The Crazy New World Of Ketone Esters (& How To Use Ketones For Sleep, Performance, Recovery, Fat Loss, Plant Medicines & Much More) With Michael Brandt Of HVMN

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12 March 2022

Having been a consumer of a low-carb or some semblance of a somewhat ketogenic diet since I was a 19 year old bodybuilder — that's right, a couple decades of eating keto—I've admittedly covered the topics of ketosis and ketones plenty in past podcasts (see the resources section below for all previous episodes and articles).

However, quite recently, things have become a bit more exciting and cutting-edge in the ever-evolving realm of ketones, particularly when it comes to “exogenous ketones,” a supplemental form that one can consume to rapidly shift themselves into a state of safe, appetite-satiated, performance-dominating, inflammation-crushing ketosis, and so it's high time I gave you an update on these magical molecules.

My guest on this podcast, Michael Brandt, is the Co-founder and CEO of Health Via Modern Nutrition, or H.V.M.N. for short. Michael believes ketones are a nutritional primitive; a tool for everyone’s toolkit, akin to Omega-3, caffeine, or CBD. H.V.M.N. launched the world’s first ketone ester in 2017, secured a $6MM contract with U.S. Special Operations Command, and has since worked with elite athletes and researchers to determine the effects of its ketone formulas on everything from athletic performance to recovery to metabolic health and longevity.

H.V.M.N. recently announced their second generation of ketones, Ketone-IQ™ which is the most cost-effective way to achieve a level of 1.0mmol+ of blood ketones (use code BENG to save 10%).

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-“Exogenous ketones” defined and how they work…11:00

  • The body has always made ketones in a carb-deprived state
  • Ketone IQ is a directly drinkable ketone (use code BENG to save 10%)
  • Exogenous ketones allow you to get to the equivalent ketone levels of 3-4 days of fasting
  • A high level of ketones in the bloodstream is not indicative of the body's ability to utilize ketones for energy

-Limiting factors in the body's ability to utilize ketones…15:11

  • Metabolic flexibility
  • Difficult to pinpoint specific enzyme
  • Ancient humans had higher ketone levels than humans today
  • Ketone bodies produced by the liver
    • β-hydroxybutyrate
    • Acetoacetate
    • Acetone

-What is Ketone IQ?…20:11

-How HVMN has dramatically cut costs of producing ketone esters…27:39

  • ~$4 per 10g dose
  • Key metric: elevation of blood ketones per dollar without unpleasant side effects

-The average length of time of peak productivity after a Ketone IQ serving…35:02

-The impact of elevated ketone levels on sleep…42:45

-Effects of ketone esters on recovery…47:15

  • Kion Aminos effect amplified with ketone esters
  • Different uses of ketones for different lifestyles/activities

-Compounds that stack well with ketones…49:46

-Effects of ketones on Alzheimer's progression…57:08

-Ben's tips on introducing ketones into your lifestyle…1:06:04

And much more!

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7 thoughts on “The Crazy New World Of Ketone Esters (& How To Use Ketones For Sleep, Performance, Recovery, Fat Loss, Plant Medicines & Much More) With Michael Brandt Of HVMN

  1. Stephanie says:

    Can we order ketones to add to keto food plan?

    1. Ben Greenfield says:

      Here’s some options for you:
      HVMN Ketone IQ – – (code BENG for 10% off)
      DeltaG – – (code BEN10 for 10% off)
      KetoneAid – – (code ben for free shipping)

  2. Andrew K says:

    Disappointed it does not ship to Canada…. started an order on the site then had to abandon it… ☹️ oh well next time.

    1. You can order Ketone-IQ outside of the United States at

    2. Wasabi says:

      Where in Canada?

      Tried Shippsy before?

      Try try my link for a discount

  3. Bennett says:

    Very interesting and informative podcast. And just FYI Lucy is slang for LSD so they made a pretty big error in band name selection….

  4. Kristen says:

    Hi, I have two questiona:

    I am wondering if there are different recommendations for women vs men on taking ketone esters? As we know, going into ketosis is not great for women in general and especially perimenopausal and menopausal women.

    Second, what is the recommendation for taking ketones and nutrition during ironman training and racing. You touched a bit on this toward the end of the podcast, but I didn’t get a good sense for if you should change the amount of real food (or bars and gels) intake is you are also taking ketones.

    Thank you!

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