392: The Truth About Stem Cells, What To Do When You Can’t Exercise, How Endurance Athletes Can Gain Muscle

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Nov 22, 2018, Q&A Episode 392: What To Do When You Can't Exercise, How To Fuel With Ketones For Long Runs, How Endurance Athletes Can Gain Muscle, and Is Heavy Lifting Bad For The Heart?

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Listener Q&A [00:25:56]

As compiled, deciphered, edited and sometimes read by Brock Armstrong, the Podcast Sidekick.

What To Do When You Can't Exercise [00:26:04]

Graeme says: I am having an op this week to repair an inguinal hernia. It is keyhole surgery where basically they place mesh over the affected areas. Exercise is my anti-depressant. I know I can’t do anything that stresses the core too much. Thought about indoor cycling and Compex. Any other thoughts on exercises I can do? Have been trying to think of strength exercises that DON'T engage the core but can’t think of many.

How To Fuel With Ketones For Long Runs [00:38:30]

Jessica says: I am a keto endurance runner and really enjoying the benefits. I am running a 7-day race in Feb (300km) and am wondering how I should be fueling to stay optimal for this? I am supposed to carry 2,200 calories with me per day. I am curious, how I can best get that all in there?

In my response, I recommend:
-My “How To Get Into Ketosis” article
Kion Aminos
Kion Clean Energy Bar
MCT or Brain Octane
HVMN and Ketone Aid
-My “Fat-Based Energy Gels” article

How Endurance Athletes Can Gain Muscle [00:49:48]

Kennan says: I am a 17-year-old and next week I begin my final High School swim season. In the off-season, I have put mass and muscle (currently at 170 pounds). Is there any way I can continue to put on this muscle and mass while doing long endurance swims. How would I go about doing this? Any supplements I should take? Would a Keto Diet be a good idea to boost my performance and combat fatigue? Is the keto diet even ok for a teenager?

Is Heavy Lifting Bad For The Heart [00:56:49]

Garrett says: I was wondering if heavy weight lifting could, over time, be bad for the heart? We know that it can spike blood pressure – can that cause problems over time? I like heavy lifting and I like what it does for my physique but I am worried about what it might do, long-term.

In my response, I recommend:
-Doug McGuff's book “Body By Science

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8 thoughts on “392: The Truth About Stem Cells, What To Do When You Can’t Exercise, How Endurance Athletes Can Gain Muscle

  1. Sabine says:

    Hi Ben, I haven’t listened to your podcast for a very long while…and now trying to catch up. Such great info, thanks! One question because I am confused: is Brock back? I admit I wasn’t a fan of Rachel, which is partly why I stopped listening (sorry), and I was pleasantly surprised to hear Brock on this episode. Is he back??? Again, thanks for all you do, books, podcasts, articles and so much more x

    1. Yes, Brock is back as my show sidekick!

  2. Bill says:

    Ben- I have find if I do a longer workout (4+ hours) and take more than 2 servings of Glycofuse I get stools that are very hard to get out. Sometimes if I use too much Glycofuse on back to back today this happens too. Is the normal and any thoughts/suggestions? CarboPro seems to work well for me.

  3. Tom Weitz says:


    You’ve mentioned liver in several podcasts and I’ve checked out Weston A Price site for info. Do you have a link to any study supporting its rank as number one food in nutrient density?

    Love the show. Keep up the great inspiring work.


    1. Tom Weitz says:

      one other question. If one can’t afford to purchase a sauna, would wearing one of those plastic suits in a hot environment offer any benefits (other than the lack of light issue)?


  4. Derek says:

    Do you have a Youtube link or source for the breathwork practice that you do in the sauna?

  5. Chris says:

    BEN code is not working for fitvine … just FYI

    1. Thanks Chris, we are working on getting code BEN active.. Code: Greenfield10 should do the trick

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