How A Biochemist & Engineer REVERSED His Coronary Artery Disease & Calcium Scan Score (Based On Over 16,000 Hours Of Study & Research!) With Patrick Theut.

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reversing coronary artery disease
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What I Discuss with Patrick Theut:

  • How Patrick turned his grim health prognosis around by using his smarts in biochemistry and engineering to beat coronary artery disease… 02:23
  • The shocking effects of an MMR vaccination on Patrick's health, leading to serious problems like insulin chaos and thyroid issues, and the innovative steps he took to get back on track… 17:27
  • Patrick's toolkit of high-dose vitamins and vanadium, plus his diet plans that helped regenerate his pancreas and fix his thyroid, complete with all the nitty-gritty details on the supplements and routines that worked… 20:57
  • Chats about vitamin K and why it’s a game-changer for heart health, plus some geeky science on low-density lipoprotein (LDL) particles (also known as “bad” cholesterol) and what they mean for your brain… 28;10
  • How to use vitamin K for athletic performance… 32:01
  • Benefits of menaquinone-7 (MK7), a form of vitamin K2, and heart health… 38:04
  • The crucial role of gut health in keeping your heart ticking and how Patrick has kept his heart disease at bay with specific dietary tweaks… 44:13
  • The scoop on Patrick’s new venture: a cardiac manifesto and a supplement line designed to boost athletic performance with the right dose of vitamin K… 47:50
  • Patrick’s broader nutritional strategies for a long and healthy life, how he applies his research into everyday wellness, and more tips on systemic health improvements… 55:33

If you're dealing with plaque, high calcium scores, coronary artery disease, or other heart concerns, you're in for an eye-opening podcast that could change your life.

In this episode, you'll dive into Patrick Theut's remarkable journey of reversing coronary artery disease, the diet plans and high-dose vitamin regimen that helped him regenerate his pancreas and fix his thyroid, and the crucial role of vitamin K in heart health.

Patrick Theut is a biochemist and engineer who has successfully managed to reverse his coronary artery disease, recording his experience in his fascinating Cardiac Manifesto, linked here. In total, he has invested over 16,000 hours of study into the cause of heart disease. Today, you'll uncover his insights into why this disease develops, how to stop it from progressing, and protocols that can potentially reverse it. Additionally, Patrick unveils the hidden power of gut health in maintaining a strong heart and reveals his personal dietary secrets that have kept heart disease at bay.

You'll also delve into Patrick's groundbreaking venture in cardiac health, K-vitamins. His company sells a vitamin K blend called Koncentrated K that includes micro-encapsulated astaxanthin — a potent carotenoid pigment and antioxidant found naturally in algae, shrimp, lobster, crab, and salmon. Koncentrated K also contains the highest dose of the three most researched forms of vitamin K to help you improve your cardiac health and live a long and vibrant life.

Ready to take control of your heart health and explore new frontiers in cardiac wellness? Join me and Patrick as we embark on a journey to understand the intricacies of heart disease, unlock the secrets of optimal cardiac health, and discover groundbreaking approaches to reversing coronary artery disease.

For further insights into enhancing your heart health, you can explore the “Resources From This Episode” section, where you'll find all of my podcasts, plus interesting studies on neutrophil to HDL ratio (NHR). This wealth of information could be life-changing for you or a loved one!

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6 thoughts on “How A Biochemist & Engineer REVERSED His Coronary Artery Disease & Calcium Scan Score (Based On Over 16,000 Hours Of Study & Research!) With Patrick Theut.

  1. Diane says:

    What happen to (On this episode, you’ll discover:) a more comprehensive show notes.
    Patrick Theut was difficult to understand, missed a lot of info.

  2. Kim says:

    This was an amazing chat!!! A way to support the gut in these crazy times – love it! Great information, great questions. Thanks so much Ben and Patrick for sharing your expertise. Shall be listening multiple times to glean all the goodness. x

  3. Randy says:

    Maybe I missed it but did he ever say that after his protocol he went and got a clear CAC or CTA/ CLEERLY test?

  4. Eggs Tyrone says:

    If a Mayo Clinic doctor said that he would be dead in 4 years based on a coronary calcium score, that is prime quackery.

  5. Rick Strong says:

    He doesn’t think ldl is causal for atherosclerosis, but Peter Attia, a brilliant doc who partners with world leading lipidologist, Tom Dayspring, insists that apo(B), the marker for ldl particle number, is causal. I trust Attia and the world’s leading lipidologist.

    1. Drifter says:

      Down-regulate your confidence and read (for example) Dr. Kendrick’s multi-part blog on What Causes Heart Disease or the book version called The Clot Thickens. The level of thinking in Dr. Kendrick’s work is miles above Attia’s. Also, “causal” is not particularly meaningful since something can contribute as a partial cause under certain circumstances when the true controllable root causes (such as chronically elevated insulin or poor Vitamin C status, just to name two) are different.

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