Light As Medicine, Metabolic Typing, COVID Controversies, Polar Bear Fitness, Healing Yourself With Laughter & More With Dr. Leland Stillman.

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Dr. Leland Stillman is one interesting doctor and a man after my own heart – meaning he's interested in everything from how polar bears use cold thermogenesis and hibernation to enhance longevity to how your environment drastically shapes your health no matter how hard you exercise or how perfectly you eat.

He became interested in natural and integrative medicine at an early age. After majoring in environmental health at Connecticut College and earning his medical doctorate from the University of Virginia School of Medicine, Dr. Stillman completed his training in internal medicine at Maine Medical Center. Board-certified in internal medicine and specializing in integrative medicine, he has a passion for doing whatever it takes to discover the root cause of his patients' medical problems through advanced laboratory testing and then addressing those imbalances with dietary or lifestyle interventions. Dr. Stillman focuses not only on the patient but on all aspects of the environment they live in. Some of Dr. Stillman's professional interests include phototherapy (photobiomodulation), nutrition, toxicology, and the immune system.

In this podcast, we talk light, EMF, air, water, sound, metabolic typing, COVID vaccines, and a whole lot more!

During this discussion, you'll also discover:

-Dr. Stillman's family history…6:30

-Why Dr. Stillman is not planning on getting vaccinated for COVID…10:30

-How to mitigate the effects of, and how to avoid contracting, COVID…16:35

-How to optimize light for your own biology…23:10

-How to use melatonin as a “circadian reset”…35:15

-How to determine the proper lighting for your home…39:50

  • First determine your goal
  • Red lamp during the night when waking up in the night
  • HugoAi lamps
  • Dimmable lights tend to produce higher amounts of EMF
  • Dirty EMF filter
  • Turn off dimmers during sleep

-The Polar Bear program for optimizing health…43:50

  • Dr. Jack Kruse: “Eat like a shark, live like a polar bear”
  • Humans in high artificial light eat lots of food, gain weight, don't sleep well, etc.
  • Polar bears have many of the same metabolic abnormalities as humans with the poor diets
  • Adaptations that allow them to survive the winter
  • Dr. Stillman had many of these symptoms
  • Repleted levels of nutrients and health improved dramatically
  • Balance Protocol by Dr. Anthony Beck

-Breathwork protocols Dr. Stillman uses…50:50

-What kind of dietary approach Dr. Stillman utilizes for himself and his patients…57:00

-Light shapes life: How the human body creates light within itself…1:09:00

-The two elements of health Dr. Stillman views as non-negotiable…1:16:55

  • Mindset and psychology
  • Those around us sabotage our efforts to get well because of toxic negativity
  • The best results are those patients with the most hope, faith, most positive mindset
  • Placebo effect is a thing
  • Anatomy of An Illness by Norman Cousins
  • Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton

-And much more!

Click here for the full written transcript of this podcast episode.

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27 thoughts on “Light As Medicine, Metabolic Typing, COVID Controversies, Polar Bear Fitness, Healing Yourself With Laughter & More With Dr. Leland Stillman.

  1. Donna dobson says:

    DR. Still man: after seeing/ listening to you on several different broadcasts just wanted you to know I have added you to my prayers every night. I am resisting family pressure for Covid vax as I don’t believe at this time is safe. Thanks. Stay safe!!

  2. Kimberly says:

    I work in an environment that has
    Fluorescent Bulbs throughout the building. I do not necessarily have an office that I could put different bulbs in. Do you have any suggestions? I have bought the lights that you have suggested for my home and just wondering what the best protection would be at work. I also do not enjoy wearing the glasses to protect from the blue light while watching TV. Do you have any other suggestions?

  3. BeatColor says:

    Thanks for this fantastic postcard!
    Real Estate Photo Editing Company

  4. Renee says:

    Thanks Ben. Incredible Episode! Dr Stillman is brilliant. Every time I run across an interview with him I find it refreshing to hear a doctor share the truth and real wisdom that is useful and for improving health versus the deathcare system that only pushes the Rockefeller agenda of chemicals to fill a certain few pockets. Seems some of your commenters above are still stuck in the dogma, indoctrination, and compartmentalization of generational manipulation, it’s hard for some to break free from the system as that takes internal work, self responsibility and the willingness to seek truth. Unfortunately most don’t innerstand the depths of deception and censorship of the interweb and how long this has been going on…. Be Well.

  5. Stephanie says:

    Thank you, Ben and Leland, for another stellar episode!

  6. Tad Ruszel says:

    Thanks so much to both of you! And double thanks Ben for continuing to share and post a wide variety of ideas and viewpoints on health. It continues to help, even after many years of listening.


    What you do you think of the lighting by truedark? I would assume the circadia bulb fits your criteria. They also have a nighttime bulb, which does have a remote, but it didn’t seem to emit much EMF. It didn’t seem to emit much when I measured it, but I don’t have any sophisticated devices. I know it’s really changed my home environment in a beautiful way as far as light goes.

    Also, from my research Satic seems to make some of the best dirty electricity products out there. Have you looked into them yet?

    And @BenG.

    When you gonna interview Huberman bro :D

  7. Peter Ivanco says:

    Your podcasts are almost always very interesting for me but this one was is mindblowing. I have to try some food improvement my targeted KETO&IF. I have just one question for u though. I feel very good on high fat and pretty high protein as well diet. I do really small veggies (severe diarrhea and it is not SIBO) but I’m pretty wired man even I’m 45yo. I mean I’m a more sympathetic (Cortisol) adrenal body type. What am I supposed to eat now? Sympa or parasympa food? I know u have no all my health data and I respect that what I am asking is to show me a direction and I will do my own research on that

  8. Kali J says:

    This was such a fantastic podcast!!! One of my favorites you have ever done! Ben, you’re so right, Dr Stillman does it ALL! I love the articulate and simple way he explains things that are actually really complex. I felt like I walked away with really tangible things I could look at in my own life to improve my health! Thank you so much for this invaluable info!

  9. Dave says:

    Please provide a link to download to mp3.

    1. The download link is the center "down arrow" button to the right within the player.

  10. Maureen B says:

    I am new to this website and wonder what took me so long. I have dabbled or used long-term so many of the discussed items/methods. I loved hearing all the updates. My immediate concern is to replace my home air purifier IMMEDIATELY with a non-ozone model. Please let me know what you think is best in this direction. I walked right over and turned mine OFF the moment I head your comments about ozone. I have not lived without a whole-house model for alt least 25 years, so this is weird for me.Thanks so much, I have shared the podcast and will be listening to it a few more times with a pen in my hand. Any chance of a transcript? Thanks so much.

  11. M says:


  12. Ann says:

    I would love to listen to the podcast, but I can’t find a “play” link on this page.

  13. Joyce Merritt says:

    Please clarify how to download mp3 with your changed format

  14. Hampton says:

    Your audio player no longer is available on page at least on my email links?

  15. Diana Dalo says:

    I think it is disgraceful that you keep advocating against Covid vaccination and spreading this message that is not backed by any actual science. This guy obviously is a quack and spreads very damaging messages that real scientists have demolished over and over and over. You should stop this really. You keep spreading this dangerous stuff and the rest of your messages loses all credibility. We are in a pandemic, we have thousands of deaths everyday around the world, our lives have come to a stop for the past year and you keep putting this utter bs into people’s minds. Frankly if this message is preventing even one person from vaccinating you would have done enough damage already, as that one person could get sick and die or transmit the disease to a fragile person and that would translate in enormous grief for a bunch a bunch of people. Qanon has already showed its face and you keep following this bs.

    1. Manuel says:

      Stop worshipping the news and use your brain. Ben is providing tools for you to take care of yourself. If you want to blindly follow the MSM cult that’s your choice but you don’t get to call it science and label anything you don’t like quackery. By the way there is no science proving the vaccine cures anything by Fauci’s own admission. It blocks symptoms which makes you an asymptomatic carrier. Thanks for constantly encouraging us to be healthy Ben way before any public health scare.

      1. joelle says:

        what a retarded comment…quackery and as someone else said below, retarded quackery

  16. George Connell says:

    This is some wacky stuff! And dangerous too.. The last thing we need is more misinformation from a “medical professional” to prevent people from getting the Covid 19 vaccine. There is so many false conspiracy theories out there that people are latching on to already. The bottom line is that this vaccine will prevent more people from dying from this horrible disease. It is safe and effective and ALL adults should get the vaccine.

    1. NICK TAYLOR says:

      Israel has already vaccinated over half the population. Even in this short time from deaths from vaccines have EXCEEDED the risk of death from Covid. We have not even seen how bad long term effects will be.

      “mortality hundreds of times greater in young people compared to mortality from coronavirus without the vaccine, and dozens of times more in the elderly”

      “There is a mismatch between the data published by the authorities and the reality on the ground…

      “this is a new Holocaust,” in face of Israeli authority pressure to vaccinate citizens.”

      — Aix-Marseille University Faculty of Medicine Emerging Infectious and Tropical Diseases Unit’s Dr. Hervé Seligmann and engineer Haim Yativ

      So, please either start casting a wider net for your information sources, or alternatively get your shot, and help the U.S. government solve the unfunded liabilities of Social Security and Medicare for us…

      1. Leland says:

        Thanks for posting this, Nick. It’s important for people to cast a wider net for information sources.

      2. joelle says:

        you know nothing about “information sources” obviously as you are quoting the worse Israeli/French tabloids.
        Retarded. Two quacks saying baseless stuff are not “information”, they are antivax quacks like this ignorant Stillman.
        Ben, so irresponsible, stop the antivax quackery

        1. Nic says:

          Amazing how few biohackers have been harmed by COVID. I’m more scared of getting hit by a car, yet I leave my house every day.

        2. Misha says:

          Wow, as a doctor, one would think Dr. Stillman would be a bit more worried about his credibility and simply do 5 seconds of fact-checking before “thanking” someone for posting blatant misinformation. Pandemics are nothing new, vaccines are nothing new. This isn’t all some conspiracy. Reading a few middle-school-level history and science books would do wonders for most of you people.

        3. Nick says:

          Wow – total misdirection… You dishonestly quote a Reuters article attacking a blogger collecting anecdotes of deaths – NOT the researchers, statististical analysis of government statistics.

          Tell me why you trust the Israeli government (or any government) NOT to lie to you when they have made a mistake?

  17. James says:


  18. Mike says:

    “Practice is in Richmond, VA; however, 99% of his practice is virtual”

    This was a heartening fact to learn. Since Dr Stillman is an Antivaxer, it would be unethical for him to personally see patients and possibly infect them if he turns out to be asymptomatic.

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