to gain feedback. If there is a downside it appears to be that you need to move that sensor around. But this is only necessary to do at the start and then maybe around once every 4 to 6 weeks. Otherwise you are placing the sensor at the top of your head where you could draw a line down to your ears.

  15. Joe Brazfield says:

    On page 348 of Boundless by Ben Greenfield, Ben states: “The most important way you can support proper cell-mediated immunity is by not deactivating your natural immune system response with vaccinations and antibiotics…” The on a Q&A Episode dated December 31, 2020 Ben states that he is pro-vaccine. He even makes a snide remark towards those that are anti-vaccination.

    Guests on the Ben Greenfield podcast include Dr. Thomas Cowan. Cowan has been a repeat guest on Ben’s podcast – at least 3x. On page 202 of Boundless, Ben Greenfield states that Cowan is “…in my opinion, one of the most brilliant minds in modern holistic medicine”. Dr. Cowan has written books about the harmful effects of vaccines, and Ben Greenfield has recommended his books in Boundless.

    On page 350 of Boundless, Ben Greenfield states that “All of Dr. Cowan’s books are excellent, but I especially recommend that, for the topic of immunity, you read two most recent titles: Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the changing nature of childhood illness…”

    This book by Dr. Cowan talks extensively about the harmful effects of vaccines. Ben has recommended the book, and then denounced the content and sneered at anyone who read it, and implemented the teachings within it.

    Dr. Thomas Cowan has released a new book on September 29, 2020 entitled, “Contagion Myth”. Contagion Myth is banned on Amazon, but you can buy direct from the author at In this book, Dr. Cowan claims that viruses do not cause illness, germ theory is a hoax, and vaccines are harmful. Given Ben’s high praise for this doctor, I can only assume he has read this book as well. Will he also recommend it to his audience and then denounce the content of it?

    On an episode dated September 24, 2020, Ben Greenfield hosted a show with Dawn Lester and David Parker who both co-authored a book entitled, “What Really Makes you Ill”. The second chapter of this book is titled, “Vaccinations: ineffective and dangerous”. Not only does this book denounce vaccines, but it dencounces the argument that germs are the cause of illness.

    “What Really Makes You Ill” is a 778 page book on Kindle – not a leisurely read by anyone standards. Why would Ben read this book if he thought the authors were wrong in what they were writing about? Would anyone read nearly 800 pages of a book that they believed was spewing nonsense? Why would he recommend it to his audience?

    On episode #180 of Kyle Kingsbury podcast with guest JP Sears dated November 24, 2020, Kyle Kingsbury says Ben Greenfield’s name while talking about friends of his that KNOW THE TRUTH AND REFUSE TO SPEAK OUT ABOUT IT BECAUSE IT IS ‘BAD FOR BUSINESS’. Is it possible that Kyle Kingsbury was referring to Ben when he said this? Ben Greenfield does sell a line of immunity products with Kion… It would be bad for business if people stopped believing in germ theory.

    In conclusion, Ben Greenfield has flip-flopped on this subject multiple times in wake of the covid-19 pandemic. He has recommended books for his audience and then laughed at them for believing what the books taught them. He has stated on his podcast that he’s gone to restaurants very early in this pandemic with “14 friends, and none of us were wearing a mask.” As listeners of his show, we have no other option but to label his behavior disingenuous. If Ben Greenfield believes that germs are not the cause of disease then he must tell us. If Ben believes in terrain theory and exosome theory then he needs to tell us. (both theories cannot be true as explained by Dr. Andrew Kaufman MD on an episode of The Concious Resistance podcast dated January 13, 2021). He cannot keep saying contradictive things between his books, books he recommends, and on his podcast. This behavior is bad for business, because it makes his fans distrust him.

    1. Jeremiah Thompson says:

      You posted all of this just to make a point that Ben was open minded enough to change his stance on something? Really?? Wow, I wish I had this much time. But if he has changed his stance, I’m happy to know he has gained enough perspective not to be so hard headed on any issue and especially on the issue of vaccines.

    2. There are a ton of errors and misstatements in your comment here, but in short I believe: vaccines are real, but their dangerousness in most cases is vastly blown out of proportions; the concept of vaccinations is sound but currently the way most are administered poses problems for human biology and immunity; just because I recommend a book or podcast guest does not mean I agree with *everything* in it/by them; any free human is allowed to change their mind on matters, and I always tell my audience when I do. Thanks!

      1. Joe Brazfield says:

        Your response raises more questions than it answers. I’ve read Contagion Myth and I’m 30% of the way through Dawn Lester’s book, how much of these books do you believe and how much of it do you denounce? It’s hard for me to believe that you could nit-pick your way through it.

        Do you have any proof that germs cause disease or is it all based on faith? If you have proof that the sars-cov-2 virus has been isolated and purified, I bet your best friend Dr. Cowan would love to see it.

        If there is no proof, and it is all based on faith, then the proof in efficacy of vaccinations goes with it.

  16. Catherine says:

    Ben – Doesn’t this blow away the research in the podcast episode “what really makes you ill” ?? – The researchers of the book said you cannot catch COVID -or a virus l. Yet, based on what you are saying , you had to have caught this – right?

    1. Joe Brazfield says:

      That is a very good epidemiological observation. It is now time to form a hypothesis, and then do the proper experiments to see if you are correct.

      Spoiler alert: No one has ever successfully proven this hypothesis, and that is what the authors of the book you referenced inform people about.

      Believing that viruses AKA germs cause illness is no different than believing in God. It requires faith because it is not rooted in science. In science, empirical evidence is paramount.

      1. Catherine says:

        Thanks Joe – Appreciate the reply

  17. Bill says:

    I ran across this article a few weeks back and after reading it added Black Seed Oil and honey to daily vitamin stack.
    I got the virus along with my daughter.
    My symptoms were mild. A little fatigued which lasted two days then I was back at the gym doing full workouts.
    My daughter who didnt take the Black seed oil and honey was in bed for a week. Lost her ability to taste and smell and after a couple weeks still hasnt got her sense of smell back.
    I’m 55 and she’s 24. I know there’s alot of variables and its impossible to definitely say but I thought it was worth sharing.

  18. Gary Douglas says:

    Hi Ben,

    Well, you got lucky. I recently tested positive, as well. For me, I’ve been experiencing intense headaches and dizziness. My sense of taste and smell are intact. Lungs seems to be fine. No sniffles or coughing.
    But the headaches that I’ve been experiencing are very intense. I’m on day 6 now.

    I consider to a fairly fit 58 year old male. But, Covid knocked me out!

    Gary, Woodbridge, Canada

  19. Lisa says:

    Released at CES 2021 a new “dry cap” QEEG helmet combines with light therapy (photobiomodulation)

  20. Joe says:

    After listening to your Podcast with Dr. Mercola I started supplementing with vitamin D3. I thought he recommended taking 8000 IU’s per day and that is what I have been doing. Is there a reason you took 4000 IU’s per day. I live in the northeast, should I reevaluate what I am taking?


    1. Karen Doane says:

      Best thing you can do is get blood level tested. Everybody is different. Can order online and test at home, and the only way to figure out your vid d level and dosage for supplement. There are online calculators that recommend how much to take based on you desired level, once you know your own blood level. Also taking with magnesium improves absorption. I’ve tested mine for 3 years hovered around 70 and last week got blood results back and was at 51, Im happier with higher number so I am gong to supplement more, would have not know dropped without my blood test from dr. Live in Az so I try to get 30 minutes sun on skin everyday, but not possible even in sunny az in the winter. With no blood test you are just guessing your vitamin d level.

      1. Joe says:

        Thanks Karen!

  21. Elinor Gallelli says:

    Oh Ben! I think you answered your own question about why Covid shutdown the economy with that list of things you took. The average citizen does not have access to the resources you do or those individuals in your circle. The average American is not as conscious or aware of ways to self-heal themselves, and we all have to co-exist with each other. I got Covid about the time you had that doctor on your show. I can’t afford all that essential oils he recommended. Also, I’m more aware than the average person, but had symptoms for 10 days, high fever for 7 days, loss of taste and smell for 5 days. I considered my experience with the disease to be mild. But, this is a serious illness and not to be taken lightly. It is not a walk in the park for everyone. I love your podcast. It is very informative, but I got charged by your dismissive nature about covid and felt compelled to comment.

    1. Jon says:

      Ben, you sounded sick during that podcast man! Sure you kicked it?

    2. bogipepper says:

      This is a Bioweapon, closed fort Dietrich, the prion portion that rob’s the brain of smell and taste kills slower but just as sure.

    3. Cat says:

      I disagree.. I consider myself an “average citizen” but also one that is conscious about my health. So my emergency medicine cupboard has a range of natural cures (similar to those Ben took) – the cost is not overly high. Certainly not as high as paying medical insurance so you can be hooked on Pharma controlled medical care. The only reason the “average citizen” wouldn’t have this, is because they have been glued to the MSM for their knowledge and as a result – living on a diet that is killing them, and believing that vaccines will save mankind.

  22. Mike says:

    I’m a bit concerned about Ben’s cavalier treatment of COVID19. I remember months ago earlier in the Pandemic him talking about dinner parties he was having, and I think also about having people over to share his sauna. I thought to myself. We’re in the midst of a pandemic. Is this wise or prudent behavior? In the podcast he makes it clear that in his opinion COVID is “no big deal.”

    Ben tells us that he and his wife had minimum symptoms, but then goes into describing a literal phalanx of remedies that he used to treat himself and his wife including injections. Joe Sixpack and the 99% of the people including yours truly lack the expertise and equipment for these remedies. Ben also believes that 3 days prior to him showing symptoms he was asymptomatic. Sure Ben and his wife might be fine, but what about all the other people that he and his “friends” exposed and possibly infected. Old people or those that might be iImmunocompromised. Having dinner parties, and socializing with large groups of people is just plain reckless and thoughtless. Ben should know better.

    1. Bill says:

      you could always wear a hazmat suit 24/7… the rest of us are going to live our lives.

      1. Jeremiah Thompson says:

        The pandemic where fewer people died than the year before.

        1. bogipepper says:

          A weapon must be recognized.

        2. Mike says:

          Fewer people died in 2020 than 2019? Where are you getting your information from? This is completely false and can be proven so by a number of sources. What do you people get out of spreading fake news?

      2. mike says:

        That’s a pedantic response. How about just some simple precautions like wearing a mask when you are around other people and not throwing dinner parties with large groups of people. Your “living your life” does not give you a pass to possibly infect others and cause them to lose their lives. That’s selfish and childish behavior.

      3. Jonah says:

        Bill — That is what everyone else thought too. You think you are different, but you have ACE-2 receptors just like everyone else. When your freedom has run its course, there will be folks with HazMat suits who have been working 24/7 throughout this pandemic to help you. I hope you won’t be too inconvenienced. It’s science.

  23. Adrian says:

    Which one of the intranasal Vielight devices did you use? The one with 633nm red light, 655 nm, or 810nm infrared?

  24. Jennifer D says:

    I am a 41 year old with no health issues and I had Covid in August. I experienced 3 days of extreme fatigue, 1 night of body aches, and 4 days of losing smell/taste. At the time I was not into health podcasts and didn’t think to take any supplements, but all symptoms wrapped up in 4 days with no lasting effects by just sleeping a lot. In case listeners wanted to know that it’s possible for the body to heal itself in about the same amount of time without any vitamins, drugs, or other assistance. Not that I am against those things in any way. But in the event they don’t have access to them.

  25. Ann kahl says:

    Perhaps you could have Dr Thomas Cowen or Dr Kelly Brogan on to explain this virus has never been isolated and the PCR test is a joke on all of us according to the inventor. Get the whole view of why we are being locked down like animals in a supposed free country .

    1. Bill says:

      I’m against lockdowns, masks and distancing… but this is real… I had it last month (I’ve never had the flu and can’t remember the last time i had a cold) along with the telltale dry cough and loss of smell… clearly something is out there…

      1. Sergio says:

        Bill, what I believe the Ann is trying to say is that the PCR tests are highly inaccurate. Covid is a legitimate thing, but our tests do not test for Covid Sars 2. The test was developed from the original Sars that ran a course back in the early 2000s. 60% of the time the tests are accurate at detecting a coronaviridae (possibly any, but I’m not sure on this fact). The other 40% is usually a false positive or negative. I do think symptoms are more accurate than these tests, even though the symptoms are non-specific.

  26. Jana says:

    Curious exactly what your amounts you took each day and how many days?

    Vitamin C

    Zinc (about 2000~3000 mg 3x a day – Was this amount for the Zinc or the Vit C)

    Plant polyphenol Quercetin

    Vitamin D


    How do we get a prescription for Ivermectin? Is that something a doctor will prescribe?

    Also did you use a needle to inject the Peptides? I am not familiar with this protocol.


    1. karen doane says:

      Check out Dr Mercolla, he has a covid pamphlet with lots of good recommendations. The 2-3,000 was vitamin c. Zinc from life extension lozenges is 1 3-4 times a day. Good to include copper when doing this much zinc. BPC 157 is available in pill form form Taylor made, formerly dr seeds BPC complex. TB500 is only injectable, BPC probably most important of the 2 because it also protects the gut. Personally I would do high dose vitamin D 4 times a day, with magnesium to help absorption, but always have to be careful with bowel tolerance. The best thing you can do is nebulize the food grade hydrogen peroxide through your nasal cavity for any cold or active covid. Ivermectin is a prescription. NAC is often recommended in other covid protocols as glutathione precursor. I had covid in July with very mild symptoms. Im 58. Some of the protocols he threw at this were probably just adjuncts and not primary.

  27. michelle says:

    I got the “plague” as well. My Oura also told me something fishy was happening. I had about 24 hours of fatigue, and 2-3 days of diarrhea. I sipped essential oils (peppermint, lemon and few others) for the tummy part. I did IV vitamin C and zinc twice. Drank Ozone water twice. Took proplolis and honey. I also go 2 doses of my stored stem cells. No residual effects. Happy to be on the other side and now have no need for a vaccine!

  28. Joy says:

    I’m at nurse practitioner and had Covid last month despite meticulous precautions, masking, distancing, hand washing etc. I’m in my 40’s, very fit and I don’t have any underlying health issues. I followed nearly the same protocol that you did ( I did nebulized glutathione instead of HP/colloidal silver) and still got sicker than sh**. Fortunately I recovered and so far don’t have residual symptoms which may be due to the protocol I followed but the course of illness definitely was not a “walk in the park”. I’m glad you and your wife had a mild course and have recovered.

  29. Olive James says:

    Ben, most of your visitors are men and I feel as a feel at 43 yrs that I cannot quite relate to their message. Is it possible for you to invite a female doctor that is doing these health hacks etc?? Thank you.


    1. Jake says:

      Olive – Maybe take a look at the huge list of podcasts and guests that Ben has had on the show. There have been a lot of amazing women who have shared very helpful information.

      1. Catherine says:

        Agree with Jake – there’s been amazing female guests over the years. Ben is far more balanced than many other male podcasters in this arena. He’s the only one to my knowledge – via Kion – that fully explained the differences re fasting between men and women.
        Keep up the good work Ben – you go over and above always. The amount of free information we glean from your insights is overwhelming. Always grateful.

    2. Sheri says:

      I’m with Olive. Overwhelmingly it seems to be male doctors/practitioners and I always wonder about hacks for women. I get that some hacks translate for both sexes but some things can be very different.

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