What Is The Perfect Workout For 2017: Part 1

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It’s time to give you the sneak peek of this week's practical, quick and dirty fitness tips from Get-Fit Guy.

Each week, over at the Quick & Dirty Tips Network, I produce a free, easy-to-read article, accompanied by a short 5-10 minute audio version of that article. Everything there is focused on the latest fitness research, exercise news, and quick and highly practical muscle gain, fat loss and physical performance tips. It’s called “The Get-Fit Guy’s Quick & Dirty Tips To Slim Down & Shape Up”.

Here's your sneak peek from this week's episode What Is The Perfect Workout For 2017: Part 1

Last year, on my personal blog, I wrote an article about how to “Look Good Naked & Live A Long Time.”  In that article, I highlighted how to get a nice body and maximize longevity by using exercise strategies such as mitochondrial density training, super slow sets, plyometrics, power, fat burning zone sessions and beyond.

Since writing that original article, I’ve realized A) the article had plenty of clues about the exercise science behind “what to do right”, but doesn’t show you the complete structure of how to lay out a sample week; B) the article has a few flaws – namely that itdoesn’t include mobility training similar to the gymnastics skills that I highlighted in last week’s episode, it doesn’t include special “biohacks” or other strategies I’ve discussed in previous episodes, such as hot and cold training, rebounding, hypoxia, foundating training, etc. all strung together into the perfect program, it doesn’t include the very handy coordination and gymnastics-style training strategies I outlined in last week’s episode, and ultimately, it wasn’t the type of “perfect program” one could jump into for, say, the ultimate done-for-you workout plan for 2017.


Want to know what's in this workout plan?   Click here to go check it out now or bookmark for later.

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