Q&A 441: Methylene Blue Madness, Gut Healing Mega-Newsflash, Homemade Morphine, Cheap Blood Sugar Hacks, Training 2 Vs. 4 Times Per Week & Much More!

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Q: Tips for healing an injured hand, after having tried everything under the sun…57:05

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10 thoughts on “Q&A 441: Methylene Blue Madness, Gut Healing Mega-Newsflash, Homemade Morphine, Cheap Blood Sugar Hacks, Training 2 Vs. 4 Times Per Week & Much More!

  1. Jacob says:

    Question for Methylene Blue: keeping dosage small is important. If running an endurance event can it be dosed repeatedly? How quickly would it process through the system and need “reloaded”? Specifically asking for events lasting 6-24hours.


    Great podcast! I really want to make the yogurt but I don’t have a dehydrator or yogurt maker. My oven doesn’t go lower than 170 degrees – can I do it at this temperature? or will that kill the bacteria? Also, can I take it out for an hour or so if I need to use my oven over the course of the 36 hours (gotta feed the fam!)?

    1. Eric C says:

      170 would def be way too high and kill the bacteria. You want to stay around 100 degrees for the l-reuteri strain for 30-36 hours but 36 hours is the sweet spot for maximum benefits.

      You could use a pressure cooker or get a yogurt make online for around 40 bucks.

  3. Patricia says:

    Always enjoy your Q and A’s. Very informative regarding digestive health. Thank you!

  4. Morgan Veldheer says:

    What amount of bitters do you use in your bitter lemon mocktail?

  5. Wass says:

    What are you thoughts on using the Pendulum Akkermansia to make yogurt instead of or in addition to the L-reuteri? That Pendulum subscription is pretty pricy and I’ve actually been making the L-reteuri yoghurt for about a year now and its just so easy! It makes my smoothy smile.

  6. Linda says:

    Didn’t appreciate James’political comments re Fox news. C’ Mon, can’t we get away from politics?

  7. Brandon says:

    Been listening to Ben Greenfield for years, but really enjoying this new side of him. It’s fun to see people evolve and be apart of their journey. A

    1. Ben Greenfield says:

      appreciate the comment Brandon :)

  8. Len says:

    Q&As are my fav

    Sea moss is interesting. Is it mostly soluble fiber? I wasn’t able to determine that at Akasha website. Also, any idea of nutrition facts?

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