Why You Worry About Stuff, Wake Up Earlier Than You Want To & Get Bored Easily: Unlock The Secrets Of Your Genes To Reverse Disease, Slow Aging & Achieve Optimal Wellness, With Kashif Khan.

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Several years ago, I interviewed genetics expert Kashif Khan in the episode: “Sleep Genetics (& 3 Ways To Crush A Good Night Of Sleep), Why You Get Depressed When You Get Bored, Personalized Exercise & Diet Based on Genetics & Much More With Kashif Khan Of The DNA Company.

Now, on today's episode, Kashif is back to discuss his new book – which I've just finished reading – along with some intriguing new insights on customizing your exercise, diet, lifestyle, and more using the power of genetics.

Kashif Khan is Chief Executive Officer and Founder of The DNA Company, where personalized medicine is being pioneered through unique insights into the human genome. Growing up in Vancouver, Canada, in an immigrant household, Kashif developed an industrious entrepreneurial spirit from a young age. Prior to his tenure at The DNA Company, Kashif advised a number of high-growth start-ups in a variety of industries.

As Kashif dove into the field of functional genomics as the CEO of The DNA Company, it was revealed that his neural wiring was actually genetically designed to be entrepreneurial. However, his genes also revealed a particular sensitivity to pollutants.

After seeing his health through a new lens, Kashif dove further and started to notice the genetic pathways that led to his own family's challenges and the opportunities to reverse chronic disease. He measures his success not in dollars earned but in lives improved. Scientific outreach has become a passion project for Kashif, and he educates about functional genomics in an accessible format on his podcast, the Unpilled Podcast, and his social media platforms.

Kashif's new book: The DNA Way: Unlock the Secrets of Your Genes to Reverse Disease, Slow Aging, and Achieve Optimal Wellness offers an action plan to help you live your best life. It starts by helping you to understand your genetic makeup. In it, you'll discover what The DNA Company experts have learned about chronic illness and genetic predispositions based on years of in-depth genetic analysis of the DNA results of more than 7,000 people.

The book delves into Kashif’s personal journey of overcoming his own genetic legacy and health challenges – using his own DNA results as a case study – and in navigating that journey, how he came to develop a company whose aim is to elevate humanity.

It also outlines recommendations – including what foods to eat, how to exercise, and where and how to work – that have helped him prevent or reverse illness, slow down the aging process, and optimize his performance. Learn how to access your human instruction manual in this fascinating podcast with Kashif!

In this riveting discussion with Kashif Khan, we'll unpack the remarkable advances in DNA testing technology and how the realm of interpretation has evolved tremendously in recent years. We'll also delve into the profound connections between genes and dietary choices, question the true value of whole genome tests, and take a closer look at my very own genetic makeup. Kashif also elucidates the intriguing intersection of spirituality and your genetic blueprint. From understanding the intricacies of your DNA to tailoring a life that's in tune with your genetic code, this episode is your golden ticket to the cutting-edge world of functional genomics and a brighter, healthier future.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Kashif Khan…05:09

-Has DNA testing technology changed much?…08:22

  • It is now mostly saliva but there are still some diagnostic level tests that are blood drawn
  • Incremental change in terms of accuracy and diving deeper into each gene
  • What is talked about in the book are the big gaps
    • The interpretation in the last few years has really flourished
  • Functional medicine community is now working with interpretations
  • How to know what company to use for DNA testing?
  • Ancestry – Genealogy information
  • Genetics – Tells you what version of each gene you have
  • Genetic condition testing
    • Detects genes for different diseases
    • Doesn’t give the answer on how to stop a disease
  • According to the CDC, chronic disease is 90% of the 4 trillion healthcare budget
  • Majority of problems can be solved by:
    • Changing our habits, environment, nutrition
    • Lifestyle being aligned to the genome

-The connection between genes and your diet…12:07

  • Vegan diet – they often see that most people with a particular gene feel good on a vegan diet, those without that gene often start to feel bad after a few weeks
    • The gene that produces enzymes needed to break down lentils, beans, legumes
    • Those who haven’t got it lose muscle mass, start to lose energy and vitality
  • Every diet makes you feel good in the first 2-3 weeks
    • 5-6 weeks into it, you may feel worse
  • Carnivore diet is not good for highly efficient starch metabolizers 
  • ApoE gene – deleterious response to saturated fats
  • You can’t just be looking at one gene
  • Look at gut detox capacity
  • The genome instructs all biological function
  • Use the genetic map to identify red flags and weak links 

-Are whole genome tests worth it?…18:43

  • Fountain Life
  • Next Health
  • Health Nucleus
  • Kashif talked about the science with officers of Fountain Life
  • The majority of gene data is not actionable
    • There is some value in banking your genomic data for future research achievements
  • Functional interpretation requires a more in-depth view at the testing level per gene
  • Testing is more complex than what people think it is
  • Worked with full genome sequence companies
    • Couldn’t draw all the needed data from it
  • Focusing on actionable genomes
    • It’s important to eliminate the noise and focus on 100 genes that matter

-Ben’s gut detox capacity and the role of glutathione…22:32

  • Each gene is thousands of letters long
  • Various elements of genetic testing:
    • SNPs (“snips”- single nucleotide polymorphisms)
      • Spelling mistake in the gene
    • Copy number variation (CNV)
      • The entire gene is missing or there’s an extra copy of the gene
    • INDEL (insertion/deletion polymorphism)
      • A whole paragraph is missing or there's an extra paragraph
  • CNV is present in the GS TM 1 gene 
  • Ben’s gut has zero first-line defense and the ability to use glutathione to bind and clear toxins
  • The first line of defense of the lung is excellent
  • GS TT 1 gene – second line of defense is good
  • Ben’s red flag is gut – glutathione pathway is somewhat broken
  • If you're missing the gene, you're missing the instruction
  • Adding glutathione is not a solution; precursors would do the job better
  • The solution is to enable the body to create more of its natural endogenous glutathione
  • When managing things that are genetically prescribed, it's sometimes about the expression of the gene and not the symptom itself
  • The DNA Company produces supplements with specific formulations
  • Detox Optimizer for better glutathione production

-Why would a deficit in the glutathione pathways persist in some people?…28:52

  • Context is the key
  • Our genome is about a quarter million years old, so we are wired for caveman ancestral habits
  • In today's context, where the food is so toxic, we don't have a first line of defense
  • In our ancestors’ context, they didn't need it
  • There's no such thing as good and bad in genetics; there's context
  • Autoimmunity can be triggered by the gut and what people are putting into their gut
  • Ancestral homeostatic level was different – they weren't breathing, smelling, applying to their skin, eating things constantly, causing inflammation and toxicity
  • MC4R gene – speaks to the satiety of the palate
    • Seeking out a variety of nutrients
    • Solution – eating cheese, dark chocolate, or nuts after a meal signals to the brain that you have satiety
  • The role of minerals
    • Our food is depleted of minerals, almost slim to none
    • Minerals have a potent detox mechanism
  • When we did eat nutrient-dense food, we didn't need this intense detox capacity

-Ben’s personality profile and genes…41:24

  • Ben did the HIGH5 test – how you're hardwired
    • Ben – high on the storyteller, catalysts, and timekeeper aspects
    • External brain – writing down everything
  • Ben’s genes confirm the results of the test
  • BDNF – brain-derived neurotrophic factor
  • Ben’s BDNF is broken
  • Ben doesn’t do a good job of neuroplasticity, developing new neural pathways
  • TPH gene, or the tryptophan gene, is the ideal version which leads to a phenomenon called epistasis
  • The context and interpretation are important
  • Bad neuroplasticity in terms of mood causes giving things more meaning than they deserve
    • Also leads to a great superpower
    • Innovating and pioneering is a powerful tool
  • Ben’s serotonin response is completely dysregulated
  • It means not only is he giving things a lot of meaning, but he’s noticing everything, every little nuance
  • Kashif once had a patient, an architect who had the same issues

-A spiritual or religious standpoint and genes…50:06

  • Ben is wired for belief
    • There's a propensity towards belief
  • Ben’s level of belief is deep – has the ability to really dive and truly feel it
  • Kashif’s belief is a coping mechanism
    • It’s hard for him to stay in the moment, his faith grounds him
  • Even religion is hardwired

-Ben’s ability to multitask…52:26

  • The ability is present in his genome
  • Based on his genome, it's only the stuff he actually takes interest in
  • Ben’s brain is wired to do more work
  • DRD2 is the gene that determines the density of dopamine receptors
    • Ben has maximum possible density
    • His dopamine pathway looks like it's very easy for him to experience the anticipation of pleasure or reward
  • His neurochemical clearance is a bit quick – not in it for long enough
  • Dopamine in Ben’s system is less effective and is being cleared more quickly
  • Taking more dopamine is not a solution
    • It would cause anxiety
  • SAMe (S-Adenosyl methionine) and its effects

-Specific genetic predispositions to plaque accumulation…1:00:34

-Hair health and genes…1:08:33

  • Oxidative stress leads to rapid cellular degradation and aging
    • The first places you see aging is hair and skin
  • Mitopure (use code BEN to save 10%)
  • The graying of hair is deeply connected to oxidative stress and mitochondrial function
  • Two things to look at and to have aligned
    • Mitochondrial function and
    • Hydrogen peroxide synthesis
  • Good things can be damaging
  • People get stuck with the therapeutic dose
    • The dose that you take to solve the problem is very different from how you maintain yourself
  • Fixing the problem is different than optimization and maintenance

-Services Kashif Khan’s The DNA Company offers…1:12:33

  • Kashif Khan got very sick
    • No doctor could tell him why
    • He had to heal himself
  • Part of that journey was understanding his genome
  • His goal was to design genome information to be easy to understand
  • Built AI that dives into your genome and reads it to you like a Ph.D. would do
  • PDF reports that speak to problems – how to fix problems
  • Video – explains how to think about the problem from a different perspective
    • You have to rethink the problem first before you can start solving it
  • The last thing – deep diving and personalizing the information
  • Report review sessions – where you can show up with your data and discuss them and ask questions

-And much more…

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