The Best Of Biohacking On A Budget: How To Massively Upgrade Your Health Without Breaking The Bank.

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Biohacking on a budget
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In the vast digital ocean of cutting-edge health tech, it’s easy to feel like optimizing your life is synonymous with emptying your wallet.

Yet, some of the most impactful health upgrades don't demand a billionaire's budget – or even spending more than you would on a nice dinner out.

Navigating through the noise, I've distilled the essence of practical, budget-friendly biohacking in a special compilation episode. The following seven carefully selected episodes feature insights from experts who have shared their knowledge on optimizing health without emptying your wallet. For a deeper dive and more comprehensive strategies, I encourage you to explore the full episodes:

This episode is about democratizing wellness. Discover how to make your own performance-enhancing solution, regulate your blood glucose, train for altitude, and more—all without breaking the bank. Today, it's time to redefine health wealth.

-Top 5 daily health tips when you're on a budget…02:00

 -Best budget-friendly strategies for teens…04:04

-Biohacking gear for less than $100…14:53

-Dirt cheap performance-enhancing hack…15:55

  • Ben’s story about Gatorade and a football team
  • Making a high-salt solution without creating gut issues
    • Add the amino acid glycine to the solution
  • The saltiness of blood is 3200 milligrams of sodium per liter – 0.8% salt
  • IV of saline is actually slightly saltier than your blood
    • 3500 milligrams of sodium per liter
  • When you go above that, you risk diarrhea
  • How to avoid diarrhea?
  • Glycine at a ratio of 2:3:1 
  • Adding glycine to a very high salt solution – 4300 milligrams of sodium per liter 
  • A recipe for performance-enhancing solution
    • 4300 mg of sodium (just under two teaspoons of salt)
    • 1 teaspoon of salt is 2300 milligrams of sodium
    •  1 liter of fluid (around 33 oz)
    • Preferably cold – refrigeration temperature
    • 6 grams of glycine
  • Glycine or spirulina for mitigating some of the oxidizing or inflammatory effects of vegetable oil
  • Glycine by Bulk Supplements
  • The glycine in bone broth
  • Start at least 90 minutes before exercise consuming the solution
    • The rate you consume these solutions is very important because of the absorption
    • Consume slowly at an equal rate over 45 minutes
  • Sodium bicarbonate about 2 hours before performance improves performance
  • The problem – acute doses are so high that you can cause more gastrointestinal issues than performance benefits
  • Slowly build up your bicarbonate stores over weeks by simply drinking bicarbonate water
    • 1-1.8g per liter
  • Hydrogen ion buildup
    • Hydrogen ions accumulate as a result of lactic acid
  • Bicarbonate-rich mineral waters

-Dirt cheap ways for lowering your blood glucose…31:27

-Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) and vestibular enhancement on a budget…36:45

  • A biohack to increase strength within 60 seconds
  • Blood Flow Restriction bands:
  • Exercise with the elastic band works the body
  • Exercise for the inner ear is enhancing your brain's map
  • By enhancing your brain's map, you can enhance strength output
  • VOR – vestibular ocular reflex exercise
    • Recalibrating your brain in terms of visual integration and vestibular integration
    • Vision system and our inner ear vestibular system are the fastest information sources
  • Doing an exercise for the eyes gives input to the brain
  • Today, our eyes and ears don’t get enough stimulation
  • The description of the exercise

-Gathering more oxygen with cheap methods of altitude training…40:43

-And much more…

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    I’m impressed by the thoroughness and the easy-to-understand explanations in this article. Great job!

  2. Hecnel says:

    Nice, very nice resumé.

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    Hello Ben
    Again a really nice podcast.
    Could we have a link to the study of glycine with sodium ? I can’t find it.

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    so you think that workout with many clothes is a good idea for detoxing ?

  5. Jeremy says:

    Hey Ben, just wanted to say I really appreciated this episode. My wife and I are finding it very difficult these days to maintain health while also struggling with income, so episodes like this are so very welcome. As you said, it’s so easy to get inundated with all the potential devices/supplements/programs/whatever that one could purchase, so again, thank you for this one.

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