How You Really Lose Fat (You’ll Be Surprised), How To Enhance Fat Loss Using Simple Breath Tactics, Plus Near Death Experiences, Psychedelics & More!

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In the past, I've discussed the link between respiration and body fat in articles such as “The 2 Best Ways To Burn Fat Fast (Without Destroying Your Hormones Or Metabolism)” and on the podcast “16 Reasons You’re Not Burning Fat (& How To Lose Weight The Right Way).”

But my friend and former podcast guest Adam Wenguer recently introduced me to a guy who has thoroughly studied the link between breath and fat loss, and he has some very interesting insights on the matter as well as some potent fat loss tips you may find quite handy. His name is David Morin.

David is a German-born American fitness trainer, model, corporate wellness speaker, and entrepreneur. An accredited strength and conditioning trainer and coach with 16 years of experience, David's clients include everyone from folks in the U.S. Special Forces to NBA stars like Allen Iverson. His skill set continues to evolve through various modalities rooted in movement, martial arts, Chi Kung, mediation, biofeedback, free-weight training, HIIT, and advanced biohacking techniques.

He has appeared on more than 30 fitness magazine covers, including Muscle & Fitness, FitnessRX, Men’s Health, and Ironman magazine. For over 10 years and in 15 countries, David has been featured over 100 times as an editorial contributor and instructional fitness model for print media. Not to mention, he has hosted a number of successful fitness product infomercials. David joined “A-list celebrity” Rebel Wilson for a six-page editorial inside Glamour Magazine recently and can be found in advertisements on the internet and in print and billboards around the world representing his supplement partner Dymatize. David can also be seen in the documentary The Perfect Physique as well as working on director Micheal Bay's film “Pain & Gain” with The Rock and Mark Wahlberg.

As a father of four who likes to stay active, David took matters into his own hands to create an effective, efficient at-home training regime called Lynx Fitness. As a corporate wellness speaker for clients such as Bank United and Post Holdings, David covers nutritional topics, practical guides to better health, DNA-test-specific nutrient selection, and behavioral pattern course correction towards higher productivity and health.

Finally, David created FLO2 essential oils for “sniffing” pre-workout, and I have to admit, since David sent me some after this podcast and I began to use them, they are now my preferred alternative to full-on “smelling salts” for hard workouts. I recommend you try them for yourself. You can click here to get FLO2, and use code BENFLO to save 25%.

During this discussion, you'll discover:

-David's morning routine and rituals…7:15

-Mid-day routines and favorite biohacks for both David and Ben…19:30

-Why sunlight is so important and so undervalued…32:45

  • David has psoriasis and has lived all over due to military background (father)
  • Moving to Miami where there's lots of sunshine helped with psoriasis greatly
  • Everything has a certain light characteristic (food for example)

-Where fat goes when you lose weight, and why it matters…40:20

  • The Mathematics of Fat Loss – TEDTalk by Rubin Meerman
  • 80% of fat is excreted via respiration (your breath)
  • The idea that fat gets converted into energy violates the conservation of mass principle
  • Majority of fatty acids being oxidized are exhaled as CO2 (lungs are the primary excretory organ of fat)
  • Using breathing correctly is the most important element
  • Oxygen Advantage by Patrick McKeown
  • Hold breath on the inhale while exercising
    • Hypoxia
    • Immune function regulation
    • Clear lactic acid
    • Feel a sense of euphoria (norepinephrine)
  • Holotropic breathwork
  • Why we can't just hyperventilate all-day
    • Increase in nitric oxide
    • Fat is burned as resting metabolic rate rises post-workout
    • Non-exercise activity thermogenesis
  • Around 65% of Americans experience compromised respiration
  • Use breath to bring about awareness of your physiology, not just to lose weight

-About the blend of essential oils David sells to clear the respiratory system…53:30

-David's near-death experience…1:02:00

  • First ayahuasca session two years prior, had a vision of the experience
  • Shaman carved from the ayahuasca vine a heart
  • We are tapped into something far more astonishing than anything we could imagine
  • The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence
  • Became more committed in his Christian faith and respectful of orthodoxy as a result
  • Open heart surgery needed
  • 5-day water fast changed his life in 2015
  • Nattokinase
  • Turmeric
  • Ginkgo Biloba

-Resources to learn more about near-death experiences, supernatural events, etc…1:16:35

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

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43 thoughts on “How You Really Lose Fat (You’ll Be Surprised), How To Enhance Fat Loss Using Simple Breath Tactics, Plus Near Death Experiences, Psychedelics & More!

  1. Erick says:

    Just to add another data point to the comments, I placed an order on the 4th for 4 bottles using the BENFLO + BOGO offer. I received a timely and correct order confirmation email and a few days later received my order. All bottle seals were intact and no leakage was evident. I did not need to contact David/FLO2 for any reason about my order, so I can’t comment on the customer service beyond that.

    Too early to comment on efficacy and benefits other than that it definitely clears the nasal passages.

  2. Aimee says:

    David, as others have mentioned, nonexistent customer service from your website. I ordered two bottles but my order was only confirmed for one. The package came damaged the product had leaked inside of the box. I immediately sent an email with photos and no reply. Sent two more emails still no reply. If you’re going to sell a product, you need to make sure you are set up to stand behind the customer service. What should I do?

    1. Jerry says:

      I also have yet to hear back despite posting something here. If I were Ben, I’d take a look at this. He and his brand are now taking reputation shots for endorsing this company/person.

    2. David Morin says:

      Hello Aimee, this is David founder of FLO2. We have not received any emails from you. Can you give me your order number? It’s attached to you email receipt of purchase email.

      I’ll get right on it

    3. David Morin says:

      Aimee, Is your order number 1244?

      If so,

      Is your new tracking number.

      1. Aimee Divis says:

        No my order #is 1375.
        I emailed [email protected] 3 times in reply to my order confirmation-this was the email my order confirmation was from. Please advise if this is the incorrect email for your company. There is no other email anywhere on your website to reach you.

        1. David Morin says:

          Aimee, very sorry for
          The delay. Your point of contact goes to manufacturing, I processed your order manually this morning. Please send pictures to [email protected] in all likelihood I’ve contracted Covid last week and have not been able to get to the office till this point.

          1. Aimee Divis says:

            Just forwarded my original email to that address. Thank you-I look forward to receiving my replacement!

  3. Ranj says:

    Great show. Being an Asthma sufferer which gets worse during the winter here in the UK its a shame you can’t ship internationally as really wanted to try this out

  4. Jerry says:

    I tried to purchase one bottle to support Ben and David. In the process of ordering, I accidentally added 1 bottle then ALSO the 3 bottle + 1 free bundle. I hit order not realizing it until I saw the confirmation. This was on a Saturday, so I immediately responded to my email order confirmation explaining the error. I asked to cancel the order so I could just reorder what I wanted (one botte). There was nowhere on the order confirmation on the website to cancel myself and there also was nowhere in the email describing how to cancel. Website doesn’t say anything about it either.

    Now it’s Tuesday and I got a confirmation that my order shipped (my incorrect order I asked them to cancel). I again immediately emailed, explaining the situation again. No response. Next day sent a THIRD and FOURTH email without a response. Just got all my 5 bottles today in the mail.

    I am going to send this for dispute to my credit card company, which I explained to them in my fourth email that I would be doing. So, regardless of how it works, terrible customer service. I still can’t believe I couldn’t get a reply to four emails. I checked my spam folder too if you were wondering.

    David, since you are so eager to reply here in the forum, maybe this will get your attention. Thanks.

    1. David Morin says:

      Hello Jerry, I’ll give you my full attention on this.

      What’s your order number?

      1. Jerry says:

        #1273. You can just respond to any of my five emails I sent. Thanks.

        1. David Morin says:


          Apologies for the runaround. Refund issued in 24hrs.

          Yes, unfortunately it is only me & I contract Covid early last week and was completely MIA.

      2. Jerry says:

        You would think that 36 hours later after being aware of the problem I would have a reply to one of my many unanswered emails from David, but you would be wrong.

        And by the way, one bottle isn’t worth $30 while we are discussing this product. It’s interesting at best.

  5. Sue says:

    Seriously, I think Ben is getting worse by the day. He doesn’t let the guest speak and keeps interrupting. I come here to listen to the experts/guests. If I want to listen to Ben himself I would play some of the Q&A episodes.

  6. Angel says:

    too much Ben not enough guest

    1. David Morin says:

      I could listen to Ben more then me any day! Thank you for the support

  7. Steven E says:

    For anyone considering buying FLO2…

    Here are total price comparisons using code BENFLO:

    – Qty 1: $27.48

    – Qty 4: $52.49

    Pretty much, if you think you will buy a second bottle at any point, it makes sense to order the Qty 3 (get one free, get free shipping).

    If you bought one bottle each, in separate orders, you’d pay $54.96!

    1. David Morin says:

      Thanks for laying that out Steven!

      We at FLO2 are trying to spark a respiration revolution so the deals are towards volume for sure!

      Hope you enjoy

  8. Sareussu says:

    Man, nice podcast, pretty new stuff.

    What an amazing story David, really moving, thank you for sharing, I was almost led into tears.

    Ben could you explain a little more about your new topical use of lavender oil for sleep around the vagus nerve terminals behind the ears??

    I wonder about what you concluded around the idea of breathing out fats, so the possibility of arriving at a breathing protocol for increasing fat loss, since you discarded the possibility by saying most fat loss occurs after exercise, but this doesn’t seem to close the question, since maybe then the protocol would apply precisely to that after exercise window, as is said the lack of evidence doesnt mean the evidence of a lack, so maybe there could be something to it we just dont know yet…

    Maybe it could be discarded from the point of view of the mechanism and phisiology of the process anyhow, would love to hear more details about it. You could thinnk about hyperventilating during exercise as Ben suggested or maybe increasing exhalation duration for example in the after window or holding your breath without air, etc.

    1. David Morin says:

      You make so very good points Sareussu!

      Thanks for your listening & your keen feedback, enjoy your weekend!

  9. Phillip says:

    Hi David,

    How do I use the Amazon Pay option on your website? I see the Amazon Pay icon, but the cart seems only to allow credit cards. I would like to try the FLO2 product.



    1. David Morin says:

      I’ll take a look at that option, can’t recall why we choose not to include it when the site was built.

      I will investigate!

      Enjoy your weekend!

  10. Tyson says:

    What are your thoughts / comments on natural “Fire” and the spectrum of light emitted compared to the emerging red-light device technologies? I have a GAS fireplace, and spend a ton of time at night getting the red light from it. Within 20 minutes I can always feel a significant difference, I relax and it seems like there is also some anti-inflammatory responses happening, although I do not have a specific way to test it. Wondering what the science says from natural fire light compared to something like a JOOV unti. – Thanks Ben

  11. Doug M. says:


    I’ve been a fan for a long time and this particular podcast really resonated with me! I’m from Canada so many of the products that are reviewed or promoted are more difficult to obtain; regardless, I went to David’s Flo2 site to order some Flo2. Several issues I hope you can help with:

    1. There are icons to contact, but they don’t work so I apologize for using this to post my inquiry

    2. When I tried to register, that wasn’t a thing….it’s a dead link (I guess it’s a work in progress?)

    3. I went to checkout anonymously and it won’t let me change the country to anything other than US, so only US states can be selected.

    So basically I can select what I want, the discount code is applied correctly and I can pay, but I can’t get the product because I can’t enter my address correctly…is the product only available in the US?

    Hope you can provide clarification…I’d really like to try Flo2 :)


    1. David Morin says:

      Hey Doug!

      Unfortunately at the moment we cannot ship to Canada. Covid has provided a unique set of challenges with customers but we are working on it, we do have inventory in Ontario at “Body systems nutrition” retailers.

      Thanks for the heads up!

      1. Kim says:

        Just FYI – I clicked the link in the show notes for the FLO product. I put the product in my cart and clicked ‘check out’. All the info on that page was filed in with someone’s else’s name, address, etc. No one I knew, I live in MN and this person lives in SC. Really bad program glitch. Thankfully his credit card info was not there but makes me wary to shop your site. Not secure.

  12. Rachael says:

    Thank you Ben & David for such a an amazing interview. Thank you David for sharing your experiences and your faith. As always Ben, keep up this Good work that you do. A work that is helping me and so many others in their physical and spiritual journeys. God bless you both.

    1. David Morin says:

      Thank you Rachel! It was an honor to share time with Ben & be of some service to his audience!

      God bless you!

  13. elizabeth tobin says:


    Ben, I love your books, podcasts, sabbath ramblings.

    I am struggling with eating disorder issues, depression and love following your advice. However, I just tried to order off of David Morin’s FLO2 site and wasn’t able to get your discount !!! i tried to find a recourse to submit my BENFLO discount and had no options to contact them!!!! F#ck them ….so disappointed and yet really enjoyed the podcast …motherf*ckers

    1. eliza says:

      Please excuse my use of expletives. Completely inappropriate …my sincere apologies.

      1. David Morin says:

        Happy we clarified things Elizabeth,


      2. Doug Miles says:

        I’ve been a fan for a long time and this particular podcast really resonated with me! I’m from Canada so many of the products that are reviewed or promoted are more difficult to obtain; regardless, I went to David’s Flo2 site to order some Flo2. Several issues I hope you can help with:
        1. There are icons to contact, but they don’t work so didn’t have any other way to figure out how to do this
        2. When I tried to register, that wasn’t a think….it’s a dead link (I guess it’s a work in progress?)
        3. I went to checkout anonymously and it won’t let me change to country to anything other than US, so only US states can be selected.

        So basically I can select what I want, the discount code is applied correctly and I can pay, but I can’t get the product because I can’t enter my address…is the product only available in the US?

        Hope you can clarify this (and get your website set up properly :))


  14. Aimee Divis says:

    The coupon code you mentioned in the podcast for his product doesn’t work…..

    1. Hmm, it's working on my end. Can you try again and let me know if you're still having trouble?

    2. David Morin says:


      We have “BenFLO”
      As the code for 25-% off with a BOGO DEAL.

      The FLO50 is not active, apologies for the confusion.



      1. Karl Lloyd says:

        Pity doesn’t ship internationally. I’ve a post box in New Jersey but your site doesn’t take PayPal or google pay.. is it possible to pay via PayPal and for international shipping too ?

  15. Matt says:

    What an amazing story, wow!!!!

    1. David Morin says:

      Thank you brother!

  16. h nick says:

    Thanks for the info. clear and well explained

    1. David Morin says:

      Thanks Nick! Enjoy your week!

  17. Anthony Guastella says:

    Ben, is Fit Soul coming in audio version?

    1. David Morin says:

      Great Question!

      Love to listen 🎧 to FIT SOUL on a bike ride!

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