3 Chilling Ways To Get More Benefits Of Exercise By Using Cold Thermogenesis.

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Here's your sneak peek from this week's article, “3 Chilling Ways To Get More Benefits Of Exercise By Using Cold Thermogenesis”.

“…I was recently reading a study called Running performance in the heat is improved by similar magnitude with pre-exercise cold-water immersion and mid-exercise facial water spray”. In the study, researchers compared the effects of pre-cooling  on running time trial performance and the physiological response to running. In this case, trained male runners completed a total of three 5 km running time trials on a non-motorized treadmill in relatively hot conditions (a nice balmy temperature of 91.4F!). Each trial included pre-cooling by cold-water immersion, which is basically sitting in a cold bath, mid-exercise cooling with a cold facial water spray, and a control group that (poor fellas) received no cooling at all…Running performance time was significantly faster following cold water immersion and also when getting sprayed with cold water during exercise…”

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  1. Love your pitch! Contrast shower has great benefits for both mental and physical health. I tried such therapy in my depressive state and the benefits were significant.

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