Q&A 446: Living A “High Energy Flux” Lifestyle, The Best Way To Do A Low Carb Diet, Left Nose Vs. Right Nose Breathing, Peptide Safety & Much More!

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Q&A 446: Living A "High Energy Flux" Lifestyle, The Best Way To Do A Low Carb Diet, Left Nose Vs. Right Nose Breathing, Peptide Safety & Much More!
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Listener Q&A:

Q: First-time Dad: How Can You Biohack For A Baby?…58:19

Ben and Jay Recommend:

Q: TB-500 and BPC-157 For Training Injuries?…1:06:13

Ben and Jay Recommend:

Q: Tips For Finding Adrenaline (Not Faking It)?…1:13:07

Ben and Jay Recommend:
  • Andro steroids double injection on both butt cheeks
  • Boundless by Ben Greenfield
  • The Mask of Masculinity by Lewis Howes
  • The key factor is to find things that bring us happiness and fulfillment, besides exercise and competition
  • Ben: “I think a lot of times, as athletes, we think more people are paying attention than they are. We think that more people are expecting stuff from us than they are. And that the harshest judge of ourselves is ourselves.”
  • The Gap And The Game by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy

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