Weight loss, fat loss, how to look like a lean, sexy beast… these desires are near and dear to most people’s hearts. And I’ve interviewed the world’s leading fat loss experts and offer my own, proven tips for healthy and quick fat loss in order to make weight loss easy for you. These articles by Ben Greenfield include the best diets for fat loss, exercises for fat loss, the best supplements for fat loss, calorie restriction and the calorie myth, fat loss hacks, fasted training, and all of my best fat burning tips, hacks, and tricks.

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How I Went From A 210 Pound 3% Body Fat Bodybuilder To A 175 Pound Ironman Triathlete – And How YOU Can Lose Weight For Triathlon Or Endurance Sports.

It seems that just about every day somebody, usually a guy, asks me how to "lose muscle for endurance sports" or "how to lose muscle for triathlon". While I certainly don't recommend self-cannibalization of...

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