7 Minute Breathhold Instructions, Multi-Orgasmic Breathwork, DMT Activation, How He Rescued The Homeless With Breathing & Much More With Travis Steffens Of “The Breath Source” App.

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Breathwork To Control Your Nervous System
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I’m a big fan of breathwork as a free and highly effective method to control your nervous system, performance, sleep, and much more.

The problem is (and perhaps you’ve noticed this) most breathwork apps are heavily secular, a touch “New Agey,” and tend to avoid encouragement of a deeper connection to God or Jesus Christ. In other words, they’re spiritual but not religious, bro.

And look, while I certainly use and enjoy such apps, I’ve always thought it odd that there were no good breathwork sessions or apps out there for Christians like me who want to connect more deeply with our Creator through meditation on Scripture, praying to God, or breathing with a focus on the presence of Jesus Christ.


…I’ve started to record my spiritually uplifting, Christian breathwork sessions that forthrightly focus on God and Jesus, meditation on the Bible, and prayer.

The good news is that these sessions – from the powerful, invigorating, and challenging Armor of God, Fruits of the Spirit, and Strength of the Lord sessions to peaceful and soothing Jesus Prayer, Shepherd, and Love God sessions are now available on a very impressive new breathwork app I've partnered with called “The Breath Source.” The app has dozens of well-trained instructors and hundreds of beginner to advanced breathwork sessions, including a new section devoted to the Christian breath sessions I am creating.

The breathing sessions I designed can be used by anyone with any experience, anywhere (even if you’re not a Christian, I think you’ll enjoy them quite a bit).

My guest on today‘s show is Travis Steffens, the genius mind behind The Breath Source app.

Travis Steffens was born on a large working cattle Ranch in a tiny town in Colorado. Home Schooled and Working on the Ranch until building his first company at 18 years of age, and married at 20, Travis’s love for business and life’s real journey began.

Selling his first company at the age of 26 and embarking on a lifelong adventure of real estate investing, Travis had no idea the enormity of the life lessons that lay ahead of him. The next 17 years would hold: divorce, investigations, 300 days a year of travel, fighting drug and sex traffic across the country, leading homeless healing, invitation to The State of The Union Address from the US President, recognition, and speaking on stage with the US President, Covid pandemic, Chapter 11 bankruptcy, building two world-changing tech companies, and the unfolding of the three words that Travis now holds so dear “know thy Self.”

“We lived in our first fix and flip house while we renovated it,” says Travis, “…sleeping on an air mattress and working 16 hours a day, five weeks later the home was done and we sold it within a few weeks. Thus the Real Estate Investment launch was on its way.”

Over four years, Travis flipped nearly 300 homes and moved into a multi-family in 2010. Within a few years, a full vertical real estate investment company was built and in full flow. As he moved across the country and worked in the roughest areas of the country, his heart grew and vision expanded to make a Conscious Capitalist difference everywhere he did business.

Conscious Capitalism is now the flag Travis flies in the company.

His origin of this was through renovating slum lord properties in the roughest areas of the country, the forgotten shadows of those who have been swept under the rug. His mission was to clean up the crime, then empower and retain the residents that lived in these properties while he gave them a newly renovated place to live. This is where his first nonprofit was born.

Travis's first stage of Conscious Capitalism was helping to minimize homelessness by keeping people in their homes through empowering them to take financial power of their lives. This stage involved his house construction company taking the homeless off the streets, housing them, providing tools of the trade, and training them to rejoin society as a contributing citizen. Through this process, Travis had many healing modalities he used to help them heal from the cellular level out, and one of those modalities was breathwork

Travis would fly around to projects all over the country, and when the workers saw him, they knew there would be a breath class the next morning. With 30-50 people in a room, breathwork classes would show these incredible individuals the power they held within their own bodies to get high on their own supply and heal through breath. So many of them asked for videos of these classes that the next call to action for Travis was to build an app that would hold all the breathwork instructions his crews could ever need. Thus…The Breath Source app was born…

Now three years later, Travis and the team are at the precipice of this monumental launch of the World's first Breathwork Marketplace app. There is a full team in place, and 18 of the world's leading Breath Masters partnered in the app, all with a Unified Vision of taking the gift of Breath to the world and continuing to Lead the world into Conscious Capitalism.

During our discussion, you'll discover:

-Ben's experience with breathwork…0:45

-How did Travis get into breathwork practice?…9:31

  • Involved in self-development and biohacking
  • Inspired by Wim Hof
  • Raised in the church and big on morning rituals
    • Began practicing Wim Hof method
    • Tetany increased in hands and feet
      • Practiced inhale holds under water and exhale holds outside
  • Discovered SOMA and Pranayama breathwork with Michaël Bijker

-How Travis describes the physiological changes people feel when they start doing breathwork…11:27

  • Blowing off carbon dioxide causes blood vessels to constrict
    • Losing 2% of your mental capacity for every ml of CO2 you blow off
    • Raises pH level in blood
    • More CO2 than O2 in the blood
    • Pulls CO2 to the edge of the vascular system
      • Causes hands and feet to curl
  • Breath by James Nestor
  • Carbon dioxide inhalation to increase stress response
    • Free climber Alex Honnold felt fear for the first time after being injected with CO2
    • CO2 training can help rewire the nervous system
  • Body is a factory powered by our heart
    • Each heartbeat causes the entire lungs blood supply to exit and enter
    • Cleanses body of old CO2
    • Long exhale holds causes the lungs to fill up with used CO2
      • Increases stress tolerance and resilience
  • Creates a receptive state for healing, both physiologically and psychologically
    • Ben is able to memorize scripture more easily

-How Travis guides his students to increase their breath hold time…21:40

  • First: Discipline
  • Second: Practice without expectation
  • Dr. Joe Dispenza: “becoming no body, no one, no thing, no where and in no time.”
  • Do not time yourself
    • Play music or a track
  • Buildup of exercises
    • Step One: Heartmath coherence breathing
    • Step Two: Breath of Fire breathwork
      • 108 reps
      • On 108th rep, holds last breath
      • Let's diaphragm drop
    • Step Three: Kriya breathwork
      • Restricts throat, inhale through the nose
      • Vibratory hum
      • Creates Nitric Oxide and dilates blood vessels
    • Step Four: DMT Alkaline breathwork

-The correlation between breathwork and sexual performance…37:00

  • Ben's practice of contracting on the inhale enhances the post-contraction relaxation on the exhale
  • Contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles has improved the quality of Ben's orgasms
  • The Multi-Orgasmic Man by Douglas Abrams and Mantak Chia
  • Couples breathwork is a great way to connect with your partner

-Ben's experience with combining breathwork and microdosing…47:00

  • Uses microdosing to enhance creativity
  • 150-200 mg of oral DMT before a breathwork session
    • Improves relaxation and receptivity
  • Microdosing with intranasal ketamine increases inhalation and exhalation

-Travis's history in real estate and community development…51:25

-Where would be a good place to start with The Breath Source app?…59:53

-Travis's experience with breathing devices…65:30

-And much more…

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8 thoughts on “7 Minute Breathhold Instructions, Multi-Orgasmic Breathwork, DMT Activation, How He Rescued The Homeless With Breathing & Much More With Travis Steffens Of “The Breath Source” App.

  1. Kathleen says:

    Help! Tried to make free account need the password. Also where is link that gives discount for purchasing the app thru you? The links you wrote aren’t live?

    1. Ben Greenfield says:

      Hi Kathleen. Are you using one of the two affiliate links:

  2. Hali says:

    I can’t see that there is no “new agey” stuff in this app that Ben was promoting it as. I checked this app out, it looks good, but I would still prefer Othership, just because their “tracks” are using really great music and are fun to listen to and they just start with no long talk or introduction. This is more like YouTube clips with a lot of talk, but I guess that is more a question of what you’re looking for.

  3. Hugh Jackoff says:

    Hypoxia and pseudohypoxia = ceII death
    Choke yourself to choke your d1ck.
    David Carradine approves.

  4. Matt says:

    Hey, would be great to get the 4 step breath practice on the app. It’s not obvious which sessions he was referring to

  5. Fernando says:

    Downloaded the app with link provided in the podcast page for the breath ideas app but didn’t get any offer of special trial. Was this ultimately set up?

    1. Tom Elliott says:


    2. Ben Greenfield says:

      Please make sure you’re using one of the two affiliate links: BenGreenfieldLife.com/thebreathsourceappstore or BenGreenfieldLife.com/thebreathsourcegoogleplay — let me know if you run into any issues!

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