Biohacking With The King Of Cannabis: Ozone Injections, Fringe Stem Cell Treatments You’ve Never Heard Of, The Magic Of NAD & More With Matthew Morgan.

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Biohacking With The King of Cannabis
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In today's episode, I'm inviting you to explore the riveting intersections of health, business, and pioneering technologies with a truly unique guest, Matthew Morgan.

I was first introduced to Matt by former podcast guest Dr. De at a dinner he'd invited me to after the podcast, and his wealth of knowledge about experimental health protocols, stem cell therapies, and the future of supplement and dietary advancements left an indelible impression.

Naturally, I asked him to come on the podcast. He obliged, and now you get to hear one of the most interesting conversations of your life.

Matthew Morgan is not your typical health enthusiast. With a storied background that bridges the green fields of Montana to the cutting-edge world of Miami's biotech industry, Matthew has always possessed an entrepreneurial spirit and a zeal for hard work. From harnessing the immense potential of the cannabis industry, where he launched and steered numerous multimillion-dollar companies, to co-founding OneQor Pharmaceuticals, Matthew's journey is a testament to his innovative mind.

For a brief overview and intro to Matthew, watch the video “How We Lost $2 Million In 48 Hours.”

But the innovation doesn't stop at business. With a wide-ranging portfolio of investments, Matthew is actively engaged in pushing the boundaries of health and wellness, longevity, and even the rapidly evolving Metaverse.

He's continuously tinkering with his health regimes, experimenting with a myriad of treatments, diets, and supplements, and always keeping his sights firmly fixed on the future.

Throughout our conversation, Matthew generously shares insights from his extraordinary journey, opens up about his approach to health and wellness, and provides a window into some of the most intriguing frontiers of biohacking and the supplement industry.

From tales of his roots in Montana, his ventures into the cannabis industry, his vast biohacking regimen, to his predictions about the future of health and wellness – this episode is teeming with fascinating tidbits I guarantee you don't want to miss.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-How Ben and Matthew Morgan met in Miami…06:33

  • After recording a podcast with Dr. De, Ben was invited to dinner at Gekkō
    • Matt was one of Dr. De's dinner guests
    • Ben and Matt discovered they had a lot in common
      • Grew up in similar areas
      • Both are interested in health, wellness, and biohacking
  • Ben had an interview with Gary Brecka on this same trip to Miami

-How Matthew came from Montana and ended up a successful businessman in Miami…09:55

  • Grew up hunting and fishing, living on his grandparents' farm
    • Worked for his grandfather on the farm
    • Worked on a huckleberry farm
  • Got fired from every job he had
  • Read a lot of self-help books starting at age 12
  • Wanted the finer things in life and to get out of Montana
  • Barely passed high school and enrolled in college
  • Became a commercial electrician apprentice at age 19
    • Didn't like the negative atmosphere on the job site
    • Resigned after 18 months
    • Disappointed his family again
  • Matt's father enrolled him in a real estate licensing course
    • Applied for many credit cards and lived off of credit
    • Got comfortable with being uncomfortable
    • Finally sold his first house after six months
      • Real estate takes off
      • Buys a big house
      • Starts developing real estate
    • Lost everything in 2008
      • Ended up broke, living in his buddy's basement
  • After researching, went all in on the medical cannabis industry
    • Growing and selling to patients as a caregiver
    • Partnered in 2009 with another company in Montana
      • Got shut down when cannabis legislation changed in 2010
  • Moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 2010 where he could scale
    • Opened a chain of hydroponics stores
  • Finds a mentor, Harold Schiffman
    • Takes an interest in Matt's business
    • Business starts to skyrocket
    • Helped him raise $7,000,000 in 30 days

-The three things that are most important to Matt's success…26:50

  1. Mentors
    • Ben and Matt both get a lot of satisfaction out of mentoring others
  2. Reading the right books
  3. Surrounding yourself with the right people
    • The experience and wisdom of others are invaluable

-What Matt's next moves were after establishing cannabis companies in Sedona…29:14

  • Obtains cannabis license in Phoenix and opens Bloom Dispensaries
  • Unlike other cannabis businesses, Matt used technology to expand business
    • Real-world marketing
    • Email marketing
  • Became a millionaire at this time at age 27
  • Offered and accepted a 100 million buyout for Bloom
  • Started a new company in Q1 of 2014
    • Expanded into three states
    • Had over 500 employees
    • 120 million a year in revenue
    • Awarded Number One in Top Forty under Forty in the cannabis industry
      • Lots of interviews and press
    • Created customized cannabis strains for celebrities like the rappers, Berner and Wiz Khalifa
  • Became good friends with Dan Bilzerian
    • Started the company Ignite
    • Moved to LA
  • Took a step back from the cannabis industry
    • Started a biotech company in 2018-2019
    • Sold just before Covid
  • Moved to Florida when to live where there were fewer restrictions during Covid

-How Matt lost 2 million dollars in less than 48 hours…37:10

  • He was growing plants in horse troughs
    • Didn't understand proper growing conditions and the impact of CO2 at the time
    • Lost all of his plants
      • Learned from this and had an edge over competitors

-Why health and wellness became a priority for Matt, and what his health regime consists of…39:50

-How Matt got involved with stem cell therapy in Costa Rica…53:58

  • Met Dr. Vincent Giampapa and Dr. De
  • Felt superhuman after stem cell treatment
    • Improved mental clarity and overall well-being
    • Felt like he could do anything for 7-10 days after treatment
  • Used stem cell treatment to treat shoulder injuries
    • Fully recovered in six weeks
  • Goes 3-4 times a year for stem cell therapy
  • Matt will be participating in a clinical study on antiaging by Dr. Vincent Giampapa
    • Study shows promise in canines and rodents
      • Increased life expectancy by 40%

-What Matt's fitness and wellness routine involves…60:57

  • Resistance weight training for 60-70 minutes four times a week
  • MMA training twice a week
  • Runs on the beach
  • Has no issues with his body at age 38
    • Feels better than he felt at age 20
    • Works with a physiotherapist 2 times a week
  • Cold plunges at least once a day, 5-7 minutes
    • Ben prefers shorter cold plunges
    • Matt thinks cold plunging could replace caffeine
  • Gave up cannabis to improve his sleep at age 30
  • Niacin flush increases nerve sensitivity

-What Matt sees coming down the pipeline in the biohacking and supplement industries…68:07

-What Matt and Ben think about FDA regulations…71:45

  • Matt has lost faith in the FDA because of their ties to the pharmaceutical industry
  • The FDA regulations do serve as a gatekeeper for people that don't research extensively
    • FDA will protect you from toxic compounds and heavy metals

-And much more…

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8 thoughts on “Biohacking With The King Of Cannabis: Ozone Injections, Fringe Stem Cell Treatments You’ve Never Heard Of, The Magic Of NAD & More With Matthew Morgan.

  1. Anne R says:

    Can you share more about the lozenges that Dr. Michael Majors made? Does he sell them?


  2. The Health Guys website allows you to set up consult but IT ISNT WORKING (there are no appointments available). CONTACT US IS BROKEN AS WELL. Ben can your people let their people know so they can fix it…THX

    1. Ben Greenfield says:

      My partnerships team is on it — thx for letting me know!

  3. James says:

    Someone I know took niacin and then took a cold shower. Really bad reaction. Sounded like hypothermia. I would not do that combination.

  4. Michael Rankert says:

    How does one get ahold of Dr Michael Majors? Does he have a clinic in Scottsdale?

    1. Ben Greenfield says:

      IG @dr.majorbenefits and FB:

  5. Savage69 says:

    Fella said he grew up poor. “My family owned a 5,500 acre farm.” “I went broke and scraped together $80,000 from family and friends.”

    Dude grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth lmao

    Love ya, Ben!

    1. Ben Greenfield says:

      It’s all about perspective. Once you make millions then 80k seems like chump change.

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