Best Of Hormone Health: How To Stop Hormonal Weight Gain, The Truth About Birth Control, How To Optimize Your Testosterone Levels & More

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If you're feeling exhausted 24/7, gaining weight despite sticking to a strict fitness routine, or struggling with mood swings, your hormones are likely out of balance. 

Today's episode, “Best Of Hormone Health,” offers real solutions to help you regain control of your hormones and optimize your hormone health with expert insights and actionable strategies. From balancing cortisol levels to enhancing growth hormone production, this episode covers a range of topics to assist you in overcoming hormonal challenges.

Up first, Dr. Marcos De Andrade (Dr. De) is here to revolutionize your understanding of growth hormone deficiency in adults and overall hormone health. Get ready to dive into the world of GHK-Cu, a key player in injury recovery and skin care, and explore how growth hormone replacement therapy can decrease your cancer risk. Dr. De also reveals nature's secrets to boosting growth hormone levels with colostrum, GDA, dihydroberberine, and more. Plus, you'll uncover the illuminating benefits of red light therapy for glandular activation, particularly for the immune-boosting thymus gland.

Next, you'll explore the complexities of thyroid health, shedding light on how this crucial gland affects weight gain, metabolism, and overall vitality with Dr. Amie Hornaman. Expect in-depth insights on the importance of thyroid tests, such as TSH, T3, T4, and reverse T3, in diagnosing thyroid issues. Dr. Hornaman also discusses treatment options for thyroid problems, including Thyroid Fixxr and low-dose naltrexone, as well as lifestyle changes like a gluten-free diet.

After this, you'll get to delve into cortisol modulation and adrenal health with Dr. Craig Koniver who will help you unlock valuable insights into managing stress and optimizing your body's cortisol levels for peak performance. In this segment, Dr. Koniver emphasizes the importance of testing cortisol levels and sheds light on how stress impacts hormone production. Discover the power of adaptogenic herbs, critical nutrients, and deliberate contemplative exercises like meditation in normalizing cortisol levels and enhancing your well-being.

The next featured guest is Dr. Jolene Brighten who sheds light on the effects of hormonal birth control on the body and menstrual cycles. She explains how the pill works and its impact on brain-ovarian communication, discusses the challenges of getting off hormonal birth control, and offers strategies for preparing the body for a smooth transition.

Finally, Jay Campbell shares his extensive knowledge of testosterone optimization and its impact on overall health. He discusses various testosterone delivery systems, including injectable, transdermal, and oral options. Jay also explains the importance of personalized dosing and the potential benefits of testosterone replacement therapy.

Ready to revolutionize your understanding of hormone health? Tune in to join this enlightening journey through the fascinating world of hormones.

Best of Hormone Health 

GHK peptide, growth hormone, and cancer with Dr. De


Regenerating Your Thymus Gland, BPC-157, The Liver King Controversy, Growth Hormones & Much More With Marcos De Andrade (Dr. De).



-Growth hormone deficiency in adults…05:48

-The use of red light for glandular activation…12:25

Thyroid health with Dr. Amie Hornaman


What Doctors Won’t Tell You About Your Thyroid, Little-Known Hacks To Improve Thyroid Function, The Best Thyroid Supplements & Much More With Dr. Amie Hornaman



-How does the thyroid affect weight gain?…15:00

  • The thyroid controls all metabolic processes, including fat-burning
  • If your thyroid isn't working, there's nothing that is working
  • Diets, exercises, supplements, and peptides won't work — doing all the work but not seeing the results
    • If people can't burn body fat, their metabolism drops
    • Decreasing calories by eating less further drops metabolism and T3 production of the thyroid gland

-Thyroid tests…18:12

  • TSH — Thyroid Stimulating Hormone test
    • TSH is a pituitary hormone produced by the pituitary gland, not a thyroid hormone
    • Standard medicine — 4.5
    • Functional medicine — below 2
  • InsideTracker
  • T3 — active thyroid hormone in your body
  • T4 — inactive thyroid hormone
  • Reverse T3 — antithyroid hormone blocks T3 action at the cellular level
  • Hashimoto antibodies 
    • TPO (thyroid peroxidase) and TGA (thyroglobulin antibodies) 
    • Detects hypothyroidism as an autoimmune form where your body's attacking your thyroid glands
  • 95% of hypothyroidism is Hashimoto's
  • Over-exercising and over-dieting can affect the thyroid directly
    • A stressor on the body that can flip on the Hashimoto switch
    • Analogy to leaky gut
  • With a leaky gut syndrome or a food allergy
    • A stressful incident in life can trigger a sudden autoimmune reaction to certain foods

-What to do if tests show a thyroid problem…23:59

-Red light therapy for thyroid issues…27:04

-Cold thermogenesis for thyroid support…29:17

  • Cold therapy is very useful:
    • Brown fat activation
    • Decrease in inflammation
    • The body adjusts to cold
  • Cool Fat Burner
    • Cold packs for gut and neck
  • Kineon (use code BGLIFE to save 10%)
    • Wraparound device that you put ice packs
    • One for the gut and one that wraps around the collarbone
  • Stacking with T2 (use code BEN20 to save 20%)
    • Lowers or improves insulin sensitivity
    • Stimulates mitochondria
    • Improves energy
    • Inflammation goes down
    • Fat is burned
  • Grains of Paradise
    • Potent brown fat activator

-Testosterone for women…33:44

  • Women get left behind in the testosterone talk
  • Testosterone is the most abundant hormone in a woman's body
    • It gives motivation, drive, and strength — helps with body fat, libido, and hair growth
  • Conventional medicine and standard lab value range for women — 2–48
    • Amie believes it should be 50 and above
  • Women's Testosterone Booster (use code BEN20 to save 20%)
  • It's all about the dose, the administration, aromatizing testosterone into DHT
    • Personalization is important
  • Testosterone protects against autoimmune disease
    • You can lower the Hashimoto antibodies by bringing the testosterone levels up
  • Women with lower levels of testosterone get Hashimoto's more than men

How to treat or modulate cortisol with Craig Koniver


Cortisol Decoded: The Myths & Truths About A Hormone Crucial To Your Health & Survival.



-How to modulate cortisol with Dr. Craig Koniver…42:10

  • No. 1 is testing 
  • Tests:
  • An elevated or even normal morning cortisol from 14–18 is pretty good
  • Most people would be less than 14 and not sleep well
  • Salivary cortisol test — DHA, DHEA, and pregnenolone
  • DHEA is then further converted into other hormones, such as testosterone and estrogen
  • You start losing your ability to make cortisol because of stress
    • Then the body is going to steal from these other hormones
  • The adrenal gland is like a factory producing hormones:
    • Cortisol is the goal, but it makes the other hormones too
    • Cortisol imbalances lead to the depletion of other hormones
  • Pregnenolone is made from cholesterol; cortisol is made from pregnenolone
    • Low cholesterol levels affect cortisol production
    • If you don't have cholesterol to be turned into pregnenolone, you can't make enough cortisol
  • The leading cause of heart disease is not elevated cholesterol, it is low testosterone
  • Cortisol helps optimize health
    • Having a cortisol reserve enables you to handle and tolerate stress, thus preventing cancer, autoimmune disease

-How to ensure you have a cortisol reserve…47:10

  • Behaviors to normalize cortisol levels (deliberate contemplative exercise)
    • Meditation, prayer, reading, listening to music, journaling
    • Activate the parasympathetic system, turn off the sympathetic system
    • Meditation is not the only means of managing stress
  • Adaptogenic herbs:
  • Critical nutrients:
  • Peptides
    • Hexarelin
    • Epitalon
    • Ipamorelin
    • GHRP-6 and GHRP-2
  • Phosphatidylserine (100–300mg)
  • Ashwagandha (use at bedtime — 300–3000mg)
  • Glycine (great for the liver, 1000–5000mg at bedtime)
  • CBD (at bedtime)

Birth control with Jolene Brighten


The Pill – Everything You Need To Know About The Dangers Of The Pill, How To Get Off It Safely & Safer, More Natural Birth Control Alternatives.



-How the pill works…1:02:58

  • Beyond the Pill by Dr. Jolene Brighten
  • The pill works on your brain level
    • The brain signals to the ovaries when to ovulate
    • When you take the pill, you shut down brain-ovarian communication
    • The pill distorts FSH/LH levels, thus affecting ovulation, menstrual cycles, etc.
  • Causes mood alterations and even difficulty getting pregnant once off the pill
  • Women have complained about neurological symptoms since the introduction of hormonal birth control

-What happens during the normal menstrual cycle…1:04:58

  • What normal FSH/LH levels should be without the pill
    • Day 1 of the period begins with the “flow” of maturing eggs
    • FSH and estrogen rise
    • Once ovulation occurs, the corpus luteum secretes progesterone
  • Every form of birth control produces progestin, not progesterone
    • Weight gain is common
    • Water retention due to lack of progesterone
    • Moodiness is common
  • A woman stops ovulating because the pill is affecting her body at the brain level
  • From day 1 of the period, you are getting eggs ready
  • FSH is telling the ovaries to ovulate
  • In the first follicular phase, FSH rises, and estrogen rises
  • Estrogen tells the brain to release LH
  • LH tells the ovaries to release an egg
  • Corpus luteum secretes progesterone
  • Every form of birth control produces progestin, not progesterone
    • Progesterone stimulates the GABA receptors in your brain — making you calm and relaxed
    • It also helps with fluid retention
    • When progesterone is low, you experience anxiety
  • Estrogen is not challenged by progesterone
  • Estrogen left unchecked can stimulate tissues to grow
    • Those tissues can sometimes be cancer tissue, in the breast and the uterus
  • Synthetic estrogen and progestin are associated with an increased risk of certain cancers
    • Breast cancer
    • Liver cancer
    • Brain cancer
    • But decreases ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer

-How progestin from hormonal birth control affects the body…1:08:14

  • Progestin delivered via an IUD does not stay in the uterus
  • You can’t see the progestin in the blood, but the body metabolizes these hormones
  • With IUDs, some women stop menstruating and stop ovulating
  • If a woman stops ovulating, it's because it's impacting her body at the brain level

-The effect of the pill on athletic performance…1:09:28

  • Shuts down testosterone production by as much as 50%
    • Affects energy, bone health, etc.
    • Fatigue faster
  • Testosterone is essential for muscle mass, energy production, and bone health
  • Women athletes on the pill fatigue faster, their muscle gains are less, and endurance goes down
    • Affects both endurance and power/strength negatively
  • Alters your liver at the genetic level to express higher amounts of sex hormone-binding globulin

-Getting off the pill…1:12:34

  • Weaning off the pill is really a bad idea
    • Won't be protected against getting pregnant
  • Hormonal birth control is only effective if you take the dose the way it's designed
    • The 99% effective at preventing pregnancy that the pill gets is if you are a perfect user
  • Women using hormonal birth control for symptom management, painful periods, heavy periods, acne, and irregular periods will experience the symptoms again if they stop using it
  • Prep your body a good three months before stopping

Testosterone replacement expert Jay Campbell


How To Use Testosterone, Peptide Stacks That Will Blow Your Mind, The Truth About Getting Peptides On The Internet, & Much More With Jay Campbell



-Testosterone deficiency…1:15:40

  • 1 out of 4 men between the ages of 20 and 35 have a testosterone deficiency
  • Elements that are environmental barriers when it comes to testosterone production
    • Dirty EMF in major cities is terrible
    • Blue light
  • Worst fertility crisis in the history of the world
  • Low testosterone in young men due to video games, bad food, and lack of exercise
  • Girls reaching puberty earlier and/or menstruating earlier
  • People are not outside and grounding in nature
  • Snowballs Icing Underwear
  • Parents have to be proactive and teach kids healthy habits

-The correct use of testosterone…1:21:04

  • Jay has been using peptides since 2004
  • Used every delivery system for testosterone
    • Injectable system – daily injections
    • Transdermal
    • Transscrotal testosterone system 
    • Patches
    • IV
  • Placing it on the base of your scrotum is eight times more permeable
  • Haven't tried intranasal — some people say there are side effects like headaches
  • Natesto nasal gel
  • Some oral systems are already FDA-approved but very weak
  • Different compounding pharmacies have different dosages
  • Transdermal testosterone — AndroGel 
    • 50mg per milliliter
    • Almost non-existent amount
  • Topi-CLICK dosing dispensers/applicators
  • Compounded 200mg per milliliter shows benefits
    • Three clicks of the applicator to get 200mg per milliliter
  • If cream is used, higher doses are needed
  • First-time users will notice effects within 48 hours
    • Enhanced dopamine
    • Well-being, better energy
  • Everybody's different so dosing should be different

-Taking aromatase inhibitor instead of testosterone…1:28:57

  • There's no logic behind using an aromatase inhibitor for testosterone optimization other than just misreading the studies or the science
  • You need healthy (and arguably high) levels of estrogen to confer protection to all of your biological systems
  • Podcast with Jay Campbell:
  • There's no such thing as high estrogen symptoms, there's just high inflammation and high estrogenic body fat
  • Never block estrogen when taking therapeutic testosterone 
  • There's no such thing as high estrogen symptoms
    • There's high inflammation due to high levels of fat, obviously estrogenic fat, which again is visceral body fat, due to metabolic dysregulation

-And much more…

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