Recovery For Aging Athletes, Cross-Patterning, A New Kind Of High Intensity Interval Training, An Oxygen Boosting Supplement Called “Oxcia” & More!

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In the podcast episode “Shattering World Swim Records On 25-Piece Fried Chicken Buckets, Climbing Mountains While Eating Defatted, Vegan, Grass-Fed, Argentinian Liver Anhydrate & Much More” I interviewed athlete, mountain climber, former collegiate and Olympic trials qualifying competitive swimmer and supplement designer Craig Dinkel about a special blood oxygenating formula called “Biotropic”.

After that interview, I received an onslaught of questions about everything from grass fed liver anhydrate to cordyceps senesis to hidden benefits of beetroots, the detoxification properties of algae, whether it's really true you can get all the benefits of blood doping without actually blood doping and more.

So Craig came back in the podcast “How To Legally Dope Your Blood (Without Actually Taking Illegal Drugs).“, and in that podcast, we took a deep dive into the unique blood building formulation Craig has designed.

Now Craig returns for a third time to take a deep dive into a new formulation called “Oxcia” (use code “ben” to get a 20% discount and free shipping), and to also talk about recovery for aging athletes, cross-body patterning, a form of high intensity interval training called “HIIQT” and much more!

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-A form of training called cross-body patterning, and exactly how Craig implements it…[8:10]

-The difference between HIIT and High Intensity Interval Quality Training (HIIQT)…[14:10]

-The machine Ben has in his office to hyperoxygenate his body and also to stimulate altitude…[23:20]

-The one fruit that simulates Viagra and gives you a full body “pump”…[27:10]

-How citrulline can be used to significantly enhance power and force output during exercise…[33:15]

-The single component found in apples that can increase ATP production and vasodilation…[41:30]

-The mushroom extract that also increases ATP and activation of lung tissue that can be combined with other vasodilators…[46:00]

-And much more…

Resources from this episode:

-BioTropic Blood Oxygenating supplement (use code “ben” to get a 20% discount and free shipping on any and all products, including the new “Oxcia” we talk about in this episode!)

The Crossover Symmetry training for shoulders that Ben talks about

The Onnit Battlebag

-Article: How To Look Good Naked & Live A Long Time

The LiveO2 system Ben uses in his office (use code BEN for $300 off!)

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Do you have questions, thoughts or feedback for Craig or me? Leave your comments below and one of us will reply!

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26 thoughts on “Recovery For Aging Athletes, Cross-Patterning, A New Kind Of High Intensity Interval Training, An Oxygen Boosting Supplement Called “Oxcia” & More!

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  3. Zane says:

    Ben, my girl Mel and I have been listening for about 6 months now since I bought your book Beyond Training and are avid work out enthusiasts. I was listening to this podcast and it brought to mind a question i have, now both with our different niches but we also go outside of that niche with each others work outs. We work, live, and workout at 7,000ft.

    Since we’ve gotten here about a year ago we have gotten used to it, but between working full time, training, and spending time together we have noticed a number differences including more sleep needed, became more sensitive to circadian rhythm, eat more greens, avocados, fish, and now bison and venison (as apposed to beef), and have noticed plateaus in energy levels.

    I particularly am a fan of learning about new supplements and try to get her to try some of them too.

    Since your show, I have a script of nature aminos (EAA’s) and have now tried the 10 blend (for funzies only), kimerra, cricket powder, liquid collegen, in addition to a number of other supplements that I have collected and use daily,(in my mini fridge of supplements), and would like to here your unbiased opinion without seeing my what might seem like i should be embarrassed

    by my collection to anyone else, what could I use to get around fatigue for quicker recovery time being a 33year old male in a high altitude setting?

    I used to be able to lift heavy upper and then lift lower and run the next day, back and forth and once a week take a day off.

    now , no dice…what gives?

    Dont hold back on me now, Zane

  4. Sarah says:


    When Crag explains the HIQT it sounds very much like the WIngate protocol Dr Giabala talks about. Are their any differences between the two?


  5. Steven Marshall says:

    Good podcast as always Ben.

    I think on this podcast (may have been a previous one as I was on long drive), Craig touched on Ketogenic diet and carnatine need/use, can you get more details on this ? e.g. type of carnatine, amount required, when/how to take and any other tips to manage Ketosis.


    Steve Marshall, Nottingham UK

    Keep podding and we will keep listening…

  6. James says:

    I’m assuming using OXCIA along with Viagra might be dangerous? maybe cause a blood pressure drop?

    Unfortunately had ED since 25 (although I’m fit otherwise(thick blood, small veins)) so I’m assuming its one supplement or the other?

    1. Hi James,
      This is a great question. Because you're using a medical prescription drug like Viagra or similar, direct this question to your physician as it's outside the scope of my knowledge given there's a medical prescription involved.

      Check with your qualified Dr., and follow their advice.

      Is there anything else I can do for you?

  7. Larry says:

    The Oxcia website indicates L citrulline activates the mTOR pathway. Does citrulline in fact do this? As an older athlete & a person concerned w/ longevity, I’m trying to minimize mTOR activation. Any thoughts?

  8. Larry b says:

    the oxcia website indicates that citrulline activates the mTOR pathway. Is this a good thing & is this true. Being older, Im trying to dappen this. Would love feedback.

  9. Jen says:

    Hey Ben, I’m a 25 year old who runs a quick 4 miles 3x/ week and works out pretty intensely 6x/ week. I have been diagnosed with a heel spur in one foot, and not only has it not gone away but I feel another has formed in my other foot. I absolutely need to run for mental and physical health- what should I do?

  10. Lewis says:

    Problem solved. They contacted me.

    1. Good! I am glad it worked out.

  11. Lewis says:

    Company charged me shipping $6.97 in their website after applyinmg BEN discount for one bottle OXCIA. Shouldnt shipping be free?

    1. SteveH says:

      I can confirm…the site isn’t giving free shipping with that code.

      1. Steve, can you email this to my team at [email protected] so they can get it sorted?

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