Ben Greenfield’s Top 10 Deals For 2022 Black Friday Shopping (You Don’t Even Need To Leave The Couch!).

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ben greenfield's black friday gift guide
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Throughout the years, I've learned that living one's life with a spirit of gratitude significantly enhances happiness, spiritual development, relationship quality, mindfulness and much more.

Still, I will admit that there are times when I get caught up in the business and the worries life and subsequently forget to be grateful.

What helps tremendously in avoiding this grateful void is systematically and intentionally incorporating gratefulness into my morning and evening practices. By starting and ending the day by giving thanks and writing into my journal a moment of gratefulness, I feel more appreciation each hour of the day. Of course, one reason that I love Thanksgiving is because I get to spend the entire day with family – infused with a higher level of gratitude as we cook, feast, and rest together. Thanksgiving day feels like a refreshing body, mind, and spirit reboot in preparation for my birthday (on December 20th), which is also a significant time of reflection for me. Then, of course, comes the most sacred and special of holidays that I celebrate: Christmas.

None of this meaning is ultimately derived from decorating the house, planning a cocktail party, or shopping for gifts, but rather derived from love, family, tradition, and being with the people I value.

That being said – while this season is not about materialism – you may have noticed at the beginning of this month I published my popular annual holiday gift guide. The annual tradition of publishing a gift guide was inspired and born years ago after I received many, many requests for high-quality, healthy, affordable gifts for family and friends. The reality is that most people do purchase gifts this time of year, which does not need to mean that you are falling into the trap of modern commercial society, a society that places a disturbing value on material objects, but does mean you're intentionally making choices to express gratitude – even materially – for the special people in your life.

Black Friday, that famous day-after-Thanksgiving shopping frenzy, definitely falls into that category of habits that perpetuate the focus on human satisfaction through purchases and purchases and… more purchases. Thankfully, with the advent of online shopping, the shocking days of people trampling each other into the stores to violently grab deeply-discounted items from the shelves are mostly over. Still, retailers have taken advantage of the opportunity to offer what is generally their biggest sales of the year on that day and often through the weekend into “Cyber Monday.”

Those retailers include many of my favorite partners, who tend to design products that I find myself recommending over and over again, including several products that were part of my gift guide earlier this month. While I am not on board with what Black Friday has traditionally meant, I am dedicated to helping you to find the most effective products at the lowest price to enhance your health and life and make perfect gifts for friends and family, just so long (and hopefully you're getting this point!) your focus is more on love and relationships than just “buying sh*t”.

So…that's my reasoning for sharing the following ten holiday healthy gift products and deep Black Friday discounts with you. Several of the partners listed here were also a part of my holiday gift guide, but are offering even lower prices through special discounts this weekend. As you'd expect, these deals are only available for a limited time, so if there's an item here that's been on the list for you or a gift recipient, check the dates and be prepared to purchase during that brief window.

The ten products on this list are truly those that I consider being amongst the gold standard for healthy holiday gift-giving, in terms of both body and mind optimization and creativity. Happy shopping!

1. Paleovalley

There's been plenty of controversy over the merits of plant-based versus carnivore diets of late in the health industry. In fact, I had Dr. Paul Saladino, MD, author of The Carnivore Code, on my podcast (listen here) to help debunk the myths about meat. While I've described my own diet as a “modified carnivore diet” because while I do have many dinners featuring steak, organ meats, and the like, I also integrate certain easily digestible plants, roots, fruits, and superfoods.

So you probably already know that despite being an omnivore, I'm a true meat lover and aficionado, and I'm also quite picky about the quality of my meat sources.

Even if you don't eat meat the way that I do (often!), meat sticks are the way to go if you’re looking for a snack that will keep you full between meals without loading up on carbs and sugar. Unfortunately, most of the meat stick/jerky options are made with conventionally-raised beef that's pumped with hormones and antibiotics, then processed with harmful GMO-based citric acid encapsulated in hydrogenated oils – definitely not things you want to put in your body.

Paleovalley meat sticks are created with grass-fed and finished beef, all organic certified spices, and are available in five different flavors for happy taste buds. What also sets them apart is that Paleovalley uses old-world fermentation methods so the sticks are shelf-stable without relying on preservatives and hydrogenated oils. Thanks to this fermentation process, the flavor is enhanced and each stick contains gut-friendly probiotics. You're really getting the bang for your buck in a healthy way.

Click here to get 15% off Paleovalley November 25th-28th (Black Friday through Cyber Monday).

2. Joovv

I’m now closing in on my fifth year of using some form of red light therapy daily, because when I incorporate these natural light frequencies into my routine, I recover from workouts faster, I sleep better, my skin is healthier, my libido and sexual performance are better, I feel positive and motivated after my treatments, and I can hit the workday running.

A high-quality light therapy device, like those from Joovv, uses medical-grade LEDs to deliver clinical doses of light power to your skin, without heat, excess UV rays, drugs, chemicals, or major side effects. Red light therapy has been used in fancy spas and clinics around the world for a few decades, but only in recent years can you buy a device for your own home, and that’s been a huge game-changer. A red light therapy routine works because the wavelengths of red and NIR light react with the mitochondria in your cells. Photons of red light stimulate electrons during the cellular respiration process to create adenosine triphosphate (ATP), an energy-carrying molecule found in the cells of all living things. The more efficiently you can make ATP, the better your body is at clearing inflammation and repairing yourself. (For more on the science and benefits, you can read this article: The Power Of Photobiomodulation: My Daily Red Light Therapy Routine Explained, Red Light Device Tips & Cautions, 3 New Red Light Research Discoveries & Much More.)

The red light therapy devices from Joovv pass rigorous quality and safety tests performed by independent third parties. Their power hits the sweet spot for maximum effectiveness without frying anything—and yes, as you can read here, I'm a big fan of red light therapy, and Joovv in particular features custom modes not found on other devices, including Recovery+ mode for training and post-workout recovery, and Ambient mode for improved sleep.

Click here to get access to the following Joovv discounts: $50 off Joovv Go, $150 off Mini, $200 off Solo, $300 off Half-Max, $400 off Duo, $500 off Max, $600 off Quad, $800 off Elite.

3. BiOptimizers

I'm often getting questions about the mysterious molecule I consume before I eat bread and pasta – a compound that allows me to digest gluten without any of the “bathroom decommissioning” that so notoriously occurs after a hefty bout of gluten consumption. After all, I don't want to not eat bread or pasta for the rest of my life.

Thanks to glyphosate exposure from pesticides and herbicides, stress, a leaky gut, and other modern assailants that make gluten a bigger issue than it ever has been in human history, if you want to eat that big plate of spaghetti, you should take advantage of the latest science to make gluten digestible. Gluten Guardian from BiOptimizers is a blend of six plant-based proteolytic enzymes that include Peptidase DPP IV (an enzyme clinically proven to help break down gluten), as well as three enzymes that break down starches and sugars. In other words, Gluten Guardian is How I’ve Been Able To Gorge On Delicious Gluten-Filled Foods Without Feeling Like I Swallowed A Pair Of Motor-Powered Scissors Tearing Up My Intestines. (that's my podcast with Wade Lightheart and Matt Gallant, co-founders of BiOptimizers).

Another go-to supplement of mine from BiOptimizers is Magnesium Breakthrough. It’s critical to get high enough doses of magnesium to compensate for the fact that typical diets run low on this vital mineral. In fact, it's estimated that 80% of people are not getting enough magnesium, which, if you're in that majority, can have a significant negative impact on your daily life. Magnesium Breakthrough contains all seven different forms of magnesium and cofactors for the best absorption and results. By taking two capsules at night, you can reduce your stress level, feel more relaxed, fall asleep faster and sleep deeper, boost your immune system, and even regulate your heart rate.

Click here to get your hands on BiOptimizers for 25% off from November 21st-28th—the only time they do this sale all year!

4. Branch Basics

I've known about the toxicity of most cleaning products for a long time, so in the Greenfield household, we never had a cupboard filled with Pine, Windex, and chemical-laden cleaning products of the like. However, we did once have quite a dizzying array of safer cleaning options that unfortunately took up a good deal of space and probably made cleaning more complicated than it needs to be. But now, we do most of our cleaning with a single refillable, biodegradable bottle of concentrate from a company called Branch Basics.

The Branch Basics Concentrate contains organic chamomile, sodium citrate, sodium bicarbonate, and other gentle (yet effective), natural ingredients and can be used to make window cleaners, disinfectants, glass cleaners, and more – really everything you need for a sparkling house. Branch Basics products are free of fragrance, hormone disruptors, and asthmagens, and they're also baby and pet-safe, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and plant and mineral based. With their single concentrate, you can make 12 different bottles of cleaners for your kitchen, bathrooms, windows, and more, plus do over 64 loads of laundry. They also have a rather fascinating product called Oxygen Boost, which is a non-toxic alternative to OxiClean that can be used for tough laundry stains, on burnt pots and pans, and in stubborn toilets and grout. And finally, when you run out of Branch Basics, you only need to purchase refills, which is great for your wallet and the environment.

Click here to get 20% off the entire site November 25th-28th during Branch Basics's biggest sale ever.

5. HigherDose

HigherDOSE is a unique wellness company that uses advanced technologies to harness the healing power of nature and invite this power into your personal self-care routine with a line of “home spa” type products. Their impressive host of infrared, red light, and PEMF products take detox, immunity, and skincare routines to the next level.

The Infrared Sauna Blanket from HigherDOSE is a fantastic option if you don’t have the room or budget for a full-size sauna. Infrared increases blood flow for faster recovery, better sleep, and a calmer central nervous system. And yes, unlike most saunas and heating blankets, they're very low in EMF radiation. I have personally used it for years, and even gave one to my mom for her hip pain – she climbed into it every night and within a week her hip pain was gone!

If you want to experience the benefits of infrared without the sweat, HigherDOSE also has a really cool Infrared PEMF Mat that comes in two sizes. It works by sending electromagnetic waves through your body at different frequencies to help promote your body’s own recovery process, leaving you relaxed, grounded, and rebalanced. And because, like most people, you probably want to look as good as you feel, HighDOSE also has a Red Light Face Mask that combines red light LED with near-infrared and mimics the low-level wavelengths found in natural sunlight. It boosts your mood, stimulates collagen production, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and activates glowing skin. I use mine once a week, in combination with a clay mask for eliminating wrinkles, increasing skin firmness, etc.

To enhance the results from these devices, HigherDOSE recently launched a Magnesium Ingestible and Topical collection that completes your experience and can be fun stocking stuffers, like the Chill Chews and Serotonin Soak.

The founders of HigherDOSE, Lauren Berlingeri and Katie Kaps, are entrepreneurs who are revolutionizing the industry, with a focus on women's health. You can hear them on my podcast here, and read guest articles on my site by them here and here.

Click here to save 15% off sitewide (excluding full-size saunas and subscriptions) with code BEN.


Ketones are a big deal in metabolic health, and for good reason: they’re proven to support endurance, athletic recovery, mental clarity, and more. With 10 grams of ketones per serving, Ketone-IQ️ lets you tap into these benefits without needing to fast or restrict carbs. One dose will quickly elevate your ketone levels, helping you feel sharper, more focused, and ready for anything.

H.V.M.N.'s revolutionary Ketone-IG drink quickly elevates your ketone levels so that you can feel sharper, more focused, and ready to take on your workouts and workdays – even without fasting and excessive carbohydrate restriction. Ketones provide an instant boost for mind and body excellence, whether you need to hit your keto diet goals or crush your next marathon. This stuff literally keeps your appetite satiated for an entire day after you take a shot, in a very effective way. It's great for a pre-workout also, especially when combined with essential amino acids like these from Kion (Warning: you won't need or want to eat for hours and hours after taking this one-two-combo).

Click here to save 20% on Ketone-IQ️ with code BGLHOLIDAY20.

7. Apollo

Apollo is a wellness wearable that actively improves your body’s resilience to stress, so you can relax, sleep, focus, recover, and feel better. It’s like a wearable hug for your nervous system that helps you be a calmer, more mindful version of yourself.

Worn on the wrist, ankle, or as a clip attached to your clothing, the Apollo device works by engaging with your sense of touch, delivering silent, soothing vibrations that help you feel safe and in control. Apollo Neuro’s scientifically validated technology uses silent, soothing touch therapy to rebalance and strengthen your nervous system, helping you go from “fight or flight” to “rest and digest.”

Use the Apollo Neuro app to transition through your day and night, with modes to help you relax, fall asleep, focus, recover, and stay calm and present. Like a workout for your nervous system, consistency is key. The more you use it, the better it works. I use the social and open setting for parties, the relaxation setting for naps, the sleep setting for restorative sleep, and much more. If you want to learn more, and specifically how I use it, you can listen to this podcast, and read this article and this article.

Click here to save 15% on any Apollo wearable when you use code BG15.

8. Organifi

Did you know that your fruits, vegetables, and superfoods lose nutritional value the longer they sit in your fridge or on your counter? Unfortunately, even with the healthiest diet, it can be hard to get in a wide enough range of nutrition. Also, constantly keeping on top of your produce supply can be hard if you're busy and impossible if you're traveling.

I rely on juice powders from Organifi to give me the equivalent of many plates of superfoods without the shopping, juicing, blending, cleaning, etc. Their products are all organic and contain superfoods like ashwagandha (an ayurvedic adaptogen for stress relief and cortisol balance), spirulina (a nutrient-dense algae for energy and inflammation reduction), and turmeric (an ancient root that supports recovery and immunity).

This time of year, when the weather gets colder, my favorite hot beverage treat is Organifi Gold Chocolate, which is packed with gently dried herbs and ayurvedic roots such as turmeric and ginger, along with calming reishi mushroom. The average hot cocoa has 200 calories, 6 grams of fat, and 25 grams of sugar. Organifi Gold Chocolate has just 23 calories, less than 2g of fat, and 1g of sugar. It helps support a better night's sleep and a healthy response to stress. The delicious chocolate flavor also helps to curb those holiday cravings.

Click here to get 10% off + free shipping when you spend $125, PLUS use code BEN at checkout to receive 20% off your entire order.

9. Essentia

Essentia, the world’s healthiest, cleanest, and most natural mattress company, has created the very mattress that my wife Jessa and I sleep on every night. Essentia’s patented technology incorporates quantum energy concepts directly into their organic foam formulas. Their Dormeuse REM9 performance mattress features all seven of Essentia’s key elements for deep sleep. Ultra adaptive with an accelerated response to movement, you’ll experience zero gravity comfort with no pressure points and a state of micro-hibernation as the surface actively thermoregulates up to 9 degrees cooler.

The Dormeuse REM9 features activated quartz for enhanced active cooling, and you can upgrade your foam to include Essentia’s EMF protection foam formula into the mattress. This is proven to return your blood cells to their natural state, allowing oxygen to flow freely through your body and improving your sleep quality. Sleeping on an Essentia Dormeuse REM9 is proven to keep you in your Deep Sleep and REM sleep cycles 20% longer than any other mattress. The Dormeuse REM9 organic mattress is available in Firm, Medium, or Soft-Fior. If you like what you've heard so far, you'll want to check out my podcast with the Essentia team to learn more about the different mattress options and the various differences between them.

Click here to get 25% off your purchase + 2 FREE organic pillows ($330 value) with the purchase of a mattress – plus, use code BENVIP for an additional $100 off your mattress purchase on top of these Black Friday savings! 

10. Ra Optics

While there are undoubtedly many benefits to today's technology, including the ability to work remotely, stay in touch with friends and family on the other side of the country (or world), and many more, a major negative health effect is that you are nearly constantly taking in blue light. Artificial blue light from screens and indoor lighting signals your brain to stay away, seriously disrupting your circadian rhythms. And you already know that poor sleep leads to a host of short- and long-term health problems.

When you balance the light in your life, there are profound benefits for your sleep quality, energy levels, mood, sense of well-being, and even in your relationships. So, unless you're able to quit modern technology entirely, and go live in a cave somewhere, you have to find a way to adjust. Since I need to be on screens for work, I constantly wear blue light-blocking glasses from Ra Optics. They are hands-down the highest quality out there.

There are two models, one for daytime protection and one for nighttime. Ra Daylight Lenses balance the harmful spectrum of LED lights from screen devices during the day, keeping your mind sharp, your mood high, and your eyes protected from long-term damage. Ra Sunset Lenses block the harmful wavelengths of light that stimulate the nervous system and disrupt sleep after sundown—allowing your mind and body to wind down naturally in the evening, fall asleep with ease, sleep more deeply, and wake up feeling more energized and refreshed in the morning. And, if you have a kid who likes their screens (do any kids not?), they have kid styles.

Click here to save 10% on your Ra Optics order when you use code ben10. 


So there you have it!

Now you can keep your comfy pajamas on the day after Thanksgiving (or heck, the whole weekend), and knock out your holiday shopping. After all, wouldn't it be nice to head into December with that done?

The ten items I've selected for this list are all products that my family and I use on a daily basis. Many years ago, I dedicated my career to sharing what I've learned, and I would never recommend what I can't stand behind 100%. You can feel good about the fact that by gifting your friends and family with what's here that you're directly benefitting their health while feeling confident that it's a quality product that really works (and save money, too). And if you want even more ideas, you can find that holiday gift guide I published earlier this month here.

Again, the deals on this list are only valid for a super-limited time, so you will want to keep the dates in mind. As with most retailers, the prices over Black Friday weekend are at a yearlong low.

I'd love to hear what you think about this top ten list. Is there anything on here that you've already given as a gift? If so, what did they think? And will you be shopping over Black Friday weekend? Leave your comments below – I read them all!

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